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You are representative of your wife, your boyfriend.

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And if you also cannot and your wife is not very comfortable with it, my advice to you is that you know you take your wife's advice seriously she seems to be you know controlling discussion little bit more has a little bit more once again self control.

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Take her advice have a filter my life this compensation is. Okay, so this is the part we have a clip of Yeah, this is so dumb. Why? Cuz it's dumb for me. It's really dumb for me, because before I met Dana, before I met Dina, before I met Dana, I was like, is this a thing? Is this a thing? Women were? I know, I know, it sounds dumb because I'm Muslim. And I used to actually be religious. You know, religious now, I want to say religious, but I used to be like, on the dean.

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And the dean, I'm a little bit I think you're quite I think I'm I think I'm a better person, for sure. I'm a better person now than I was before when I was on the team.

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Alright, so just this seems to be the biggest, most egregious problem with his comment. He is saying, if I've understood it correctly, because it's completely apparent from what he's saying. And this is what really triggered that. He is something that really upset me. He's using a comparative English language to a better to signify that his life or his morality had improved as a result of distancing himself away from the deen religion and in this specific example, Islam. My first question to him would be, from where do you get your moral anchorage? How do you derive morality? Where do you choose? How do you know what is right and wrong? From where do you get what is right

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and wrong, you know, from an on an objective level. So here because the fingers we as Muslims, we believe, as you know, that Allah Who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, He sent prophets, and these prophets are sinless prophets, who guide people to the straight path process, in quantum to have been a laugh at the biani you have overcome a lot. If you love Allah, then follow me, I eat a prophet Mohammed, and Allah will love you back. So the maximally perfect model. The US Watson has an app from an Islamic perspective is the Prophet Mohammed and all the other prophets that came? What does that mean?

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This is a it's like a perfect example. Yeah. So if you're saying that by getting closer to this model, you're becoming a worse person, then this would contradict the premise of Islam on a fundamental level. So you need to reassess my advice Yeboah

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would be for you to reassess. Where do you actually get your morality from? What do you consider a good thing? What do you consider a bad thing? What do you consider what makes you good? What makes you bad and these things as Muslims, we say, that which is closest to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and all the other prophets are good things. And those which are further away from it, are bad things. And finally, I want to say one other thing, which I feel a little bit ironic, in a sense. And this might sound a little bit harsh, and I apologize, if it does come across like that. I'm not trying to be a die, but

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it seems like

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your wife, obviously, she was a head tutorial, or something like that. Yeah. So clearly, she relied on the Muslim community, in order to propel herself to this position that she's in to make a living. You were assisted by her on going to social media. And it seems like now, this is the feeling that you're biting the hand that fed you, because the Muslim community who are being referenced implicitly throughout this whole podcast, the hijab community, these things in the Muslim community, he brought you up, now you're trying to distance yourself away from them, and you're kind of almost kind of placing blame on them. But this part here is even more egregious than that because you're

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saying that the deen itself the religion itself, being further away from it has improved you. So you're gonna have to retract that statement, my opinion and you're gonna have to reconsider what you get your writing from. Otherwise, it's just gonna be a case of

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most Muslims, some some Muslims. It's just gonna be a case. It's just gonna be a case of for me, like someone who has has internally has been telling lies like a colonial criticism of Islam. Yeah, Oriental criticism of Islam. This is this is what you come across as to be sometimes said you come across as someone who's trying and trying to over prove his liberalism, I'm moderate and liberal in these things. This is distancing yourself away from Islam in front of podcast, when your wife tried to have a few meaningful conversations about religion, you seem to want to move away from that. So I would say, Look, man, reassess the purpose of life to be

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around the people or the book will never be happy with you, until you leave your religion. Simple as that, you know, and it's very important for all of us. It reminded me this

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Ah, hello there. They were, yeah, we need to educate ourselves on Islam. Because if you treat it that I'm sure you do understand if you went a bit in detail and studied religion, you will understand the beauty of it and not say, oh, it made me a better person than I was before. But let's see what Dina says about this.

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But you're practicing Muslim. Like,

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do you see that the fact that SR V and I had to come in there and interject and say that you are correct.