Mohammed Hijab – From Shia to Sunni

Mohammed Hijab
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See so

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Jimmy, I

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hope you guys are well. Hope you guys are fine. I'm here with a brother of mine beautiful brother who's does that with me all the time, Hamid. He is actually an Iranian brother.

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And really, I mean, the reason why I've brought me today is because we want to talk about his journey. He has a journey that he has from basically some from Shiism, to soon as we want to basically explore his thoughts on it, ask him why he decided to move from sharing and as soon as I started the first question, why did you do this? Why did you move from Shannon persona smilla Hama dorsolateral? So,

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to answer your question, basically, to cut things short and because it is quite long story not to cut to make your shorts basically, I came to a stage in my life where I started searching for you know,

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for the truth or or not. And asteroid obviously coming from a sheer background, I initially started searching for, you know, about wild was reasonable for six years. And so, I started looking in

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studying the Sherman hub

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more within within more in detail. And, but

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also, alongside that, I also studied the answer no matter also, because hamdulillah I came from a family, which was not very strictly religious.

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We used to obviously maintain some religious practices, mainly Shia religious practices, which were, for example, we used to celebrate the new martial law, which is, you know, obviously now we are coming up with it, they will show up tomorrow, from the shear perspective is very different from the Senate perspective, obviously, from the Sunni perspective will be the nail shooter was that they will musala salam was saved. And we fought because that's what he said. Yes. So from the Shia perspective, however, as many of your viewers may or may not know, is that they are sure for the shift perspective is that they believe that this is the day with where Hussein Alon, he was martyred

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and was killed. Yeah. So, we will do obviously, maintain the celebrations, but it was never anything serious. And it was very kind of, you know, slash in or mixed up with Iranian culture, which is kind of majority of people from our country, this is how they live their life is and they are very kind of, you know, mix nationalist with slash religious. And this was kind of the typical Iraqi family I was raised brought up in now, to answer your question how I came to the center from Shiism. Basically the summarize it is that I started reading a lot about tauheed Tajweed, which means the oneness and the uniqueness of Azerbaijan and to worship Him as singled him out in all His names and

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attributes of worship. And when I started looking into this, in quite some detail in depth, I saw huge

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differences between the wolf schools of thought,

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for example, I noticed that in a prisoner in there kind of methodology and understanding of this concept of Tavi,

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he was, I mean, to put it bluntly, it was so pure, and so simple. And so rational to grasp that,

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I, I found it very difficult, very difficult to go back to accept the concept that I was taught as a child and as a youth was on what was that concept? I mean, what what exactly did you believe before that you left and then you sort of left and became Yeah. So basically as, as she as as majority of shear,

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they believe?

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Or they will say that they believe and I believe they do believe that there is no God but Allah Yeah, we all believe in this. Oh, she has no God but Allah. Yeah, they believe in you know, law. Yeah. Yeah. Which is the shower though, the testing your faith and you have to declare, to be Muslim, but the difference is, and the main difference between the schools of thought of the Sunnah and the Shia is that

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In asuna, there is no ifs and buts when it comes to singling out Omar in the worship, which, within the Shia madhhab is a bit different. So although we believe in La La, la, la, la, la, la, la La, and there, there is no global law. But then we also believe at the same time that, for example, that in the concept of the moment, which is the essential main fundamental tenants, so you mentioned the memory, what exactly is it about

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the memory? Do you think that goes contrary to that to hate? The concept of believing in one God was?

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Well, the main difference is obviously, the the infallibility of these 12 Imams, because it's a well known belief within the sheer method that these 12 imaams they possess the Illinois Yeah, which is the knowledge of the unseen.

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And not only that, but belief in these 12 imams is actually a tenant of faith within the Shia school of thought. So you can you cannot be a Muslim, according to the Shema. And

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this is basically the majority of the strongest opinion within CMM. Although some do say that you can be a Muslim if you don't believe in time, man. But the main offer locks and the strongest position within the Shia motto is that you cannot be a Muslim if you do not believe in these funny laughs Yeah, there is a thing. Also on top of that is about the nature of these 12 imams. Because all as you know, any knowledgeable Shia will say and admit is that within Shiism, the belief is that these were the mounds like I mentioned, they know the matters of the unseen. Yeah. Something which is was very difficult for me to grasp because, obviously as Muslim as a sinner,

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we believe that not even the Prophet had this knowledge, you know, that obviously, that will give you some some aspects of it. But knowing For example, when is the our Yeah, this is something what which nonprofit, even though we Muhammad peace? Yeah. So you're saying that the according to what you used to believe what she has the majority of shares believe you're saying that one thing you can come to terms with is that human beings could know everything?

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Yes, yes. That was the main thing.

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There were other things as well.

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There were many things which I found when I started reading the Quran, because you know, as growing up, we're going to share family, which is very common with and share families. There is no real connection with the book of our lives. And there is no real connection. And any

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she much most of them were makers, unfortunately, that most of us do not spend time in reading the Koran or contemplating on the corner. Yeah. So we used to have a must have in our house.

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And you think that might be just your family, though not all the shares with the same maybe, maybe, but most of the families that I knew most of them Marfan members, this will we used to have a must have used to sit on the top shelf. And this was it was basically a token of protection that used to protect against evil spirits. Yeah, this is the belief we had about aura, that is something that we keep as a protection against whatever evil why spirits and these kind of things. They're kind of, you know, obviously superstitious beliefs, which, which was not what the intention of Poland was in the first place. But just just to be fair, to be fair, like, I mean, I don't know if we could use

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that to generalize.

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Because it's your independent. Yeah, yes. You have to be completely fearless. But there's something I wanted to focus on, which is

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going back to the continent of the man,

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you're saying that you really couldn't come to terms with the fact that the mountains had this Powers and abilities. Did you ever think to yourself that?

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I mean, in terms of the Quran itself, did you believe that the Quran was covered to cover the water of a loss of habitat? Yes. So did you attempt to try and find evidence?

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This was the poem is going to get to Yeah. Is that if the Quran did mention that the tiger moms did have this knowledge? Yeah. And obviously we've accepted. Yeah. If we believe that is the book of Allah. Yeah. And we accept the loss of a job is all knowing he knows best. Then whatever it was mentioned in there. Obviously, we'd have to accept it. But the problem was, is that Yeah, fair enough. The belief is there that they possess these qualities, but the fact that I cannot find these things that were around when I was reading it made me question

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Then Then did you really look to really attempt to find? Yes, yes. I mean, I will not ask any like scholars asked us many, many people have knowledge. Yeah.

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But to be honest, this is something that we shouldn't have to go and ask scholars about, really? Because if something, if there's a ton of faith, there my salvation is based upon, yeah, then a loss or a job, he should make it clear to us in his book. Yeah. crystal clear that this is something that you have to believe and follow, if you wish to have salvation. So it's not really we don't have to go ask any experts about this. Just open the book, allow yourself and just read it and see if something which you believe is the central point of your life. And the ticket to your salvation? Yeah. And obviously, it should be mentioned in the Book of Allah. What was the tipping point for

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you? What made you think, you know, I can't live it.

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What did it when did actually happen? How did it happen?

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That that point I reached when, obviously,

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when I saw ri in the Korean War, and I noticed that I didn't know

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what they were saying was matching the Quran more than what what was was a Shia and what she was going, she was saying. So my central point, and my base was always surrounding myself, and I was letting Hold on. Judge. Yeah, my feet. I wasn't following individuals. And if not these funny personalities. I was just sticking to the plan. And I started to notice that this the motherboard, listen now, the things they were saying about their Akita, they believe what they believed was, you know, the true path was matching the core and much more than what I found within the Shema that, you know, in a nutshell, this is what it was. Yeah, in a nutshell. What what what, how was it one day,

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you just said, I'm gonna predict this? Well, I mean, yeah, I mean, do you mean is that that's, that's not really the issue? Yeah. Yeah, that's right. We have even some Sunni that pray. Yes. Melaka. Yeah. So it's not really that wasn't really mean the issue, but the main issue was the belief. Yeah. What is the tenets of faith? What is it that we believe? Is the salvation in our lives? If we just stop stop following the Sony's after that? Not really? No, no, not really. Obviously, I started from the very basic level, so I

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asked, and I inquired, okay, so what is it that Sudanese believe that the tenets of faith, especially in person, now, there's six articles of faith? Yeah. So, and I looked through all six of them. And I looked in the Koran, and I found all six of them moving around.

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So these are obviously different for the viewer in the five pillars of the five pillars of Islam is a five, six pillars of Emacs? Six. Yeah. So you're saying that, that you just felt comfortable with this? Yes. And obviously, you're just looking at the manners, the etiquettes of the people of knowledge Knowledge Center. And I compare that with what I saw in Iran, because in Iran, unfortunately, what's happened now, with

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the actions of many of the shields for this is that unfortunately, many Iranians have either apostates from Islam completely they have left, I mean, Islam altogether, or they have converted other religions such as Christianity, and the main cause of that, which they themselves admit, is the actions of the Shia, we would you say the same probably should probably could apply to send me some

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money. Because, I mean, obviously, no scholar is beyond you know, mistakes or anything, or maybe make mistakes. But I found that, you know, and this is maybe my just my opinion, yeah, obviously, it's my opinion. Yeah. But I found that when I look towards the people know, Johnson, I found that that kind of sincerity,

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which I could never find within the scholars of the Shema.

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Okay, one more thing just concluded this last question really is

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how did your life change? Did you find that your did you start to feel spiritually more weak? Did you feel happier? How I mean, what, what has it done for you to do?

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This, this was not a easy journey for me, as you know, again, not not only many friends, but again, many enemies, even women with family. So I had it

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No family members have turned their backs on me because of this. But I realized that, you know, in a day, we have to stand for what you believe in. Yeah. So 100 law, you know, since I came to understand now.

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And my family at first, my close family days, my father in law, my mother and my brothers, they weren't obviously happy with my decision. But humbler since then, my father, he accepted, and he accepted, and he became Sunni. And so then my grandmother Really? Yes. And, of course, my, my, my, my mother, she's still you know, not not a not like, either. But, yeah, so it was not an easy journey. But nothing in life is easy. Yeah. But the way it's changed my life is that I find that peace and tranquility, my heart, which I will never, ever give up for anything.

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you know, thus, that's similar to any other person I know, they went through the same joint journey as I did.

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You know, once was just what I would say to the viewers Anisha.

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Just make dua to Allah, to guide you to the truth. That's it. And if you believe that Shiism is the truth, and you stick it out, then that's your decision. But what I will say is that, keep an open heart and open mind to both sides of the truth to some of the opinions because

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both opinions, both methods, Allison and Shia, are very different in the fundamentals days in the fundamentals, and

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one of them can be true, not both of them can be true. So you have to be sincere, and be open minded, and try to look at it objectively, then come to your decision. And I hope and I pray that, you know, obviously, a lot of God knows all of the truth. But we have to we have to try to look at things objectively, which is very hard. It's very hard not to be biased in these kind of things. But in order for us to come to the truth, this is what we have to do.

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With that we conclude and if you have any questions for us, please feel free to as I said before, message me on Facebook, or you can leave a comment below. Or you could email us as well that we can go to the bar session and find our email. So we hope we haven't upset anyone. This is not this is not what we get to do.

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We genuinely we did this because we thought it's people's rights to know, you know, these opinions. I mean,

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and to be exposed to these kinds of experiences, and I hope this has been a benefit to you. What's it Mr. Luke was not alive.

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