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She doesn't want to be.

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This used to be a really good place to come to. The cameras came sorry, why?

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Why are you frustrated? I'm frustrated because there's no action and people die and women were women and children dying. Okay. And it's just ridiculous. All right. So do you feel like there should be more action to prevent that? Now? I think there should be more action attempt to, to help innocent people. Okay. Can I say something? I agree with you. Yeah. I don't disagree with you. I think there should be more action for Muslims or non Muslims. Yeah, we don't, we don't agree with what they're doing. First of all, as the body rightly said, We don't usually do it. We will protect the rights and the honor of Muslims and non Muslims alike. So I'm with you on that. We don't there's no point

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of disagreement here. Yeah. But I would like to say something that's all on your you seem like a fair minded person. There's a lot of people on you. That's why you're a bit maybe passionate and passionate about, let me tell you something, right.

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I was just recently looking into the case of Burma, you know, Burma as a country, which is majority Buddhist country. Yeah. 80% of people in Burma are Buddhists. There's a small group

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called the Rohingya.

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Okay, so tell me something about the Rohingya

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problem, okay. You don't know you don't know much about why? Because it's Buddhist terrorists doing it to Muslims right. Now, this doesn't fit the media narrative, does it?

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Killing Muslims,

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killed by Muslims and anybody else. That's because the population of Muslims, the population of Muslims in the world is quite hefty is quite big population. 4.1. So when you compare Muslims of Jewish Jews, for example, or Buddhists, even, it's not a fair comparison, because we took about quarter of the world's population comparative to the same with the Jewish example, less than 1% of the

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Muslim world. How can you How can you justify, justify, you don't justify? Why do you assume you justify this?

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thing? Let's make this into a discussion. I don't think it is a point of showing it.

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I don't think we disagree. Right. Your primary premise was that you don't like that people. You don't like people being killed unjustly if you want people to stop dying unjustly and right. Jesus teacher, okay, fine. That's, that's very nice. Yeah. But I'll tell you the truth. If you're talking about Jesus and talk about Christianity, we have to be also very fair and look at the, the broad scale of history. Right? And if you ask about why Muslims killing Muslims, why did Christians killed Christians? You know, you have Catholics and Protestants killing each other happens, right? Catholics?

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Okay, that's fine. All right.

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Okay, fine. I do believe that that's fine. That's your position, but I don't think it's the majority position, right? What I'm gonna say to you is this, we have to be consistent just because we're looking at look at the raw data is what I'm saying. Yeah. If we look at the raw data, we'll come to the conclusion. Like, let me give you an example of just suicide bombing as one example. When I say suicide bombing, what is this woman here? What does she envisage someone like me? Right? Let's be honest, or this man, whatever, like something inside of my, you know, I'm blowing myself up, right? Because suicide bombing is almost synonymous with Islamic suicide. But isn't it? Do you would you

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agree? If we look at the originating in Japan from Kamikaze last one, if you look at the war data, for example, there's a book written by Robert ppm, it's called dying to it. He analyzes from 1980 to 2005. All of the cases of suicide bombing they said there's 315 cases of suicide bombing on the international level. And he said that the number one culprits of this were the Tamil Tigers with 75 cases, or 315 then that is then there's a range of other people then the Islamic suicide bombing comes in. Yeah, it's almost like a little Muslim just for

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now The point is, when was the last time you put on PVC and you saw Thomas hiking or whatever his channel for you saw?

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Like me here, we have something in common. Go online. When was the last time you saw Tamil Tiger blows himself up? When was the last time you saw a headline like that? The reason why you're not aware of these things that are happening in the world is because you have not been made aware. And that's why in communication theory in the 1930s when I talk about TV, one scholar of communication theory said that TV doesn't tell you what to think.

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But it does tell you what to think about. And that's what you have to remember. I'm not talking about TV, the media as a complex generally, that's what he's done. If you look at this, what my point is here today, my thesis as follows. If you look at the raw data, of things like suicide bombing of things like terrorism, you'll find that comparative to that population. Muslims do not score, overwhelmingly disparate, disparately, you know, as a ratio, higher than any other faith group. In fact, Noam Chomsky has written many books about this. His point is that if we consider state terrorism, then the United States of America will be the global world leader. Higher than

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ISIS, by the way higher than ISIS. The only one that can be is in barbarism and growth and cruelty and all these things. Is the US itself that can I just say, so go ahead.

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Go in our killing. I'm Christina.

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I'm saying that they're not going out and killing fellow Christo Vietnamese.

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I'll say something right. I think you don't want to hear it. I agree with you.

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I agree with you. Yeah. Oh, here we go. Yes, yeah. Muslims are doing the wrong thing. By killing other Muslims. How do we stop it? Okay. Here's the honest truth where me and you are people who are standing on a nice sunny day, which is not usually the case in London. Yeah. Right. Man, you can do limited things. I know you're frustrated. You see on, let's say the

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Fed. I know you. I know you. I want you to be as fed up of that, as you are of the Rohingya being demolished in Burma. But we're not talking about that. Why not? That's the probably talking about I'm talking about the fact that we have the mass slaughter of Muslims. Yeah, fine, Muslim. Okay. I agree with that policy. Something's gotta be done. Because so what do you what do you what do you think we should do? I don't know.

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Okay, I'll tell you what we

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can do. We can only educate. That's our limitation we're doing. You're coming to the wrong people. You know, you should have gone to you, right. You should have gone to the people that were on the cafeterias there smoking shisha and drinking coffee, not doing anything about you're coming to the people actually doing the only thing they can do, which is trying to educate people about terrorism about Islam

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and the military.

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Don't see the message I'm taking into the community.

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Can I say something else?

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Listen, listen.

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You might not want to hear this. I don't know. But there's another. Okay. The Muslims are to blame. I'll be the first one to say that the Muslims are to blame for many of the problems when one. In fact, most of our problems are because of the Muslims themselves. I'll say most of them, let me say, No, I'm not gonna shake hands.

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And say,

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no, this was great. That's right. Number one, most of the problems are from Muslims.

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That's why in the Quran, it says Allah does not change the condition of people until they change the conditions of themselves. So we believe that the reason I personally will tell you the reason why you have so much.

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Okay, the reason why, okay, most of these things are happening in the Muslim world, is because the Muslims themselves have not internalized Islam. That's the problem. What do you mean to internalize that, and they're not embodying it, they don't understand it. A lot of them. Muslims are ignorant. And a lot of them are desperate. So they have problems. We're not we're not justifying their problem. They're the problem we can be for you for years. And you were the most honest.

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Thank you very much. No, I'm happy to say that because

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Okay, let me say is another point where I'll say the truth? Yes, the Muslims are number one, if you if you are to blame list, I put number one Muslims are to blame. Why? Because of the nationalism, of the hating each other racism, of their cultural baggage that they have the problems that they have, not understanding their religion, they need to they need to be a reformed.

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This is what I'm saying within the religion, I'm saying within the Muslim, right, Muslims.

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Muslims need to go back to Islam. And go back to that's number 1.2. Here, I believe that the West has something to do with it. I'm not gonna blame the West all the time. But I'll say, look, the truth is, if you look at the colonial, like 616 117th century, up until the 19, most of the 20th century and 19th, the 20th century, this was a period of colonialism. You might not realize this, but we had the ultimate and

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we both guilty of these things. First of all, let's talk about the majority of Muslims. And this might be something that might shock you, right? Especially in the late 1900s. And in the 20th century, the majority of Muslims are not in the Ottoman Empire when the British Empire. Did you know that? They were they were part of India and you know, Pakistan and all these countries that the British Empire had colonized. So the majority of Muslims are adults in the US

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Hundreds of majority of Muslims were under British rule. Point 1.2. You have to understand, if you look at the world map today, you asked why are Muslims killing each other? After the the reason? Okay. Look at Syria, for example. It's one of the most time it's one of the most religiously diverse countries and say the Muslim world.

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Practically, you know, what's happening in Syria today happened in Lebanon already in the 1980s, there was a 10 year war in Lebanon. Why? Because when the colonial master drew the lines, yeah. When they said, Okay, this is going to be Syria, this is going to be Lebanon, what they did is they intentionally put opposing factions in the same country, such that they would have to dispute who over sovereignty, who's going to be in charge. And that has continued to happen both in Lebanon and Syria. That's why you find most conflicts in that region. And Iraq is something else. It was the lines were kind of already joined. But something similar happened.

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Something's got to be done now. Because really, as Europeans, we feel like we're

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attacking you in Syria. But the thing is European euro. Luckily, we're not going to be in Europe anymore afterwards.

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After this,

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you know, as far as we're concerned, we don't let our people have masky. Let everybody have open religion. Yeah, everybody can do their religion where they want to, and now it's like, slam, we're gonna bring all of these refugees, no problem. We don't really we're Christians. This is what we do.

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All of a sudden, we get we're now we're now we're faced with terrorism terrorists. Okay. Let me tell you something that's really supposed to do what you're supposed to do. Right? Yeah. If you ask the question, How comes of all of the European countries?

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If you look at the European countries, the ones that are in the EU geometer give you because I've done actually research on this. So I'm going to give you the findings right here right now. Yeah. If you look at the European countries, things like the United Kingdom, obviously, France, these countries with a large Muslim population, you'll find that terrorism usually happens in those countries of most, disparately to Oh, comparatively to other European nations. Why can I just say Can I just say something?

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Yeah, do you think it's possible that this

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guy is a martyr? You're gonna get all these food? Yes.

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You're right. What they do is this faction that has always been part of the Islamic kind of courage is the How did you know there have always been part of kind of the community extremists, right? And they've always basically put it this way, you know, in the Quran, I'm gonna simplify it to the lowest common captain, you are coming from the crowd if you open it up. You'll find those two kinds of verses there are some verses that talk about peace and some verses that talk about fighting Yeah. Okay. How do mainstream Muslims interpret these mainstream Muslims when I mean mainstream Muslims I'm talking about all of the institutions in the world Yeah, so we talk about even if we're talking

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about universities, Medina University and even Lhasa the Open University all of them yeah, the big university in the world which have any kind of influence academic influence, have done one thing and they deny it on on condemning, you know, these actions and they've interpreted the plan in a so called peaceful way so what they'll do these verses two kinds of verses. There's verses like in the Quran where it says I'm an engineer telling

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a story in the Homer catalana

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forgotten the mahallesi gymea whoever whoever kills one person in chapter five or stage ever killed one person

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Okay, philosophy for murder caution that I'd like all of your money and those of us who are part of the home High School for kids to move home and

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I'll tell you what, this is everything is give me time. Just the other fight fight them. Will you will you see them? Yeah. Okay. Kill them. Yes, you actually right. This will kill them when you see them. That's why sensei. Okay, another versus way the right.

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If you see the disbelievers and strike them by their necks, yeah, okay. All right. No, the next record means next. Anyways, how do you reconstruct?

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Anyways, there's two kinds of how do you how do we as mentioned,

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I'm telling you, I'm telling you.

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I'm giving I'm giving you the the summarized, abridged, easy version, these two verses, mainstream Muslims, orthodox Muslims will say that those of us who are talking about fighting regard combatants that are fighting you, for example, in the context of war, and we leave it as that those extremists they say no, since this exactly what to do, since, for example, the British people has pledged allegiance to a sovereign, they too are guilty of the same price as the government

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What would you say? The highest percentage of terrorism?

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I think according to Noam Chomsky, I'm not. I mean, I've done research on this. If you include state terrorism as part of the unit of analysis, yeah. Then I would say, if you look at the drone strikes, if you look, generally, if you look for more than 945 onwards, the end of World War Two, through the Cold War and into the disgust. So I would say that there's no doubt in anyone's mind if you count the casualties and deaths that have been committed in North Korea, in Vietnam, and Afghanistan, in Iraq, that America is the leading terrorist state.

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That's my opinion. And that's Noam Chomsky, his opinion. And that's what basic numbers is just

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saying that look, no matter what ISIS can do whatever evil they're doing, whatever monstrous monstrosities they're committing, if they continue doing what they're doing, for 50 years, they will still not be able to even come close to the numbers that the US have already set the bar so high. The thing is, you look at ISIS now and how they've established their state. That's exactly how the United States established the states about 200 years ago. Alright, so they annihilated a population. also choose one thing, imagine like 200 years from now your great grandchildren, or great great grandchildren come about? And they say, Look, I'm from ISIS. And you say, that's a disgusting state.

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Look how it was founded. Yeah. But you say now is that the world has recognized as a state, we've gotten our borders. Now, the United States, the parable of that is exactly the same parable of the United States. They have literally established a state through genocide, through going against their treaties with the natives, killing the people there. And then when they established it, now, they believe in something called Manifest Destiny, which, by the way, political terminology, if you look at the political United States of America, you'll realize that no president, whether Democrat or Republican, can be elected unless they believe in Manifest Destiny. What is it manifest destiny is

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the idea of westward expansion of the United States expanding westward until they basically take over the world, and imperialistic concept that no politician in the United States can get elected unless they believe

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this is ISIS. But the only difference is they eat chips and Big Macs, and they have Hollywood and ISIS, they do it in a much more direct and graphic and gruesome and primitive way. I says to people on crucifixion, and this and that they kill people out in the stone them, these guys put them on electric chairs and torture them in a big in a big complex in Cuba. And no one knows what's going on by you

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know, yeah, basically, let me tell you the reason Yeah. It depends on your conception of human nature. Now, philosophers and enlightenment period have grappled with this. If you look at Thomas Hobbes and all of them, the majority of enlightenment philosophers, they start their philosophy with what is human nature, the majority of them they say, human nature is prone to evil. Okay, I wouldn't say necessarily that that's completely true. I say there's an element of truth in that and the promises

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that God gave human being a propensity to good and a propensity to evil. And generally in the insanity behind the 96 of the price of the human being has a propensity to transgress. So because human being has all of these vices that inhibit him from living a self disciplined life, where they can just be content with what they have, power, and ego, and all these things will drive human beings, invariably, to conquest them to overtake the people and to demeaning and subjugating and subordinate. And that's the human problem. Now, what is problematic is if the West takes this human problem, and changes the label and says, this is an Islamic problem, that's disingenuous. That's why

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we can't tolerate it, because that will be saying, okay, the Muslims are unique in your you're unique in your murder, you're unique in your, in your expansion, you're unique in this this that any other I'll say, No, we're absolutely not unique enough, were a big part of our population, or were literally, sometimes can mimic the same behaviors as other people of other things.

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That was happening with

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so many Muslims or

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Christianity or atheism?

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I think we agree here. That's the thing. It's because you don't get moments of silent agreement. And this is one of them, guys, ladies and gentlemen, I think, Hey, we both understood that actually, we both agree, you would say that really, when you look at the statistics, it's no use, falling into the point of the right wing extremists in this country, and blaming all of the world's issues on the scapegoat of Islam, because if we do that, that's not going to deal with the complexities and the nuances of the reality of the world. What we're saying is, let's take a step back and look at the numbers on terrorism. Let me tell you one thing, right. I was personally just looking at some

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figures from the guardian. Yeah. And they quoted the Office of National Statistics and they were saying that terrorism

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In general, like, you know, they have a mortality thing and mortality like numbers in that, yeah.

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How many people die from terrorism, according to the parliamentary report in the United Kingdom, about 50? If you have been about 60 people died from terrorism from 2000. And let's say one, to this day, it's about 5060. People. Yeah. Now, the other thing, this number is negligible, we should forget about it. It's not only just an attack on people, but it's an attack on the nation. So we shouldn't say like, Okay, this is we should just put it to the side. But what we are saying is this.

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I want to speed awareness course, because I was speeding. I'll be honest with you guys. Yeah. And then I was speeding on the highway.

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So the guide instructor, he came out and he said, you know, United Kingdom, or border countries is one of the best in terms of road safety. And he gave us the number he said, there's 1760 people in 2016 1760 people that die on the roads. 28% of them are motorcyclists. Okay. Anyways, this is just a bit to the point is, you're more likely by, you know, by maybe about 1000 to 2,000%. Now, this is a massive number, you're more likely by 1000 to 2,000%, to get run over by a call, when you ought to be struck by a terrorist attack just When asked

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why does it say an Islamic,

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you can die? The thing is, you have to understand that Islam, when we're talking about Islam, now it's practicing the western these countries like Well, we're in the West, if a personal friend of mine, this believes Yeah, and this has happened, actually, a lot of people that come and just leave Islam, they come into some of this country oscillation, we as Muslims, it should be known that we have no right, to compel that person to be what he to to be a Muslim, we have no right to do that. So in the context of the United Kingdom, in the western south, there's no way anyone could say that you would even force the person, let alone kill them for doing for doing something against their

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will. That's a fabricated thing, that some people because of Salman Rushdie, in the case of southern Russia and the Iranians and against them, they, I think they take that too, literally, we have nothing to do with the Iranian regime. So we would say that anyone in the West, anyone in Britain, anyone in the United States, anyone anywhere here, then if they decide not to be Muslim, then not only do you have to not hurt them, or not compel them, but you also have to be kind to them. And that's our position.

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doing a lot of study without ex Muslims,

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between theists and Christianity, and they just get in like so many people trying to attack them. I agree with you, but you know what, I'm gonna say something. Can I just say it was like, they make a lot of Muslims that are having doubts. Yeah. Because, you know, I've read the Quran unto me, just, you know, the way Prophet Mohammed has these revelations when you like, with, are you sure with them? Is it God, and these adopted sons, why? All of a sudden, he has a revelation that he changes this. And it just to me, it looks a little bit suspicious, and that's fine. I didn't become a Muslim. But I feel that somebody's been born in a Muslim family.

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The fear of actually taking action. I don't want to do this, and I want to leave just because they grew up in, you know, a Muslim is a very community based religion. And I think it's just, it's just I feel

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like, I, you know, going back to Noam Chomsky, Noam Chomsky, no, no, you know, a very famous academic, that's a liberal kind of liberal, having to think about Trump. No, no, no, he's a well known linguist, a linguist. He quoted one of his books and come up with a book for now. But he said that, and by the way, let me be before I call him, I'll be clear that I don't I personally, and Muslims generally don't see liberalism, or democracy, or let's say anything as an ultimate truth of any kind. There are, there are, like, if you put into a Venn diagram, there are similarities on a practical level between Islam and these ideologies. But we don't say that we don't see that this is

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an objective truth in any capacity, right? We believe only Islam is an objective, full truth. Okay, having said that, we're saying here, since we're playing by the rules of liberalism, and when a liberal type country and most people who would identify themselves as liberal,

00:24:20--> 00:24:47

maybe not with a big assumption about the small L, then what I'm saying here is he said, Go with Cisco. Now if you don't believe in freedom of speech, for the people you despise the most, then you don't believe in freedom of speech at all. Okay, now what I'm saying if this is the premise that we're working upon, the not only do we have to stand here in speaker's corner and talk about the fact as liberals right and once again, I'm not a liberal, but as yourself and others speak about the fact that okay, some x

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know that, you know, that would you call them, the x Muslims have a hard time? Yeah, we also have to talk about the fact that people that come into Islam are fine, that's not that's not reported because it does not fit

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The media narrative, once again, we have to talk about Muslim minorities being attacked and prosecuted, we have to talk about legislation that's been put through on an EU level that discriminates against certain segments.

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Finish up, finish up. Go ahead. One last question.

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What you were saying?

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All right.

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What do you think? I think is one of the best countries in Europe? Yeah, probably, if not the best? I don't know. I haven't been to every country. Yeah, on a competitive level, is probably the best in Europe. Because not considering obviously Turkey, Bosnia. And these countries, which are the Muslim countries are not talking about Western Europe, from what I know is probably the best. Yeah. And what I'm saying is that because Britain has a good is the most morally consistent on a liberal level, country in the in the Western European hemisphere. It should continue being that way by disregarding and pulling to the side. This I will say this point, this right wing poison that's

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coming in.

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We don't have

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conservative Muslims and liberal Muslims. Right wing here quite conservative as well. You can have extremes in everything. But you know what, I just want you to get this conversation we had today. I want you to take advantage of us assistance, because you will you've got your spotlight inside. Thank you. Knowledge. Oh, well, thank you very much. Oh, hopefully we can both enlighten our communities. Take care.