What Should I Do If My Period Starts After Ihram

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers


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The speaker discusses the concept of "IT" and how women can avoid being in a harem state while traveling. They explain that women can avoid being in a harem state by not wearing protective clothing, but they can avoid being in a harem state by being in a current state and cutting their hair. They also mention that women can avoid being in a harem state by not being in a current state and not being in a previous state.

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What happens if a woman enters into her men sees her period after she's assumed her.

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So if we were all going abroad, and she's put on her, her clothes ready for her arm, which is obviously her normal clothes with Robin, Avaya and everything, and she's made the intention for ombre. And she's entered from the new cards, and she's in and then suddenly, she's making tilby. And suddenly she comes upon her cycle, or maybe she gets to Makkah, and she enters into her menses. In this scenario, she needs to know that it's not allowed for her to continue with the dwarf or to do the touriga, which follows after the toe off, even though it's permissible for her to do it. But what was the point of that she's there to do the full package, which is the ombre. So she waits. And

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she waits and she waits now hope, hopefully, her period ends before she has to go home. And if it does, then what she will do is she would make Watson from that state of Menzies and then she will go out to what we call the nearest place where it is permissible to do normal things in the harem is a sanctity, right? And it has a boundary. And as long as you go out of that boundary, then you can come back into repeat your ombre or to do a neuroma, you will, you will assume the state of Arizona from there just happened to shadow, famously, as we know, and the province of mycelium told her brother to take her to a place called 10 ame, which was the closest to where they were staying,

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which is outside of the boundary nowadays is called 10. A will mess it up because they built a machine data to make it easy for all the people who come to do their repeat cameras to do a harem again. So she would go there 1520 minutes in a taxi. And then she would say again, Rebecca lahoma Amara. So this is important. Even though she's been there and McKenna for three, four days, 567 days, she has to stay in a state of a harem, she's in immense ease, but she cannot break his state of her arm even though she's in Menzies. Right. So that means that she all this time, while she was waiting, she still can't have marital relations. So she can't use perfume or cut any hair in order

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kind of normal conditions that have to be applied. But even then, while she's in that pseudo state of Iran, fulfilling all the conditions of Iran, now, when she has that reversal, after hemans is finished, she goes to that place in Russia, by the way doesn't need to be there, it can be out of her as well anywhere, which is outside of the boundaries. And then she then assumes, again, the state formula, even though she's been in a state of Iran, it's because she didn't break that state of Iran, that she doesn't have to go all the way back to Georgia,

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or Yanni, from the far away, meet classname, Medina, on a you know, on the way from Syria, etc. So those

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by staying in Iran, she preserves that kind of pseudo state. So all she needs to do then say is from my should I should say, the big alohomora, your group leaders would help you with that. And then she comes in and she does all of the acts as you would normally do. In the case that your flight is now here and you've not left your you've not finished from your cycle, what can you do? Well, obviously this requires a photo because it's not allowed in principle, according to the majority of scholars to make the officers who are impure. But there are some that have argued that actually even Tamia was one of them. When he said that in an extreme scenario, it is permissible for a woman to make the

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wife even in her menses as long as she doesn't spoil anything and wearing all the sanitary products, etc, etc.

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So I believe that if a woman isn't that unique scenario where the time has run up and she can't do anything, then she goes in her current state has she is

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even whilst in the state of Menzies and she goes and she makes it off while she's a Mansi. She can make what is the current anyway and recite Quran anyway. So that's not a problem. But the real issue was the the love and the prayer. What should What should she do? She goes and makes it off. She does not pray the to record after the talk, which was sooner anyway, but it's not allowed her to pray those to that guy. There's absolutely no space for that. And then she would go to do the say, of the Safa and Marwa and then cut her hair, and she has got a complete Amara as well. I don't want her to think that hers is secondhand or not of high quality is a proper act of worship she gets the full

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armor is an emergency scenario. The first way is that so you've got the first scenario and the two scenarios and both of them apply. So a woman in Menzies of the harem should not have to be worried about that. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.