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Friday/Jummuah Khutbah/Talk By Sh. Mohammed Mana on 10-28-16


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in Alhambra Rila

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Monastery you know what is still futile who want to study when Naruto Billahi min Sheree and fusina when you see a tiara Melina

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mihaela who Tara fella family,

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woman you believe

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gender and he shall be he will my theory on

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what I should do now Mohammed Abdul

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wasafi you who know what I mean, when I was

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early? He

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was a limited Sleeman kathira Yeah, you're Latina. hamanako long a hapa Ducati moon to the moon. We begin by thinking and praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. We bear witness that there is no one and nothing worthy of worship except Allah exclusively alone and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is our beloved messenger and the servant and of the final messengers of Allah who Subhanahu wa Tada. Let us remind ourselves that we have to renew and strengthen our taqwa of Allah subhana wa Tada. Let us never forget that Allahu subhana wa tada is ever aware of what we are thinking saying and doing at all times of our lives.

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In the Quran,

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in accordance with Karim Allah subhanho wa Taala give us many stories.

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Why did Allah subhana wa tada I mentioned so many stories, remarkable, wonderful stories, a wonderful topic and wonderful presentation of the story. Two main purposes. The Orion was revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and the prophets of Allah it was Selim had a difficult time when he was in Mecca. People gave him a hard time he was calling people

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To that, which is for their own good, yet they rebelled, and they opposed and they called him names and they insulted him they gave him a hard time and the persecution increased upon him and his companions may Allah be pleased with them.

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So one of the main purposes of Allah subhana wa tada revealing these stories upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to give comfort and solace to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam

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can only can oppose. So Allie come in, and

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we're going to give you stories of the nations that came previously Allah mentions that in sort of La hide and sort of who says in a b2b attack, so we can call and give comfort to your chest and Allah subhanaw taala tells us what we can extract of benefit from these stories. We can also find comfort in them as well. But we also have many lessons, profound lessons to extract from these stories.

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For example, the prophets of aloha it was seldom as we mentioned, is going through hardships in Mecca. Now how long was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam giving Dawa in Mecca for a duration of 13 years? difficulty and pressure for 13 years. So Allah subhanaw taala reveals to him the story of no earlier saddam, for example, know how they said I'm just giving Dawa to his people for

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a little bit more than 13 years, 950 years, calling his people do the same message of worshipping Allah subhana wa tada alone as the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did as well. So, this is a clear message to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam that look at these other messengers.

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Before you that were also people this believed in them and they give them a hard time, they may have been calling for durations of time for longer than you have on messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Let us spend a few minutes with the story of Noah,

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Noah being one of the greatest of the NBA, and also and he is special because he's very early in the list of messengers and no honey Salaam. The the scholar said he was the first of the messengers to actually call to tauheed. Prior to that, no according to the historians that say that Idris came before know how they set up prior to that kind of Nussle, omentum. wahida people were one nation. And yes, they had gone astray they had made mistakes and we know from the story of Adam with his sons, etc. But the people of New Kingdom very early on and they invented this concept of idol worship. And they came up with this idea of you know, we had these pious people that lived amongst

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us and they have passed, let us know erect monuments to remember them and that remembrance developed into worship until they forgot about to hate they forgot about the oneness of Allah subhana wa Tada. So no it was very very special and know how to his Sam

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is calling his people and he's utilizing every possible method that he has to reach his people don't be nice to me Leyland wanna Whoa, I caught my people by day and by night. So many.

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So many Alan Turing was ultra who Miss Laura. I caught up to them in public out loud. I spoke to them privately, quietly. He's trying every means of communication to call to his people as he possibly can. What was the response of his people? What was their response to his message? When Nicola muda, to whom Leto Fiona whom jello casabianca Danny him was still show Thea but whom was something was stuck about a sticker, Bella, they plug their ears and they drew their clothes in their cloaks over their eyes, meaning we don't want to hear what you have to say. We don't want to even see you.

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Because sometimes you can not hear a message. But they say nonverbal communication is a big part. So even looking, they don't even want to look at

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they're pulling their clothes over their heads, and they're plugging their ears with their fingers. No.

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We said that these stories are to extract profound lessons.

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We may not have a messenger like living amongst us in flesh, calling us to the worship of a lot.

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And oftentimes we read these stories and we enjoy reading the stories of the prophets and the stories in the Quran. But where is joining the relevance? Is it only physically putting fingers in ears and covering the eyes? Or let us ask ourselves have we fallen guilty to sometimes plugging our

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Yours, and blocking our eyes from reminders and important messages that come to us. Maybe not necessarily physically speaking, although it would be pretty bad if that actually physically was being done. But perhaps we did that by giving all of our attention and all of our time and all of our resources, and diverting our attention away from important reminders. And away from what Allah Subhana, Allah commanded us. Perhaps we've done that, perhaps we fallen guilty to that. So let us take the first lesson. Now there are dozens of lessons and we could spend a very long time, our time together here is very short. And for a reason, as I said, I'm always kept the hook by short. But let

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us just extract a few lessons that have a common denominator here is the first, let us always be willing to listen to reminders. And let us always open our ears and our eyes to guidance when it comes to us. Let us not be like the people of North that when an important message came to them from for their own good for their own good. It wasn't getting anything out of it. Well call me. Then I said, Oh, Kumara Humana, I don't want any money from you. All of the messengers had the same message, we'll give you money. We don't want I don't want your money. They're not doing this for profit. They both passed away in the house of Russia, you can count on your fingertips the items

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that he had in his household.

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You can count with just a few square feet the size of his house that he passed away in sort of a long ride, he was alone. And somebody could say, well, you know he had something to gain. What do you have to get from this? Yeah, it hardship.

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It was presented to him, but he didn't want that none of the messengers want that. So it's for our own good. And what the messengers came forward with is for the people's own good to turn back to our Creator. And conversely, when we are turning away from Allahu Subhana, Allah to Allah, then there's going to be problems. There's going to be problems. And that's another reason why we have these stories of all of these previous nations that came before our own map, allows the panel to edit told us of their messenger and the message that their messenger came with, and told us how some people responded, sometimes some of the nations and many people disbelieved and rejected these messengers.

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And there were consequences to that cause and effect. It's very simple. There are consequences. And these nations when they refuse to accept when they were was stuck about a stick about Oh, and they were arrogant, the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala came. Now our oma is a little bit different in the sense that this oma this nation is not going to be wiped out if it believes in Allah. This was something that allows a penalty Allah told his messenger right because we are the last of the home after us comes a day of judgment after the home of Mohammed Salim comes Yama, Yama, and there there will be accountability.

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So we should not

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forget that there are consequences. Just like turning back to our Creator as know how they said I'm told these people you want to see this summer early commit Ah, the skies will be open for you with blessings.

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Blessings, but the opposite also can take effect when we turn away There is also a punishment as well. So let us not do like the people of North and let us always open our eyes and our ears to guidance and two important reminders when they present themselves to us and that of seek guidance or levina, dah dah dah dah home Buddha, those that seek guidance and put an effort alone, increase them in guidance.

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Know how they serve his country continuing. And eventually he he's not making any more progress with his people. That's it.

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There's no more progress and Allahu soprano to Allah tells him he tells Noah in a hula Mira mean omega a la Mancha.

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That's it, whoever has believed up until now. The remaining people they're not going to be accepting. And only Allah knows the future, but Allah tells know how they send them. That's it, you've done your job. Now begin with your next task, which is what build this ship.

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Build a ship of large boat.

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Some of the historians say that they vary in numbers how many people believed with some of the historians say 11 Some say in the range of 40 something very few people are Mammon, Mr. Who Luckily, very few people believed was no

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one knew how they sit on began constructing the art. They ship. His people came and they started mocking him. They said Ah, first you are a prophet. Now. You're a carpenter. They were making fun of him.

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So he Roman law tells us I started making fun of him. So no Harrison calls out because

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he called out Lord

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Here's another lesson for us. Let us never mock those that are sincere.

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Let us never mock if we have some weakness, if we don't have the strength to get up and do what we are supposed to do, then at the very least let us not mock other people that are making a sincere effort to be close to Allah subhanaw taala. At the end of sola, Mino Allah tells us some stories that should make the hair on your neck stand up as a matter of fact, one of my teachers may Allah bless him, used to give tipsy that lesson every night and the message of the prophets of Allah Hardy was seldom, and I never saw him come to tears when giving a lesson, except when he was talking about this verse, When Allah tells us about the people that disbelieved in the hellfire. And then Allah

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tells us about those people. He was speaking to them, and telling them about the people that had a man and struggled, what did the disbelievers do to them, but to move him

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and so completely Welcome to minhang takuan you busied yourselves with mocking and laughing at people of a man

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in New Jersey Tullio mabie masaharu Allah says their reward today they're going to get the real good reward because they were patient and they are the

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victorious ones. So let us never mock anyone who is sincere and who is working. We shouldn't mock anyone to begin with, but especially let us not mock or make any jokes about those that are taking their Deen seriously or want to make a sincere commitment to be closer to Allah subhana wa tada that's the second important lesson.

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Thirdly know how to Instagram calls out to his Lord, but they're out of bamboo and NEMA Hulu urban fantasy

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new restaurant calls out to his

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to his Rob or B and all of the NBA they called out or B Ibrahim

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India's can turn into reality he calls a banner up masala

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he's making this door out brb. Zakaria was a courier is not

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a carrier wants offspring he wants children Oh Allah Don't leave me alone. A tube is ill.

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In the millennial boo boo Antara hammer la shemin hobby are taught us in our sauna to say so pan out Don't be an AVI when you are in record when you are going into Japan. Don't be an Allah, Glorified and Exalted You are my Lord and Master the Most High call out to Europe. And that's why some of the scholars they were of the opinion that the hub is Milan album. One of the opinions that there are several of the scholars we should call out when is the last time we call out to our club, our Lord and Master and creator, Tao bow and Nima. Hello urban fantasy. Oh Allah grant me victory. Immediately Allah tells us of Weber center edema in 100. With a journal Olga Luna federal

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law says we opened up the sky and the water can

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with such force and we split open the earth and the water erupted from the earth until the water rising from the earth and the water falling from the sky netfilter Palma

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and no la Salaam. He just built with whatever he had available to him a boat, or hammer no more Allah Dotty and working will do so we carried him on some planks and do sort of some of the scholars said it's peppers or nails Some said ropes that even tied to things, what kind of what kind of boat is this and what chance can stand against this water gushing from the ground and coming from the sky with such force.

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physically speaking, it doesn't stand a chance. But when you obey Allah subhana wa Tada. When you do as he commanded, when you do the best that you can with what you have

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and you hold on, you will be saved and you'll be protected there and I'm going to say that the water that was coming down, it will come down but it will not fall above the boat of know how to set up

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and you get divert rain like that in the middle. But this is from the miracle of Allah subhana wa Tada. You get on that boat. You'll stay dry.

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But a lot of people didn't get on the boat of them is his own son, his own wife. So are we in a Gemini or Simoni? minalima?

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When signs from a locker? Oh, you know go to that mountain. It's pretty high. I'll be alright, I got this. I can hike pretty fast. What's a little rain gonna do to me? sounds silly, right? But perhaps we might have had this similar attitude in our subconscious without paying attention for contaminated more often.

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There is no mountain that's gonna save you on that moment. And he was of those that don't. His own Son know how to set up he did the best that he can. But that's the idea is when the commandment from Allah Subhana Allah comes, we've got to follow and we've got to have to work well and reliance upon Allah.

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So kinda want to add about a colonial theme. Whenever anyone can be my female. It was the Korean hachimura mata smartone was commonly cited in Muslim in an equaliser manifest ofuro in the whole world.

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Adam and Lerner be a birder a shadow en la ilaha illa la hora shadow under Mohammed Abu who was a pseudo

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bird no other his around called out and asked for victory he didn't ask a lot Oh a lot open this guy up and open the ground up in this way and bring the waves from here and he didn't ask all of that he said oh Lord grant me victory You are the most wise you know best. Grant me victory. The prophets of Allah annual cillum her demand one time he was making dinner and he said I want a house. This color this shape on this side of gender over the pasta I sent him said you have transgressed. You've gone beyond the limits. ask Allah for the best ask Allah for the for the dose of Allah. And don't get so caught up in these tiny little details. Tiny little details. Call upon a lot. Ask a lot for the

00:21:15--> 00:21:39

best. And ask Allah for guidance and ask Allah to always be guided to the best and let along with the panel data give you and choose for you from his infinite knowledge and wisdom, that which is best and accept that which Allah subhanaw taala gave you. Because if Allah subhanaw taala gives you a salt box and gives you a cleaner and happiness and contentment. That salt box will be happy to use in the biggest promises of a dunya.

00:21:40--> 00:21:51

But let us ask Allah from his follow from his bounty and his mercy and ask Allah for the best and ask Allah to be guided to that which is correct.

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These stories in the Quran are beautiful, and they have many profound lessons. Today we got to spend just a few minutes and we learned from the story of Noah and he said

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that we should always be available and willing to listen and be receptive to important reminders. When they come to us about Allah and how to come closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. We should never mock those that are sincere and putting in effort to turn to Allah who Subhana Allah to Allah let us call out to our Arab as nor did and as all of the profits did let us call out to our Lord when we are in a difficult situation. Before we call out to anyone or anything. Let us call out to our Lord and Master and creator who sees exactly and knows exactly what it is we are going through and when Allah subhanaw taala gives us a commandment, let us obey that commandment and stick to it and we

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will be saved because Allah subhana wa tada in his guidance and in the Sunnah of the messenger Allah His Salatu was Salam is safety in this dunya M and safety in this dunya and in the Allah. Before we conclude tonight, there will be the

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ffm program the family Friday night program. And so that's an array shot tonight will be at 8pm as it is the other days. Now sometimes on Fridays we would delay a shot by half an hour or so. But now that Asia is moving up earlier we will play a shot at eight o'clock and properly thereafter begin to the ffm program. And tonight is an open q&a with Jeff Muslim FOMO any questions that you may have about Islam it's an open q&a session. And let us remember to make up

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for all of our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, uncles and aunties that are sick or that are suffering from different illnesses or ailments. May Allah Subhana Allah grant them a speedy and quick recovery May Allah Subhana Allah grant them strength. May Allah Subhana Allah grant them a long life filled with his obedience and let us also remember those of us that have passed away May Allah Subhana Allah Allah have mercy upon them and forgive them And may Allah have mercy upon us. When we inevitably find ourselves in that place as well. About the law in the law it would have been ideal anyway eater either. are inherent in Russia you will monkey radiolabelling your glucometer

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Allah come to the Quran with Koran la hora, Lima Jenny Lee, come remember Allah Subhana Allah He will mention you wish guru Harada near me, he, he has it can be grateful to Allah He will increase you whenever he could lie about the remembrance of Allah is the Greatest or La Jolla and mo motto scenario and Allah is fully aware of what we do. Welcome