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The podcast between JoeR and Jordan features a discussion on the Prophet's views on Islam and how it is used to influence people to become Muslim. The speakers also criticize the media's portrayal of the Prophet's views on religion and the importance of conversion. The conversation touches on the use of "med Luca in Afghanistan" to describe the culture and how it is used to describe it, as well as the narrative of Islam being portrayed in media. The speakers also discuss language and its use in media.

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Job 10 discount code for 10% discount on a wide range of products including premium Ethiopian black seed products. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I recently watched a podcast between Joe Rogan and ion Hirsi Ali. She recently also had a podcast with Jordan Peterson, which I responded to in a decisive refutation a cutthroat refutation that you can see in the description box. Now, I don't want to speak in a sesquipedalian loquacious way. I want to be straight to the point and say what I thought was fundamentally flawed with this particular podcast that took place between Hirsi Ali, and Joe Rogan. Now they spoke about many things and I could spend a good 1520 or 30 minutes

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telling you on each occasion where she went wrong and spoke untruths, but I'm just gonna focus on one thing, which is so egregiously a historical that it requires a refutation, with the source sources and evidences textual evidences to prove my point. The main argument that she was making was when the Prophet became a prophet in her eyes, claimed that he was a prophet. There were two periods which are well known in the Sierra literature in the biography literature as the meccan period and the Medina and period. The meccan period was a period of time where the Prophet and his companions were being boycott boycotted, and tortured, and obviously, the Muslims were on the backfoot, if you

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want to call it that, and being oppressed as minorities, so she said, this is the version of Islam, which is not basically terroristic, she can use those words, but that's what she intended, because throughout the podcast, she was talking about the link between ISIS and Islam. And then the Prophet went to Medina. And according to her This is when the violence started to erupt when Islam became a violent religion, and the Prophet became a violent man. Now, what is it that was so egregious about her categorization called compartmentalization? And her dichotomous understanding of the zero literature? She went on to say, I'll tell you, she went on to say that the basically basic posture

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of the Muslim people at that time was to force conversion by the sword. Either you become Muslim, or we're gonna kill you. And she said this in many different interviews, which I've already refuted. But I thought I would give this particular contention it's due before I do so. Let's see what she has to say. And see how Joe Rogan responds, Islam that was founded by the prophet Mohammed. But then the Prophet Mohammed had two careers one in Mecca and one in Medina, when he first established the religion in Mecca, he went around the city, asking people to give up their gods and come to his one God. And he did it by asking. He did it by persuading, talking to people, and preaching charity and

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goodness. And then 10 years later, he moves to Medina. And he established, he establishes a militia.

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And then things change, he starts to give people a choice. You either come to my one God and you give up your gods, or you die by the sword.

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And anytime from Medina, the religion becomes incredibly successful. And he goes beyond Arabia, into the rest of the world. And so if you are a Muslim, in the 21st century, and there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, if you are a Muslim, and you say, I'm a peace loving Muslim, I don't want to impose my religion or anyone else. You're invoking Mohammed in Medina.

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If you say, Well, I think Jihad means that we must take our religion seriously and convert other people.

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And if they refuse to convert, then we'll use violence. Then you're invoking Muhammad in Medina. You said Medina twice. He said, Medina the first time as well. Okay, I'm sorry, the, the peaceful Mohammed is not the peaceful Mohammed is Mecca, Mecca. So Mecca is where he first came out. And so if he says, if a Muslim today says, unto you, your religion and to me mine, I'm tolerant, all of that you're invoking Mecca.

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If you're invoking jihad,

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you know, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, Al Qaeda, in some who are sometimes violent, but not all the time, the Muslim Brotherhood and other organizations and movements. They're invoking Mohammed in Medina. Because in Medina, Mohammed made it very clear you

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to spread the religion, by word of mouth by example, but also by the sword by violence. That's Medina Islam. So I think it would be more accurate to say,

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there's just one Islam at this point that's unreformed about Joe Rogan doesn't know anything about Islam. And I, just like Jordan Peterson, and many of those individuals, they have not spoken to anybody who has trained in the Islamic sciences. And so they have not educated themselves or even cared to educate themselves about Islam as a world religion, followed by almost a third of the world's population. And so he's nodding along and kind of just taking whatever she has to say on face value, as if this ultra daring individual isn't some kind of trained theological expert, which she is not. She does not provide and this is very important as, as with her social kind of science,

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or sociological investigations. She provides no evidence for any of her claims. And this should have been a red flag for a Joe Rogan was the evidence that there's been this transition and that there's this false conversion narrative. But he didn't do any of that. He just took everything what she said on face value.

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What is the evidence against that you may ask? Well, this is the evidence against it. Because chapter two verse 256, of the Quran, it says let Aikido have been, there is no compulsion in religion, hot tub, no rush to mean the lie. That falsehood has been made clear from truth, truth has been made clear from falsehood for maniac furuta hoot, whoever believes in the false gods, Whitman BelAir and whoever believes in Allah, stem snackable or word Luka, then they have held on to the correct type of Anchorage, lymphocyte Mela, which cannot be undone. This is the verse, which is undoubtedly unequivocally and unambiguously

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telling us as Muslims, that we cannot force people to become Muslim if they don't want to become Muslim, and that this is not our efforts are objective, or our standard, or our morality.

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This verse is a general verse. And I may add revealed in Medina not in Mecca, which goes completely counter narrative to what this individual said.

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And this verse was revealed at a time when a Jewish woman swore that she would raise her child as a Jew. And people in Medina, probably Muslims, who had the child was what were worried that these children will be born or raised as Jews whilst they were Muslims. And this is narrated in the authentic traditions of the Prophet. The Prophet said that he basically narrated this same sentiment that there is no compulsion here. We can't force people to become Muslim, if they don't want to be Muslim, and that is certainly not what Islam says in Medina, or in Mecca.

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Moreover, there is a very famous Hadith of the Prophet, where the sword his sword he went to sleep on his sword was on a tree. He woke up when a man started holding the sword.

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And he was asking the Prophet if he was worried, or scared or something like that. He said, No, Allah will protect me, God will protect me. And as he said that the guy's sword fell off, and it went into the profits hand. So now imagine this, the prophet is holding the sword. And the guy is that he's seen that this miracle, if you want to call it that, that the sword transferred into the prophets hand. And the Hadith goes on to say

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that, the Prophet asked him,

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accept me as the messenger, etc. I said, No, but I'm not going to fight you or your people. Now bear in mind, bear in mind, the prophet is holding the sword. And the man is right in front of him saying, I'm not going to accept you as a prophet, and I'm not going to be a Muslim. Now, if the narrative was true, and this was in Medina, if the narrative was true, then the Prophet should have chopped his head off and said, No, well if you don't accept my way, I'm gonna kill you. Instead, he let him go, and that man praise the prophet to his people saying this man is the best person that has ever been sent or something in hyperbole to that extent.

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So that's another evidence and I can continually

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quote evidence is in the Medina and period which go completely counter narrative. Just read chapter four verse 90 of the Quran. In the legend, IRC una vida como avena, homie saphan lj, Lj uchumi has a lot to do that except for the ones you don't fight the ones who come to you. And you have a treaty with them. Okay, you have a treaty with them a contract

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To them, or they come with open chests that they don't want to fight you.

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In other words, the verse continues, you have no way against them. In other words, there's no reason to fight these individuals, the Quran is filled with things like this. People just have to read the Quran. And understand that contextually, I think what's really going on is that these individuals not even reading the Quran, Joe Rogan, I doubt he's even read the translations of the meanings of the Quran, English, Jordan Peterson, the same thing. And most of the other people, which is quite shameful for public intellectuals, like that's actually quite embarrassing. People that are meant to be public intellectuals in the western edify their audiences are a not doing like basic background

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checks on a huge thing as religion and be only calling on to their show those individuals who have unsympathetic views to Islam and Muslims, really, they should be ashamed of themselves. And it's high time the Muslim community put pressure on them for doing what they're doing. They've created for themselves an echo chamber of anti Islamic thought, and they can't, for whatever reason, come to reason and start thinking about this matter properly. And another thing which needs to be mentioned is that one of the prophets of Allah audio Salaam, when he went to Medina, he in fact established a constitution. And in that constitution, he explicitly assured the dam the blood on the life and the

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protection of the Jews and the other unbelievers in the area explicitly and this is mentioned in many books and the way in which are referred to as narrations. For example, Shabbat as Audrey and his mahasi is a particular book and a source. Not only that, but people that so someone will say, Well, this is something which is abrogated and is no longer like that. But if that is the case, then how comes after him, the Sahaba or the companions, for example, armor, armor Maha top, when he conquered the Jerusalem he came in and he told the people that you the same kind of sentiment, same kind of thing. You said that your churches are protected, your your lives are protected. And it will

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Josie mentions this in his book, and many others mentioned it, we can give you the sources for that at any point in time. And this is well known and in fact, you can even read an orientalist work on it, because I'm mentioning Islamic sources go and read the preaching of Islam by Arnold, Thomas Walker Arnold. He even mentioned this point. Okay, so at the end of the day, to give people misinformation, when the reality of it is in Islam, there is a type of religious pluralism, which is not emphasized or even understood by Westerners like Joe Rogan or Joe Jordan Peterson or iron Hirsi who has forged herself into Western discourse. There is an in fact we have a narrations talking

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about Jews and Christians having their own spaces to pray. And not only that, but to rule with their own laws, with their own religious laws within the Islamic polity. What's, where is the narrative of, we're going to kill you, we're going to convert you by force. When they went into Egypt,

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they left the cops as they were and that's why we have a healthy, maybe 15 million cops in Egypt not converted into Islam as is presupposed. There are too many evidences, historical and otherwise, to maintain this false claim that people were being forced to become Muslims. I invite you

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to join to Joe Rogan and all of these Jordan Peterson and all of the I invite you to just read the books yourself. Educate yourself, would you respect, don't live in ignorance of something so important to people's lives. you recommend books on your websites, and you speak to intellectuals all day, and you haven't even read one of them? Actually, probably the most read, memorize book on the face of the earth which is the Quran. I say this is a this is the problem of ignorance and something has to change. But if you want to continue you can. We will be here if you need us. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.