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The speaker discusses the impact of social media on measuring success and how it can be difficult to measure success. The focus of the study is on empowering and educating leaders to share and defend information about the projects. The instructors have delivered training courses to students from various portfolios, including dental rooms, and encourage them to use emotional intelligence and sensitivity to guide conversations with visitors.

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What are Sapiens Institute doing? What are they doing? I can't see what they're doing. I can't see it. Many times the most impactful work is being done behind the scenes, social media can sometimes paint a false veneer on what really matters. And instead of striving for impact, we start chasing vanity metrics saving industry has been very cognizant of this. And that is why from our very inception, we decided to focus on impact. We did this by formulating and delivering various programs to empower, educate, and mentor leaders to share and defend Islam academically and intellectually. You might be aware of the fruits of some of these programs, but not aware that sapience was behind

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them in the world famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul, which is estimated to have almost 4 million visitors. annually. There is an office responsible for providing visitors with information about the dean Sapiens Institute delivered an advanced Dao training course to the volunteers of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Not only did they learn about effective academic intellectual arguments about the deen, but also they learned techniques and initiating conversations with visitors of the mosque using emotional intelligence along with cultural sensitivity. That is impact. Our instructors have officially delivered advanced training courses to imaams students from Medina University from

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various dental rooms brothers and sisters, this is just the tip of the iceberg Sapiens impact is being felt all around the world. Even if you don't see us. Click the button now and donate and don't forget to share the video.