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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of the New centers and whether or not Christian leaders can be saved by their belief in the Bible. They argue that the New centers are not a Christian base, but rather a church that preaches the same message. The speaker emphasizes that Christian leaders should not accept the news of the New centers and instead believe in the good news of the Shia Sunni.
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Someone rejects the fact that the New Testament has comprising of 27 books. Does that have any theological implications for that? Christian? Yeah, but not in it not in us. Not in a sense that would affect their salvation. Okay. Say for example, so like Luther, for example, disputed the letter of James. Okay, that would not affect your salvation. It means that he was I believe he was wrong. Yes. Okay. But I don't believe that that is something so fundamental that that means Luther is

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a non Christian, for them. So no problem. So you don't need to believe in the New Testament.

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I never said that.

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All the time. So you don't need to believe that. Like you said this. You said it doesn't affect their salvation. It doesn't so.

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Okay, I'm asking you, I'm asking you.

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If you don't believe if someone does not believe that 27 books are the New Testament. Yeah. For example, in the book of Revelation, yeah. And they say that this stuff is not from God. I don't believe it's from God.

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Jesus doing this and that, that's fine. Right. So let me ask you this question. Your question, yeah, it will answer your question. Yeah. Did the first followers of Jesus have a New Testament?

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Which ones did the first followers of Jesus have a New Testament? Which one's the very first? the very, very first, the very the ones that are? Very, very first Mohammed, I'm speaking in English. Did they have a New Testament? No. So they believed without a book, meaning you can believe without the book, okay, fine, thank you.

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That's fine. So you're saying that you don't need to believe in the New Testament in its entirety? To be a Christian? I am saying that you need to believe in the good news, the gospel. And what is the gospel that Christ died, that Christ was risen, that Christ will come again?

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And the New

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Testament testifies to that belief? Yes, that is one of the principles.

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Deciding canons of go, I think you're saying that of the 27 books, the way you say that I went, Athanasius came to the conclusion of 27 books that is possible, and allowable, for some Christian to say, for example, I take the Apocrypha. Well, I take St. Thomas's books, as actually what Jesus said, No, what he's what Athanasius was doing, was saying that in his diocese, in his autonomous authority, these are the books that I want read in my churches, these are the books that you will teach from at the pulpit, none of what he was talking about. I know, but either way, sorry. I was asked, he doesn't say you can't read the show. I'm asking you a question. Yeah. My question is, is

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it conceivable that Christian can be a Christian?

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For example, I'm believe that

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the Gospel of Thomas should be in the Bible. Whereas for example, Revelation shouldn't be so let me let me deal with that question directly. Yes, if someone genuinely believes the gospel that we Christians preach, if they believe that, for example, Revelation shouldn't be in the Bible, yes, yes. But the Gospel of Thomas should be Yes, they can still be saved, even though they are in error.

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For you to believe in parts of the New Testament, and not all of the New Testament, and still be eligible for salvation. That is what you said, because we said, What gave Athanasius? What gave him the right to choose what books will be in the New Testament, you agree that okay, that they became known and so on. But if you don't agree with the 27 books, it doesn't necessarily disqualify you from salvation from being a Christian. What I'm saying is the question of what should be acceptable, and what shouldn't be acceptable should be to the good judgment of people who look into the Scripture, and do their historical research, and through rationalization, also decide that certain

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things are impossible. And therefore reject aspects of that scripture. If you allow, some parts of description should be taken out, then it should be to the good discretion of each individual reader to decide what those parts would be. It's not good enough to say to someone, okay, you don't need to have all 27 books in the New Testament. You don't need to believe in this New Testament, but you have to believe in these parts Who gave you the authority? Who gave you the story.

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This is my summary. This is my summary. So my summary is this

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Mohammed has already accepted that it is quite proper to choose your Canon based upon your belief system, which is what he admitted when we talked about the Shia Sunni honey. Now, it follows therefore, that as Christians, we also why improper to do the same. The Salvation gospel that was taught by the first apostles was not written down and then handed out like a tract, it was preached, someone can be saved by knowing the good news about Jesus and believing on it without ever having a New Testament in their hand.

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So my message to the Christians is, guys look within whether you look from a preservation perspective, a technical perspective, a rational perspective, or even an intuitive perspective, the answer is always gonna be one, that you believe in one God you cannot bring yourself to believe in three in 1213. You don't accept the story of the entire New Testament. It makes perfect sense. It made perfect sense for that to have been a renewal of the faith through another prophet, one that we believe is predicted in the image testament and the Old Testament, who came in the form of Mohammed in the Arabian Peninsula several centuries after after pray before I'm not gonna come to