Christian scholar makes SHOCKING admissions! – Funny Ending

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The Old Testament, whoa, the new the King James Version now has been changed. Yeah. Changes versions, which is right. And you were saying also that the New Testament has been changed. Can I ask you can I offer you an alternative? Right? What can I ask you a question? Yeah. Well, I'm gonna say is this is Does it make sense to believe? I'm a logical person? Right? You're very logical person. I know you're right. But you so you can rationalize what I'm saying to you now? What does it make more sense to believe that there's been a book that's been revealed from God, that has been allowed to be corrupted and changed, or to believe in a book that has been revealed from God that

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has not been corrupted or changed, which one of those two makes more logical sense A or B.

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I forgot what a was. And a sorry, a is a book that has been changed. And be a book ie the Quran, which you admit yourself has not been changed, has it? I don't, I could have the half users and the way that's done, I don't think it's been changed, or hasn't been changed. I, to my to my understanding, I don't think it's been changed. So you say that the Quran has not been changed. But the New Testament, the King James version has been changed? Well, it makes more sense to believe in a book that has been changed. There's a word from God, or a book that has not been changed as a word from God, can I just please ask you that very rational question. And it makes sense to believe in a

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book that has such a powerful message, that there's people out there with an evil agenda to change it, rather than to believe in a book that doesn't have such a powerful message, which hasn't been changed? And so you're saying because your argument just following with you, you're saying, because, according to you, the New Testament and the Bible, by extension, the whole thing, holding you that that is because of the power of the message, that this Satan hasn't changed it? And how has changed? Sorry, has changed it? And you're right, under the Quran? Because, right, according to you, because of the weakness, the weakness, or let's say, it hasn't got such a powerful message as the Bible,

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that that's that's been allowed to change because of that reason.

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Sorry. Can you say that again? One more time. So you'll say your argument because I sent you one, does it make more sense to believe in a, an a book that's been changed or a book that has not been changed? You said that your reasoning that the Bible has been changed is because, right.

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Satan had to change it because it has such a powerful message. Yeah. Right. Yes. Right. So are you saying that the Septuagint has not been changed? Right? Yes. It hasn't been changed. To my knowledge, no, no. So why has said, according to you, you said has changed. So Shouldn't you apply the same logic? Shouldn't you say that because this book has not been changed? Right? That's it's not such a powerful message anymore. That's a good logical argument. But the fact is, nobody uses this is your only the only a few Bible Translators doesn't change the reality. It doesn't change the

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Romanian Bible. The old orthodox Bible uses the Septuagint.

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Right, new Bibles, the new Romanian Bible uses the Masoretic you're saying, because it's not being used, Satan hasn't approached it. Yeah. Okay. All right. So it's such a powerful message, then why have hasn't had the powerful effect? Because nobody uses it? That doesn't answer my question. So you're stuck between a rock and a hard stone? Why? Let me tell you why you say you've admitted that the Old Testament, or at least the King James Version of the Bible has been changed. And you quite Isaiah, places, right? And you've also admitted that the New Testament has also been changed in sampling. Right. And you've also admitted that the Quran has not changed to my knowledge, because of

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the way you have have users who pass it down bit by bit, admitted that the Quran has not been changed to my knowledge. So for that reason, for that reason, I'm asking I asked the logical question, is it more logical to believe in a book that's been that's from God is a book that has been changed and all being said, you said, No, the reason why the Quran has not been changed is because it doesn't have such a powerful message as the Bible and thus, right. And thus, there's no need for it to be changed. So Satan has been approached. Yes. Right. So I'm saying that you've said that this Septuagint has not been changed. Right? So you have to apply the same logic now today.

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Okay. Yeah. So you're stuck between the basically a philosophical lock and a problematic heartstone. You've got no escape. So what's your escape? Okay? The important thing is that we're not saved by logic was saved by faith. And you have to have faith not true. You don't have faith in a book, you have faith in a person, because a book can't change me. A person can change my life.

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you see here,

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if I play with a chance of three years, I can beat him off.

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He was so weak in any argument, is that a new level, you see in the box that can

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Good morning, you know,

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light heavyweight and the same here. Why did the best team play in the Premier League and the second is the poor man