Christian Apologist Sexually Harassed Muslim Woman (18+)

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The Christian community is "willing to disown" Muslims and speak about "out of control" and "willing to end" situations while "willing to end" discussions and "willing to end" situations. The community is "willing to end" situations and "willing to end" situations while "willing to end" situations and "willing to end" situations. The speakers also discuss the issue of Muslim pride and hate towards Muslims, and express support for the nonstop stance of those who want to fight against Muslims.

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wait, it's a Boy. Boy Boy.

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Hope you enjoyed the video so okay, continue continue continue I cannot wait for my breastfeeding You promised me everybody is a witness.

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Okay, what do you mean dignity? It's mean you don't give me your boobs.

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Okay that you don't take off your plenty. And you know what?

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Even if you are the only women in the world I will not do breastfeeding for you from us come back. You Muslim women are full of AIDS. And now I want you to focus with me We arrived to the motor finally. You will you will give me your breast you're like it or not your promise. So now you say you say your promise your promise if you're saying this is about what you will do breastfeeding for me. Everybody heard you Okay, just tell me right now was gonna show her face? Or Jesus? I don't know.

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You are a whole like your profit and loss why you are allowed yourself to be

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a liar. Okay, you are the scumbag like your profit. I can go to the English right now. Do you want me to switch? Listen, listen. Listen, listen, listen. We're trying to run away from doing breast feeding from you. We're doing

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what is that man? What this guy's this guy's

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this guy's a pervert, this guy goes you're gonna do it, whether you like it or not, or something like that. This is raped. Okay, bro, this is

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sorry to say, he's finished off to that man. He's done, what he wants to come and speak to us. I've never seen anything like that. I've never seen anything like that. And this is not a representation of Christianity. And this is not a representation of the Christian community. This guy, believe me after just hearing that now. The Christian community are gonna disown him. I have full trust. I have full trust, because I've met members of the Christian coming out of the very well. They're gonna say this man does not represent anything, does not represent the Christian teachings does not represent Jesus. Do you think Jesus would speak to a woman like that? According to the New Testament corpus,

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according to the Scriptures, according to their scriptures, do you think that Jesus will come and talk to a woman until I take off your panties, I'm gonna breastfeed you and all this kind of things, bro. You cannot. You cannot you cannot justify this behavior under any circumstances. And you want to come on a platform with me. And you want to come and speak to me. And you want me to lower myself and talk to you? Your day, brother. You're a guy, man, you're a individual, you're sick, you're sick. And that's why you don't want to come and show your face to someone like me. That's why you'd never come and stand face to face with someone like me. That's why you're scared of the Muslim

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community. But not only that, probably the Christian community as well. You're coming out speaking to the Muslim woman. prostitutes. Would you like someone to say that your mum, your sister, your your auntie, you're dirty, you're dirty. And I know you've got sexual thoughts that are not permanent. You can't even control your sexual desires. Or you talk about his food and sex, bro, you're out of control. You're out of control talking to a woman like that. You're touchy, touchy, touchy, you're finished? You're finished. You're finished talking about

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what the hell? You're touching. Man. You're touching man. You're meant to be some kind of public figure for the Christian community. Yo, man, I have a phone with a Christian community. You might have 10s of 1000s of people following you.

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How dare you?

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and Danny, to be honest. When I saw when I saw other clips, I just thought that he was someone who was no but when I saw this clip, this specific clip I was against any Muslim debating him. I don't think that

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bro. It's not It's not. It's not for me. You know? That's what a Christian community. I know. From my experience. The vast majority of Christians are not. Yeah. Yeah.

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Anything like that? They will not endorse anything like that. And we have to be fair, therefore, me debating this guy. What do you want me to come on is your platform so they can mute me? Yeah.

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Talking about women being prostitutes, so what you're talking about my mom and my sister, and my and my daughters and all that. You wouldn't come and say that to me face to face. Yo, you know what you are? Yeah, you wouldn't come to say that to me face to face because you know what you are? Yeah, you wouldn't come and say that to man to man face to face. But behind the little screen, you're a keyboard warrior. Nothing your boy, your boy.

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But you know what? I would I would want to end this discussion. Yeah, we've won a message of solidarity. Yeah.

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And hope, because what I want to say is, look, we might have the process like a commodity. Yeah, you have your religion and we have our religion. Like, you know, if we don't agree on your religion or creed, it doesn't mean that we can start abusing each other. It doesn't mean that now he has to feel the environment, you have to that you have to that you have to contribute to an poisonous environment. No, if you don't, if you really don't understand the meaning of peace and solidarity, look suppiler look at the Quranic discourse. Well as a home

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hood, for example, a lack of home care whenever Allah subhanaw taala says to a comb to a group of people or harm their brother x, right. So obviously these people weren't Muslim Muslim yet. They're not they were not Muslim yet. However, Allah subhanaw taala he said, to these group of people a home catholica. Yeah. To these group of people that Bravo was sent, who is XYZ? Yeah.

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So at the end of the day, a half of them. were brothers and sisters in here, for example, in London. And yeah, we're not brothers and sisters. No, we're brothers and HumanIK. We're brothers in, in tribe. Like, at the end of the day, I was born here, I was born here. You know, in London. We're Western Muslims at the end of the day. And we feel like we have solidarity with the people in this country. We feel like we will protect a Muslim or Christian or a Jew from physical and verbal abuse. We don't tolerate physical and verbal abuse, the like, which we saw in London, the London Bridge attack like that. We don't tolerate that. You know, and that's the problem. So Sam says,

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Mr. Hayden, let me tell gender whoever kills and why it was a non combatant non believer couldn't do

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this, his interpretation of it is someone who's not gonna step in, as someone who is would you call it he says, that includes a misstep man am I heading in then me. So every kind of non combatant, non believer, we say whoever tries to attack them and kill them, they will never smell the fragrance of heaven. Therefore, we say, as Muslims, we come together with the non Muslim community, the Jews and the Christians. And we want also condemned these individuals or rogue, black sheep trap individuals in our community. What we want is the Christian community to also do the same for its community to flush out those elements, which are extreme, frankly, man, this guy's an extremist. And I'm going to

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say that my understanding of the word, he's extremely Yeah, he's extremely vulgar. He's extremely abusive. He's using rape jargon, and he's justifying historical genocide against not only Muslims, but Jews.