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Some time ago me in the HRF team, we went to tamale in Ghana.

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And we saw the villages in that area, some of which were deprived of basic necessities like clean water. And so we decided that we were going to use our social media platforms to raise money for those individuals, me Allah, Tao and wassim, cabal. And other people public figures, we decided to do that last Ramadan we were able to say raise a lot of money and make massive changes. But there was one outstanding project which needed to be complete. And this is called the life Village. This project is an amazing opportunity for all of us

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to contribute to the prosperity and enfranchisement of those ghanians who are lacking in basic utilities like water, fresh water, and education. Because this life village is not just to install boreholes, mechanical boreholes in the vicinity, but it's also to empower young boys and girls with education. So where they're building schools in that area, and you'll be surprised at how cheap it is to actually build a school in those villages, but your contribution will really count here. So inshallah what I'm going to be doing is leaving a link in the comments and description box, and why I hope you'll be in sha Allah is very charitable, in this particular time, which is the most holy

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time for us Muslims, Ramadan, and when the last 10 nights as well so this is

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an amazing opportunity for you to really reap the rewards was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.