Miracles Of The Prophet – Part 2 of 3

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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a trench being dug in the desert in Java to prevent the arrival of Islam's troops. The trench is designed to prevent the arrival of Islam's troops and is designed to prevent the arrival of the Prophet sall automate. The speaker describes the trench as a big, fat cow and the meat is the same as it was in the meat.
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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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This is the now we are at the Battle of conduct.

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This is called also the Battle of

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constant fights with Muslims.

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So 10,000 plus

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all of the inhabitants of the Arab peninsula camp in one army, to eradicate the little city of Medina, to destroy Islam and finish this mess.

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So the Muslims thought what to do. So they decided, we will dig a trench around the city, so that the army cannot cross into the city. And they had a few days to do this in. So the Muslims got busy and started to dig. Now understand this is 14 and a half centuries ago, tools and equipments are not as advanced as today and attend the rocky desert. And the east, the scorching, and the Muslims are digging this huge trench,

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like big enough, so that a host cannot jump over in deep enough that it can't ride into and out of.

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And the October begins day in, day out, some of them say, for three days, we had very little or no food.

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And a difficult time there isn't much food.

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So out of hunger,

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to beat the pain of hunger, they started to get the rocks and tie it on their stomachs to kind of squeeze the tummy so that they don't feel hungry and the stomach doesn't feel empty.

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And as They're digging, they came to a huge rock inside the path of the trench.

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And they have to

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move the rock or break the rock but no one can do it. So they call the Prophet sallallahu wasallam jasola this rock is stopping the progress. Come look at it. So jogger of the Allah one will say, because the Prophet came, and I saw him walking, like with weakness, and tired and fatigued and hungry. And when he came, I saw that we had one rock, Mr. summit, he had tied this three on his.

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And this is the Rasul of Allah laka. He's hungry, and he's tired, and he's weak. And at this stage, he is

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56 or four years old.

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So Java wrote the language and saw the state of the Prophet, and it hurts him a lot.

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So he came to the role. And he said, Dr. sola gives me permission to go home.

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So the Prophet said, granted to go, so jogger of the land who went home to his wife,

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and he said, Listen, I have just seen the prophet in a way that my eyes cannot see him like I can't see him like that. Do we have anything at home to cook and prepare for him? So the wife said, we have a bit of barley

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that I can

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crush and Mike flower out of and my breadwinner, and we have that little goat or that little sheep.

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So jogger of the Allahu anhu says, okay, you fix the bread.

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I'll get the meat ready as in our sacrifice, the the goat, and we'll cook it and I'll go and write the profit.

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Now in those days, there was no rice and stuff in Arabia.

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You got that from the Persians later on. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is there in the trench digging and jogger of the Allahu anhu prepares this little food and understand it's a small, you know, sheep or lamb or goat, which was probably sufficient for five or six people so they will just eat the meat, you know, there was nothing else to go with it.

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So the wife tells him to go invite the Prophet but tell him quietly so that other people don't hear and don't feel bad that they're missing out on food.

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So jabber on the other hand, who can quiet the to the trench, and next to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he whispered in his ear, Viviana Soloman my wife and myself have prepared some food for you. So come with the hands full

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handful of the US House, your companions to our house.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hearing this stood up.

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And he said,

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Yeah, a lot

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of people have the trench. And in one hour, there is 3000 men on the trench, as then one and a half 1000 fully grown men, 1400 youngsters like children and so on helping out. So the Prophet stands up, it goes up people off the trench, as in the one and a half 1000 or 3000 people, we are invited to the house of Java.

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And Java have the Allahu says he goes, No one knew the shame that I was feeling except for Allah. Like imagine. You've got one sheet, and 3000 people have come behind the door, you're gonna feed the first five, and the rest are gonna go like

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Mmm. And these are Arabs hospitality is a big thing for them. Like, this is embarrassing. Someone comes to the house for food and you haven't been able to provide some job that is feeling very embarrassed.

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But the process has asked so how could he reject

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for the profit seeing his anxiety says Joseph

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told your wife not to start baking the bread until I come? No, put the milk, the meat on the pot until I come. So Java, picked up his clothes and ran back home. And he tells the wife, wow, calamity. So she says What happened? He goes, the whole conductor's coming.

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So though I said,

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I told you a handful. He says it wasn't me it was the Prophet.

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So she says, Did you say it? Or did he say it?

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So he said no, the prophet said. So then he goes, she goes, What are you worried about? He knows what he's doing.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to the house.

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And what an honor to have the Rasul Allah at your house. So he comes into the house, and he sees the dough and the meat. And he prays and blesses it. And then he tells her stop cooking, and he told Java, Java stand by the door and let 10 people in at a time. So Java will be allowed to standing by the door and he says, perfect bird will come inside. So 10 people would go inside and they would eat and sit was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when they're full, they would come out to Java would say, Have you had enough? Like, did you actually get to eat anything? And then go out and hamdulillah like we were full. So then he goes, Okay, 10 more, and Java is scared all the way

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through because you know, it's gonna run out now it's gonna run out now. And he says, The 1500 men ice and came out, and I came into the house and voila, he the bread was the same as it was in the meat was the same as it was Saldana