Reminders and Reflections – Unnecessary Suffering

Mohammed Faqih


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The speaker discusses the benefits of a Hadith collection, including healing and relief through evil beings, and uses language to offend angels. They also mention the use of shamanism to avoid conflict and evil behavior, and the shamanism of the Shaym (the Shamanism of the Hanith), which is used to avoid conflict and evil behavior. The importance of comfort and peace in our daily lives is emphasized, along with the recitation of Hadith Surah Baq Kia and the use of "bringing comfort."

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One of the most powerful

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remedies that we have recommended for us here

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is mentioned in this particular Hadith collected by Imam Muslim this is this is

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essential we have mentioned this in the past,

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but a lot of people

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suffer unnecessarily

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when Allah subhanaw taala through his prophesy centum has actually given us something that that is proven to work. Now we know we know that the Quran has therapeutic effect on people. We know this established fact we know that it brings comfort to the heart and it's Suez is the the soul and relaxes, you know the person and it eases the tension we know this for sure. Alright. So it has these benefits but it's also has a spiritual benefits that are status stated in the Hadith, right? You know, we have two types of beings that are that surround us that we believe in, we may not see them, they're invisible, but very often we feel they're their presence. Yeah.

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And they're one one group of these beings are called with angels.

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Right? You feel sometimes angelic, right? You feel like you've been touched by an angel. You feel like you feel so relaxed. You feel when you're in the presence of people who are who are acting or behaving in an angelic fashion. The other evil group was called with the other group that is evil. It's called the devils, devils and demons shelter. And we know this, sir.

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Has anyone Have you ever seen a devil?

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In a fuel enough in the form of human beings, have you seen the effect of a devil?

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Have you have you seen the effect of the sheltering? You must have. You have never seen like a sane person, like a nice person, lose it

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and get angry. To the point if you were to basically record them. If you were to make a video clip of them acting in anger and show it to them. They will say man, I don't know what got into me.

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I don't know. That's not me. How many times have you heard people saying that's not me? I'm not like that. Okay. The promise I sent him said he told us that this is from the effective shield plan.

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And he said that when a person is angry, I know Kadima in the island will kill you Metallo Carla have

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that right?

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Our households, and many, many people are suffering in their homes, because there are a lot of activities and things that we watch and see that invite the Sheltie. First of all, is it and there are certain things that repel and push away. Angels. Angels are very sensitive beings. They're very gentle, beautiful, pure souls. The place has to be completely pure in order for them to, to tolerate it.

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Right? Unfortunately, our household we have a lot of repellents, Angel Angel repellents, things that offend the angels.

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Yeah, the person sometimes said angels are offended by a foul smell.

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They can again sin, let alone anything else. obscene language that pushes angels away. That's why in our household, we can't use this kind of language, the type of language a lot of people use, we can't you cannot allow that. Angels are offended by that.

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They just can't. There is as I said, they're very pure souls. Right, have seen behavior,

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right, nudity, et cetera. There are a lot of things that offend angels. Right. On the other hand, there are certain things that invite sheltering when the President said when you enter the house, if you don't say Salam aleikum, you don't mention Allah subhanaw taala Shelton's are looking for for a place to party. So they join us when we eat or drink. And we don't mention the name of Allah subhanaw taala. That that's an invitation that that is an implicit invitation. You're saying Come join me for the me. So. So because of that one of these remedies, one of these very powerful recommendations. Again, this is an authentic hadith, the Prophet SAW, Selim mentioned the following

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for those people who feel the effect of it you don't know why you're agitated, and you don't know why when you're at home, you don't feel you know, because home is supposed to be a place of sukoon and Sakina and peace and tranquility and comfort and all of that, but yet, we're agitated something. Families are running away from each other. We'd rather like be on our devices distracting each other because we can't stand to have conversations or you know, family time together.

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All right, everybody's agitated people get ticked off or angry for like, the silliest of reasons.

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Perhaps maybe it's just there is there are other occupants with us. I don't want to freak you out I'm not saying

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right and we may need to get rid of them. We don't want them. The problem is him said one of those ways is the process. I'm set in the Hadith collected by Sohail an IV he and Ebihara and Rasulullah sallallahu. They set him up on that 10 year old boy yo Takoma Park.

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In the shaytani and phenomenal Beatty levy tog Rafi Sula, Baqarah

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The Prophet said do not make your houses like graveyards.

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shaytaan Satan runs away from a house in which sort of the Quran is recited.

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This is a very explicit clear Hadith Surah Baqarah that's why the scholar says salted Baqarah is supposed to be recited in every Muslim household. It's one thing to listen to it. Right, but it's supposed to be recited in every Muslim household. Some scholars say it should be recited at least if not on a daily basis, once every three days. Because there is another Hadith that mentions that for three days she upon will not come near your house. If so it's Buckler is recited Surah Baqarah is a very powerful Surah it contains the act of corsi corsi. So I'm a scholar said each letter in out of courtesy,

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right has destructive impact on all the evil forces of the devils combined.

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They cannot overcome one one letter let alone one word or AYATUL. kursi is the most powerful AI in the Quran.

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It has the last two verses which either side in the second raka ml Rasool to the Prophet himself. So as Adam said, by the way out of courtesy, and what I also was told that if you recited in the evening at night, go home right now he recited lie a crab Oka shaytaan no devil will come near you until the morning you recited in the morning all day you're protected you're fortified. The last two is of sorts of Bukhara, right? The products I sell them says man Cara ABBY I attaining salted Bacardi, Kavita. If you read the last two verses of Surah Baqarah, they will suffice you you're taking care of.

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So it shouldn't be part of our daily practice. As I said, as I said in the beginning, and I will finish some people are suffering unnecessarily. There's no need for them to suffer. Right? Maybe this is what their soul is actually yearning for. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring comfort

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and peace and tranquility and serenity in our households in our hearts. And in our minds, Zack