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AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is emphasized, with guidance from the Prophet sallua and guidance from people to hold onto Islam until the end of the world. The struggles of Islam have led to the loss of people and the need for strong behavior. The success of Islam in the world and its potential devalued status is also discussed, with a focus on protecting the oma and building a structure to prevent the return of a creature. Clinging to a miracle and not letting anyone steal it is emphasized, as it can lead to a return of confidence and protection against evil behavior.
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In Alhamdulillah, Allah on the screen over here when I stopped when I wrote the Villa itala and God and fusina was a DR Molina, main de la junta Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Euclid follow her De La Hoya Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu eyeshadow Anna Mohammedan Aveda who whenever you who are pseudo yeah you hola Xena Amano Taka la Koto de la mattina 11 Tomasi moon yeah yohanna sutopo Bakula? de la community wahida wirkkala caminhada webasto mean humare Jalan casier on one Isa. What's up? Oh la la de de Luna v. We'll have him in a la la como la FIBA. Yeah, yo la Vina Amano De La Hoya pulu Poland Dida used to Allah Kamala como la Koo back home. Woman up la hora to La

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hufa defesa, frozen alima.

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All praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we seek protection with Allah from the evil whispers within ourselves and from the consequences of our evil deeds. Whomever our laws, villages guides, no one can ever lead astray and whomever our laws are that leads that leads us astray, none can ever guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our love and obedience, and the absolute sense but Allah alone without any partners, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth, his prophets and his servants and His Messenger, whom he sent as a bearer of glad tidings and

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a warner and a mercy before the coming of the hour. May Allah azza wa jal grant us and view our life upon his religion, and an adherence to his guidance until we breed our last and reunite us with our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the highest guardians of General lahoma I mean, it was from the dawn of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The frequent supplication he would make and teach is Yeah, when he and Islam Allah He must signal Islam has al Kaka LA, oh guardian of Islam, and its people have me hold on to Islam until I meet you with it. Oh guardian of Islam and its people have me helped me hold on to Islam until I meet you with it.

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And alongside the obvious necessity of learning this and asking a lot of diligent for guidance. embedded in that is the reminder that Allah is the guardian of Islam and the guardian of the Muslims and not a soprano who was Allah. Similarly, there is a promise that Allah will continue to guard Islam and its people from ever being wiped out when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a very famous multifaceted, Hadith, abundantly recurring narrated generation upon generation. He said less as Aluko refer to min Almighty Allah hochevar, Irina, Leia Dora who mancala whom Allah May Allah for whom has yet to amarula he will whom Allah Allah, that there will never cease. It will

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never die, never be extinguished, never go extinct. A group of my own mal will always will never stop being upon the truth that I reveal, unfazed, they will not be fazed will not be harmed by those who disagree with them, or those who deserve them and betrayed them until the ultimate affair of a law comes to pass while they are like that.

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And so we must always remember this when our Islam or our Muslim Omar faces challenges that, first of all, Islam will always continue being and whatever wasn't Islam, whatever has not always been Islam will never be Islam. The Islam of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for sure there is flexibility to be applied in all times in places, but the fundamentals, the constants of Islam, they are Islam. But on top of that, there will always be Islam as a people, a group, a community, a global community now by Allah's grace of Muslims, that hold on to that Islam until the day of judgment that will never, ever be entirely derailed entirely. Put out maybe on Route, there may be

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people who deviate people who molars though agenda chooses to raise them through being afflicted through choosing them to be martyrs and otherwise, but the oma itself will never be inverted will never be sabotaged. in its entirety. And if you study history, it is so refreshing to show you the resilience that Allah has granted this oma and to reassure you that he will continue granting.

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You know, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died, the oma went through a very turbulent stage and it seemed like it was in great peril.

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And only one person stood by himself seemingly until people rallied around him it was so difficult the level on even almost said, Maybe we should back down maybe we should just let it go. Maybe we should pick our battles when that battle had it not been fought had that confrontation not been stood in front of valiantly Islam would never have been the same. And so Allah stabilize the oma through level bucha.

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And then as he moves on, he says, a la theme this oma with Abu Bakr on the day of read the and then Imam Ahmed, on the day of the missioner, there was a great mission and the third century of Islam, a great Inquisition, a great witness so much turmoil, and the amount of about him a whole lot was of the only remaining scholars or the only visibly remaining scholar that had he not held his ground, things could have been extremely different.

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And I will return to the amendment in a second. But even beyond that, even generations later, when it looked like the oma was on its heel, and it was finished and done with when the Mongol Scourge took the oma by storm, just when there was no one left to defend the Muslim Ummah a lot as though a gel. I don't want to say snuck was inserted Islam into the mango ranks and they became the Muslim woman. They became Muslims. So this Deen is invincible, this Deen is indestructible. And the owner will continue to survive. You know, it was destined for me to revisit a bit of length.

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The life of remember him about him a whole lot more than him but at that Inquisition I spoke about

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this past week. And what occurred in that in that time in that episode has so much for us to learn from, and so much for us to lean on in our dark moments when there seems to be so much bad news about Islam and the Muslims everywhere you turn.

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And he remember

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he was faced with a group of people that ascended to power, a faction called the Martha Zilla who tried to redefine Islam entirely based on them being so fond of so enamored by Greek philosophy. So they tried to, like reinterpret Islam, to make it basically and Islam aside, like an Islamic sent to Greek philosophy. They wanted to repackage the old Dean, in a sense, in a great sense, and so he stood there, and so many of the scholars that stood like him were killed.

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And he was taken and they could not kill him right away because he had such status with the people. People revered him so much they wanted to know is my Mama's gonna give in or not. And after the story unfold, when you look at it from every angle, through all the testimonies all the records, it is they had no mercy on me, except that they couldn't kill him. They did not regard the fact that he was over 70 years old at the time, one of those who was administering the punishment who would make an example out to the management publicly by whipping him over and over again. He said, Every time I whipped him, I said, this time the whip is going to come out of his mouth, though he's whipping him

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in his back, because he said of how severely the flesh the meat on his back was falling apart. I thought the whip was going to go through him one more time, it was going to puncture all the way through him.

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Other said they when they struck Mm hmm. The first time

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with the whip clock all appeared on his back and they struck him a second time. The clocks ruptured, and he began to bleed. And then they brought people to take salt and stick it in the injury to make it to put his body on fire, basically. And that was the first and the second strike of dozens of strikes. He would take every single day. About a mahalo Tada. One of the men that the guard they said we beat estimate in a way that would have broken would have demolished an elephant. But somehow he survived.

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But the issue is that if you read deeply into the story, you will realize that even mm hmm Rahim Allah tala got to a point where he felt a great deal of weakness.

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Like it, he was either going to give in or he was going to die Shaheed, but he was not going to be able to last forever. He's not superhuman. Rahim, Allah tala. To the point that he tried every single day, he felt like he was going to die. And so he chose to fast one day after another in hopes that he would die fasting.

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And then one time the guard told him just drink them and you can't torture yourself like this. One of them had sympathy for him. And so he said to him, fine, give me the water. And then when I saw him, he brought the water and say no, I changed my mind. I might die today. So he began to waver and then after he was released,

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Fast forward in the story, his son kept hearing him. Make dua for a person whose name was Abu Haytham at Tayyar rahima. Hola. He says that they told him that Why do you always pray for this guy that Allah forgives him? He said, Who unless he said, Bethany. He's the only one that bolstered me. I was about the he kept me firm. He said he was in a prison cell with me.

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And he said to me, oh, I must

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stand firm don't buckle because if you go to the state records, you go to the records of the government, you will see that I have been whipped 18,000 times I let the three of them

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scattered across my life. For being upon falsehood, he was a thief. So every time you get caught, you get punished and get released. I was whipped 18,000 times upon falsehood. So you now stand firm, you're on the truth, in a stylish hamidah No, in terms of temperature, he then used to telling me, if you live you're going to live glorified and if you die, you die Shaheed, hold on. He said. So he would constantly ask Allah to forgive him because he was the one that Allah put that's what I want to point out. Allah had him in the cell together, to keep him firm in a way that could have otherwise had consequences, ugly consequences on the whole oma. So Allah azza wa jal is the

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protector of his own mess apana with Allah, we have to constantly revisit that so we don't get too jaded get to the spirited by the events of the age male lives in return this omitted from its weakness and fixed for us, our stay with him our duty to him and our stay in this world return this woman to his dignity and it's honor Allah I mean, a whole call he has our stuff from the Hollywood echo

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena be about the shadow Allah you know, in the la vida Hola, Shakira, or shadow Anna Mohammedan. Aveda who whenever you who are solo?

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The question may be a little bit sour. But how do we reinstate our confidence in Allah azza wa jal in the age of weakness.

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Some people think that this is too much, I don't want to be here. I don't want a lot chose for you to be here. You wish for some sort of miracle to happen. But maybe if miracles happen, you will once again not take part in the Rebuild of this oma, we always look for that we look for some explanation, or some hope that has nothing to do with us. Even in real life. Like when you see someone very talented, a businessman or an athlete, you always hear these crazy things about them. They're just gifted No, they've read more books than you've tried harder than you. This person has like some deal with the devil. That's why he has a great three point shot there. He's like a

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billionaires. No, he just put in more hours. Right? And so the concept of clinging to a miracle is very dangerous. clinging to a lot of villages, and doing your duty is our only way out. He is the guardian. But he has employed us simply by you living today, Allah has employed you. You You have been enlisted, whether you like it or not in the service. So don't be overwhelmed. He is the guardian. But you have a role.

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You know, also the issue of miracles. Let's just take this one step further. Miracles are all around us. One of our mentors always say this, he goes, it is not the absence of miracles, that is weakening people. It is the presence of arrogance or the presence of absent mindedness. And he gives a beautiful example the teacher of mine, he says, If I were to slap a wooden table and an apple would come out, you would consider that a miracle.

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But why don't we consider a miracle? The fact that a wooden tree produces apples. Miracles are everywhere, but we're just not thinking.

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And so the way to reinstate our confidence with Allah azza wa jal is to put in the work part of it, to cleanse out the arrogance cleanse out the heedlessness, and to just look a lot as though Jen said that, okay, as in smls, you will all be on Runa laya Oman hamari, Boone, how many signs I filled the heavens and the earth, not just the lives of the prophets, the heavens and the earth with and they pass over into all oblivion.

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You know, even in the smallest things a lot as though it just shows us his strength and our weakness to reinstate that we cling to him. When the Quran says For example, Gloria yohannes Oh, humanity Dory by methadone physcomitrella Anika

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sample has been struck so listen to it carefully in the Latina Tarun, I mean do Neela the all others besides Allah that you worship, but even if you only worship Allah, you may not adore him and recognize his greatness, as you should. All others, he says, cannot create a fly even if they collaborate for it. You think about that in 2020 if all the most brilliant researchers of the world were to get together to create a flight, would they be able to do it? Would they be able to put together the 14,000 gene or the 270 degree vision at the fly is able to do this little creature a few millimeters long.

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And then Allah says when you're slow boo, boo, boo, boo boo, chez Elias donkey boohooman in the age of superpowers realize a lesson in the Quran. If the fly were to take something away from them, they wouldn't be able to retrieve it. You know, interestingly, this is known at face value for high school understood this, but we get to examine this at a deeper level. Now if we want to flies when they land on something, they liquefy it like they spit something out. I just did on the outside. So once they take it, it's not the same thing anymore.

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Without going into the rabbit hole of scientific miracles that I'm very hesitant about. But even the fly when it snatches something from humanity humanity can take it back. So you reflect on the little things the apple and the fly. And then you stop worrying about how do I bring this on my back. The final I I will mention, when allies though agenesis methode levina todo mundo de la jolla the example of those who set up rivals with Allah. That's not just ritual that could be dependence as well can mess that in Anka booty tahajjud beta is like the example of that spider that has a house, the spider web, right? everyone and everything, all the resources, all of the planning are as

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vulnerable as weak as the spider's web, someone absent mindedly could just knock it off. The spider works so hard to put that wedge together and then a gust of wind just dismantles it altogether.

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And maybe this is just to realize a lot of strength, right? And everyone else is out there a weakness. Maybe that's a lesson for us as well. We don't know exactly how to protect the oma or how to rebuild the oma. You don't have to

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just be like the spider that tears down the web, it goes back to working, it builds another web. And if Allah wishes he protects the web. And if others are building a more sophisticated structure and you deserve it, Allah will tear down their web. It's all cobwebs. When we understand that Allah is the king, he is the mighty, he is the master, he is the guardian. And so and with what I began with our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yeah, when he in Islam you call him a signet Islam Atal pacolet, oh guardian of Islam and its people have me hold on to Islam, until I meet you with it. Understand that call upon Allah with that and live by it, may Allah enable us and you to do so. A

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lot of masculine or feminine, masculine or feminine Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Li Samuel le Hema signal Islam at 10 o'clock La Ilaha many Muslim enormously not many minutes I love marriage that Islam also don't swim in

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the ocean in your eyes up here.

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Why are you terrible fee Allahumma athletico Murphy Will my roof Are you unhappy on his Moncure Allah manana Silikal Jen Natoma para la Hemen Colin ramen when I became a Natty on mokara la Hammond Colin ramen was on La la la la la la la la la Bashir in Nigeria Muhammad Allah Allah He was on the edge marine