Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #03 – Surah Al-Furqan 25-70

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the 70th verse of the Bible and how Allah's actions can lead to evil deeds. They also mention the recognition of people's weaknesses as human beings and how Allah's actions can lead to forgiveness and transformation of deeds. The speaker describes how they found the Bible interesting and wonders if they read it wrong.
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One of my favorite verses of the Quran is the 70th verse of sorts and for on the 25th chapter of the Quran, Allah Iike

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you bet the law who say he as a him has an ad

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for those just building off of what Allah says in the eye before, Allah will transform their evil deeds to good deeds.

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And that just blows me away.

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Because we usually think about, okay, what can happen to our evil deeds, the things that we do wrong, we know they're wrong, we did them anyway, in a moment of weakness.

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You know,

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maybe you're punished for them. That's one thing that can happen. Another thing that can happen, maybe Allah forgives them racism, right, this is incredibly merciful already,

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but that he would convert them into good deeds

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that say,

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a level of mercy and grace that I just can't even fathom.

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That it's such a recognition and a touching recognition of

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our weakness as human beings. And the fact that for those people who are really, really trying

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that they weren't always able to control the results, or maybe they bit they did the best that they could,

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that Allah would not just forgive

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in the sense of erase,

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but convert them or transform them into castanet.

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It's, it's something, you know, when I started getting more into the Koran, and I came across it for the first time, I was like, Did I read that wrong? Is that possible?

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And that's something that's still honestly blows me away and, and humbles me to the state.

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