Waleed Basyouni – What goes around comes around

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding words like "goodness" and "goodness" in the context of modern times. They also touch on the use of "naught," "naught," and "naught," to describe actions and emotions, and the use of "naught," "naught," and "naught," to describe emotions and actions. The history of Islam includes the promise of light in the heart and the use of the "we" sign to express one's thoughts.
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100 ilaha Alhamdulillah Obadiah Amin Alhamdulillah Hilary who will help him do Mr. De La Ilaha illa Allah subhana who in could nominate volley mean Allahumma fulfil in our home now if in our for Anna, no shadow Allah Illa Hale and want to start Pharaoh Kona to booty lake. One who suddenly want to sell him Allah Haley cultic and Amina Mohammed, you know, early he was so happy he was suddenly Mila Omega Sleeman Kathira a mvat Oh praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad

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Sallallahu Sallam his last and final messenger

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in the middle color Eddie Lottie dakara 100 ML ropa de la la has shadow Walker

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currently that Elijah woman Jin Salama,

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one of the principles that is well established in the Quran and Sunnah and also will establish in reality, whoever observe the world history, you will see that this principle is very true, which is we say to that in a simple white, what goes around comes around.

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So, in other word, you will be compensated, compensated according or from the same category of your action. So, whatever you do, you will see based on your actions that result of it, and that result you will see in this live and in the Hereafter, Allah subhanaw taala says, Help us out if Sani inlet son is there any word for goodness except goodness.

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Lila Dena, XL Krishna

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was the other those who have done good there is good for them. And more Wirkkala sallallahu alayhi wa sallam come on over Buhari you will either will move forward called Alma row and higher Elia at a level higher goodness will lead to Goodness Good deeds will lead to good. Well, I ruined my office Dunia home Alma roofie Phil Acura and those who are known to be good in this life.

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They will be also known in the hereafter as good. Well, I have removed carry for dunya home Moon carry Fila Hera and also known for their evil deed in this dunya will be also recognized in the hereafter as the people are the evil people.

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Jessa Rebecca and he Saba

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a fitting reward as generous gift from your Lord. For what in return for the good deeds that you have offered for your generosity in

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This dunya and if you look at the Shetty and the evidence, it's overwhelming. Manitoba our toffee the Tabouleh Arata if you search and you look for people mistakes Allah will make others look and search for your mistakes.

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Women Barbara Muslim and Barbara hula and those who like to harm others Allah will cause others to harm them. Woman Makara be Muslim in Makkah Allah who be and those who plot against their Muslim brothers Allah will bring those who are plot against them. Woman sharp sharp, Allahu La and also makes things difficult and hard for people. Allah will make it hard and difficult for them to woman hurdler, muslimin female in the new hippo and Yun Salafi hurdler, hello Wiimote cleaning who are our Jeremiah Coonan us Rafi and those who forsake who disappoint who let down their brothers and sisters in a time where their support is needed the most.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is needed Allah subhanaw taala will let them be down in a time when they need help the most men summer summer Allah obey those who show off until people about their deeds just to show up Allah will let people know that he is or she is MRI and a show off person a fake person expose him woman euro euro Allah who be any further albino Kala, Allah will expose those who do things just because they want to be

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praise. Woman Qatal enough so who will be Hadid? Farhadi the 250 year job will be happy but ni Finetti Johanna Mahali the Mohalla Divya Abba and those who stabbed themselves commit suicide by stabbing himself. Allah will let them have that dagger stabbing themselves in hellfire in the same manner that did in the dunya

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for absolutely long time.

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Men Cetara Muslim and Cetara hula those who cover their brothers, Allah cover their mistakes. Women yes Sarah Morrison yes sir Allahu Allah. And also make it easy for those who are in debt or going through financial trouble. Allah will make it easy for them when they are in financial need.

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Woman Nafeesa meaning corbetta Min Courbet, dunya NEFAs Allah wa Mukuru betta Minko Obioma Yama and if you bring a relief to someone who is in disaster, and hardship in trouble,

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Allah will bring for you a relief in the Day of Judgment. Women are called Anna Deema

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nh nazima Yahuwah had started out bear Hassan, Hassan no Kosala Kabira whoever helped someone who got into business and he got you know, it didn't go well when he became in debt and big trouble.

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Man a call and a demon a call Allah who I thought who Yama Yama. Let's say somebody purchased something from you. Somebody rented a property from you. And something happened to them. They couldn't pay

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their dues to you. And you let them go. You forgive them. You make it easy for them. In the Bissell Allah SLM as a Muslim, Allah Subhana Allah said, oh Fabian Hibben tan Akaal Allah who I thought Allah will help you in the Day of Judgment of a hateful Bukhari and Muslim you have been Adam M fit in for panic. Son of Adam give an Allah will give you from an alpha will Isla for agile who Allah will enter foo with a special water fill for in Allah have a photo Rahim. If you forgive if you let go. If you forget

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about the harm that is done to you by someone. Allah is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful another word, he will also forgive you and let go of your sins. That's why Muhammad when his son told him how can you forgive those who torture you in jail? He said Don't you want Allah to forgive you? So forgive people. If you want Allah to forgive your sins, you should be willing to forgive others as well.

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Mentawai Rafa hula, those who down to earth and humble Allah raise and elevate their status

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What rahimian Your hammer home Allah and those who are merciful to others, Allah is merciful to them. Their hammelmann Fill out your hammock in Memphis, Santa, be merciful with those on earth. And that includes everything. Everything in this earth you'd be merciful that animals humans, you name it, plants.

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Allah will be the one who's in heavens will be merciful with you.

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Man am Allah NASA be my your hip. Am a hula hoop in your head. If you deal with people according to what Allah likes and loves and wants to see from you, when you deal people, Allah will deal with you the way you would love to be dealt with.

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In return

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well, Allahu Shakuni Yes, Curel Amman. Allah is a grateful if you are grateful to people, Allah will be grateful to you.

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Unit mill has selected the Ashley I'm 30 has apana

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also, mentor cache Allah awaba Halmahera men, when you leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah give you in return something bigger than what you have. Let go.

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And in the Quran, rosette, nebula Sulaiman

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Prophet Solomon,

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Lim Masha Allah to Halo and Vicki Robin. He used to have a lot of horses. He has an unbelievable horseman and horse used to carry his army alar distance in no time. They were very strong very fast. He was so proud of them, and it was something unique about this army. So one day he lined them up. And he was so proud of them. Like them, he wipe over their backs and touch their hair, the hair is the horse. He was so fascinated by how powerful army and horses he has. And that distracted him until the sun went down and he missed the salah.

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Then he said, That's it, our let's all go.

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It's free. And it's not true. The strongest opinion. Mangalore city didn't kill them. No, he let them go. Sit, I'm not going to let him again distract me. Because I want to be never distracted by them and I love these horses.

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He did this for the sake of Allah. What did the law give him in return?

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To God be Emery hero ha and Hazel Assad. Allah have made his army to be carried by the wind.

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If you think horses are fast, you can imagine what wind will do.

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And in no time, his army will be in the other side.

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And that Battlefield it was carried him and his army were carried by the wind, that diamino juluca who were uttered who photography matassa Raha Ania and Rehan Paiva and this wind carry them and there is no turbans, there is no harm when they when they take them and carry them from one place to another.

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When Yusuf Ali Salam said that jail, more beloved to me than being in a palace as a servant or a slave

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and face this, Fitton he preferred the jail over that what Allah give him a return, not to be a slave in that house, but to be the head of the house to be the minister in that region or that country.

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Lemme better shahada or wha hum we'll put that aside. When the Shaheed die for the sake of Allah, stabbed and wounded and killed, and was bleeding to death, and the battlefield, their body

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was affected by the enemy. What the law gives the souls in return. Put the souls in return in a green birds in Jenna, that sits in nests made of gold, right under the throne of Rush man.

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They give that body for the sake of Allah, but the Souls was rewarded with something even much better than this body.

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When prophets and messengers have sacrificed all their life all what they have for the sake of Allah.

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What Allah give them in return, he made them among the best of human engender the highest level.

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Those who are truthful with Allah Allah is truth.

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my brothers and sisters,

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Allah says fifth Cooney as Korakuen

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mentioned me and I will mention you

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that's why the Hadith he said, Man the Quran if enough see the crypto NFC, if you mentioned Allah Wilde by yourself, Allah will mention you to Himself.

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And if you mentioned Allah and a gathering, Allah will mention you in a better gathering, a gather of the angels, and whoever else, it could be the souls of the prophets and messengers, that your name will be mentioned by Allah. Over there.

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Men can if he had it, he can love the Hagerty

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men Cetara Muslim and Satara hula, whoever cover a Muslim and that can be literally covering by providing shelter by providing clothes, Allah will cover them in the Day of Judgment among the early people to be covered as you know people on the Day of Resurrection naked those who will be dressed the first are those who cover their Muslim brothers in this dunya those who help their brothers Allah will be helping them

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that's why a Salah Rahim Allah understood that concept so well.

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And that's why they used to give because they know that Allah will give them back Can I believe in robotic yep only real money either Jah Alfa Pierre, through Allahu Allah Tala do.

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Abdullah Baraka centers, the people in charge of his money when a poor person asked you for help food or money or whatever he wants. He said fill your hands and give them don't count.

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Just for your hands and given

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kind of shuffle rely on to Sakata a shuffle whenever he gives. He said he never count how He will put His hand and he will take whatever gold or silver in his button is

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basically in the pouch that the carry the money in and he will give it

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to me then since we never saw him count how much

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for Mikayla humara lil hacer

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Katha rapa we're in the Hurrian what we'll do hija de la lesufi Salafi hire

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a sign of hustling Sam has children big family but yet he gives and gives and gives.

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We told him you honey, by the way. giving too much is not good to call Elisa Phil Heidi's off.

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When it comes to giving and charity there is no too much

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as Alanya the NRA alumna May Allah give us a never prevent us and increases not decreases and honor us have never put us down and to protect us and to save us from all the twits we hate or fear Allahumma Amin

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad Radha and he was

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also going in the same line.

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Many taka Allah waka Allah Who aka those who fear Allah, Allah protect them from anything that they fear.

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Nothing will fear them.

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If you completely depends on Allah Subhana Allah Allah will take care of you. Or me a tequila hedge Allah Who Maharajah where zoomin hydrilla doesn't wedge Allah hoomin Emery usara in Nimodipine Endora beam XR to name the people of Taqwa Allah promised them is a law promise protection. Allah promise for them provision, Allah promise for them exits when they see no exits.

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Those who don't look at the Haram, they lower their gaze from looking at what is haram. When they see it on TV, when they see it in the street. When they see their sister getting into the car or out of the car. And they see some woman coming in front of them. They don't look at the hour they don't look at their legs, they don't look at their body. They don't look at the internet. They lower their gaze.

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What Allah says forth what Allah promised for them.

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He said, Rama Rahim Allah says in surah to know Allah promised light in the heart, because you close that light that comes to the eyes and caused you to see you block it so Allah reward you with another light in your heart. That's why after the verses talk about lowering the gaze, Allah Who knows somehow it will erode

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method Nori and he gave the example of Allah's light, like the candle that light so what that the light that in your heart is like that candle that bring lights into your soul

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to the extent that tertiary tells us to the simple things, men Feser Haleema, meaning Feser Hula, hula

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even in a gathering, and you see your friend and your brother coming and you make a space for them to sit first A hula hula Allah make space for them make spacious

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Subhanallah I travel I haven't traveled for a while and I just travel after two years of no traveling. But this time one of the things that just clicked in me it just kind of interesting to see in airports. You know, people sit and he put his hand back in this chair has gotten the other chair than his challenger in the third chair.

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And you see a lot of people may have no place to sit has to do with COVID this the attitude before COVID Do

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you know when you see somebody coming

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you know it's not the attitude is the difference unless we're gonna win you just make a space for someone to come in.

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But please don't take

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that literally because some people she could give them an inch they take mashallah a hole five feet, okay, so, but the point is see how Allah said if you make a space Allah making spacious for you in your grave, make it bigger space for you and Jenna

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and you know when a kilometer strike you and he said hamdulillah instead of being angry

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what will happen to you it'd be so solemn said either matter what that will object call Allah holy mela Ekati acaba to monitor Abdi thermadata for

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your Kelowna panorama para Abdi panorama, the CO astrologer Alhamdulillah in nearly law, who are innately * rune for a Bernoulli up debate and fildena was a motivated Hamed.

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What did he say when you took the Salafis son?

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What did she say? The mother of the Father, the angel said he they only said Alhamdulillah Inari Lau in a Roger we belong to Allah and we've all coming back to Allah. Then Allah says, built for such and such person, a house in the middle of Jenna and called the House of unhemmed.

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You know, those who pray in the night? Nobody sees them. Nobody knows about them. Sometimes their own family didn't know that they prayed in the night. Those who Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, that Jaffa julu manual MABA Jaya doe Nora boom, how far Wattana the night they leave their beds to pray, seeking very Word of Allah and fearing the punishment of Allah or that that Allah Salah is angry or them

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what's in return? Since nobody saw them, Allah said what is for them something not also been seen by anyone else. Fella Darla moon have some fear no, I mean,

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no one knows the amount and the nature of the reward that was waiting for them.

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Same thing.

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That's why my brother and sisters

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this is a rule that you should go by in this life.

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What goes around comes around

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what do you plan today you will collect tomorrow.

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And that's in the dunya and in the app. So it's up to you.

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And Allah subhanaw taala not only that you will give you back equal to what he did, but way more than what you did.

00:24:14 --> 00:24:17

So take advantage of his generosity of His mercy.

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If your time, your ability, the chances that Allah has given to you.

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And another thing as we all talk about the new virus or imitation of the virus Omicron and an all this talk today, I asked myself one COVID hit us as a as a society as humanity at large.

00:24:41 --> 00:24:44

What did we do? What have changed?

00:24:47 --> 00:24:59

Or we became better become closer to Allah. Did you repent to Him? It's scary. Our reactions to these words sent warning signs from Allah terrify me

00:25:02 --> 00:25:09

But you know what I know also another rule that sometimes Allah protect the big group because of a small group.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:35

And I hope you guys who listening to me who come to the message who pray, will be the cause for the protection for the larger society. As long as we reflect and we repent and we change and we became better, Allah subhanaw taala out of his generosity out of his love for your action, he might save the whole world because of the euro and the repentance and, and and the good

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attitude and intention that you have

00:25:41 --> 00:25:44

and also the evidence for this concept is overwhelming and shittier

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so I asked her most Panatela to protect all of us and to make our life according to what he wishes and once and to reward all of us for all our good deeds and to forgive our shortcomings and we ask them to forgive our parents the believing men and women the living in the dead alarm often mean you know me not to hear me know what I'm what Lama identify Jr. has no Villa Raja Hassan alakina adama na la minion, Luca who they were took our n FF o Alina Hawala you know the reality of camera I mean, LA home in silicon fo and if you look at iPhone Afia Allah my father I mean being a genome and culture you know and a man you know, what did I know from Allah? He mean Allah who said okay other

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Gen. X econ unlimited unaffiliated will probably mean I'm going to deny your medical permit caffeine alarming and they'll tell you what ecom yada yada you and to the bitter and Islam and to my second reason that you had Animoto enthralling Anna was suddenly Lahoma sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he was a limb Acoma salata. Homeopathic

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