Mohammed Faqih – Jumuah Khutbah Feb. 9, 2018

Mohammed Faqih
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In Alhamdulilah, her mother who was dying

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was Sophia who was de la

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fusina Missa tee Marina de la Vela mobile Allah. May Allah howdy Allah Masha Allah ilaha illAllah hula hula Sri Kala eyeshadow Ana Mohammed Abu Rasulullah Sophia hoomin bainham to Holly Bella varicella to Adele Amana Tawana. So Holly Hill oma salatu wa salam o la Yeah, you holidaying in Morocco la Takashi while at Hamilton Illa. To The Moon. Yeah, Johann suta hora de como la de Hala Kaku minassian wahida wahala caminho jaha Baba Theremin humare Jalan Katia one is

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what taco la la de la una be one or ham in de la Cana la motiva yeah

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Taka la la hora de de de la cama como el de la comme de Nova come Ma, la sua casa fez of Jose and alima ameba Joe yaku Laura la buena terracotta Allah

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Allah Dena m n o n o de la sala de mi Amil Juma It is our decree law whether obey the law come in to tala mon VEDA podiatry Sala to fantasy roofing.

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Lila, what Corolla Corolla come to fly home. Well either otj Ratan Ola felco la batalla kokako Emma palma de la hora minella wamena tiara Wa la hora Raja tiene Yo mama Yama, Hira I mean, Kira Yamato zwar Waheguru, Amina Yeoman Kama Sabatini Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who a woman? Yeah, por una de sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and ebihara Terra de la Juan

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Roman patali Shams yo yo ma v Holika. Adam Avi Elgin Murphy okra Jimena wa Takuma Sato elaphiti amin Juma

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takfiri se yet

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fun interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and masala battle hums well jumada lol Juma What am I gonna eat out? Oh my god mocha furor to my bikini hidden either today but we'll cover what he said. Isha manhwa Taka ha

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huji wala talaga to be her.

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam Apolo felter mitsuha hirosaki in battle also, when he did it.

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When he met he had him

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when he bore Deena

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and tilaka sakasa allottee Tawana v her Allah Chaka de habla Leo, what Avi Misha, any whatever you wish and he had his shirt, he

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was a ballerina and with Akira, Bihar,

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with Akira in the cotton for me, my dear brothers and sisters, today I want to talk about Joomla.

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And there's a lot that can be said about Joomla. But one of the etiquette of Joomla that inshallah to Allah that I am going to commit to myself,

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when it comes to the sermon to the hook by itself is that the hook itself has to be short and precise and to the point and the solid should be lengthy. We have it the other way around, of course, Joomla and hotword went through an evolution. Right.

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So therefore, I'm going to make this very brief, though,

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perhaps due to the fact that we live in an environment we live in a society where Juma is not a day off we though most of us are, you know, if not, the vast majority, many of us come from cultures that are used to celebrating Germany as it should be celebrated. Right.

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Nonetheless, due to our

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lifestyle and because of the fact that Joomla is not a day off, many people have to go to work or they have school and they have to take time and come and rush. Many people miss out on many of the basic etiquette of Juma some of the basic etiquette of Juma so it's important to remind ourselves and inshallah

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I intend, I intend to make this very short vanilla as a gel or as short as I can. So the day of Juma in and of itself is a very special day it's the best day is the day that Allah Subhana Allah, we should feel

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so fortunate that we were the only oma or the only community that

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that was able to pay attention to the importance of this day and celebrate this day is the best of the days of the week as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned in the Prophet said that on that day, many people know that they have Juma is a special day but why is it special? What are some of the, you know, perhaps

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it's it helps to, to learn from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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the fact that Allah subhanaw taala created Adam on Joomla on the day of Joomla and Allah Subhana Allah allow them to enter Jenna on a Joomla and he unfortunately also left gender on a Joomla and the day of judgment will begin on a Friday on a Joomla and it's a weekly it's our weekly holiday.

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And Allah subhana wa tada there's a surah in the Quran, titled A Juma. It talks about

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the the prayer coming to the prayer itself.

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The only prayer other than also, right that was specifically or a failure as well though the salon itself in and of itself wasn't mentioned, that was specifically highlighted. It's the most emphasized salon

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and the day of jhamora is a day where there is an hour the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that there is a period of time who other MCs dropped during that period of time, his or her drop will be answered and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said try to track it or in the last hour after also.

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Right. So if you calculate 12 hours, from dawn until sunset, right, the last hour would be most likely that hour

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and Juma itself for those who come and attend right and participate in the congregational prayer.

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It's an exploration of the sins of the minor sins as long as one avoids major sins.

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So it's a very special day that we should pay attention to and the way we deal with it, or a lot of people deal with it does not reflect an understanding of the significance of this of this day. So I wanted to just shed some light on some of the basic etiquette of Juma Allah Subhana Allah and the Quran calls upon the believers to respond to the call of the prayer on the day of Juma and Allah Subhana. Allah says, Come to the remembrance of Allah and leave off business, leave off everything you have to drop everything and come to the remembrance of Allah and Allah Subhana Allah said, said that is better for you, if you but didn't know if you know

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if you know the value of Joomla you would respond to it and you will leave everything. So, some of the etiquette of Joomla is that one must

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must purify himself or herself and clean you know themselves Now, many scholars are of the opinion that lsil on the day of Joomla Joomla is

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right write the lease is that is cinema Korean is highly emphasized to take a bath to do a whistle on the day of Joomla and then the person is encouraged to beautify themselves because the day of celebration, right? So they should dress nicely. Like traded like I said eat because it's so we our weekly eat right, you know, put puts some some perfume. So one should beautify himself and prepare himself for this for this date. And also we are encouraged to come to the Salah to the congregation join the congregation as early as possible. Glad tidings to those who come and sit and wait. Their reward is great with a loss of Hannah Horta Allah May Allah subhanaw taala reward them and I'm going

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to address inshallah, to Allah you know towards the end this idea of just coming rushing and coming and just catching one one block or catching the prayer itself and then and then you know, you know, getting it checked off our to do list, it's not going to work for us. And if the hotels are boring and long in Charlotte, I promise you my hope was from now on in Charlottetown. Starting next football will be very short to the point where some people may miss so Salah if they don't come early enough inshallah Tada. Because I intend to, from now on for people to remember the topic and to remember some of the points and maybe if if each person leaves the hook, but with one point, the

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main point of the hook, but if we just keep emphasizing that for 10 minutes, and a person remembers that one point and takes it home

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That is better than 10 points that will be mentioned that that most people will not remember. Right, just one point. And imagine one point adds up to be 5252 points a year.

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That's huge change. If a person takes 1.1 thing, one task, one fat, either one benefit, and work on it all, we can then come the following week for for another one. That's 5252 changes 5252 elements, lessons.

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So inshallah, tada, that would be the focus. So one should come early. And now it's important to also remind that at being attentive and listening and focusing and paying attention to what is being said, and not

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distracting oneself, with with anything, any device, any anything, anything. Your cash, you know, whether you have enough for the lunch or not any of these things, right? It's, it's serious, to the point where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reported to have said that man, Mr. Al hasakah, de la Vela mattala.

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In the old days, I didn't have carpets.

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So sometimes you have when you when you're sitting on dirt, or sand, you have pebbles, you have different you know, so sometimes people you know, naturally they get something catches their attention in the, in the in the soil or in the in the dirt, and they start playing or scratching or playing with pebbles. The Prophet said, Whoever touches the pebble,

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then that person has indeed, distracted himself and whoever does that, then that nullifies Pelagia Matala, Zuma will not count. Yes, there will be it will be checked off their list, but are they going to get the reward? And sometimes people say, what's the big deal if I just checked something, or if I tweeted something, or if I just, you know, checked on my bitcoins, or whatever, you know, on my phone, what's the big deal, and a lot of people don't realize how distracting that can be for themselves. And for those who are around them.

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As a matter of fact, the promises sort of in the head, he says that no one should say to another person to be quiet.

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Right, that's how much concentration you should you should have. And sometimes it gets very hard when when, when when, when people are not being quiet. Right? So likewise, when someone comes in, it's not appropriate for that person to say Salaam out loud,

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right? They should say Salaam and they should not specifically target one person or an individual with a hit, you know, with a gesture or or even worse than that is go and try to extend their hands and shake hands with that person. And some people sometimes get up and they hug Mashallah. Yeah, not only did you come late, but you also messed up the hotbar or the reward for that person who has been sitting there, right. And you distracted the people behind you and around you, because you created a lot of commotion. So, that should that is not that kind of behavior should should should not take place on the day of Joomla. Another etiquette of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also, and

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many of the scholars actually emphasize on this one is that cutting through the lines to make it to a specific spot, or to come, of course, the front lines are better and you should fill in the gaps but you should not cut through the lines.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also mentioned the fact that no one should sit between two individuals without their permission, because perhaps there is an especial connection right their father and son you know the two brothers two friends we should not sit separately two individuals without their their permission.

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Sit wherever you find a gap.

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Should we pray very much one of the most common questions should we pray to hate and mustard or not. And the strongest opinion is that you should pray to hidden message. First of all, one should come early enough to be able to pray to hate mustard and pray as much enough as they can. There isn't a specific number of records that you can pray before Joomla you can do as much enough as you can. However, if you come during the Joomla during the hope but sorry, during the sermon, then you should not sit until you pray to work out but make these two records short. Make them make them quickly, right and quick enough to fulfill the conditions of a prayer of a Salah. But you should nonetheless

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before you sit down you should pray to here to the masjid the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reported to have asked a man who came and sat down he said did you pray? Maybe you prayed in the back and I didn't see Did you pray your tour car? And he said no, he said personally. He said get up and write your tour accounts.

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And of course, you know, some of the other etiquette that the scholars mentioned is walking to the masjid, in, you know,

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commonly, you know, communist is, you know, sometimes you see people running, especially if you come late, of course you're gonna run right? But glad tidings to those who park their cars and walk because, you know, you're you're, it's you're racking up a lot of points a lot of deeds and Charlotte Allah for doing that every step that you're taking into the machine, but on top of that it is sooner specifically to walk on the day of Juma to walk from your place of residence, as much as you can. Of course, nowadays, this may not be feasible for so some of us, you know, or most of us have to drive so when you drive and you park your car, don't be annoyed by the fact that you parked

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somewhere like in the furthest corner of the of the parking lot, or you parked across the street and you walked.

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Right, if people know how much reward there is, people will be competing, the parking lot will be empty and people will be parking outside and everybody will be walking. It's those who come very, very late who will have to park in the parking lot. It will be the other way around.

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If people knew the amount of reward there is and of course it's also a healthy practice. So, try to consider it especially for the young people. You know,

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I will just conclude by saying that also the day of Juma is a day where we are told you know to recite Surah

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Surah Alka it's full of meanings and very powerful lessons. So take advantage if you haven't done that already, then maybe in the afternoon, but the day of Juma is a very special day My dear brothers and sisters and the next generation our children will not understand the value of Juma until they see us really paying attention and showing the level of respect and reverence and significance you know, showing a level of respect that reflects our clear understanding of the significance of this de acordo head of our software Allah tala Lee welcome first of all we have a lacuna in Oh Allah for Rahim.

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wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, Walla Walla Walla, wa

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shala for those who came late please, I urge you to review the video or the on YouTube, I have seen that

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I have CTV on YouTube to see you know, that some of the points that I mentioned about the importance of Joomla

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Our topic today was the day of Joomla or the significance of this congregation this this event of ours this weekly event and that it should be taken seriously, but an important part of that message that everyone should you know remember and convey and share it inshallah to Allah I personally inshallah, from now on, I will commit to follow the prophetic tradition of shortening the hotbar and prolonging the Salah starting from my next hotel inshallah to Allah in two weeks. So, for those who are used to coming to the towards the end or just you know, joining for the Salah itself you know, just be aware of this, you may miss that Salah in two weeks on the 23rd right. So make sure that you

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come early enough inshallah the hook but will be short and you will get to leave inshallah to Allah early because we're going to set to start on time, because we have a starting time, but we don't have an ending time. Right, especially for the second shift.

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And this, this idea of just keeping people for it for a long time, you know, it doesn't work, it hasn't worked, you know, and, you know, sometimes it takes a while for us to realize this. So it's going to be one message, one very precise message message, one specific point, right, we're going to focus on that, you take it, we'll make our Salah, and then the Salah is done, so make sure that you come early enough inshallah you'll have plenty of time afterwards. Last point that I would like to mention, it is absolutely not acceptable or permissible for someone to engage in business transaction during Joomla. Yeah, this is agreed upon there is no differences of opinions on this

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one. You can so sometimes and I know it's kind of awkward for us. Sometimes we come and we like but this is the previous shift people who are leaving, they may need to purchase something for those who are coming. If the hotel is

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made or if the event is made for the hookah and the hotbed is in session. There the sermon is in progress. You can't do that you can engage in a business transaction

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it's not there's a very clear directive in the Quran Allah subhanaw taala says yeah you hola Nina Amman oh you who believe either an odious Allah if the call of the call for the prayer is made for Jumeirah mean Yeoman Giamatti, Isla de karela then run rush to the remembrance of Allah where there will be an abandoned avoid and leave alone. business deals transactions no matter how great the deal is.

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Right? Whether will be that you can hire a law firm and then Amazon says for either podiatrists Allah when this is done when it's done.

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Then after that fantasy Ruffalo, then go back home in family law and then seek from the boundaries of Allah subhanho wa Taala so please keep that in mind. barakallahu li como barakallahu li walakum

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wa decreed Hakeem

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inshallah tada we have our Umrah trip coming up.

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Starting on March 31 to April 7. There are actually two packages one that leaves on the 29th on a Thursday comes back and both of them come back on the same day. April 7 is a Saturday and there is another one that leaves on Saturday, March the 31st. with Chef Muslim chef Jamil Bishara and Chef armadillo, this is spring break omura take advantage of this it's going to be a great a great opportunity, especially for families.

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So sign up for this. We're running out of space. Speaking of Amara, we're also in sha Allah to Allah taking names and asking people to register in sha Allah to do Hajj this year with IOC through Daraa Salaam. So go to the other salons website and put your information and register be the last or you can reserve your spot inshallah more information will be provided in terms of the package and the details of it tonight we have Dr. Matt bang on with us doing to see us with Abraham Part Four.

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Starting at 8pm vanilla he tala robina Tina malankara moto Hey Alisha, Robin Allah.

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A comma in the country will have a lot in a lot of sandwiches and when you will move

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on to the corona cola have Coca

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Cola the cola cola

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