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Mohammed Faqih
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam in the region have been discussed, including the implementation of Islam and the recitation of "we need to get closer" to individuals. Different parts of the region are emphasized, including recording deeds and creating a trace of actions to avoid future negative consequences. Different aspects of life are discussed, including decisions made by creator impact on others and negative consequences. There is a need to focus on creating positive environments for everyone.
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By no cinema, if you remember I said that people in the old days used to live

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in close proximity of their clan members or family members. Right? So, you know,

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Mecca you know, Ben also and so we'll be living in one corner or one area and another quarter you're gonna you're going to have you know, Bunny so and so like bento shrimps, Venerable Bernal Masoom Ben,

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Ben Hashem, right people used to live within and then if someone builds a house or expands, they will expand within the same area or neighborhood if you will, you will have his or his clan members.

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So when the province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam moved to yesterday and then it became Medina and he established a masjid and people are Medina accepted Islam and all of that. There was a clan known as bento selama.

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And they used to live in one side of the city of Medina.

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And that side happened to be a little further away from where the masjid of the prophesy centum was.

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So Ben was selama had a discussion amongst themselves as and they said, We need to get closer to the masjid as soon as we find an opportunity. Right? As soon as a piece of land clears around the masjid, we're going to move

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real relocate an entire clan imagine, alright, they will leave their homes and they will move closer to the masjid. And when the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard about their plan,

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right. And obviously they weren't going to do anything without consulting the prophesize. He either recited to them or Allah azza wa jal revealed to him. Verse 12, of Surah Yaseen, according to some narrations,

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I personally happen to believe that the problem just recited it to them. And sometimes, by the way, sometimes Allah subhanaw taala will reveal to the process, the same idea, again, meaning the prophets, Allah will be given the same idea that was that has already been in the Quran as a response to a particular situation he is dealing with, to show that it applies to it or to show that it's the best response or answer to it. So the process recited this to them. In another narration, it says that the message I would like to send them actually said to them, Why would you move? What ethical conduct up? He said, Why would you relocate when you're an author or being written? So what

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this word I thought was very interesting because Allah azza wa jal in this verse says, in no real motor, we indeed resurrect or bring back to life, the dead.

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One, act two womb, aka demo, and we write down or we record everything that they send forth, what is what you send forth,

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all your deeds, the good and the bad, everything will go, we're sending it ahead, we're sending it forward, we're sending it into the future. We're sending it into our app era, and we're going to it's going to be waiting for us. As a matter of fact,

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you know, the first encounter we're going to have with our deeds is in the grave.

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And then our deeds will accompany us until our final destination. And that's Allah halfway.

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So, so Allah azza wa jal says, We indeed recorded write down everything that you had them or you send forth.

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What actually occurred double what I thought of them at the same time also we write their SR I thought is plural of Sr. and Sr, Sr, actually, literally is that imprint or that footprint or that impact that you leave that impression that you leave behind? Right? So footsteps, whatever people leave the trace that they leave behind them is known as ETHEL.

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And they said, FL, is that deed? Right? That has an impact that stays behind you.

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As opposed to the deed that you sent forward.

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And very often, we focus on things that what obviously, we send forward, right. Salah, for instance, a guy that these these actions, you know, are things that we carry forward with us unless it has an impact on someone else. So the Prophet SAW Allah Robinson told Ben was selama that your

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impact or your SR

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or your trace, everything will be written. You know what he was talking about the processes I was talking about the lit literally right

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their footsteps to the masjid because in the old days, they used to walk on, on what?

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Dirt right? So they will actually leave like print. And we are told that those who go frequently to the masjid

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every step is going to be recorded. Every time you take a step that will be recorded.

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He took this many steps to the masjid. Obviously, someone might say, well, I don't walk to them I should, some people do, right? We have some people who are so fortunate that but

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every whatever every roll of attire of every mile, whatever it is, only Allah knows, maybe it's every inch that is written, maybe it's every foot that is written, I don't know, Allah subhanaw taala. But everything that maybe it's every, you know, every whatever amount of gas that you spend, whatever you spend in the process, time, energy,

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the wealth, money, effort, everything will be written down.

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Right? But the greatest of all,

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that which has an impact on someone else, and that outlast you something that goes beyond your lifetime. And this is really what we need to think about. This idea is talking to you and I about legacy, what we're going to leave behind what we're going to be remembered with or BI

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what kind of impact do you know is one of us having on other people around them the process and I'm said in a hadith,

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Emmylou in Lambeth, when the son of Adam dies, all of his deeds will come to an end will be seized, there is nothing more that will be written into law except three.

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And we know them right, we're always reminded of this

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sadaqa jariya

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Elbonian tafur, Obi Wan, no soldering at all. Now, I either some charity, continuous charity that continues to have an impact on people after them. examples that are given, you know, hospitals, orphanages, massage is a place that continues to function and provide a service so long that place is providing some sort of service and making a difference in someone's life, you're going to be rewarded for it. As a matter of fact, another example of simple example is a tree President spoke about trees, right? Anyone, including animals or birds, that benefits from that tree, you will receive the reward,

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digging wells, whatever, anything that continues to benefit people,

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or anyone who default will be on knowledge, you have produced something that actually people are benefiting from, and you have done it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, so long as someone is benefiting from it? Or do you have taught someone that continues to benefit, or you authored something that continues to benefit someone, you will be rewarded for it? I want it inside of me. And part of our legacy is our children. Are they solid pain? Are they righteous? And what they said is that Subhanallah, you may have an idea as to what you are taking with you when you die when you leave this world, in terms of what you have done, you may you may have somewhat of an idea, okay, I

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have done this much I have done that much. What we don't know is what kind of impact whatever we have done is going to cause after we're gone. And that's why they said Be very careful as what you leave behind or as to what you do. Because you don't know if it's good, obviously, you're going to come on the day of judgment, and you're going to have plenty things that you didn't even count on. I have done all of this, yes, you have left such and such, and such and such, and it had this much impact that you had no idea something that goes beyond your lifetime. Or it could be something that you know, subhanAllah I will conclude with this every time it really caused me a lot of pain when I

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you know something evil or something bad or something that someone you know, some of these celebrities left behind, they're dead. But the material that they produced,

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right, is still there, causing fitna distracting people, and they're going to be responsible for it.

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Likewise, anytime I see people who have left lectures, or left or an should have lost all these Quran, those people who died their voices are still here. They're not dead.

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And they're generating good deeds from this. So it's our choice.

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It's your choice. It's my choice. Whatever we're going to do, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says we're coalescing in our feet. Mmm wellbeing.

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In everything we have recorded in a clear book or source where everything is kept, we ask Allah azza wa jal to help us do our best in the rest of this month we ask Allah subhanaw taala that whatever we do has an impact on us on others that is positive does Aquila como una symmetrical

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