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AI: Summary © The transcript is a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The speakers discuss various topics related to ownership and wealth, including losing ownership and causing people to make money. They emphasize the importance of letting people use their wealth and suggest that they should spend it on themselves or family members. The conversation turns to the legal term "offense" and how it shows that the person is not capable of making decisions about their wealth. The speakers also discuss the limited amount of money people can spend and how it can affect their wealth, with a promise made by Allah Subhana for someone to give back to their wealth if they spend more than they need.
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So the fifth I need to be shared tonight is again a hadith on the authority of Abu Hurayrah Radi Allahu Anhu Allah

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I will hurry all the Allahu Anhu said I'll be hearing about all the Allah one and now rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa send them out on Eid Allah

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say Conan

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Conan any configurated

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Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, I'm filthy Ebina Adam

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on Filtek

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having to add them on for quite a while anyway I'm Phillip Armfield garlic

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very short, heavy.

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So look at that just order we talked about salah yesterday, the next Hadith was it was about fasting now it's about

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when I wrote the Allah and said that the Messenger of Allah so I sent them I said that Allah the Almighty subhanaw taala said,

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always son of Adam, or child of Adam, this applies to all of us, oh son of Adam.

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Allah Subhanallah refers to us as individually as children of Adam, because Adam has a special status and we all belong to Adam and insulin. The prophesy of Solomon said, we may identify as you know, we may like to identify ourselves or identify with different nationalities and different regions and all of that, but at the end of the day,

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could look home. The Adam, you all belong to Adam, what Adam interrupt and that's why when someone comes and says, you know, you know, I have such and such lineage, I'm like, yeah, in my lineage also, I have, you know, two of my greatest grand fathers are prophets.

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has them for sure. I'm not joking. At least two prophets. I have in my lineage, I have at least two prophets. I have more but I have to prophesy.

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Do I have them? Or do I? Do they belong to me? Or do I belong to them?

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That's, that's what we need to

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you need to change this mindset.

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Right? We all belong to Adam, all of us belong to Noah, Noah, for sure.

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What you're gonna do Riata, whom will back in the Quran states this, that only the, the children of nor the descendants of North survived.

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looked under the radar who who will back in.

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And we know nowhere belongs to either Malissa. So at least we have to at least each and every single one of us here. I'm sure we're all children of Prophets. Allah subhanaw taala refers to us as the children of Adam, the child of Adam or child of Adam. You have an Adam, whom Allah azza wa jal created from clay, whom Allah subhanaw taala created with his own hands, Allah subhanaw taala says given to Adam own filth, and filthy Ebina, Adam, spend,

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spend, give away, let go on fit in our spend on you.

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In other words, give for my sake, give up some of what you believe or what you think, what you fool yourself into thinking or into believing that these are your belongings or your possessions and that they belong to you.

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When in reality, these are assets, these are blessings, these are privileges, these are gifts that I have given you.

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And when ALLAH SubhanA gives it to us, by the way, we don't have complete and full ownership.

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Right? You can do whatever you want.

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You can do whatever you want. I mean, I'm not even talking about divine intervention inter intervention. I'm not even saying that I'm not

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even a reality. Today, I received a long letter, a couple of pages from the homeowners association.

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Who owns the property you are me.

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You have to you have to do what they tell you, right.

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And even if you live if you have a property that you have full ownership of the city tells you right, the city tells you what you can do what you can do, you have to get permission. You have to get a permit for this and that.

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And even if that's not the case, right, the government I mean, today also, I received a random phone call from Shelby County though they're like, you know, they're like, you owe taxes on property such and such. And so you're like, No, I don't have that property doesn't belong to me. And believe me, if it didn't belong to me, I would have paid the taxes but does it and I was like, You got the wrong number. They're like, okay, we're sorry. They hang up.

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So it's still

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You can't do whatever you want.

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And you don't really own it. And the greatest proof that we don't own it is as soon as something goes, something is wrong with us. That ownership is taking the control of your assets or what you believe to be your belonging is removed from you.

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Subhan Allah, I just found out that there are a lot of lawyers and there are there are actually companies that entice

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right? care givers of elderly people

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coming to them, and they press basically they actually go to the court and they obtain what do they call a sir remember the name of it? They they obtain a court order to?

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No, no, no, no, not not guardianship. There's another another order in Arabic or in the field to the legal Islamic legal terminology for it is hedger.

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There is a legal term for it, but I think I'm dehydrated.

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So so there is a court order, where there where there is where the basically, Judge takes the power from the actual owner from this elderly person. No, no no power of attorneys, when you when you willingly you give someone power to act on your behalf? No, no, no, this is a court order, the judge comes and the judge basically if you Google it, you'll find it. The judge basically says this person is not capable off running their own affairs

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and making decisions with regards to their wealth. And they give that power to this other person

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to do whatever they you know,

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it's not because Sunni Shia is there's a legal term for it. Very precise legal term.

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So that's what they do, which shows you that you really you're not at the end of the day, right? And then further, of course, the greatest proof of all is when the person dies. That's why the prophesy centum says the Apollo, Adam, Maddy, Maddy, the son of Adam foolishly says, My wealth, my wealth, my my money, my money, and the process and says, Well, hello come in Malik.

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What belongs to you of your wealth Illa.

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My occulta for I've made except that which you consume.

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Right. And that which you I will be stuffing a blade or that which you were

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really, that's, that's what you truly what belongs to you is whatever you're able to actually use in your lifetime. You know, some people not some people, a lot of people have wealth, that can last them beyond their last their lifetime. Right, their wealth out, leaves them any mirror some people if they spend, you know,

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100,000 What, what am I talking about? If they spend $10 million a day, they still have, you know, of course, these are some of the wealthiest people, but you have people who can spend, you know, $100,000 a day.

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Right, and it's still there, wealth, one, one finish,

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they probably need to live 200 years.

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Right? You know, one time I said, I said to a group of people were sitting talking about, you know, if I was to give you $100 million, right now, you know, with the condition that you actually spend it in your lifetime, would you be able to do it? You want unless you start with giving away if I sell I tell you strictly just to spend it on yourself or your family members, how much food can eat

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how many times can you change? Let's say you you buy the fanciest of clothes, how many times can you change? How many are you know how much money can you spend a day? There's limited amount of time. Thus there is limited amount of money that you can spend, no matter how much you have. So so Allah Subhana Allah says emefiele Give spend on theocratic I will give you I'll give you more. That's why the process and it says man aka sama Luna sadaqa wala he no wealth will diminish from sadaqa sadaqa will not actually diminish or decrease your wealth.

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Someone might say well, you know, that's not my experience very shallow, but that's the experience of a lot of people.

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Hands down, wealth will not diminish sadaqa will not decrease your wealth.

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Because it will be still your wealth.

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It does it does but sometimes we think about it in a very like you know in terms of numbers.

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Like, what do you mean? I had $10,000? I gave away 1000s? Of course I have 9000 No, that's not true. You still have not not only do you have the 10,000 you actually the 1000 that you gave is still in your name.

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What's what's the difference? Yeah, Annie, would you rather have it with Bank of America? Or have it with Allah? subhanaw taala? Which one? Do you trust more with your money?

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Who's going to handle your wealth better for you? And then the problem is we deal with Allah like this. And then the next day we come and we say, oh, Allah give us more.

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Why would I give you you don't give back? Why should I give you more? You have more than you need?

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It most of us by the way, we have more than we need.

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So I'm Phil complicating Allah subhanaw taala makes this promise this is the Hadith Bootsy This is Allah speaking. And he, of course, the prophet has sent Him if He promises us that should be sufficient, but it's not me promising you it's not even Prophet Muhammad. He's saying Allah is saying and fic spend.

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Once your colleague and I will spend or I will give you more. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us may Allah Subhana Allah give us more. Allah Who Matthew and I will lead to

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a criminal law to hinder our lead to criminal Ralina sadhana. robola mean, law mimetic. Lyna female was 10 out of 10 Okay, no other No, Allahu Allahu La for what I see it if it didn't even ask you to log in and said, Oh, can I fit if he didn't know? You know, I'm waiting that long in a local hotel took our photo. Alena Lahoma in Dallas, I look at who they were took our FF arena Allahumma Inessa look at who they were took our affair for Lena Allama Jana Elena humpy cubic. We've got to eradicate the lake. We have learned in and out Lena also had to lead with Hina what else I mean? I'm gonna have an agent who I know Selena Humala see them hamburger Allah Allah he was sending to SEMA

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