Mohammad Qutub – Trial vs. Punishment – Can Uncertainty Actually Be Good – What About The Sahaabah

Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of uncertainty, stating that it is beneficial for personalities to be aware of their natural tendencies and personalities. They also mention the importance of uncertainty for praying and working properly, as it is a way to see one's natural tendencies and become more confident. The speaker also mentions the need for more self-deification and awareness of one's natural tendencies to become more confident.
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So this first point is to emphasize

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that this uncertainty

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is actually quite beneficial.

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Not knowing if it's a trial or a punishment.

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This is one of the few instances where certainty is not necessarily praiseworthy.

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Uncertainty is okay.

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Maybe to a certain level, depending on your personality, there are personalities, you know, they like everything clearly defined, fine, that's in your own life. You cannot ask Allah Subhana Allah, Oh Allah, please designate for me if this is a child or punishment, all right, but the personalities, some personalities, they need to know others, they can accept some uncertainty, I am claiming that in this situation, that uncertainty is beneficial, because certainty will necessarily lead to complacency.

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If you become certain about what it is, and maybe you become certain that is it is if Tila or Al Hamdulillah. So it's not because I'm doing anything wrong.

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Okay, and it means I am perfect, maybe not perfect, just less than perfect. I need to change nothing, I can continue the way I am complacency.

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Uncertainty will lead to otherwise, you're constantly thinking, is this? did I do wrong here? Was I should I have done that differently? I shouldn't I shouldn't have spoken to him or her that way. When I

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did whatever I did yesterday, that wasn't the right way to do it.

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I should have remembered Allah subhanaw taala. You keep evaluating you keep looking critically, if you have certainty, you won't. So this uncertainty is actually very useful. I remember Subhanallah until now that I got this question when I was in the States from a non Muslim because they want to have certainty.

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And essentially the way a lot of Christians

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hear about their religion from their teachers, priests, pastors, whatever. It's all about certainty. You believe in Jesus, you're saved. Period full certainty. So his question to me was, how are you sure you're on the right path?

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He wants some kind of a magical potion. Yes, you're doing everything properly, perfect, continue the way you are. He wants that he wants to see that certainty. I said is that certainty really required?

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Why is that required? Actually, uncertainty will be more of an incentive to act than otherwise. A simple example. A surah you recite every day? At least 17 times. What do you ask Allah azza wa jal

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Sarah Thomas, Mr. King, I'm too uncertain Mr. King.

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You're praying 70 la casa de you're doing all your food. And you're saying anything? No, sir. Aren't you on already started Mr. King?

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You're not no, we hope we are right.

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But that margin of uncertainty

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that is that incentivizes us to work to do more, not knowing Am I doing it properly? I need to do better I need to improve

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as opposed to certainty that the Sahaba have certainty.

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Yes. Many of them got glad tidings of paradise Allah Akbar done go to sleep.

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Go to sleep. Go to sleep or smell go to sleep. Holly of the Allah on which mine go to sleep hulless you got paradise if it was me, are you right? Doors will keep flee or nor I don't know what you have a lot of nodes mashallah, you're all node. Go to sleep. If you got now a piece of paper Alhamdulillah you all the people of Hollis Alhamdulillah sit on Dr. Cafe until the Day of Judgment.

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Do nothing.

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That's the way you and me are. That's not the way the Sahaba were. He got that certainty.

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He put it aside as if it was nothing. Not disrespecting Allah subhanaw taala but look at the level of self

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criticism and self deprecation.

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I need to do more.

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And when they die on their deathbed and they still say, I don't know if I am going to the pleasure of Allah or God forbid I am going to the Wrath of Allah because you got already the currenty

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humility with regards to the relationship with Allah subhanaw taala this uncertainty that we are

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talking about

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