Mohammad Qutub – The Prophet’s S.A.W Humanity

Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The importance of not letting fear and fearless people know when they have nothing to fear is discussed, as well as the need to not let people know who is truly a human being and not just to avoid confusion. A speaker describes meeting the best human being and the importance of peace in the aftermath of the pandemic, while also discussing meeting a prophets with a woman who is a human being and their use of words to describe people and their behavior. The importance of forgiveness and praying for forgiveness is also emphasized, along with the need for a culture of pride and a focus on one's own success. Personal relationships and issues related to the Prophet's teachings are also discussed, with a potential threat from a criminal.
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In the handling

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value under stuff you

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will not want to be like visually unforeseen and say that you have no idea when you have the

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camera usually in fact I have the white shirt on no I have no show you cannot function without Muhammad didn't know how to do for a su

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cola How do you want to

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do mostly moon

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and so on he was ended up shutting

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All praise is due to Allah who prays he will seek His help he sees forgiveness. We seek refuge in order to leave our souls and our deeds on my blog. It is not to disguise with whoever he is Tyler is not to guide and I'm here with this too. There is no doubt one of the abortions that Allah and the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah in San Francisco sermon and Messenger.

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Or you believe Pharaoh one gentleman Yes, he deserves to be feared, you will not die except instead of Islam know very well, my brothers and sisters, that the most truthful speeches people come up with some

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sort of guidance is that 100 salatu salam, and that the worst fears are those which are newly invented in religion, and those in need are better. Everybody dies and the silence.

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My dear brothers and sisters.

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Whenever we think about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Maybe we think about someone who is closer to an angel, someone who is almost out of this world, otherworldly supernatural, almost as if he is someone that is not like us.

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And part of the reason that is because we didn't live with him, we didn't see him. We didn't touch him. We didn't hug him or kissed him and experienced his humanity. So sometimes we forget that even though he is the messenger of Allah, so Allah Allah, Allah, he was at the best of humanity and the best of the messages.

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But at the same time is a human.

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Allah subhanaw taala says no more than

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will lead

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me to New

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say, tell them oh Mohamed Salah lawyers, tell them I am great a human being like you in Nevada,

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you have

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it is revealed to me that your God is one God. So he is a human being.

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That receives revelation. That's the only difference. Just because he receives revelation.

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It doesn't mean that he can fire. The Prophet has not fired.

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The prophets Allah

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is like you and me.

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He experiences pain. He gets sad, he is happy.

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He lived a life like you and me.

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The only way that the prophets of Allah Hadi who are similar is someone worthy of emulation is because he's a human being like for me, otherwise he will be in a different category, category with angels or something else. This is the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala, that he still is messengers from the same category, but we use cyclists sometimes.

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And maybe it is out of good intentions, because we always want to put the price of our assembler on the high pedestal.

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But sometimes we talk about him almost as if we make him completely infallible. And that is not the case because if we make him completely infallible,

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then we take him out of the category of being a human being. His soul fallibility

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is restricted to the domain of dharma. This is the smile that we believe he is infallible in terms of the Dawa. If he makes a mistake or

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Allah azza wa jal would correct it.

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Other than that, is a human being my brothers and sisters.

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One find to be a man came to meet the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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maybe justifiably,

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it can be troubling

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is meeting the best of humanity, the best human being to allow whatever is now in front of him

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is trembling.

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The prophets also comes in

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I am just

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the son

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of a woman who used to eat dry meat.

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In other words, a poor woman and a woman, just the same. We used to keep driving.

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That's all relax, calm down. Look at that his Wallace family site was set up, he could have continued, he deserves such

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Because he is the best of humanity, you meet someone who may have some political status, or some one who is very famous energy, you know, you feel something in your heart, you're giving the the prophet

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the people who the rise of the prophets peace be upon them all the way up to on the Day of Judgment. It comes down to be

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interested in

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one day, in the Hadith which some scholars of Hadith, considered to be authentic or close to authentic.

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A man by the name of a really fun

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way to meet the prophets of Allah said with his death.

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So they went

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upon meeting him, his father tells him, did you know who this is?

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He said, No, he doesn't know yet.

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He said, This is the messenger Salahuddin center. So our emphasis starts coming.

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then, upon meeting him,

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looking at him, he says to himself, I saw that he was just a human being

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almost like he thought he was something else. That's what he mentioned. Almost like he helped me with something other than a human being.

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So then, they sat down with the process. And of course, he noticed that he's a human being, he looks like a human being. He is coming down to somewhere close to his gear.

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Obviously doesn't have wings. He was wearing two green garments, because he likes to wear green.

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And then they sent them, they have a chat, they talk to each other. You see these things we don't always hear. We don't, you don't always see the potato salad with this like, so they had a chat,

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that kind of Musa They talked for a while. And then the Prophet also

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addresses the father. Is this your son? He says he will Allah. Yes, I swear by Allah.

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So the process and

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he says yes, as Allah is my weakness. So the purpose of setup laughs What have you been swept by Allah, the prophets have cast doubt over the fact that he is solid, it looks exactly like his seduced by his father. This is as you know, this is your son. And he says, Yes, I swear by Allah, He says really? says yes, and if your weakness

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is just asking him.

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So then, the Hawks have said that will never pass a chance to teach. So he said, he will not

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burden us in other words on the day of judgment, nor you will worry you carry a burden for him. So you will not carry a burden for one another he recycles. Whether it is 002 with

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no soul, no person shall carry the burden of another. Everyone is held accountable on there.

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And then

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the father notice is the sign on the back of the

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conflicts of logics and the sign of prophethood. So he says to the Prophet and his father Sullivan said, O Messenger of Allah, I am talented in medicine, shall I not work hard for you? Should I not? Doctor rhetorical essentially been meaning to try to heal it the second or leave it is a puppy who had left the Canada. He said, Its doctor is the one who created it, leave it,

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this is

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just another human being.

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But it is revealed to him, he receives the revelation of Allah.

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And then you you can add on everything you want to add on of praise, the best of humanity, the most pious, the best teacher, the best husband, the best of everything that I saw, it was set up, but in the end, you will be just the same. And then we understand.

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In addition to wanting to learn from him, the motivation the Sahaba had to be around him all the time, because the after him

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as a friend, as a companion, and of course as the messenger of Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam, according to public

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somebody left on the other need multiple slides. This is fantasy,

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By brothers and sisters, the Prophet of Islam was set up with experience and everything that a human being experiences the Prophet SAW Selim led in battle, he bleeds just like a human being does. Remember this, when you are thinking to yourself No, I can never be like this. I can never evaluate all of these Hadith and stories I hear about this is on another level I can never if it wasn't so, then Allah azza wa jal did not tell us in the cabin people Nevada Canada country you swear to God,

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that you have the greatest The best example and the prophets of Allah who said that he is an example to follow. And in terms of

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the world it means, it is absolutely possible. It is possible to say it is impossible.

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It is difficult. He is the best Yes. Is it world to be possible. Of course, he battled the same things you and I

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Subhanallah let us look at

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the case of when the wind stopped the hot and

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this was something that deeply saddened

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me, and it happened more than once. All of a sudden he's not receiving the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala deeply saddening to him. What did he do wrong? He thought to himself

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and there were different reasons for the heart and revelation that came to him. He experiences that that he deals with it and he deals with the possible uncertainty or has a vision that he will probably still

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he's a human being

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the greatest human being

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look at the example

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an example that happened with his wife and then we'll take an example with his friend

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Hi Shama Villa and

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tell the prophets of Allah have settled on one day. She says to him, wow, sir.

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My head hurts.

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I have heavy

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experiences I couldn't be.

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So he says to her after that, because she was really complaining about it. And she might have even mentioned something relating to death.

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So he says to her, if I am around, when you pass, I will be there to seek forgiveness for you and to pray for you and so on and so forth.

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This is

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the garden

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Press say that

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you said,

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you are talking about like this. I think you wish death upon me.

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Yes, they're human beings, say the honest analysis favorites. But she wasn't jealous. She had this jealousy of

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sushi said, oh my god conventionally

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this could be a conversation between

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our wives, right?

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Because he said that if you die on me, then he said in a good way, I'll be there to seek forgiveness and to pray for you and so on and so forth. She said, your wishes.

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And then she says, I think that on the same day,

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you will be off with some of your wives enjoying yourself jealousy. So having that human emotion

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so then he says to her Salallahu Alaihe Salam says to her

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I am the one who has the headache I am the one who is experiencing the pain and indeed, it seems that this was the beginning of his sickness after which he passed on in salatu salam

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and then he said that I would like to

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send it for a buck or two

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so that he can pass on the leadership to him he was mentioning these things to do what to appease to say that there's overlap I'm gonna I'm gonna call your father and your standard his son of your brother in order to pass the leadership on to him of course we know that the one who deserved it is not luck and he said that the same Hadith that Allah

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will not be accepted probably to receive the email or the after the Prophet myself this is a simple example a simple variation

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the to find the choose the humanity

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in another direction

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about what scholars different Some considered that is authentic proposal authentic others that that maybe we the pockets of ourselves and have a good friend

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named Zach.

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So he said about him once I used to live in the rural areas, okay. So he said it in a bad idea to now wonder how the room Sir Hey, this our desert, if you will,

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and we are his city, we are there for each other.

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And they used to give each other they used to give each other gays

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Salaheddin have an issue that he was not very good looking

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at this affected his self confidence and self esteem.

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So one day, the bottom set of soil, this is his friend, this is the perfect setup as a human being.

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And a teacher, just the same. So he saw that happen. Why buying and selling? So he comes from the hive and he grabs chemicals.

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Have you done that to one of your friends? Maybe not at this stage? Maybe maybe when we were 15 years old, right? did come to me gods from behind.

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Watson the business, let me know. And then once he realizes this

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is like these, he'll hit say there forever.

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So then

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the boss comes in and jokes with him. So you start shouting our goon by the slave for me.

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you will find that you will not be able to sell me for anything for messenger of Allah. Notice the low self esteem.

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So the seller tells him rather in the sight of Allah, you are most valuable. You see.

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He's teaching him he says he's looking after him from the psychological point that he said you are the most valuable in the sight of Allah. Because Allah azza wa jal as we know does not look at

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your form or your looks rather at

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Gerhart deeds, this is an unprofitable Ohio Senator my brothers and sisters, just another human being like you and me. But a human being

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that was just so famous for,

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to be the best and to receive the best message to become the seal of the messengers, because he was the best human being and exotics.

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Hopefully, when we think of the Prophet sallallahu ascended up in this light, I believe in sha Allah, it establishes different kinds of connection with him

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because a lot of times the connection

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might feel a little bit distant This is the prophets are set up on a pedestal then when you think about it this way

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I believe that brings Muslims and it makes them feel a lot closer to the spirit man some of our body will live in the center and hopefully that will contribute to us learning more about and being able to emulate his great example better

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a lot more because he'll

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learn somebody else's

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problem of

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coming up in

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volume one kind of slide was kind of filled in our particular content you can see my screen almost inevitably mortality will show under development I mean

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I spent a couple few months solo solo

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solo similar

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you know what I mean to spend a lot of money that way to be able to organize we will be updating so you can log on I mean it's really really hard to imagine Madden Madden now that now will be coming to show the really high level imagine the value in every moment and I bet a lot of you know how to some of

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you will know some robotics into schema models. So that was it

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