Tafsir Juz 29 #34 – Al-Muddathhir 7

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finish, what is left, the last is sort of

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Corona in lanisha Allah mentioned that they do they will only remember if Allah subhanaw taala wills even this remembrance or reminder, it will not happen except by the will of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is something that a Muslim knows and a certain of the disbeliever

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may not feel the same way that he says Taqwa

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all of it is a reminder. Okay, when he says and then shut

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it off, I mentioned that this is all a reminder, right?

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This one he mentioned,

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one I have grown now he's talking about an issue of other Okay, as he mentioned the issue of the reminder, but when he says

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this is a continuation of the instructions and the reminder to them, right? Remember, the Quran is a reminder that they should fear Allah subhanaw taala and so on. And now he says who?

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Meaning you should know that the one who is deserving of

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fear is the one who you should fear is Allah, not your idols, okay? Not the different things that you are worshipping, the one that deserves all. Fear or Taqwa is Allah subhanaw taala. And the one who is the only one capable of

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providing forgiveness is Allah subhanaw taala. This

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that he is the most deserving of Taqwa. And it also means he's the only one who deserves Taqwa.

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Right? One may see, but at the same time, Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned the phrase with tacos,

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with other things. For instance, he said, What

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would I be when at home and according to most colors,

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of ham here is Missoula, because it is referring to a taco that means what the cola and also what have fear Allah and fear

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the relationship of kin

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and he says in another

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fear the Fire right. So, what do we mean by who?

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It means all of these other things when you are performing Taqwa with regards to that, it is all part of the Taqwa of Allah.

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All is included in the Taqwa of Allah, when you fear of loss,

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then part of that is fearing the fire. When you feel the fire, you are fearing a loss part of the harder when you are fearing Allah. With regards to relationship relations of kin, you are fearing a loss. Who

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Okay, the the way they translated is that he is worthy of fear. And adequate for granting forgiveness might get in the Arabic. The determine use can apply to

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meaning is the only one deserving of Taqwa. Okay?

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So only a loss.

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Don't feel people.

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Don't fear others. Don't feel things in this dunya fear Allah. Try to channel all of your fears to the fear of Allah subhanaw taala when you fear Allah, everything else becomes simple.

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Your you have such courage in the dunya you'll no longer fear anything in the dunya because you fear Allah subhanaw taala right. Fear Allah And fear Allah alone. He is the one who is deserving of the Sukla Okay, meaning this fear

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isn't incentive to you

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to obey Him, and to avoid all this obedience to Him and anything that may incur His wrath who Taqwa

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he is the one who is the only one

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who can forgive.

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And it's a reminder to the disbelievers.

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Your job is to feel alive.

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And then you will when the forgiveness and mercy of Allah subhanaw taala it's a call to them to come back to Allah subhanaw taala it's like the verses

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that Nina Kapha follow me into who you're

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saying to the disbelievers FEMA

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sees with their disbelief with their

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This obedience,

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then, whatever they have done in the past will be forgiven for them.

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Here is promising again, fear Allah, and Allah will forgive you, almost as if they are, what is the consequence? The forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala will be a consequence of your theory.

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Now other verses the chores that Allah is the only one who shouldn't be

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feared, such as when the hospital says, Well, you will have well within

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to Allah belongs everything the heavens in the earth, and to him

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the religion at all times meaning worship, always and constantly. It is all belonging to him. He says, So,

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then do you fear someone other than Allah?

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In other words, Allah on who?

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The famous a woman yet for the Nova in London,

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does anyone forgive sins other than Allah, who,

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no one can forgive sins, but Allah subhanaw taala priests cannot forgive people since

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the Christians should know that the priests cannot forgive their sins, otherwise was forgiving his sin. And this is one of the concepts by the way that was one of the early Egyptian priests to become Muslim. Because he used to ask this question. I go to the priests, the priests forgives my sins, who forgives his sins, his priests

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who forgives that precepts, and you keep going on a cycle until you get to the Pope. And then he said, Who forgives the Pope. And he said that in a

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big way.

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And he says something is up doesn't make sense. Eventually he funds slamming Allah guided him and he became callers almost, who

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is the only one who can who deserves to be feared, and he is the only one who can forgive. And this is very similar, all sorts of the other verse In surah.

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where Allah says, Yeah, you will.

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Well, you will.

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Be loving that Oh, you who believe. If you fear Allah, Allah has chosen will make for you we'll give you a criterium, meaning a gauge by which you can distinguish between good and evil, right.

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When you

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article and he will

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experience your sins where you kept your outcome, say, whatever. And he will forgive you. And of course, Allah Spano, Tala is the one with the local pub that have been the he's the one with the greatest bounty and favor upon his slave servant. So similarly, if you feel Allah, Allah azza wa jal will give you what he likes to express yourself and he will forgive you. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive you and me MIT Alonso's in our knowledge and faith in the novel Quran Subhanak along or

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one or two

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questions or comments, feel free.

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We have finished By Allah's grace Surah

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So if you have anything to ask from the very beginning up until now, please ask

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if you have a comment or something next time in sha Allah

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anything questions