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Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of achieving Islam's signage and deeds in shaping one's life. It touches on the use of signs of Islam's love for his slave seventh gen son and the importance of love and hating for Allah. The segment also touches on the importance of praying for Islam and not being too busy. The speakers stress the importance of showing respect and being a great person for others.
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mainly sunny. Kohli. I praise Allah Almighty and I send prayers and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his noble family, righteous companions and all those that follow them provide guidance, until the day of judgment. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

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we will continue in shallow the topic of loving Allah, and God willing, this will be the concluding talk. We still we spoke before about the importance of loving the last part of

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burning, that love in return of being of those whom Allah subhanaw taala loves, we spoke about many of the methods right to earn that love in sha Allah.

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The more you think, and in terms of increasing our love for Allah subhanaw taala. And using those methods, there are some ways which are the only direct methods there are methods that you need to practice on a constant basis. We mentioned recycling, you mentioned, increasing recommended deeds, teaching oneself to love what Allah loves and to avoid Allah subhanaw taala abhors right and things of that nature. This takes time, but there are some things that touch you immediately that increase your love for Allah subhanaw taala which

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we need to discuss, when you think of the fact that every single blessing that you and I enjoy is because of Allah subhanaw taala is set by the ultimate love should

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something Allah

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whatever you are enjoying of blessings, it is from Allah subhanaw taala so think, enumerate every blessing that you have. It is why the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala Don't you love Allah azza wa jal forgiving those blessings. This is why when we speak about loving this is one of the most important things that scholars mentioned to increase one love for Allah subhanaw taala remembering those blessings and savoring,

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savoring new tasting those blessings one by one,

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with your whole being

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think and ponder and deliberate how many blessings You and I are swimming in. We're swimming in blessings, we're live. And if he takes one, there's so many left. Right? And he will give you more Inshallah, if you only think if you think I was the only increase you in those blessings, attribute those blessings to Allah alone.

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Those gifts are only from Allah, they're not from anyone else. The problem is, where does the problem lies, the problem lies in that sometimes we think that some of those blessings are a result of my own hard work and my own doing and my own earning. When you attributed completely to Allah subhanaw taala it almost kindled a new relationship between you and Allah father, when you think okay, everything that I have everything that I'm enjoying, it is from Allah, Who is the one who gave it to me, I'm enjoying it because he kept it for me. Don't you love Allah subhanaw taala furrows blessings, thank you so that he can give you more.

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If we are not able to fully achieve this requires on during the liberation. One needs to sit down and think just between Allah subhanaw taala of all of the blessings that He has given him that you are enjoying and think to yourself, no one has given me this except Allah subhanaw taala I want you to imagine someone on a daily basis, say a neighbor, or a friend or someone. Let's say in order for the sake of example, that you don't know the person. Every day you open your door, and you find a bunch of gifts.

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And you take the gifts of the stock opening them up Subhanallah this person is very generous, but you don't know where they are where they come from. Next day. Same thing you open the door if

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this person is giving this as a second day, third day, fourth day, just a bunch of gets who's doing that. You already loved him and you don't know him.

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Right? You haven't seen that person you already let's look at how much is giving me

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giving you and me on a daily basis.

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This new and I cannot enumerate

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do love Allah

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It's time to Allah for that, and you know him.

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And he keeps giving you. And maybe you are not doing anything. Of course, the example we gave, you haven't really done anything to the person. Let's say you meet the person

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and you were angry for some reason. And you were rude towards them, even though they've been giving you all of these gifts on a daily basis, and you think to yourself, after doing this, I'm sure he's not gonna give me do the same the next day, next day you open the door, you find the gifts have not changed, even though you wrote to him.

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You and I are not doing anything of what Allah subhanaw taala deserves, for giving us those blessings, as he gives and gives them give Subhanallah with Allah, He is the Most Generous, he is the one who gives an he is the one who gives to people Subhanallah with 100. If we cannot achieve fully that realization of his blessings upon us, then think about the times where you have nothing to do with those blessings. We said the problem lies in that sometimes we are what confuses us, is the issue of Well, part of my own earning. So think about times where your own earning does not apply anymore. Such as, such as when you were young. When you were helpless, when you couldn't do

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anything. It was all from Allah, then you realize, oh, it was completely from Allah. Allah who was guiding me it was ALLAH smart Allah who was helping me, I have nothing to do with the matter. When we grow older, we start to think no part of my own learning. I'm the one who went and did this. I'm the one who put the effort and things of that nature. Think of yourself as an embryo inside the belly of your mother. What were you doing then? What did you achieve? What were you earning with your own hands? He was providing for you. He provided the umbilical cord for you so that he can

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give you the nutrients of your mother. Your mother didn't put the umbilical cord there. He put it there. What were what were you doing for Allah? Absolutely nothing. He was keeping you alive. So that you can come to this world, think of

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being or growing up as a child.

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Think about the fact that you are a hamdulillah someone who is sitting in a masjid, while someone else is doing God knows what. And this is the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala

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know the laws of God to do you started taking some steps towards him. But what about when you were completely lost?

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And Allah azza wa jal was bringing you slowly to the masjid. He was making Islam beloved to you. He was making guidance relevant to you. He was making prayers beloved to you, when you were lost, right? When you were far away from his love and all of us, we have a history that we would rather that people don't know about. Right? And that time, think about that time.

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Where was I? Allah was bringing me and putting me on the path to tonight what?

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What were you doing then? Absolutely nothing. He is out of his blessings, that he was guiding you through that? Do you love Allah subhanaw taala more when you think about this, Allahu Akbar, when he has delivered you, from Miss guidance to guidance when he made you to be born as a Muslim, to find this guidance when he made Islam beloved to you. He is the one who has done all of this. Love him for that subhanho wa Taala My dear brothers and sisters, there are so many things that increase our love for Allah subhanaw taala I'll give you another example.

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When the Prophet Muhammad wa salam tells us in the authentic hadith, that

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about the man who got lost in the middle of the desert, having absolutely no way to rescue himself,

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no one around for kilometres, right.

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And he is alone. And all he has is his animals.

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his food, his drink, whatever he is prepared.

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And he gets tired and he leaves down to sleep.

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And he wakes up and the animal is gone.

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And his food is gone. And his drink is gone. And everything he needs is gone. And there's no one for kilometres and he's in the hot desert cell. And there is nothing to do at this point. You can do absolutely nothing.

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And he lays down tonight.

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He has lost hope that he will survive. He's a goner. He's going to die. So he lays down this

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Leave, and then Allah subhanho wa taala.

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When he wakes up, he finds his animal and he finds all his belongings Allahu Akbar.

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For all practical purposes, he has been given another life. They lay down to sleep tonight. He woke up, he's alive and His things are back. You see how happy he is? Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah azza wa jal is happier than this person.

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When his slave servants repents to him.

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Merciful God, look at how gentle he is, hello, these creatures, he loves nothing more than for a split second story says to him, he's happier than this person.

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This person is so happy that when he saw the animals He started thanking Allah, Oh Allah, thank you so much and so on. And he is saying to Allah subhanaw taala Oh Allah, you are my slave and I am your Lord.

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You made a mistake. You must you are literally you're my Lord, and I am your slave. But he was so happy. He got confused and he said, You are my favorite I have your Lord. Allah azza wa jal is happier than this person. When he says servant repents to him, and then all of the the slaves servants of Allah subhanaw taala, fighting him with their sins, even

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fighting Allah that Allah was there

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and he would love nothing more than for them to return to him. Love Allah subhanho wa Taala My dear brothers and sisters

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there are many signs that Allah subhanaw taala allows you that Allah Subhana Allah make us of those. So let us discuss some of those.

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Some of the signs of Allah that Allah subhanaw taala loves his slave servants, Allah Prophet Muhammad Al Salam said, the authentic hadith is that hamdulillah then hello dunya

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if Allah subhanaw taala loves a slave service, he will protect him from dunya He will protect him from dunya meaning from the excesses of this dunya from getting lost in this dunya and preoccupied in it is protecting from as you protect a sick patient from water meaning in the situation where you have a patient or a sick person.

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In certain instances, it is very good for them to avoid water to avoid maybe getting under a shower or things like this right?

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As you protect your sick patient from water, Allah azza wa jal protects the state service he loves from the dunya. Why? Because one of the worst things that has

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taken people away from

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Islam is the dunya preoccupation with the dunya, the excesses of the dunya. Right, and being completely preoccupied with the dunya and forget forgetting. So don't worry if you find that maybe you have not been given as someone else has been given, it may be a sign that Allah loves you, who is protecting you from that and maybe he knows, if he gives you

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you will be lost, you'll be gone. You'll start missing your prayers, you'll start,

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not really run as much you will not be as good as you may be. Now. This is one of the important signs. Also.

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Prophet Muhammad wa salam said,

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is at the London

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School of Law called

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Father handmade as they

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It loves a slave servant of his.

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The Prophet SAW Selim use the word

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for myself, I said, Honey,

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of course, the Sahaba themselves were confused. What does this mean for listeners of Allah?

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The Prophet said that it is the fact that Allah subhanaw taala will help them to good deeds at the end of their life. It means Allah, Allah, Allah will help you and facilitate for you a good ending. Allah Subhana Allah make us of those. In other words, this is the ultimate right that you are and that's why the deeds are judged by the last piece by the concluding this Allah subhanaw taala will help you to the best days at the end of your life.

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sha Allah if Allah azza wa jal loves you he will help you to that.

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Okay, another sign

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on Selim says is a humble lung Coleman Taylor who

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If Allah loves

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he will test them. Another important Hadith will lie. So many people are going through tribulations through tests. Right? And they think to themselves, maybe Allah azza wa jal doesn't love me maybe it is because now it couldn't be that Allah azza wa jal is angry with you. And it is good that you don't know. Because then you're always in the middle. And you think to yourself, is this punishment from Allah azza wa jal? Or is it because Allah Subhana Allah loves me. So you continue to ask Him for His pleasure. Otherwise, if you know for a fact, you loving God, think anymore? It's because Allah loves me. No, you don't know, maybe maybe not as given

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this not be because he's angry or because it is a punishment, but rather than is, it is because He loves you inshallah. So, if Allah loves people who will test them, when she has had these to the people who are tested, the people who are having difficulties, don't think necessarily that Allah is punished you have you done something which is completely

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against Islam recently. Have you seen Have you done anything? Not that I can remember? Not that I know. So maybe it is not because Allah was angry with you. It was just that alone, this thing you don't worry Allah subhanaw taala tests, the ones he loves, right? In the hamdulillah Coleman.

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Whoever is patient, then you will be rewarded for that. And whoever

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becomes in despair, doesn't let him become in despair is only hurting or harming himself. Okay.

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There's brothers and sisters.

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There are many

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of the beautiful examples of people who love Allah subhanaw taala and Allah, Allah loves them in return. So let us speak about some of them.

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Of course, the first we need to mention is our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Prophet Ibrahim either.

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These two prophets have a very special status in Islam. And this status is what

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what is this? This, this excessive love?

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The status that they have reached, it is the status of hula

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hula, it means the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam have achieved the status of

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with respect to Allah subhanaw taala meaning they are the Khalil, Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allahu Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala has taken him as a Helene meaning the closest type of friend or companionship or permit in terms of love between two companions or two friends. This is the status of

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Allah. And this is the status of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as an authentic hadith where he says that he is a philosopher, where he said,

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if it wasn't for the fact that I am the allele of Allah, Allah between me and Allah, I would have taken probably Allah Allah.

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But since

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Allah already exists between me and Allah subhanaw taala. Therefore, it is not between me and say that this also shows you the beautiful status of sleep. Normally a loved one needs to ask why these two?

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Is there a wisdom behind it? Why specifically profitable and profitable?

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The reason is,

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because of how much they loved Allah subhanaw taala and loved what he loves.

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And he did what he remember we mentioned that is one of the methods of loving Allah azza wa jal and increasing one's love, to love what Allah loves and to hate what he hates, embracing of sins of people, whatever it may be, if Allah loves

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I love it, if he says I hate it, right.

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These two products basically upon them working examples

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of loving what Allah loves, and hating what Allah hates. And you can get this from the Noble Quran itself. Right? If we see let's start with

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the famous idea and sort of

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page 793

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starting on 792 up to

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793 Verse four, Allah Most High says, By the guy that was what one has to be email all email with

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that there has already been for you an excellent pattern or an example Ibrahim and those when they, when they sent to their people indeed we are disassociated from you and from whatever you worship other than Allah, we am denying you and there is appeared between us and new animosity and hatred forever. Until you believe in Allah Alone. You see the purity of the words of those who associate partners with Allah subhanaw taala.

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This earns Allah's love.

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Loving what he loves and hating with the aid except for the thing of Abraham to his father, I will surely ask forgiveness for you, but I have no power to do for you anything against Allah, in other words, except the saying of

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his father. Of course, this is before he knew that he also has associated poison to Allah and this believed in him and does not accept him. Before that he sought forgiveness after that, no more because his his followers, this belief is not accepted. And therefore, Prophet Ibrahim in that case

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is not asking forgiveness for him anymore. Our Lord upon you we have realized unto you will return unto you is the destination. Okay? The purity of the love for Allah subhanaw taala and hating for Allah subhanaw taala

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What about

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Muhammad Sallallahu ala

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again, go to the Quran, go to the

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right, the end of solid reset page and let's go to page

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729 We'll have

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salatu salam. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. And those with them are forceful against the disbelievers merciful amongst themselves.

00:22:39 --> 00:22:54

Again, the importance of loving for Allah and hating for Allah, they are merciful with each other because they love us for their forceful against the disbelievers who hate Allah subhanaw taala this purity of love and hate.

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Earn these two prophets peace be upon them, the status of

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respect to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah make those.

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This what Allah Allah

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is also the secret

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behind Allah subhanaw taala commanding Satan Ibrahim alayhi salam

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kill his son, Ismail Ali Salam.

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God smiled at such a late age, right

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and not thinking that he can

00:23:33 --> 00:23:36

have any more son and his wife thinking the same

00:23:37 --> 00:23:39

coming up that

00:23:41 --> 00:23:44

made us smile Ali Salam very special, right.

00:23:46 --> 00:24:01

Especially since it was at that age, right. So he was very beloved to profitably and may be competing with the love of Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal commanded

00:24:02 --> 00:24:11

to slaughter a smile and Ibrahim Abidan. And a smile I said I was patient, when he was about to do that.

00:24:13 --> 00:24:24

The goal behind the course it was definitely it was a test but maybe this was the wisdom behind this also, when he abided by it, and he was about to fulfill this command from us.

00:24:25 --> 00:24:30

Therefore, he has essentially purified his heart

00:24:31 --> 00:24:44

any love other than for Allah subhanaw taala the ultimate love for Allah subhanaw taala he was going to get rid of his Marine, Allah is more beloved to Him and He has commanded him to do it. So he will do what Allah loves.

00:24:46 --> 00:24:48

When he is fully

00:24:49 --> 00:24:59

abidance and he was about to do it, right, completely intended to do it. Then Allah subhanaw taala gave him the exemption which is

00:25:00 --> 00:25:00

to slaughter

00:25:02 --> 00:25:23

the lab and that was an exemption from Allah subhanaw taala. The goal has already been achieved a lot in in either way will not command evil will not command anyone to kill is this just a test and it is to purify his love for Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:25:27 --> 00:25:35

him and Prophet Muhammad, Allah has achieved the highest status of loving Allah subhanaw taala and being loved by Allah, Allah in return, look at

00:25:37 --> 00:25:38

Musa alayhis salam

00:25:39 --> 00:25:43

said no Mousavi Salam, if you go to Surah pa

00:25:46 --> 00:25:53

Allah subhanaw taala also loved Satana Musa and it's interesting, what is mentioned in the verse.

00:25:55 --> 00:25:55

He says,

00:25:57 --> 00:25:59

verse 39, page 423,

00:26:02 --> 00:26:20

saying to his mother, cast him gospels are they set up into the chest and cast it into the river and the river will throw it onto the bank, there will take him an enemy to me and an enemy to him, Allah, He is equalized between the enemy of Musa the enemy of Allah.

00:26:21 --> 00:26:24

The look at the love of Allah version for Musa

00:26:25 --> 00:26:41

he's an enemy to Musa he's an enemy to Allah. And then you and I say, No, no, I know he's an enemy to Allah, but I love him. You cannot do your, your claim that you love Allah. Allah Yes, you hate an enemy of Allah azza wa jal.

00:26:42 --> 00:26:44

This cannot be. It's not possible.

00:26:46 --> 00:26:48

Allah, Allah,

00:26:49 --> 00:26:53

which we mentioned before. We're Prophet Muhammad. Allah.

00:26:56 --> 00:27:02

Allahu Akbar, Allah is declaring a war against someone that opposes a wedding of his

00:27:03 --> 00:27:07

Subhanallah this one is the Beloved of Allah.

00:27:08 --> 00:27:09

Allah is not only

00:27:11 --> 00:27:21

the One who opposes a well, or someone he loves, he declares war against him. And then you and I say no, I love the enemies of Allah Subhanallah Quran.

00:27:22 --> 00:27:25

Allah declares war against the enemy of the one villa.

00:27:27 --> 00:27:35

Similarly here, Allah subhanaw taala says, There will take him an enemy to me and an enemy to him.

00:27:36 --> 00:27:49

And I bestowed upon you love from me and I bestowed upon the love from me and indeed Allah, Allah has put the love of Musa alayhis salam in the hearts of people, and especially

00:27:51 --> 00:27:56

in the house of surrounds, which allowed him to survive and come back to his mother.

00:27:58 --> 00:27:59


00:28:00 --> 00:28:04

another person who is famous for loving Allah Subhana Allah so you've

00:28:05 --> 00:28:06

probably Allah Allah

00:28:13 --> 00:28:14

says the following. He says,

00:28:16 --> 00:28:28

Robbie, Allah Allah has not surpassed the companions of the messenger of allah sallallahu early was by excessive or additional fasting or prayer.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:37

In other words, it's not fasting or prayer that made him surpass the rest of the companions. But by something in his heart,

00:28:38 --> 00:28:39

we know this famous thing.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:41

Even the

00:28:43 --> 00:28:44

comments on the thing of

00:28:45 --> 00:28:52

he says wala is that thing which is in his heart that he is mentioning, is the love of Allah subhanaw taala.

00:28:56 --> 00:29:18

meanings, advising and calling people to Islam and enjoying good and forbidding evil and things of that nature. So loving ALLAH SubhanA the love that he harbored in his heart for Allah, Allah is what made him surpass the rest of the companions. And that, by the way, also is the engine

00:29:19 --> 00:29:40

that moves him to fast and to pray and to believe and support and to partake in did you have for his sake, and all of those things. It is not loving his heart for Allah subhanaw taala and the listening of Allah, Allah, which allowed him to do all of that, and this is what allowed them to surpass the rest of the companions of the

00:29:43 --> 00:29:47

Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim says in the authentic hadith, whoever loves the early

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00:29:51 --> 00:29:59

whoever loves Olli has loved me and whoever loves me, has loved Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:30:00 --> 00:30:04

And whoever woman and whoever hates Charlie

00:30:05 --> 00:30:23

as the haters me or I'm bored me and whoever is or bores me, Ace Allah subhanho wa Taala it shows you also the love of Allah subhanaw taala for so easily robably Allah and the love, because Allah says Allah, the Messenger of Allah and the Messenger of

00:30:24 --> 00:30:34

Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. So it is a change. You have to love Allah, you have to love the from those and you have to love Allah subhanho wa Taala

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00:30:39 --> 00:30:45

write in the Hadith which we mentioned in one of the first talks

00:30:49 --> 00:30:50


00:30:51 --> 00:31:17

and after the medic meriting the fact that a person came to the messenger and asked him when would be the last hour and then he said to him, What preparation Have you made for the last hour he said the love of Allah his Messenger right? In other words, I haven't done that many good deeds but I love Allah and His messenger. I'm hoping this will help me on the day of judgment. There upon the prophets are seldom said you will be along with the one new love

00:31:18 --> 00:31:53

Allah make you and me of those who love Allah and His messenger then nothing pleased us more after accepting Islam than these words you will be along with the one whom you love in other words, if for some reason I have not done that many good deeds but I harbored true and sincere love for what was missing in my heart, Inshallah, it will benefit me Of course, in return that loves will also motivate you to do righteous good deeds inshallah. Then after that narration and assent I love Allah and His messenger and Abu Bakr and Omar

00:31:54 --> 00:32:08

and I hope that I will be along with them under them doesn't fall No, I have not acted like them. In other words, inshallah my love for them, will bring me with them, even though I have not done what they have done.

00:32:09 --> 00:32:13

This of course, is true love, beware. It's not

00:32:14 --> 00:32:26

just depending on his love and then going and singing or committing sin. No, no, no, this is one of the greatest companions of Prophet Muhammad, out of his modesty and maybe he really believes it, I have not done

00:32:28 --> 00:32:29

deeds like I will.

00:32:30 --> 00:32:38

I will try to be like them definitely. But I have not done so much out of my love for them, I hope I will be with them

00:32:39 --> 00:32:41

on the Day of Judgment, okay.

00:32:43 --> 00:32:43

This is NSS and

00:32:45 --> 00:32:56

listen to this hadith narrated on the authority of eyeshadow. She said that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had sent a man in a one of the battles

00:32:58 --> 00:33:03

and when he used to pray with them, and he was the Imam, you know the Hadith, he used to

00:33:05 --> 00:33:13

read in the prayer, he would read different sources of the Quran and he will always conclude the prayer with surah.

00:33:14 --> 00:33:16

Allah, some of them is when

00:33:19 --> 00:33:24

when they went back to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they said to Him,

00:33:27 --> 00:33:47

they mentioned this situation to him, and he asked them, he told them, ask him why he does that. Why does he always conclude with sort of listless so they asked him and he said, The reason I like to conclude with it is because it is the ultimate characteristic of Allah.

00:33:48 --> 00:34:01

Indeed, one of the greatest sutras, it is equal to 1/3 of the Quran, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he said, It is the ultimate character of Allah.

00:34:02 --> 00:34:16

Therefore, I love to recite it and to conclude the prayer with it. Then the Messiah saw several owners and told him, tell him that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah make us laws, he loves

00:34:17 --> 00:34:18

a famous

00:34:22 --> 00:34:23

Muslim who loves

00:34:24 --> 00:34:33

Allah subhanaw taala and was famous for loving Allah, Allah is rather that we are the other way. Of course,

00:34:34 --> 00:34:41

there are certain things mentioned, you know, that she mentioned that may not fully

00:34:43 --> 00:34:50

conform to some of the Islamic teachings. There may be some excesses, okay, here.

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

Ultimately, we believe she is one that loved Allah subhanaw taala and really, and spoke about loving Allah subhanaw taala and

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

And gave herself to Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:04 --> 00:35:13

another one that is also known for love for Allah subhanaw taala as far as my knowledge goes, there are two different people Her name is Habiba, okay.

00:35:14 --> 00:35:21

And it is narrated, that he will either way when she used to pray in the night, they used to pray lots of

00:35:22 --> 00:35:24

other ways. When

00:35:25 --> 00:35:51

heavy will other way used to pray. She used to say the fallen or Allah, the stars has appeared, and the eyes are sleeping. In other words, people are sleeping, and the kings all of the kings have closed their doors, but your door remains open Subhana wa taala. And every loved one or every lover has

00:35:53 --> 00:36:07

isolated themselves with the one they love. In other words, two people, okay, we love each other, are alone with each other. And here I am standing before you in other words, I love you.

00:36:11 --> 00:36:15

And I ask that you love me. Then she started to pray.

00:36:16 --> 00:36:17

And when it got late,

00:36:18 --> 00:36:22

she said, The night has departed. And

00:36:23 --> 00:36:24


00:36:25 --> 00:36:27

basically the night is almost over.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:33

And the morning is about to come. And I don't know if you have

00:36:38 --> 00:36:40

I don't know if you've accepted

00:36:44 --> 00:36:48

I don't know if you've accepted from me. This night of mine

00:36:53 --> 00:37:00

I don't know if you've accepted from me this night of mine or you have not accepted it from me.

00:37:01 --> 00:37:09

May Allah subhanaw taala make us those. They love Allah subhanaw taala so much they spend their time praying to Him in the middle of the night

00:37:11 --> 00:37:20

and reciting his speech and reciting the Quran. This is how much they loved Allah subhanaw taala and they sought the love of Allah subhanaw taala.

00:37:23 --> 00:37:24

Brothers and sisters

00:37:29 --> 00:37:32

when you think about the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:37:34 --> 00:37:37

draws near to his helpless slave servants

00:37:40 --> 00:37:46

in such a beautiful way, in a gentle way, you know he is the one to whom all Dominion belongs.

00:37:47 --> 00:37:52

And he is the one who is not in need of a single raka or such that from you and me.

00:37:54 --> 00:38:00

Look at the way Subhan Allah, that he draws nearer to the mother of Musa alayhis salam.

00:38:01 --> 00:38:02

When you go to source

00:38:05 --> 00:38:12

it's amazing that Allah is drawing nearer to a helpless slave server, and a helpless woman in this case.

00:38:13 --> 00:38:23

But Allah subhanaw taala looking the way he speaks to her, and how he has promised her that you will bring her son back Musa alayhis salam

00:38:25 --> 00:38:39

when Allah subhanaw taala, inspired to the mother of Musa kill him, but when you fear for him, cast him into the river and do not fear and do not grieve, indeed, we will return him to you and we will make him one of the messengers. And then the story goes on.

00:38:41 --> 00:38:50

And he says in the heart of the mother of Moses became empty, and she was about to disclose the mother concerning him, had we not

00:38:51 --> 00:39:01

fast her heart that she will be of the believers, right. And the story goes on, and Allah subhanaw taala prevented from him all of the wet nurses right.

00:39:02 --> 00:39:12

And then the sister directed them to the household, which is the household of her mother, wherein Musa was returned,

00:39:13 --> 00:39:19

then the ISS So We restored him to his mother, that she might be content, Allah.

00:39:20 --> 00:39:48

Allah subhanaw taala wants the mother to be content. So We restored into his mother that she must be content and not grieved. He doesn't want her to grieve, and that she would know that the Promise of Allah is true. But most of them do not know. Allah Allah. Allah subhanaw taala draws nearer to his gentle gently to his slaves servants, that they may love Him and worship him. When you think about the fact brothers and sisters

00:39:50 --> 00:40:00

that ALLAH SubhanA wa jahana defends God willing you need the believers on the Day of Judgment. One of the scariest verses in

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

The Quran

00:40:01 --> 00:40:02

the most

00:40:06 --> 00:40:24

harsh against the disbelievers. Believe it or not, the reason is because he's defending the believers. The harshness of the show so the disbelievers is because he's listening the believers, God willing, you and me, go to the

00:40:27 --> 00:40:29

page 475

00:40:33 --> 00:40:35

Verse 105, on page 475.

00:40:38 --> 00:40:52

Me To The Moon, it will be said, we're not my verses recited to you, and you used to deny them, he's talking to the disbelievers. Now. They will say Our Lord, our wretchedness overcame us. And we were at people astray.

00:40:53 --> 00:41:22

Our Lord, remove us from In other words, remove remove us from the hellfire. And if we were to return to even we would indeed be wrongdoers, he will see remain this spies there, and do not speak to me, Allah, the translation. Unfortunately, it's not the fault of the translation. But the translation will do no justice to these words in the Quran, when you hear it in Arabic, and Allah Subhana Allah says to them,

00:41:24 --> 00:41:28

this is something beyond imagination and beyond expression, the word

00:41:30 --> 00:41:39

is the ultimate in disgrace. When you tell another person, it is the ultimate in disgrace, it is the ultimate insult. Allah does

00:41:42 --> 00:41:44

not speak to me, this is

00:41:46 --> 00:41:50

me express, this cannot be expressed. The translation will not help you.

00:41:52 --> 00:41:56

Until you really realize the extent

00:41:57 --> 00:41:57

of it in a

00:41:59 --> 00:42:09

certain fee how well you can remove it cannot get any more harsh than that. Why is he being so harsh with the disbelievers? Because they're asking for another opportunity.

00:42:10 --> 00:42:13

What do you have to ask for another opportunity?

00:42:15 --> 00:42:53

Why? Why should he not give them another opportunity or the fairness to the rest of his slave servers that worship Him as He is to be worshipped? Or at least make every effort to worship Allah subhanaw taala as he deserves to be worshipped, people who have prayed night and day people were people who have done righteous with these people whose eyes appeared out of fear of Allah subhanaw taala Allah for Allah subhanaw taala and now you are asking for another opportunity. You forgot about the Day of Judgment. You forgot about Allah. You didn't obey Allah, Allah Now you want to come and have another opportunity so that you can be acquainted with the rest of his lip service?

00:42:53 --> 00:43:04

Absolutely not. He says, Indeed, there was a party of My servants who said, Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us and have mercy upon us. And you are the best of the Merciful.

00:43:05 --> 00:43:07

But you took them in mockery.

00:43:08 --> 00:43:11

So he's defending you and me insha Allah.

00:43:12 --> 00:43:19

But you took men and mockery, to the point that they made you forget my remembrance, and that you and you used to laugh

00:43:20 --> 00:43:31

is defending the believing servants. Indeed, I have rewarded them this day for their patience, endurance, that they are the painters of success. Allah.

00:43:32 --> 00:43:36

Do you love Allah subhanaw taala more now? He's defending his believers.

00:43:37 --> 00:43:58

When he sticks to the disbelievers harshly this way, you mocked up the believers don't speak today. You have no other opportunity. You have already missed the opportunity you lost that my believing safe service. I am giving them this day the rewards that they deserve for their patience, endurance.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:01

My dear brothers and sisters

00:44:05 --> 00:44:07

how do we attain

00:44:10 --> 00:44:12

the love of Allah subhanaw taala

00:44:13 --> 00:44:14

we talked about

00:44:15 --> 00:44:20

many of the methods I want to discuss some of the

00:44:23 --> 00:44:36

authentic hadith the Prophet Muhammad Salah also guide us to do things to earn the love of Allah subhanaw taala because we spoke a largely about messes that will help us to love Allah more. How do we

00:44:39 --> 00:44:40

achieve the love of Allah? Allah.

00:44:42 --> 00:44:47

Allah, Prophet Muhammad Al Salam said, the authentic hadith, Allah loves

00:44:48 --> 00:44:49

a slave servant.

00:44:50 --> 00:44:52

Or, if one of you does a certain

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

date or performs a certain action, that he excels in it, Allah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:17

One of the important solutions that this woman is excelling at everything you do, excelling in your worship, excelling, in your treatment of others. Excelling, in your occupation, in your work, excelling in your studies, excelling in everything that you do.

00:45:18 --> 00:45:43

Even if you take some of the lower echelons of society, maybe people will take out the trash or people who claim that they are to excel at what they are doing. And if they do, so, they are praiseworthy Inshallah, no matter what you are, however high you are metros of society, or every Muslim is required to accelerate what they are doing. And one of the reasons this

00:45:46 --> 00:46:18

has become distant from the victory of Allah subhanaw taala is that we do not accelerate what we do. And because we do not accelerate what we do, we are no longer the ones who are manufacturing and exporting to people, and helping people with our inventions and with our whatever we are producing or innovating. People are excelling and giving it to us, we have become importers more than we are exporters, because we are not excelling and maybe God forbid someone may pick up a certain

00:46:19 --> 00:46:31

gadget or invention and see that it is really something that has been done properly. And they'll probably think to themselves, I'm sure an Arab didn't do this because the reputation of Arabs and maybe Muslims.

00:46:33 --> 00:46:48

They don't excel at what they do. It's exactly the opposite of what will earn the love of Allah subhanaw taala and that is excelling at what you do. Allah subhanaw taala loves also the authentic hadith, gentlest in all affairs.

00:46:49 --> 00:46:55

Gentle in your affairs. Allah subhanaw taala loves gentleness in all affairs.

00:46:57 --> 00:47:02

Allah subhanaw taala also loves as in the authentic hadith, the best

00:47:03 --> 00:47:05

and highest of manners.

00:47:06 --> 00:47:19

Allah Subhan Allah loves those, those people who refine their manners and strive against themselves to improve their manners. These are people in sha Allah who are beloved to Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:47:24 --> 00:47:25

In Allahu taala.

00:47:28 --> 00:47:29


00:47:30 --> 00:47:37

most beloved slave servants to Allah subhanaw taala are the ones who are most beneficial to his

00:47:39 --> 00:47:39

who are

00:47:41 --> 00:47:43

the ones that he provides for.

00:47:46 --> 00:47:49

Many scholars said this means a Adela

00:47:51 --> 00:48:24

means these types are the ones that he provides for. So, the most beloved persons of Allah subhanaw taala are the ones who are most beneficial to his, which is His creation, all his creations, and all the ones that he provides for, that Allah subhanaw taala provides for when you are beneficial to these people, to all of the creation of Allah, Allah, Allah will love you. If you see someone who loves to benefit people in sha Allah, they are of those that Allah loves, of course, if they are believers if they are meaning. And

00:48:26 --> 00:48:31

there's also another possible interpretation, but less popular, and that is that

00:48:33 --> 00:49:07

it is the the Burmese it is not referring to the yell of Allah, but to the Al of each and every one of us, meaning our children. Okay, the ones we provide for so then, this means that the most beloved of slave servants dollars per dollar, are those who are most beneficial to their children are the people that they are spending upon, on the authority of Abdullah, Allah and Allah. He says, that a man came to the Prophet SAW Salem and he said, O Messenger of Allah, who of the people are most beloved to Allah.

00:49:09 --> 00:49:37

He said, They were looking for that love and the ways to achieve that law. He said, the most beloved of people to Allah subhanaw taala are those who are most beneficial to people, similar meanings and Allah. Wisdom is always to be full and supportive of others, right? In everything that we do, when you find a Muslim, always loving to help others and making things easy for others. This is the way to earn the love of Allah.

00:49:38 --> 00:49:40

Allah and found in

00:49:42 --> 00:49:47

the most beloved of this to Allah is happiness that you

00:49:49 --> 00:49:59

give to a Muslim. When you make a Muslim happy from the bottom of their heart, this is something that allows for that loves, or removing some grief.

00:50:01 --> 00:50:15

or removing grief or difficulty from upon them or helping them to repay their debts or feeding them in a time of hunger or starvation to the end of the Hadith, it's a long Hadith.

00:50:16 --> 00:50:20

What else? Look at the Quran, the Quran

00:50:22 --> 00:50:35

mentions many of the different types of people that he loves, right? Allah's father died and I won't mention all the verses, but I'll mention the categories, okay? Allah, Allah says in the Quran that he loves

00:50:36 --> 00:50:37

the ones who are

00:50:38 --> 00:50:39

the ones who

00:50:41 --> 00:50:50

do not despair on the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. When they are in difficulty or grief, they are patient, Allah loves a father in the life. He also loves.

00:50:52 --> 00:50:57

He loves those who repent. And not only those who repent for those who repent,

00:50:58 --> 00:51:13

to Allah subhanaw taala to wealth, right? It's a exaggerated form of Silva, always repenting to Allah subhanaw taala, from the myriad of sins that we commit in the life, to Wahby where you're heading, and he also love

00:51:14 --> 00:51:20

for those, those are the ones who purify themselves, inwardly and outwardly,

00:51:22 --> 00:51:24

inwardly, by purifying our hearts of

00:51:27 --> 00:51:41

animosity towards our Muslim brothers and sisters, and we all have the diseases of the heart, purifying our hearts, inwardly and purifying ourselves outwardly, by keeping ourselves clean, by

00:51:42 --> 00:51:47

frequently performing, right and being ready for prayers, and so on, and so forth.

00:51:50 --> 00:52:03

Allah also, Allah subhanaw taala also loves and without killing those who depend on Allah azza wa jal who put their full trust in Allah subhanaw taala, no matter what happens, and even if all of the doors are closed in their faces,

00:52:04 --> 00:52:16

I have Allah, I trust in Allah, Allah will open some door for me that I don't know about. full trust in Allah, that Allah loves those who trust in Allah. Allah loves

00:52:18 --> 00:52:19

those who

00:52:20 --> 00:52:32

do good to others. And of course sign is a very general terms, okay, and this is the ultimate in excelling and doing good deeds, doing good deeds and doing them well doing them perfectly.

00:52:34 --> 00:52:35

The famous Hadith

00:52:36 --> 00:52:45

in the slaughtering of the animals, right? In that hadith, he mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala has obligating you to perform things when

00:52:47 --> 00:53:01

even when you're suffering animals, do it in the best possible way. Those skills, animals, put the knife behind you make sure it's as sharp so that you don't torture the animal or or hurt the only beyond what is required. Right, do it in the best way.

00:53:02 --> 00:53:37

So when you talk about what Allah says it loves Sunnis, it means doing things in the best possible way and doing generally righteous good deeds to yourself, treating yourself well. Your body well, treating your your husband and your wife well and your children and the people around you being with to Allah subhanaw taala ultimately, right? The sign in worship, meaning, worshiping Allah, as if you see him, but if you do not see, know that he sees you, this is worshiping Allah with, right? Allah, Allah, Allah azza wa jal loves

00:53:39 --> 00:53:55

those who are pious, those who have piety, right, those who are very ALLAH SubhanA those who are always keen on performing their obligations, and avoiding the prohibitions of Allah Subhana Allah there is a city

00:53:57 --> 00:53:58

are the

00:54:00 --> 00:54:10

ones who have justice no matter what this may be, even if you're against your own self, or maybe a family member, no matter how rich or poor, they are.

00:54:12 --> 00:54:19

Justice is justice. It doesn't know relations and doesn't know color. It doesn't know gender justice is justice. Allah Allah Allah loves

00:54:21 --> 00:54:25

those who are just one that he mentioned specifically.

00:54:27 --> 00:54:33

As opposed to all of these which are general. He mentioned one specifically May Allah, Allah make us of those. Allah Allah.

00:54:36 --> 00:54:40

Allah, Allah Xena you Cassie Luna Fiscalini.

00:54:41 --> 00:54:52

winyah Alan wattles. The only one who mentioned specifically, Allah azza wa jal loves those who fight in his sake. Is this clear, right? There's not Jihad and

00:54:53 --> 00:54:53

this is

00:54:57 --> 00:54:59

Allah azza wa jal, and no one can cancel this

00:55:00 --> 00:55:00


00:55:01 --> 00:55:05

a lost part of data loves those who fight in his sake write

00:55:08 --> 00:55:12

one line as if it is some building which is

00:55:15 --> 00:55:17

let us say that is

00:55:18 --> 00:55:31

clinging to each other. In other words, the line the people in the line are clinging to each other as if it is a sturdy and robust building. Okay? The line is so strong

00:55:32 --> 00:55:36

and they're clinging to each other so much, that it's almost like if you try to

00:55:37 --> 00:56:06

trust are you trying to somehow separate people from each other in the line you cannot? The robust building right along those along those who fight in his sake in this session, in this man, full confidence, full courage, right? Fighting for the sake of Allah. May Allah doesn't make us of those who fight for his sixth Allah azza wa jal grant us martyrs of Europe. These are people that Allah subhanaw taala also loves

00:56:07 --> 00:56:09

my dear brothers and sisters.

00:56:11 --> 00:56:20

Let me conclude with another important way, Inshallah, to gain the love of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is,

00:56:21 --> 00:56:25

again, something that requires pondering and deliberation.

00:56:28 --> 00:56:29

Think of the fact

00:56:31 --> 00:56:33

that Allah azza wa jal is never too busy for you.

00:56:36 --> 00:56:47

That itself is amazing. Really. He's never too busy for you. Have you ever called on Allah azza wa jal, and he was busy. Subhan Allah? Have you ever said the

00:56:49 --> 00:56:53

UN he didn't reply? Is there for you at all times?

00:56:58 --> 00:57:00

To the beauty and joy of love,

00:57:01 --> 00:57:03

when the one you love always responds,

00:57:04 --> 00:57:09

think about your wife or your husband. Say come anytime times you have called on them.

00:57:10 --> 00:57:17

They didn't answer. Or they're too busy. Busy. Leave me alone. No. Right? Or

00:57:18 --> 00:57:38

you want him to sit with them? Right? You really missed them. And he wants to sit with them. And he wants to be with them. But they didn't want to be with you or they were too busy for you. Or they were preoccupied. Right? Happens all the time. What if it was that every time you called on the one you love, let's say your wife or your husband?

00:57:40 --> 00:57:42

They were there for you? Yes, my love

00:57:45 --> 00:57:57

this like a dream, right? Vice versa. Or maybe your children if you love your children very much, or whomever whomever you may love every time you call on them. They're there for you. Yes.

00:57:58 --> 00:58:13

What can I do for you? I want to be with you now. Okay? Immediately. Look at how easy it would be how beautiful it would be. Allah azza wa jal is never too busy for you. But we are too busy for him. Unless you Allah, I'm sorry. I can

00:58:14 --> 00:58:20

pray for you now, or I cannot make right now. He's never too busy. Every time you say

00:58:21 --> 00:58:22

he's there for you.

00:58:24 --> 00:58:27

Every time you come and you start prayer, and he said Allah,

00:58:29 --> 00:58:36

there is Allah. He will never say no to you. He'll never be too busy for you.

00:58:37 --> 00:58:38

We're not calling

00:58:40 --> 00:58:57

that we want to really love Allah. Think about the fact he has never ever been too busy for you. Anytime you wake up, he will respond. And if you ask Him, He will give you 10 If you pray to him, he's listening to you. And he's responding to you. As we met when we mentioned

00:58:58 --> 00:59:00

when when a person enters prayer and he starts reciting.

00:59:01 --> 00:59:11

And he said Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Allah is not quiet. He says, Hamid and my servant has praised me. You said,

00:59:12 --> 00:59:31

the Most Merciful, the environment merciful. He says, My slave servant has exposed me. When you say Manny came with the owner or the government. He says my slave servant has glorified me so the end of the famous Hadith, he's with you, verse by verse.

00:59:33 --> 00:59:35

Doesn't that increase your love of Allah?

00:59:37 --> 00:59:39

Just just call it

00:59:41 --> 00:59:42

praise Him. And

00:59:44 --> 00:59:46

suddenly affairs and mercy upon

00:59:47 --> 00:59:56

and start to Ha, never too busy. And at the same time, he's answering the door of 1000s of others, listening to the prayers of 1000s of others.

00:59:58 --> 00:59:59

My dear brothers and sisters

01:00:00 --> 01:00:09

It is hidden from Allah subhanahu wa Hydra, he's always there. And he always responds. And not only that, to that,

01:00:11 --> 01:00:11

to that,

01:00:13 --> 01:00:15

whenever you love in this dunya

01:00:17 --> 01:00:18

they nearly

01:00:21 --> 01:00:22

give back

01:00:24 --> 01:00:27

the love that you give them, this is enough of a joy.

01:00:28 --> 01:00:40

Right? That whatever love you give them, they respond in kind and you get it back. But in the case of Allah subhanaw taala wherever you give, he gives you more

01:00:42 --> 01:00:43

you take one step towards him,

01:00:44 --> 01:00:48

is take many more steps towards you. You show him a little bit of

01:00:49 --> 01:00:54

worship and praise, he'll come to you faster, Allah

01:00:56 --> 01:00:57

the ones we love in the dunya

01:00:58 --> 01:01:11

they don't do that. Allah subhanaw taala the more you do, or even if you do something, he comes in and gives you so much more. You worship him a little bit. He'll give you so much more reward you send him

01:01:13 --> 01:01:20

he'll give you so many more blessings. Whatever you do, you increase your love a little bit. For

01:01:22 --> 01:01:25

his love for you increases by multiples Allah, Allah.

01:01:27 --> 01:01:48

Allah subhanaw taala as he deserves to be loved, we have not worshipped him as he deserves to be worshipped. We have not done anything of what he deserved from us and the more and more we love Him and realize his greatness and magnificence, the more and more we will realize that we have not fulfilled anything of what he deserves from us. Allah subhanaw taala make us of those who love Him may Allah Subhana Allah

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may Allah make us of those who are Alia, if he loves me, Allah Subhana Allah make us those who worship him day and night. Ellis patata makers of those who always follow His commands, and avoid these prohibitions May Allah Allah make us of those who always seek him and call on Him and love Him and worshipped him as he deserves to be worshipped and loved? May Allah Allah accept from you and me, may Allah subhanaw taala

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bring us together the highest of paradise in sha Allah with our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Saramonic rahmatullah wa barakato Subhanak along the hamlet

01:02:26 --> 01:02:27

one or two

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