Mohammad Qutub – 3 Tips for the Night of Qadr

Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses tips for achieving success in worship during the Islam-IA (the time of Islam) period. They suggest finding a way to wake up during the day to pray, and finding time to sleep during the night to get enough sleep to achieve the benefits of worship. The speaker also suggests finding a way to free oneself from sleep during the day to pursue worship during the Islam-IA period.
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So we've never heard him come to the island you know salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad Allah annual software to mine, their brothers and sisters as Sarah Manik morph Matala careto Allah's plan with I'll accept from us a new and may Allah subhanaw taala help us in sha Allah to benefit and reap the reward of later terracotta and for maximizing our benefit from these nights. And in sha Allah to get the reward of later the other I want to mention three important tips. Number one, the importance of alone time with Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is because as beneficial as congregational worship is, and you have in the masajid. And you have, sometimes even at home people are praying together,

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which is excellent and it helps people to be energetic during the worship, especially if they get tired, and they feel sticky and so on and so forth. But also it is very important to try to have a long time with Allah subhanaw taala these are very special nights and they will never, they won't come back for another year. And the Muslim in general is a spiritual height, especially during these nights. So try to maximize that time alone with Allah subhanaw taala. And this is the way the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam did it during the RT calf, such that he secluded himself while he was in the masjid, he was in doing Arctic F in the masjid. But he secluded himself in what is mentioned

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the Hadith as a Turkish tentacle but to clear

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something like a tent in order to completely seclude himself in it and have alone having a long time with Allah subhanaw taala. To worship to read more and to pray to do the Quran. So on. Tip number two

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is that

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throughout the year, the norm at night

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is to sleep.

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And this is self evident that this may also be the case during the first one two days of Ramadan. The norm during the night is to sleep. And if there is pm or worship at night, it is usually the exception. My brothers and sisters in the last 10 we want to reverse that.

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Let the norm now be being awake for worship, being awake for the pm and the Quran and so on. And the exception now will be sleeping, right. And in this way, we will realize

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the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in that in the last 10 nights, he would get up

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for most of the night in prayer, so he would spend most of the night in worship, if not all of it. And I think this is one of the very beneficial ways to do so to consider sleeping now the exception and being up the norm.

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In order to do that, tip number three

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is that you have to find a way therefore, to compensate for your sleep during the day.

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And that means if you want to be up for most of the night, and this is also

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quite obvious, you need to find time to sleep. And that therefore has to be during the day. And the only way to do that. And this is what's going to help you to implement Tip number two is to find a way to free yourself up during the day so that you can sleep during the day. Subhan Allah and the verses of Surah 10 resemble where Allah subhanaw taala first commanded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to pray in the middle of the night to do the pm and his companions did it with him as well. In those verses, Allah subhanaw taala says about the ultimate nono chatango James will ever battle him in a coffin hurry Saba hum taweelah That you will have during the day Subhan Allah Willa

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long period of sub and scholars different about this. What is interesting and I want to divert your attention to here is the opinion of m&r best for the Allahu Anhu when he said subhanho wa Taala here means a lot of time for sleep. In other words,

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in order to pray for most of the night, the only ways to compensate for sleep you can just not sleep right. So that sleep you can do during the day because you will have free time for that. This is what we want to try to implement now. And for that you may have

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To try to possibly take some time off work if you're working. If you're working online, you might try to shift the hours. If possible. If you are working as a freelancer or an entrepreneur, this would be much easier.

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If such it is quite early for you, maybe three or 4am, then it's it may not be that difficult to get your an extra four hours, or four or five hours of sleep during the day and be up by 10am or something like that. If you're fresh it is a little bit later, such as maybe 530 or 6am, then you might have to pray. Or you might have to sleep until sometime close to the hood. And therefore

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you need to free yourself up. And that is the only way that you can then spend most of the night in worship or all of it in order to maximize the benefit of worship during Laila the other and in order to reap all of the amazing rewards of Laila the color may Allah subhanaw taala make us for those that come along how you run was Santa Monica live America

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