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The importance of following Prophet's statement and respecting boundaries is emphasized, as it is crucial to feeding one's faith with knowledge about Islam's spirituality. The Shay surgery is discussed, along with the importance of shaying people into doing things and not giving them the option of being. The speakers emphasize the need to be vigilant and use the symbol La [The Insurance to cover one's actions, while also emphasizing the importance of forgiveness and continuous improvement in Islam.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man, can I ask you to kill me he La ilaha illa Allahu Allah Jana, whoever is last words, whoever's final statement and exit ticket if you will, as they depart from this world is La Ilaha illa Allah, they enter paradise May Allah make us offer them.

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This concise Hadith

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summarizes everything.

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This is what it all comes down to right? And that's why I want to ask you humbly to lock out the noise for the next 15 minutes and just close in on yourself and think about what will my last words on earth be? Will it be La Ilaha illa Allah, or could it possibly be something else?

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Because we don't have any second chances, there's no redos on this one.

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Life in and of itself is filled with chances but how you exit life happens only once.

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We have to be extremely vigilant. We only have one chance to walk out of this world with that sacred statement. La ilaha illa Allah you know, this is the statement for which the universe was created. For this statement. Paradise was created, the Hellfire was created.

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For the sake of this statement, Allah sent prophets and messengers, Allah revealed scriptures subhanho wa Taala all this so people will c'est la ilaha illa Allah as they emerge out of their temporary life into their permanent life, it's what will make all the difference and what will outweigh everything else. So who gets to say it? Allah Allah Baraka with Allah was not leaving us in the dark about this either when it's so consequential. He said you thought bit Allahu Levina man will be totally fair. But if it hayati dunya, it's actually Allah.

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Who keeps firm those who have faith

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in this world by saying La ilaha illa as they leave the scholar said, and in the next world, meaning in your grave, when you're questioned by the angels, you're able again to say Allah is my only Lord, it is Allah who keeps firm, and Lavina. Among those who have believed with the firm statement, they unwaveringly say La Ilaha illa Allah in this world as they exit, where Phil Ophira and in the grave when they're interrogated, where you will lead Allah Who volley mean, and it is also Allah who will send a stray at those two junctures the wrongdoers He will send a stray the wrongdoers will have Adela who Mallya shot and Allah does whatever He wills, there is no retaliation. There is no

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objection. There is no room for that. When this is his dominion, this is his property. This is his kingdom to do with it as he pleases Subhanallah WhatsApp, with the Isla?

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Does that mean that he will keep some firm and he will send others astray arbitrarily or unfairly? It's not random. It's not unfair? And the answer is actually in that ayah Allah says He will send you will keep firm and Lavina among those who have faith, meaning by virtue of their faith, Allah will keep them firm. Those who cared about their faith, those who fed their faith. So ask yourself, How much do you feed your faith with knowledge about Allah, and knowledge about his revelation? subhanho wa taala.

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Many people in our times, they're ambivalent. They're just superficial about God. Yeah, there's a God. Yeah, there's a Supreme Being. God works in mysterious ways. Just like that casually. Such a person at death will not be able to recall La ilaha illa. Allah will not be gifted the statement La Ilaha illa Allah because they were not invested in their faith.

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And this does trickle into the Muslim attitude, sometimes the Muslim lifestyle at times, the lines get blurred.

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How often do we feed our faith by devotion to Him?

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Do you expect that a person who does not pray they're five and constantly say Allah is greater? No, he's the greatest No, He's the greatest. That's what Allahu Akbar repeatedly means. That person who does that their faith will never be

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left to ruins Allah says what am I can Hola Hola, Yulia Imana Karim. Allah will never allow all your faith the work you put into faith to go to waste.

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Or check also do you

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to feed your faith by respecting Allah's boundaries, do you act in life as if he is God? As if he's in charge as if he's the only one in charge unchallenged in his authority?

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Or does he say five times a day within these slots and you say four are enough within the slots? The fifth one whenever I wake up, I'll pray it.

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Does he say keep ties with your family? And you say, I'll keep ties with the family members that I like not those that I don't like? Or does he say hey, jab must conceal your body in this way and veil yourself as at our veil this much I'm better than so many others who don't even veil that much, who is your God in terms of the boundaries you respect? Who sets up the do's and don'ts? These are what have will have a huge effect on whether or not you're able to be given that gift you qualify for the gift of being anchored. You have been to Allah Who lives in Amman, Allah keeps firm those who have Eman in this world. And likewise when he said well, you will Allah Who Valley mean, Allah

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sends the wrongdoers astray. It's because they will wrongdoers that they were sent the straight, he is not unfairly leading them astray. He is not misguiding them. No it was because of their being classified as money mean by virtue of their neglect, being consumed and distracted and rebellious from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Like a teacher of mine said that one of his colleagues came off a plane once and said to him, I was in a Muslim country on a plane, and the guy was clearly dying. It was obvious he was dying. And I said to him, c'est la ilaha illa. Allah, He said the money the money is in such in such a place. He said, Forget the money. Nothing is going to matter in a minute. We need to always remember that the accounts on social media or the bank accounts, the news about happenings and events or otherwise celebrities or politics. Nothing's going to matter. The people you're leaving behind that you love so much won't matter. The people that you hate so much that you're they're constantly, you know, in

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your thoughts. They're not going to matter. Nothing's going to matter in a second. Just say that either. Hey, Lola.

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Before it's too late, he says but tell my kids I love them. C'est la ilaha illa Allah and the cat feed the cat make sure they don't throw the cat c'est la ilaha illallah until the Sheikh said that what he said to me, Chef, I don't know why. The statement you're telling me to see I can't say it.

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And it's remarkable because you know, La ilaha illa Allah it's such a light statement. You know, the L sound is on the tip of the tongue. He said this whole long sentence and he can't say La la la ma, because it is from Allah subhanho wa taala. Only if the lei and Rahim Allah Allah says, if you are the type of person that allows shaytaan into your life, and shaytaan is able to deceive you, right? trick you into bad not being that bad, and the good actually being bad and the bad, you know, actually being good that if shaitan is able to toy with you into disobeying Allah and disrespecting his boundaries and trampling his guidance, if he can do that while you're alive, if no claim says,

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then what in the world do you think will be your your odds at death, when shaitan gathers all of his strength for his final blow for when it really matters?

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If you are no, you're a walk in the park for shaytaan. Before this moment, do you think you will survive this moment?

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If he were for example, to bring to you at death to Shayateen on your right and on your left? One of them looking like your dad and one of them looking like your mom and your suffering already. You're disoriented by the pain of death, and that your dad tells you what you who you think is your dad. Trust me in my last moments, I realized that Christianity is the truth quickly become Christian.

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And your mother says to you I always loved you. I carried you inside me I fed you from my body I found out of Judaism was right become a Jew quickly. Do you think you will survive that in the flame says Rahim Allah

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and Imam Muhammad the great Imam. He was falling in and out of consciousness as he was dying. And his son kept hearing him say love that love that. Not yet. Not yet. So he feared his father was seeing the reality of the next world and doesn't want to die.

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And so when he regained consciousness that you keep saying Not yet Not yet what's happening? He says shaytaan keeps coming coming to me and saying to me for 10 years. You slipped from my hands. Oh Imam, you slipped from my hands. Oh Imam trying to get the Imam to put his guard down in the last moment. And I'm telling him not yet. Not yet. Not till I'm dead.

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Another one of the great and the Lucien scholars that will Jaffa I'm going to be Rihanna hola who died in Ramadan shortly before the year 600 Hijiri

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as he was dying, they noticed that they were telling him c'est la ilaha illa. And he kept they kept hearing him say no, no, no. And so when they finally felt he was oriented enough, well, how can you keep saying no every time we tell you like Ilaha illa Allah, he was saying, I didn't hear a word you were saying. There was two Shayateen telling me, trust me become Christian, trust me become Muslim. Just trust me. There's no time, trust me. And I was saying, no, no, no, I was not rejecting La Ilaha illa Allah I was rejecting to let go of my La ilaha illAllah. At that moment, these are gifts from Allah azza wa jal to be firm and that moment, and that is what is intended, by the way, when you're

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supposed to say at the end of every shareholder in your Salah, what are we to become in Pfitzner till mahiya, when my mat, oh Allah protect me from the trial of life and the trial of death. They said the trial of life is either the trial of Shaitan in this life.

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And the trial of death is when he toys with you full strength that death, or the trial of life is when you're dying still in this world, and the trial that death is when the angels question you in the grief. Which means in every prayer, if we are mindful, if we are focused, we're recollecting this moment, that departure moment when we exit this world wishing that La Ilaha illa Allah is what we leave with it. Because if you walk out with it, everything will be alright.

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And you will realize that this world really was just the drop, whether it be pain, whether it be happiness, whether it be riches, whether it be poverty, this was a drop in the ocean was actually on the other side of Coca Cola that was the football Altima Lee welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah wa sallahu la sharika lah who are shadow no Mohammed Abdullah who want to be you who are pseudo.

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Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam certainly spoke the truth when he said men can after Ocala Mihaela Ilaha illa Allah duckula Jana, whoever's last words are La ilaha illa, Allah will enter Paradise, but those who die with La Ilaha illa Allah

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either saying it as they exit or for some people it will be a quicker death or otherwise, and it is lodged in their heart, everyone who at least has it in their heart, every person who meets Allah azza wa jal with La ilaha illa. Allah will fall into one of two categories. They're actually one of two levels.

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The first one is the one who says La Ilaha illa Allah and Allah spare them from dropping it as they exited, but they did not repent for all of their sins as they exited this world. So they will meet Allah with La Ilaha illa Allah

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and with their sins,

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those people will be forgiven. And the only thing they're not guaranteed is to be forgiven unconditionally, it may require purification in the fire, because Allah azza wa jal made it clear in the Quran that being forgiven is guaranteed for those who repent. We're in Nila Farhan Lehmann tab, I will certainly forgive over and over again to those who repent. And so those who meet Allah muslim, they have the threshold the baseline, the bare minimum of Islam, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, but they have not repented, it will eventually put them into paradise they will enter paradise as the Hadith says, but eventually

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the second level that we should all be in a fervent about and forever interested in and making sure our children are bent on is to use La Ilaha illa Allah as a means of constantly purifying ourselves and intending with it a repentance or renewal of your Islam every single time. That's what's meant because that is what is intended with Allah statement.

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Oh, son of Adam, if you were to come to me before our build out of the hatha yoga with an earth fill of sins, fill mela Kitani but then on the day you meet me led to Shinnick V che and you have not associated any partners with me at day two cabbie corabi Hammer Fira, I will bring you an earth fill of forgiveness. While I will barely and I will not care. It doesn't harm me the sins you perform doesn't take anything away from me the forgiveness I'll give you. But that is for a person who cleansed

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Every last form of shidduch from their heart, even the minor, meaning they repented, because you know, when you obey your desires, you're still Muslim, right? If you got weak and obeyed your desires, but it has crowded Allah's oneness in your life, right? And that's why the scholar said this Hadith from Allah is about those who made Toba

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and also the other very beautiful Hadith above the taka. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah will bring a man on the day of judgment, and he will spread in front of him his records of deeds, and they will be 99 deeds so deep that they each of them as as far as his eyes can see, then there is 99 of them until the man is sure that he's finished.

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And then Allah azza wa jal says to him a tongue Curam in haberdashery and the deny any of this.

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Any of this not you confusion of you know names or identities or something you've already repented for. And

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these are sins he doesn't think that anything could get rid of the sins he doesn't know. He says, No, I don't. I'm finished. And so Allah says to him, led to Ben wala to Fulham, you will not be cheated today. Perhaps even from the fear of the moment he doesn't remember that he repented from it. I have for you a card a bit AKA a means of identification. All right, that says La Ilaha illa Allah on it. And it must have been one that he sent sincerely, one that he said later in his life to clean up what's before it. And it was placed in the scales and just when he thought it was worthless, just when he thought it was weightless, and it was pointless, not just that it outweigh

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the 99 scrolls of sins. The hadith says for Pasha, a sawed off all 99 of them when flying out of sight. They were thrown away, all of them because of the sincerity behind and the devotion and repentance that was coupled with that La Ilaha illa Allah that's the way you are to understand it. And so remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at Pharaoh mean La ilaha illa ma Kubla and you have been in a coma Albina

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c'est la ilaha illa Allah all the time so much before you're separated from the chance to do so. Renew with it your faith, remind yourself using it with the glory of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, rectify with it your practice, so that you are given that Sophia that divine grace from Allah that had become your last statement and the statement that erases everything that could haunt us otherwise, without it Allah Huma Amin May Allah azza wa jal forgive us and forgive the deceased Muslims everywhere and every time may Allah make our last words from this dunya La Ilaha illa Allah, O Allah make our last words and the last word of our loved ones from this dunya La Ilaha illa Allah,

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O Allah do not allow us to exit this world without La ilaha illallah in our hearts and allow us the honor of uttering it on our tongues sincerely for your sake and an opportunity to see your face Allahumma Amin May Allah forgive all of the Sikh Muslims and have mercy on all the deceased Muslims and help and assist every troubled Muslim Allah whom I mean we'll start Allah who was Hello Baba kinda b&m Hama dollar early he was Avia Jemaine