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100 I mean, no 100 has no

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medical help

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or not.

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We begin any of the Most Merciful the Restore of mercy, all praise and glory belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Indeed a large soldier is deserving of the best of thanks and the most beautiful of praises. And we testify that no one is worthy of worship with a lot of loan partners and that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a service as messenger, when we sent as a mercy to the world, and we justified the truce, the words the words of Allah, the great glorious for and the rest of guidance, is the pseudonym of our Prophet Mohammed Salah love Allah He was in love is example.

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And the most dangerous matters, the newly added medicine to this religion for everything is perfect and complete way of life is a leading history or even the straight path that only leads to the fire.

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We want to begin shall

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the Saturday evenings that we meet once a month, at least, with a discussion on revisiting our solid, revisiting our prayer and some of the secrets behind the prayer and some of the meanings of the prayer and the importance of the prayer, some of the virtues of the prayer.

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And the reason is, because sometimes even those that make smaller,

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they miss out on most of what is meant by that solid, you know, whenever a person is asked, or he asks himself, you know, when did I become religious? Right? He usually marks it by the time he started praying, and it's correct. That's the mark. You know, when he started praying, that's the first step. Absolutely. But then sometimes as if, like, okay, I started praying, and then after a while, I moved on to more advanced things in Islam, right, bigger and better things. And the prayer starts to take a little bit of a backseat and automatic in his life, he's still praying, but the prayer wasn't as enjoyable as the first was, it wasn't as important as it first was. And this, this

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is an issue. And this happens a lot. This is one of the big tricks of shape on you know, sometimes a person becomes Muslim, because he finds the Quran so amazing, such a miracle. And then 10 years after he's Muslim, if you ask him what's so miraculous about the poor, and just takes a minute to find that answer somewhere in the, you know, in the back of his memory, you know, a person could sometimes become a student of knowledge and it becomes pretty, you know, decent at some of the advanced sciences. And then if you ask them a simple question, like, what's the proof that Mohammed Salah was a prophet? He just it takes a minute together himself? And it's a simple question, right?

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But he moved on to bigger things in his eyes, that's on the academic level, but also on the spiritual level, at times a person does the works of Dawa and

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but at the spiritual level, same thing, a person could be doing big things in Islam, Masha Allah and you know, he's doing more than just the solder. But then how is your saliva? How's your sauna now? And reality this is not as it should be. It's not as timely or as focused or something like this. And you know, I personally have seen the only person and sometimes we ourselves don't have to go see people ourselves are victims of this shape. One pleases trick on us that you're involved in this very big activity, and you're quoting others to Islam and the likes. And then liquidy minute I'm rushing my soul out because of a lecture that I have to give. Or I'm you know, it takes the backseat

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as if it's something secondary, and it should never be that it should never be secondary. How in the world can you take part in Dharma? Right? Can you save others from drowning if you forgot how to swim? Right? So Allah, how can you connect people to Allah when you yourself have become disconnected? Because that's what Sala is, sola comes from Lord sweeter and sweeter means connection.

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It can the connection can only be made so long as a person who remembers who he is. He is a needy, dependent, poor, ignorant slave, and he needs to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala, who has no needs, who is the powerful who is the wise. Once a person understands that relationship, that connection is good. Otherwise, the fuse doesn't fit, right, the switch doesn't enter, right. That's what solid is. It's the connection between Alliance leaves. It has a very strong

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Personal status

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the life of the Muslim and that's why of all the things to be legislated in Islam all the rules of Islam. This is the one that I'm most proud of what Allah commanded the prophets also language personally directly without sending jabril la celemony with a message, right Eliza gel command in homosassa masala in El Mirage in the Night Journey when he ascended through the heavens, because this is a very personal thing.

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So we want to inshallah rehearse every time we meet a few of the meanings of salah and the worth of Salah so we can size it up correctly.

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The very first that we need to know and establish even if we know it is that Sala number one is the most important act within Islam. The most important act of Islam is what the Shahada actually enter Islam, Shadow Allah either a llama

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by denouncing every false god and accepting Allah is the one true God worthy of worship.

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That is what he becomes and you enter the family of Islam and the Muslims become your brothers. Right after that. The most important thing is Allah. Allah says audiences for interval upon solid where there was a character for a while

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when they repent if they repent me from the shift from their disbelief that's entering Islam and then establish the solid and pay this, then and only then are they your true brothers in their religion. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the height of neuroma

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Islam was built upon five you know the five pillars of Islam. Number one, testimony at none is worthy of worship with a lot in the name the message of a lot number two, to establish the solid status again, fasting from one house to the house, the holy house

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and also in the province of Allah. widen the gymnasium and Hades in Bukhari Muslim narrated by members of the level I don't say don't live in the ghetto Tamara told me,

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you're gonna approach the people of the People of the Book, one of the actions of the People of the Book. So when you do that, let the first thing you call them to be prepared to last the worship of Allah. They agree to those terms, for either out of love once they know a lot, once they single him out, the answer is that we're gonna love our holiday and have selected for the only one later, then immediately before anything, you inform them that Allah has instructed them with five proofs, and then I can do it's the most important thing

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and the key to everything else. That's why it's very amazing that they love on the hollyford. As you can imagine, he sends a message to his governance.

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What does he tell his governance, it tells them what Ireland and Morocco recommend the assala know that the most important of all your affairs to me is solid. That's how you build this data. The most important thing is solder femin half half of all happy Latina because whoever safeguards the solder has safeguard the rest of his religion. Woman boy Yeah, I have a holy mess you are healthier, and whoever is careless with it is going to be even more careless with everything else. While I have in Islam, mini Metallica, solid music and there is no shear and left in Islam for a person that has left the solid.

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And this makes sense because Can you imagine someone that safeguards this honor, meaning they prey on time in the rescue with focus all of that and then he's gonna break his fashion unintentionally at a time of normal but no way. You can't would you can imagine the opposite. Right? There are tons of people that are like alright man, let me just go to my stuff I can you know, break my fast to normal but so he'll fast in Ramadan, get it over with but still he's careless with his Sala. Why, because Salah is different. So that's about a month, Salah is not every day, but it's not every day, it's five times every single day, right? So when a person is already habituated, it becomes regular

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in his life, that he has to respond to the call, have a look over and over and over. Everything else is simple, right? That's why it's the most important thing in Islam. He said the most important thing in my eyes of all of you is solid, everything's guaranteed everything else.

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It'll be even more careless with everything else. And that brings us to our second point

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that Sala number one is the most important thing within Islam.

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Number two is that it helps you with the rest of your Islam a lot. So just as Napoleon was there, you know the summary was solid and seek strength in patience and in prayer. But I was at the scholar said he didn't say this is the strength for what seek help and aid for what because it applies to everything. Seek strength for whatever you need.

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strength will seek help and whatever you need through patience and prayer.

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And the most important thing you need is your religious commitment with Allah subhanho wa Taala as the opposite alomost literally Dini and Lily who are estimated enmity, Oh Allah rectify for me, my religion, my religiosity with the strength, my religion, which is the stronghold of my affairs, that's what's gonna determine whether I want to be successful or failure in this world. The next is everything. Everything revolves around that.

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So your needs, you seek strength and patience at birth, the most important of your need is Islam.

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And the prophets also have said, It's clearly when he said,

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I'm really slammed the head of the matter is Islam surrendering to Allah, what our musalla and our mood, its column, you know, I'm always I'm always a little polling put in the middle of a tent, to keep the tent. So in that tent, when that pole falls, the 10th folds, right? Likewise, it holds up your dean for you, holds up your Islam for you, when that falls, your Islam falls.

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So similar to Islam is like the head to the body, you cut off the head, the body can survive, you know, you can lose a hand and keep going right, but you can't lose your head and keep it moving. Doesn't work. Salah is like that, once you have it, it helps you with the rest of your deed, and is also clear in the height of NSE. That's

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the first thing a person is asked around their judgment is solid.

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If that goes well, the rest of his deeds go well. And if that goes bad, the rest of his deeds go back.

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Well, that's, that's not here. So why are you saying it's gonna help me here. But the Hereafter is just the the results of the exam.

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Meaning it's one of the ways to know how you do good and the rest of your deeds, I can do good solid, it's an automatic trigger. This leads to that in this dunya and then you see the results of that in the after.

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You see the Living Color, the FL

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and that's why when the answer to

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the lavonne himself, he wouldn't just tell you this governance spray

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from Thailand, he said, I entered upon

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such as he was laid out because I wouldn't

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have died. Or the law or the incident where he died. I wouldn't have died how who knows the youth tell? Anyone know how to do that.

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And the prayer killed him. How did he die? That's when he died would How did he that

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he was that evolution what you see when he received from a loyalty deserves

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the fire worship for the Persian men who claim to be a Muslim, entered the ranks in prayer in our own house Panama used to make it

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and you say Oh Allah at the end of his life. My bones have grown weak

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and my responsibilities are too much he feared you know shortchanging the rights of allowing us the halifa

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and I wish to die Shaheed in the city of your profits on the levada Houston and no one understood how this could be because the battle would happen outside of Medina has been an ethnicity of the Prophet. It's gonna happen outside with Allah subhanho wa Taala made that a reality for him.

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And he was stabbed. He was gutted like this

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news there in the first block of salted fish. He came from behind the dark you can imagine his arm there's so many lights and fish inside of the soul habits and maybe a few lenders that are there. And

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he put the knife the poison dagger in the central government and he pulled it

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until they grabbed him and they later killed I wonder if I thought when he was unconscious Of course I can go through the whole story now. Mr. mahomes I answered I said key for Hello How's he doing? cameras are as you see

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that doesn't look good.

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So he said So did he pray the try to wake him up he said he's not waking up. All I could do is follow

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tunku to clue bc in EFSA Allahu Allah is you want to wake him up. Tell him it's prayer time because you're not going to be able to wake him up with anything that scares him more than that reminder of the prayer. So they can say a solid a solid

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it's prayer time it's very time I'm gonna need

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some junk.

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And he said Let us go have coffee in Islam even savasana there is no right in Islam for someone who leaves the slide. And he got up and he began to break while his injury was gushing with blood.

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How could you miss solid

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because sometimes you don't say I'm

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not even read. These are the pillars of Islam guys. This is not something

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Advanced. That's why we keep saying this is of the pillars of Islam. Being a Muslim means minimum five prayers a day.

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Missing fetch is a catastrophe. It is an absolute catastrophe. You know, speaking of the Sahaba

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and a Sydney Malik was in the Muslim army, that conquered.

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Shot is one of the greatest Persian cities and strongholds.

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And the Muslims laid siege to stop for a year and a half.

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That is a very long time for an army to hold a city, you know, because you know, you're sitting there and there's no food coming and you don't get deliveries and you're running out of resources and you got men, right. It

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was painstaking for the most and very taxing on themselves. until Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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permitted that finally the Muslims enter the city and the battle actually take place in the walls begin to fall, right before Vegeta time

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the bathroom got the hottest. And there was 30,000 Muslims there fighting against 150,000 Persians.

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And they're the ones behind the walls of the project and the Muslims outside. So when they saw an opening, it was now or never. And so they entered and it was an unreal bet. One of the most epic battles in the history of Islam.

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And Allah Subhana Allah permitted, that the Muslims enter and they count

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a few minutes after sunrise. And of course in the heat of the battle of being outnumbered five to one and more soldiers and is not being your land and all of this there's no way they're just going to leave a sword on top of their head. It's their level and embrace it's impossible. What are you going to do it suicide to pray

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for the prayed fetch that day?

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after sunrise, for the people who think it's okay to pray today, and when we go for 8am or 9am whenever we're about to go to work, we just prefer to keep it moving.

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The same way. Except the prayer before it's the time isn't it that after it's time even the time ends refrigerate sunrise, so they entered after sunrise and the Muslims

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were granted this great victory at

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NSF numerical delavan whenever you hear someone speaking about this great victory of history will break down crying

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and you'll say what's so good about sad?

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What will benefit me when I missed ah

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What do I say to Allah subhanho wa Taala it tells me that you conquer this is the day you love my bread. And how good is his excuse? He has an excellent excuse of a lot of time how poor is our excuse? He says I would not exchange this whole world all of it. I just thought he would say I would not exchange his whole world and everything in it in exchange for the finish of that day if I can get it back

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this is everything right so he said it aids you in the rest of your deal there is no right in Islam no share of Islam when someone leaves Allah he's gonna miss everything else.

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Number three is that Salah

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is the twin of every act of worship. This is part of number two, but I just want to single it out that what calls our attention to this and operand that you find solace paired with all the other acts of worship as if to tell us that once this worship is here so that the rest will be there you see for example solid paired up with what someone solid comes alone right a p masala establish the solid. Other times you find solid coming with patience.

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Staring with somebody was solid seek aid and patience and prayer right? At times you find the gap paired with Salah over at times you'll find upheavals will occur at times if I saw that paired with jihad. Right. I was student of al Qaeda and make records to Judah sola and do good, successful

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jihad. Right? So Salah is always paired with the other acts of worship. And it's mentioned that the leads are too long the evidence is to mention them now. But it's mentioned the beginning and the end of certain acts of worship. Like if you go to the moon, you'll see that I was deaf, let me know in the believers successful. And let me know if he saw it and those that are focused in their prayer, then there's a whole long list of qualities that believers have. And then the end again by saying one Latino, Latino, half alone, and those that are protective of their prayers. So all these good qualities, they're sandwiched between the prayers as if you have the prayers, you have everything

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else automatic and the same thing exists. And so the marriage as well It begins with the prayer that a whole list of good deeds and ends with the prayer as well.

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This repetition is not without our wisdom and to think why is mentioned twice right where is it mentioned?

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It is mentioned with every good deed with the Sala comes every other good deeds that's number three Salah is between of every act of worship. Number four is that Salah is the mother of all worships, you know the mother is where we come from, right? That's the root and we are the branches right? So Allah contains all the different flavors of worship they get combined in Allah.

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Allah subhana wa udy learn on 18 and stand for Allah in full devotion. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, in life a solid a shoe Buddha mojarra Muslim Indian solid is a business you know, the business business means means Salah contains that which keeps you totally busy.

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What does that mean? Let me explain further. Salah is not like fasting, because when you're fasting, you're just doing one thing and that's staying away from food drink and you know intimacy. That's just one thing you're doing what you're allowed to talk when you're fasting, right? Talk you're allowed to sleep when you're fasting is allowed to buy and sell when you're fasting is

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person making hij while he's making Hajj he's still allowed to eat while he's making hedge right? He's still out to talk while he's making hydrator on Sala is not like Sala wants every ounce of you. That's what I mean by the mother of all worships it wants.

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It wants your body doing certain motions and your heart and your tongue is speaking and your eyes are looking and your hands are somewhere and your feet you have to be standing. It is it combines it all together. It's a buisiness meaning you're supposed to be completely preoccupied with your solid. That, by the way is of the proofs

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that for example, the many things that you should not like for example, a person that drinks or eats in the middle of soda that invalidates a solid, summer's over, you know why? Because

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the soda is a buisiness. So meaning if you are not busy in your solar, if you're distracted, that invalidates your solar, the scholar see how many movements in Salama unfolded the solar summer lmsc to Somalia might see more, some University.

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They give numbers. But the point is what the rmse what all these numbers represent that if a person does them it is as if they're not in solid. It's too much. This guy's not praying. That's what it all comes back to that. How do you understand? I remember one time, I entered the masjid. And I saw a guy. He woke up to the software.

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Right? And he's fixing his watches cuff stillness, bell. Paul, his hands never reached his chest until he made them cool. He's just busy with other things. Right? A one knows best about the validity of this prayer. They said, they said how can you tell if this is too many movements and invalidates the prayer they said if you look at him, he doesn't appear to be installer. And installers. In fact, that's how you can tell. Right? Well, based on what this is the point in the facility that shows was supposed to preoccupy you. It wants your heart and your soul in your mind and your limbs all of it your entire essence for the slaughter.

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You know that there's a beautiful Hadith of

00:23:27--> 00:23:30

the Prophet SAW Selim said that or was it revealed to him

00:23:31--> 00:23:32

to gather

00:23:33--> 00:23:45

and he gathered them in a place and they filled the rafters. Imagine that he had them in a stadium, okay? And they filled the place it was overflowing, you had to get every last one of them. And he told them Allah commanded with five things

00:23:46--> 00:24:16

and 11 minutes to practice them myself one more document to begin and to command you to do these five things. One of them he said and he commanded me to tell you to make smaller and one of us in Sala he should not turn right or left for in nama house of worship the Abbe de sala de melamine because a lot turns his face to the face of his sleeve while he's praying. So long as he does not turn left and right.

00:24:17--> 00:24:34

See all of you needs to be in the sauna. Right? And the other method is a lot of turns away from you when you turn your face inshallah so whatever Of course, returns is hard and solid, right? You have to get past this we have to fight because the hardest more important than the face to face understood.

00:24:37--> 00:24:56

And also our eyes our prophet SAW, Selim commanded us not to move our eyes towards the heavens and he threatened those that do that, that a person even his eyes have to be there in the place of salute. In the plane, he says, the best of Acts is to recycle and to make and to praise Allah. These are the best of acts in our religion.

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

Each and every one of them is a great act.

00:25:00--> 00:25:18

So once Allah included all of them together in the same place, right? And instead it became better than any other act done by itself. And this would make Sala the greatest of act because it's the mother of all worships that the root and the combination of them all together. So that was number one.

00:25:23--> 00:25:24

Let's do one more job.

00:25:27--> 00:25:34

Number five is that solar was the farewell advice of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he was dying

00:25:36--> 00:25:36


00:25:37--> 00:25:40

Thailand and he said, Can I can I mean

00:25:41--> 00:26:01

he was a llama, our solar, a solar, it was a female, American female, the very last words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam work outside of Solomon, you remember the prayer, remember the prayer, fear of law with regards to what your right hands possess, meaning those in your control those under your authority.

00:26:05--> 00:26:34

And as a developer, the loved one he said can add a little carrot effortlessly. It also is a lot harder to sell them. A little bit sanno a solar, a solar, it's a lot of us medical, a medical, the very last will and testament, the dying, interesting is will sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says as his tongue was getting choked up with it. He was alone. Was solar, a solar fear Allah with regards to water, right. Hence business.

00:26:36--> 00:26:37

There's quite a few things to be said about this.

00:26:39--> 00:26:40

Of course,

00:26:42--> 00:26:55

this was his last word to the people. And that's why ns scalded cat F and we'll see you the last thing he entrusted the interesting to the people. His last words were What

00:26:56--> 00:26:58

are his last words, his last words?

00:27:02--> 00:27:02


00:27:04--> 00:27:21

are a lot of the highest company? Yes. So his last words to us was keep your connection with Allah. And his last words totally before his heads fell Salah holidays. And as he says, you will say Oh Allah, the highest company connect me with you. Oh, Allah, the highest company

00:27:22--> 00:28:06

that I used to make the art for him that he will feel better. You see, I mean, this is the Salama audio center. And he would say better off than Allah rather rather means no, no, not this, I want the highest company. I should. He said that on him to a nebula. So I knew that he was not going to pick us. Meaning that he was given the choice at that moment, some of our audio send them and he told them before that no prophet dies at that Allah gives him the choice. die now or late right? Right now or remain. This is only for the prophets. The Angel of Death does not take permission from anyone, but the profits out of respect and honor for them. She said and he said no, I don't want

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this. I want the highest company. So I realized he was not going to choose us. She says and he kept saying that well refused to know the highest company, she says until his hand felt solid body.

00:28:19--> 00:28:22

So this is the first thing that he This was his last words to his

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what his last words. So Allah subhana wa Tada. We're regarding that very same subject, that he wished to be with Allah and connected with Allah the same way he lived. And that's the second point about the Hadith. that a person if you want to know the most important thing in their life, go listen to them as they're dying.

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Anyone to put on a show for as long as they want. But if you want the summary of somebody's life, right before they die, the most important thing to them in truth will come out at that moment.

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You want to know why homosassa lamb was the greatest human being ever, it's because of his connection with Allah Subhana Allah. And we'll go through this in Sha one that later weeks if Allah permits, this is the second thing we take from the body. The third thing is the brilliance of those words. You know, he's not just telling you about Sadat and just telling you about, you know, those who possess your employees or those under your authority, he actually summarized for us Islam in those two sentences, because of sola, sola, sola, as the rights of Allah

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and fear Anwar, with regards to those on the authority, meaning the rights of the creation. And that's basically ardene safeguard the rights of Allah and safeguard the rights of the creation. Right. So look at the brilliance of his word, some of love on ego center. And the last thing I want to say about this,

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before I close the challah, is that these other dying words, the dying request of your prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, trust me Just hold on to this and be careful with that.

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You know, even the most delinquent person

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biggest sin, the biggest criminal out there,

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the one that he loves, he upholds his dying wish. Versus say, Listen, I'm, I'm, I'm a thug, and I'm a murderer, and I'm a thief. And I'm all that. But this, this was a dying wish of my dad. So I got to do it, right, my dad that says, do this, and now's the time, I don't care what the cost is, I'm going to do it.

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So the believer, when he remembers it, this is the dying wish of your prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to never forget this. And to give the greatest importance to this, this should be of the clearest indicators. And this is something we don't play with, nor allows her to want to steal from us our share of masala those are the five virtues that I wish to mentioned today. And believe it or not.

00:30:52--> 00:31:20

This is actually what I'm relaying to you now is a summary of a series that he gave called a solid to the math of why we break. And I just, as I tell everyone I fell in love with the series that I said I have to, you know, relate to the to the English audience. And he mentions over 30 of the virtues of solder, before he goes on to the dangers of leaving slaughter. And then advices, about sada Lee so we're done with five out of 34 of the virtues at least of chapter one.

00:31:22--> 00:31:50

So now allows it make it a benefit and enable us to rekindle our relationship with Asana. and enable us also of the benefits of this series before I close in a minute is our ability to explain to others and encourage others solid, right? You know, just gonna sit here and say, Come on, man Come on, just makes a lot of noise. We don't know how. So let this also be a means to help you on how to encourage and how to explain and how to vow and how to bring people to the masjid and how to make sure they

00:31:51--> 00:32:26

there's a big difference. Big difference in your doubt. And in your effect on your children and the effects on your communities. between someone sitting there and just telling talk, right? Just like human talk and stories and you know, wise words and all that stuff. And between you saying I attend a hadith and I added Hadith Why? Because this is the words of the Lord of the worlds of China without his wife, his revelation. And Allah created those hearts so it fits perfectly with the hearts you're never going to be able to put together an argument that's going to affect the hearts better than the argument and the words of the one who created those words. And that's what most of

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us will never tell them. I'm just warning you with revelation I'm telling you this is a law speaking right. So of the benefits of this and Charles for us to rekindle our relationship with Asana and to for us to be equipped with the tools and the you know the weapons it's Alma to battle the shape on off of our brothers and sisters in Islam and to be able to win their hearts swords standing in front of a loss of power gotta consistently Fletcher flourish in the machine as much as possible with sure every single time inshallah or climbing the ladder in that direction even. Are there any questions?

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Any questions, last call sisters, any questions?

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is like a lovely

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salad that might have been all earlier.