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from among the countless billions of women that have ever walked this planet and breathed this air, only one woman had a chapter named after her in God's Final revelation of God and only one woman has been mentioned in that pore and an unmatched 34 times. Only one woman had a remarkable birth, and then she herself gave birth to her child in a unique, miraculous way. This was none other than the wondrous Mary Mary mpsp upon her, whose story of profound faith and virtue the whole and confirms time and time again, and immortalizes. In one authentic tradition, the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, included her in such elite company, that he identified her among the very

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select human beings that have ever perfected their faith. The similarities between her times and hours and her challenges and hours make the account of Mary peace be upon her so relevant for us. Consider her circumstances her society or culture, Mary was born among the latter generations of the Israelites, whose regard for religion had largely disintegrated. She was born in a world riddled with disbelief, a world that marked God's signs and dismissed God's guidance, kind of similar to our secular a religious world today. But none of that faze Mary. She remained unwavering in her conviction, despite the world that mocked her beliefs. She was a beacon of light and a torchbearer

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for faith in a world that was an abyss of darkness and doubts. In any case, this woman has a particularly esteemed rank with Almighty God. And that is why Muslims are called to rehearse her virtues and to quench their thirst for guidance through the fountain that is her story. So who was married? What were her roots? Where did she stem from? A law speaks about this in the Quran, and he says,

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So from the line of Adam, God chose Noah, and from the line of Noah, God chose the family of Abraham, and from the family of Abraham through the line of Isaac, then Jacob, God chose the family of Emraan. All as the best of humanity in their respective times. The wife of Emraan was Hannah, known in English as a saint and a righteous virtuous woman who had longed for a child but could never have one. Historians mentioned that one day she saw a scene that she could not bear. It was a mother bird placing food inside the mouth of her helpless hatchlings, the chicks, and so were heartbroken at that moment and she earnestly appealed to God to grant her the blessing of

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motherhood. And ultimately, and eventually, she found out that her prayer was in fact answered and that she was now pregnant. Allah says about this in the Quran.

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Allah Fie Bocconi.

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In an authentic tradition, Abu hurayrah, the great companion narrated the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him said that every newborn comes out from their mother's womb screaming, and that is because the devil pokes at them as they are born, except for to, except for Mary and her child, meaning Jesus Christ peace be upon them both Abu hurayrah, the narrator says, and if you want the confirmation of this, you can find it in God's words, and he would recite that previous verse. In other words, it was the prayer of the mother of Mary, that armored Mary and her offspring from being poked by the devil. And thus Mary was born in a very unique, remarkably peaceful, tranquil

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way. But how would Hannah now uphold her vow because as she said, the mail is not

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Like the female. In other words, she had promised to dedicate her child in the service of God's house, the holy house in Jerusalem. But this was an occupation that was customarily for the males. They were the priests that were the caretakers of the house. However, in due time, signs kept surfacing that Mary was no ordinary child, there was something very special about this girl. So much so that these scholars of Scripture, the Torah of the time,

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would compete with one another as to who would become the caretaker of Mary. This was an extraordinary scene folded away in human history lost knowledge, but Allah insisted to revive it in the poor.

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historians gathered that the scholars of Scripture all competing for the honor of mentoring her said, we will cast our pens, the pens that we only use to transcribe God's sacred word, in the Jordanian River. Whatever pen does not float away, is the pen of the man that God wants to take care of this precious girl.

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And lo and behold, all of their pens float away, except that of one man, to cause them all to understand that God did not want her in the care of just any scholar, not even a scholar of Sacred Scripture, but the scholar who was himself a prophet Zechariah peace and blessings be upon him, about this, Allah says,

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in the shade of Prophet Zechariah, peace be upon him and under his tutelage, Mary grew to learn the sacred sciences of devotion to Almighty God. He had the exclusive honor of entering her chamber only he had the keys to it, which allowed him the privilege of serving her, but even allowed him an opportunity at times to learn from his own student and apprentice, a lot captures this in the Koran as well and says Gordon,

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Paul, Paul,

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non law

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it was reported that when zacharia peace and blessings be upon him enter to recorders he would find something very strange there, he would find food in there that he didn't drink. And even if someone were to have a set of keys that he was exclusively entitled to. He was finding fruits there in the winter that are only available in the summer, and fruits there in the summer that are only available in the winter. And so he was perplexed and asked Mary, how is this possible? And she reminded him not to calculate when it comes to God's grace. The whole answer is that it was at that very moment that Zechariah turned in supplication to God for a child, dismissing the fact there of his old age,

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refusing to calculate the elderly infertility of his wife at that moment. And it was at that moment that God granted him with a miraculous child. Yeah, john the baptist peace and blessings be upon him. Let us now move to the height of Mary's story itself in the chapter Maria the chapter Mary, and let us reflect on it uninterrupted as God asks us to do in this passage. What glorfindel kita be moriyama

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Makana Shakti

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there's so much to learn from this single day in the life of Maria peace and blessings be upon her, such as clarifying that the Holy Spirit was in reality the ark Angel messenger Gabriel peace and blessings be upon him who carried the message of God to the messengers on Earth, but was not God Himself. It also reiterates that Jesus Christ peace and blessings be upon him. His central message was delivering people to God, not to himself, of course through him meaning through his teachings and through his example. But there are two powerful lessons from the story of Mary herself that we wish to conclude with.

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First and foremost, God told Mary, shake towards yourself the trunk of the palm tree, ripe edible dates will fall upon you to eat. He is telling a woman to shake the trunk of a palm tree after delivering a child, when the strongest of men do not change.

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Take palm trees to bring dates down. That's just not how it works. The profound lesson here is engaging your reality while relying on God. You see one of the great imams of Islam, I met him in Hamburg, heard about a group of people that stay in the house of worship all day in the mosque, and say we've put our full trust in God. He said, These people have no trace of knowledge whatsoever. They are so shallow on their understanding of religion. He said, Do they not hear God saying to Mary, shake towards you the trunk of the palm tree, do what is in your hands as if it's all up to you, while knowing that you and everything in your hands is all up to God. Secondly, Mary peace be

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upon her witnessed the powerful miracle, Jesus Christ peace be upon him as an infant speaking in the cradle. And that was enough for her to feel reassured to dispel her anxieties to bolster her faith that God is going to be with me no matter what I have to encounter right now of accusations or otherwise. A few hours later, her people heard the infant speaking in the cradle, and it only increased them in rejection of married and they disbelieve in God. He here God reminds us that proofs are useless. Miracles are ineffective for people not willing to believe. You see, Mary sought faith. And so she found it. And her people thinking it was convenient, sought doubt and so they

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found it. Just as blind faith is imprudent, unwise on Islamic even stubborn rejection can lead a person into blindness into faithlessness into destruction. And hence a law says in more than one place in the world.

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we asked a lot to further honor Mary, our mother in faith and in modesty. If you enjoyed this video along with all the other content that one path network produces, please support us so we can create more beneficial content for the world. Go to one path and you can support us from as little as $1 a day. Just like a lot.

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