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The importance of honesty in difficult situations and the use of emotions to guide actions can lead to feelings of loss and depression. The need for flexibility is also emphasized. The speaker discusses the negative consequences of becoming a Muslim and the importance of accepting one's own limitations. The speaker emphasizes the need for guidance to avoid false accusations and a clear path for change, and offers guidance to help people become more confident in their values.

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Hungry little and I don't want to start up when I still feel when I was 11 fusina will say it I'm not enough. De La La La La La La La La La

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La La ilaha illallah wa the hula sharika shadow no Mohammed Abu who wanna be you who are pseudo? Yeah you're Latina de la Hakata party Allah tomato Nila and Tomas Ramon? Yeah yohanna su tipo de como la de la comida FC wahida wahala fabinho jaha bestimmen humare gelang casiotone when he

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was taco la la de ser una be here or ham in Allaha Khanna on a camera Kiba Yeah, you're Latina. aminata por la Hello boo Poland sadita la cama como la comme vinoba, qu, a la la la Sula, hufa defesa, frozen alima

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after praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and testifying that none is worthy of our worship, and our devotion and our ultimate love and obedience but Allah and Allah alone the mighty and majestic, and after testifying at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was his servant and His Messenger and the finality of prophethood. And after reminding myself I knew the taqwa of Allah and welcoming us and youth to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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My brothers and sisters, the last time we were together, we spoke about the importance of honesty, and it being the super fix, even if it has a pinch for all of our problems.

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I wanted to expand on that today about what opens us up for honesty.

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When Musa alayhis salam

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was sent to the tyrant Pharaoh, the very first thing he asked Allah subhanho wa Taala for is very telling and very wise. And he said, I'll be Sherif Ali Saudi oil Siddeley emri Oh, my Lord, it should actually Saudi expand my chest for me. What does that mean? The emotional impediment, the weight of what I have to deal with right now, help me get past that. That's, or else nothing will ever start, you will not engage reality unless if you're too, you know, intimidated by it.

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And so he says, expand for me, this isn't shut off of my chest.

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We're certainly Emory. And so that you can ease by that my affair, my mission.

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And whether it's federal, or some other challenge in our life, we're always on a mission.

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Even if we sit down and do nothing, events will come our way that we have to accommodate so that we can get past cope with. You know, it's very similar to the fact that

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in like therapy, they talk about the stages of grief when someone's trying to cope with some tragedy, some loss, they say, first, the person is in denial. This didn't happen, I didn't lose that person, they're in denial, then it becomes anger, roughly, of course, it's not an exact science, then it becomes anger. And then from anger, it goes to a negotiation like maybe it's not as bad as it is, right. And then they go from negotiation to they call it depression, like you just get faced with reality, there's really is no way around it. And then you get to acceptance, that's the fifth stage they call it. So that idea, there's so many emotions that trap us when we're trying to engage

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or when when we're forced to engage our reality.

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That is extremely important to realize, because it is one of the greatest things that can hold us back from being honest, our inability to realize why we're not being honest with ourselves, which is that we're afraid of the cost of being honest.

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So the easiest example is the easiest truth, Islam. Some people cannot see the truth of Islam, even though it's so clear, because they don't want to see the truth of Islam. Right? It's not because it doesn't make sense. It's because I'm afraid to allow it into that sector of my mind where it will make sense I'm afraid to measure it. That's why Allah azza wa jal said about this inshallah, this ability to accommodate you know, the task at hand. He said, when you read the law, who adea who Yasha satara, who in Islam, when Allah wishes to guide someone, he expands their chest for Islam, he didn't say he opens up their mind. Even though our Deen is an intelligent Dena rational Deen. It

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makes sense. He says he opens up their heart because you cannot think straight clarity of thought, unless you are taken care of emotionally grounded

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opening the door to that to begin with. I remember years ago when I was in college abroad

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Other of ours with me in the dour was approached by a sister, he approached the sister and she said to him, listen, I don't believe in a God just know. So he went on to tell her how wild a proposition that is that you can't actually believe there's no God. And so after a while, she gave in and she said, Well, you know, it's not that I don't believe in a god, it's just that religion has so many rules.

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So she opened up, this was the real hurdle for her. And he tried to get her past that, that it's not that big of a deal. Like, just take it easy. You've been following rules the whole time, like you were born. And you know, you were a child, and you wanted to play but it was bedtime, and it was just rules. And then you grew up a little bit, and you wanted to go out with your friends. But it was sad time. So there was rules, then you had a job interview, and you prefer wearing your pajamas, but you're not going to get your job. And he began to walk her through this. But there was rules, you got your license, you have to get somewhere fast, but it was a red light. So there was rules.

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You wanted to do a certain something with your spouse, you know, would not tolerate it. And so you have to weigh do I really want to rock the boat, there was rules. He walked her past this, but the point is, in the beginning, she put on like a show about not believing in God, when in reality, she may not have even known that she didn't want to believe in God. That's the idea. realize what is behind behind your refusal to consider certain things. And in terms of emotional struggle towards becoming Muslim, I don't know of any example that I can think of at least like Abu Fianna

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and the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This man was his oldest enemy, his whole mission, Abu sufian was his enemy. Right? Then at bed, all of the leaders of kurush die He was not so now he became the leader of his enemies. And he started launching military campaigns, assassination attempts against the Prophet la Soto setup. He was relentless. He was a war criminal by every measure.

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Ultimately, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gathered all of Arabia, and they were going to liberate Mecca. Allah best who's the uncle of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And Muslim was a good friend of Abu sufian. he snuck Abu Sufyan into the camp, and they answered and Omar chased them and barged into the tent that said, you know, so let me kill him. He deserves to die. And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said, let it go. Leave it alone. Just let it go. And so Sofia was so moved by his enemy that he said, you know, Matt lemma came outside like Mr. crummock You're so forbearing You're so good to your your leader, your family because they're from the same tribe.

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Right? He said, You're so noble. He told him so won't you testify to Layla Hey, Lola. Now. He said if there was any god but Allah he would have saved me by now there must only be one God. He said, will you testify that I'm the Messenger of Allah? Kala vecchia Fie. Had the heat for enough semen heavy Shea and hotel and

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he said, No, no, that's too much. He said, that's one. But you being the messenger, there's still a discomfort inside me about it. Can you imagine like, at this point, it just, it's now an alarm. Bell yelled at him. He told him like I brought you in here. I snuck you in here. This is your final chance. Now we're never like you. You have no reason to be forgiven. But if you become Muslim, they're forced to forgive you everybody. But he couldn't get past the fact that I'm going to become a follower of someone else's family. Because they're both from Croatia with different families inside of porridge. Banu Hashim was a fan was not from them. It's for Ben omega.

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And so he said, Okay, fine, Shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, he becomes Muslim. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knew knew that

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Abu sufian his heart was still not open to Islam. He just you know, he made do with the situation. And so he said to an Abbess, he said to him, make him stand as the opening of the valley, the mountain pass. And when the armies come, make sure he sees them. And so our best stands with him. And I was a fiancees. huge crowd. He says, Who is this? alabaster? That's really far, far. Why Why in the world is reformed coming to attack me attack Mecca.

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And then he passes and then another Who's that? That's so lame. That's another huge each one of these tribes are numbered Mecca. And now not just Are they all united? They're all united under Mohammed's banner on a salatu salam, something that hasn't happened in 2000 years uniting Arabia never happened before.

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And so he says, Look at us, Baja, Maluku, Ebony Africa, Avi min. Abu Sufyan says, The kingdom of your nephew, Mohammed Ali Sato ceram has become so great.

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And our best said to him kingdom, he said Nana boo, he's a prophet. It's Prophethood. Like what's so hard to understand? And it was only at that point, I just want you to catch this at that point that Abu sufian

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said for now I'm even in that case, yes it is. It must be like you did become Muslim and you heard the whole end and you knew it was supernatural. You didn't become Muslim when you saw the miracles in front of you, but it was after the emotional right or deal was over. I finally openly said Mohammed to the Prophet. I got past the hurdle. You know, I broke the ice as they say. And then the Prophet Allah His salto said, when he became Muslim, he said, You can tell people in Mecca that anyone that goes into your house is safe, he gave him a little more to help them. At that point, he said, Okay, fine. He's a prophet at a later stage. And so this idea that many times, we may be

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opposed to something and you don't even realize why you're against it, because you're afraid of the cost of it. But in order to think straight, be honest with yourself, which is the only way to solve our problems. You don't need an open mind. Before that. You need an open heart. And this is something only Allied soldiers can grant us. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say and memorize this if you forget the whole quote, but remember that your prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam used to say, don't be Houdini, while you're sitting who Delhi Oh, my Lord, guide me and make guidance easy for me. Right not just discovering it, the ease of actually accepting it,

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wanting it. Oh Allah guide me and make guidance easy for me. I call the call the other stuff

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena, Viva La ilaha illAllah.

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Muhammad, an Abba who want to be you who are solo.

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There is one author that I'm particularly fond of that I came across him saying that he used to visit the prison systems in the Muslim world.

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And visit people that were brainwashed by the tech feed mentality, this ideology that the Muslim masses are all non Muslims. They've all left Islam they all nullify. They're not real Muslims. And of course, that can radicalize a person very fast, right? That they've all apostatize from Islam. He says, No, it's hard for a person to recognize their their own flaws all of us. He says, but when I sat with so many of them to try to like, unpack this problem in their minds in prison, he said, I realized a pattern that they were all afraid to be wrong.

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Like, the reason he's not listening to me is not because the ayat and a hadith he believes so strongly about them, right? He said, it said, So are you saying that I went to prison for nothing. That was the real problem. He was afraid to open up the possibility of being wrong.

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And even outside of prison, many Muslims here can relate.

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When the Arab Spring happened in the Muslim world, and many of the Muslims got together for good cause to speak up against injustice is happening, the oppression to demand change. after the fact, hindsight is 2020. They say right after the fact you they say maybe that wasn't the best decision. Maybe it is worse now than it was before. Right? Maybe the strategy should have changed.

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Why did they not notice that earlier? Why does it take so long and not even everyone is there, right? And I'm not asserting a political opinion here. I'm just telling the people so many times, they cannot get past the fact that so those people that were massacred in the streets died for nothing.

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But when you actually tell them no, they could have been martyrs in Allah's eyes. And this is still not a good move to make, you know, to be open when that opens them up to said, okay, maybe we should reconsider how we want change how we want reform in our countries, right how to get justice. And if you notice, this will happen. I'll close with this before by giving you some action items, the Sahaba their wounds, the massacre they went through at the Battle of boyhood had not even ended their wounds were still bleeding. When Allah sent down the ayah. To tell them, You must stop.

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This had to happen because you came off the mountain. You disobeyed the messenger.

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Allah knew that the hearts of the Sahaba were open, even in that emotionally charged moment for guidance. So you want to ask Allah to make that easy for you for you to be open to guidance, no matter the cost, right? Because if you're able to do that, you will be you will realize that Allah is guiding you every day things are so obvious, so true, but we're just resistant. You know, you will you might realize that your child is not you. And you're in denial about that before, right. And that's not the end of the world that your child does not become you does not eat like you does not

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Follow you in your career path. There's not married the same culture from you. It's not the end of the world.

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You may be in denial that your children are growing up in a society by the way with a marriage crisis.

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And if you just open up to this possibility, you may also open up to me maybe I don't have to be so picky maybe I don't want to, to say everything's alright. Everything's all right is because you wish it were all right. And this is a very important issue. Maybe the problem is not entirely my spouse's fault maybe I'm just pushing the blame out right. So when you want a lot of guide you asked him to guide you and to make guidance easy for you. May Allah help us all see our flaws help us all be honest with ourselves? Help us not worry because of our trust in Him of what the cost might be of having to change our lives. May Allah make us confident that he could make our future better than

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our past and not allow our past to bleed into our future May Allah is diligent protect us and protect our families and guide us to the straight path that he knows for us. So kinda Allah tala and give us this inshallah open our hearts so we can think straight and so we can act straight in sha Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah must not have been a felon only when

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a man was

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killed any Latina Amano robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Masha Kuru banner, Allah Medina la Divina where cityhood Elena or Salallahu salam wa

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