Murtaza Khan – Quran Book of Power – EMOTIONAL- Ramadan 2024

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The title of the Quran is the beginning of time, and the use of the title is important in achieving spirituality. Parables like the holy holy message of Islam and the holy holy message of Islam are discussed, as well as the importance of the Bible in shaping Islam's culture. The discussion also touches on the concept of individuals and their relationship with the Quran, as well as reading the Quran and not underperforming individuals.
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Every single night of Ramadan

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I free i neck for the punishment of the Hellfire. I don't make us individuals

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whose necks are delivered from the fire and saved for the punishment after praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was salam, continuing our journey with the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And for some of us may be possibly to inspire us to begin a journey with a book of Allah Subhana Allah, because the speech of Allah Subhana Allah is the most powerful thing that can move an individual that can move the heavens and the earth and move the mountains and move the oceans. Allah's panda described inside the Quran, that if all the trees were to be acclaimed, to be pens, to be scribes,

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and all the bahaar all the oceans that we see was to be the ink and we told them to come on and to begin to write the speech of Allah subhanaw taala you find that the ink will run out Manaphy that Kalama to Allah, the speech of the words of ALLAH, Panda don't come to an end. It is an ocean which has no depth. It has no ending. There is no shore to the speech of Allah subhanaw taala that's where you find the aroma to proceed, that somebody works who began to speak or give such titles to the words of battle or hate the expansive ocean and all these are predominant based upon him. I'm Tabori with Casper Imam will have a series in 30 volumes, depending on what print that you follow, trying

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to understand the speech of Allah Subhana Allah and that's all that we're trying to do. Take glimpses or take moments of trying to understand the speech of Allah Subhana Allah because the one who understands the speech of Allah Subhana Allah I know what his words are, what could be the morado could be the intent of these words, finds that path of success finds that proximity and closeness to Allah Subhana Allah, that he's able to understand His Word subhanaw taala and that is a continuation of our journey. That is Quranic continues in various formats and various concepts that it speaks about which yet to occur inside the Quran. Quran is repetitious in nature for a purpose,

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for that reminder for the intent for the benefit. That's what we traveled through the stories inside the Quran, you find that they begin to have different wordings inside them. And somebody earlier mentioned his wording to change from time to time to awaken the individual to make the person become more focused. And that's the themes of the parables inside the Quran, which we stopped upon the final so verses of Surah 266 Chapter The Quran that Allah masala Latina, kufr Murata, no one brought a lot whereby Allah gives this parable of a of two prophets, whereby the wives the disbelieved, and a two good women who believed in Allah Subhana Allah. This is a theme that reoccurs inside the

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Quran, the throwing of parables, giving the similar tools and examples and similes and metaphors inside the Quran. For what purpose for the person to ponder and to reflect and to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala and to impact the individual as Allah Himself Subhan Allah subhanaw taala mentioned Kitab en Anza no alayka Mubarak Han Li Li wa T Walia to the Quran Al Bab Kitab Anza. Now alayka Mubarak when we sent down a blessed book upon you, for what purpose? Lea W AR T, do you begin to ponder and reflect upon the verses of Allah subhanaw taala? Because extensive pondering, what does it lead to? It really leads to his reflection of implementations of one's life when Allah

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speaks in the end of Surah Al Imran, enough to help his summer work you will not be worked enough lately when I heard Tilly, Ollie and Bob in the creation of heavens in the earth, the night and the day as signs for men of understanding a lobe and who will occur the intellect that's a smart intellectual individual who possesses a PhD who possesses this intellect of their mind. That what do they conclude?

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About Allah subhanaw nica Sakina Taberner this reflection leads him to do what that you have not created as in vanity there must be a purpose and intent for the heavens and the earth. And there's an intent for the heavens and earth. There must be an intent for me. The intent for me upon this earth Sakina adda burner saved me from the punishment of the Hellfire. That's the intent of this dunya that's what Taqwa is. That's what CRM is now that you may save yourself, attained piety, save your souls on a punishment of Allah subhanaw taala and that's Allah is Panda and this is inside the end of Saudi Arabia and continues, concludes a menu that what is this journey inside

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This dunya for Manzo, they are on a nerdy what would still agenda for cat furs what Manhyia to dunya Illa metalcore or whoever is rescued, liberated, taken out the Hellfire doesn't go towards the hellfire and is thrown and plucked into paradise for cut further, that person is the most successful individual. That's what true success is. That the end of your journey the end of your life, the end of that journey just at the end of soul. You mentioned I've been at

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work for learner complete our light. The end of the light of the believer is Jana is paradise. That's where all his struggle has been. That's all his life has been. The 6070 odd years of our life that's all it is. It's just a journey to get to the end. That's what Allah begins the Quran by highlighting welcome Phil RB Musa Corbin Juan Mata on Illa hain. You're only on his world for a short span of time. You only have a short span on this Allah begins to Quran but speak back to Adam, about Adam and A salaam, expelling him from Paradise and bring him on this dunya because we reside in this dunya Allah begins by speaking about this dunya in Niger, rd Khalifa, I'm going to make upon

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this earth, a viceroy, a vice chairman, a representative and lead up on this earth to you live here. But don't get full of this world. You only have a short span of time just like Adam remained here. Welcome fill out the Musa karoun. We're Matera on Isla Hin and you're going to return back to Allah subhana Dannah that as the believer is always reflecting, reflecting about this dunya reflecting about Allah subhanaw taala in how to find the end journey, how to find the end journey to meet Allah subhanaw taala in a hadith that you find, ly saw me for her turn, for a bit fasting individual is to moments of rejoicing, to moments of rejoicing for Hatton Hanaa, your for the first moment of joy

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rejoicing inside this world is when you open your fast that feeling of opening up fast with a fresh date, or with a dry date or with some sips of water or whatever it may be. That far, that happiness that a person finds inside their soul. Inside their soul, they find a happiness. That's what is headed you speaking about their happiness and a second happiness for the believer. Hey, now y'all caribou Yama, Yama, Matsuyama is the day when the servant meets Allah subhanaw taala that's a second happiness. May Allah is part of facilitate that for all of us to meet Allah subhanaw taala and to see him see sublime faith subhanaw taala that's what the Quran is. is praising speaking about Allah

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subhanaw taala Asana the lady Subhan Allah Allah al much delay subhanaw taala the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah, the praise that belongs to Allah Subhana Allah that's what Allah has prompted a begins his Quran begins his speech by speaking about his book, all these iron inside the Quran all the soldiers that begin inside the Quran does begin with helluva Psalm 29 on soldiers inside the Quran that begin with Alif Lam Meem her mean sod of noon. All is that is what did they begin with sartwell Quran it is zitter Poff while Quran in Majeed, they begin by means their little key tabula rasa fi tansy Elam, Min Hakeem in Hamid is all speaking about the speech of Allah Subhana Allah.

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This is mocha demurred. These are introduction to Allah subhanaw taala. That's what the element mentioned that the whole conclusive introduction to who Allah subhanaw taala is, is Surah Fatiha. These seven verses recite on a daily basis. This is the introduction to Allah Subhana Allah who Allah subhanaw taala Anna is that that's what really matter even Paymo Josie highlight, if you understand sootel Fatiha, you've understood and then he condenses even more he says iya cannot be do a year canister in his one verse. That's why he wrote a whole treaty out rissalah old book just based upon one verse, You alone we worship and You alone we seek aid and assistance from if you

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understand this verse, inside your life, that's it. You've understood what Islam is. You've understood what your journey is. You've understood what the Quran is saying. The whole of surah Allah and I'm the sixth chapter of Quran, a whole slew of Tawheed Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala some 160 Odd verses were about Allah then concludes Kolinda Salah Tijuana Suki Rama Yeah, well my Marathi delay Euro bill Alameen luxury killer who will be there Liko me to an hour Muslimeen well enough, Salah Tijuana Sookie say my prayers, my sacrifice, my living and my dying Lillahi Rabbil Alameen is for Allah subhanaw taala every single thing that I do inside my life, what are known,

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even sleep, drink resting if the person makes that right intention make

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intention arrest after Sinatra we arrest just before further arrest during the daytime so I can get up and revitalize myself to stand in prayer to preserve my fosse to preserve my pm to preserve my reading the Quran for Kulu had in Baghdad, all of this is worship. All this is worship of Allah subhanaw taala that we shouldn't condense it. So Allah is praising those individuals who continuously remembering subhanho wa taala. And as throughout the suitors, Allah is speaking about Himself and reminding himself about the magnitude of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah Subhana Allah inside mentions about the Quran, a fella Yetta de Brunner, Quran. Twice inside the Quran Allah

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mentioned his statement. And as we began with themes reoccur inside the Quran,

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even before there's a lament that sort of cover the 54th chapter called four times Allah mentioned Welaka just sudden Quran Allah decree for Helmy muda care. We made the Quran easy to learn, easy to understand, know everything about the Quran is difficult, helped me Medaka is there not one who reflects and ponders, thinks about that. This is the book of Allah subhanaw taala you think Allah's partner is going to leave this message to be hidden, to be difficult to decipher and to understand, HARD to enter into the Word of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah made the book of Allah easy, said upon these people and oh Miyun illiterate people they were illiterate people they were under

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conquered the world, illiterate people. Allah mentioned inside the Quran that we set amongst who will lead the battlefield Amina Rasulullah min whom he said amongst the illiterate people a messier from amongst their own self. And himself Allah has spoke about this prophet this Nabhi and be an AMI twice since I saw that off there. He's an illiterate Prophet. The I'm I'm a person who doesn't read and write a shout out to Indiana, the month in front of us he just made this a shout out 29 fingers or 30 finger that's all that this month is that I said so mu T

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ru T begin your false by looking at the beginning of the present and break your false up conclude your month by looking searching for the present. Simple people they were looking at I had inside SOTL Bacara Wakulla washable hat yet, by yellow color title appeared will heighten us for the middle Fajr carry on eating and drinking until we make a distinction between the white thread and the black thread. And even hurting one of the companions, he placed a white thread and a black thread underneath his pillow.

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And in the depths of the night coming towards fighting who take out these two robes, these two strings and he looked at them. And when he could make a distinction between a white thread a black thread he knew that's the beginning of Fajr time. Look at his simplicity. Allah didn't sit down menial forgery. The white thread and a black thread we're referring to is the horizons of the heavens is the heavens is not this what you need to do. But it shows the simplicity of these companions, the beloved individuals around the Prophet alayhi salatu salam who sacrificed their life and their time for us to enjoy Islam today. Just like people today are sacrificing their time and

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their life for us to enjoy our life today. That's what the Quran for many of us has become a book of history. Hadith has become a academia and study. That's how the Quran comes up moments. Quran come to many moments in history, study history, it comes and revitalizes. What is the journey of the Quran? What is the struggle of people, what is iron inside the Quran mean those who are massacred those who are killed, those who are harmed, those are tortured, those who are oppressed, those who are seeking liberation. That's been the Quran lives once again the Quran doesn't die. The Quran doesn't die and lives again and again and again. cardenden But the column will be the end of time.

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We did their Judgment Allah will lift the Quran will take away the Quran. Until then the Quran comes to revitalize our Eman to awaken us. So that's when we come to Salah Tutera we're at least read about these ayat before we can see and you said many times why are these Imam why they're weeping? Why do you think these grown men are weeping uncertain ayat of the Quran. Read the context, read the syntax, read the read, the situation was taking place. The Battle of buzzer is taking place, the enemies are coming. The hypocrites are there. There is difficulty this hardships the the struggle. That's what it says giving that liberation of the mind. It takes you from a journey of reading to a

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journey of leaving the Quran to visualize the Quran. And then Allah places people around us in the world who visualize the Quran that gives us strength inside our iman gives us that strength. Because let's make this crystal clear. Paradise isn't written for scholars. That's what people think that the journey of Paris is only for a specific type of people. You've understood the journey of the paradox misunderstood the journey. Come in meanness

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mineral Fukumura what to offer? Well, Mr. Kean. How many of the poor destitute people are going to go centuries into paradise before many of us centuries they're going to go when a man walked past a Prophet alayhi salatu salam, or you asked his question, if I only pray five times a day, I only pray five times a day. What is it? What are uncles? I don't go beyond that. I don't do less than that. When I go to Paradise, he said, Yes, you will go to paradise. When he walked away the prophet as I've said, to his comrades around him, this person individual in South Africa, hello Jana, if he remains truthful, he will go to paradise. Thus many of the

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many of the masses of people who are on their journey to Paradise, they just need to be fine tuned inside their life. That is stigma that is approach that we made inside the lives that you have to quantify, qualify, make a certain person have a certain amount of knowledge of Allah, then you're on the right path to paradise. That's partially true. But you know, no individual knows what the ending is going to be no individual at any moment inside their life can ever say that I am going to go to paradise. That's what companion said I've everybody's going to paradise. Everyone's going to paradise. Me Omar, Abu Bakr, Usman Ali, I'm going to think that one person hasn't gone to bed as

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myself. That's what I'm going to think that we should be thinking that am I going to be that last man standing? Am I going to be the last individual who never makes it to paradise? And a lost individual goes to paradise. Read a hadith such a Muslim, the last man who goes to paradise when he enters into paradise he's gonna be given tenfold 10 folds of whatever exists upon this earth. You say your hola you making a mockery a joke about me? Are you mocking me? Are you making a joke about me? At this point you've given me Allah does not mock with any individual. Allah does a joke with any individual woman asked to come in Allah Hadith. Women are still coming to light. Ila Allah is

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true friend, he started his speech. When he says what does it mean? When he says I promised the believers paradise? He got some paradise when Allah says I saw I saw inside the Quran doesn't mean perhaps those of you studied the Arabic language in the Quran. Doesn't mean perhaps it means Hartman last Iman, Akbar the home it means definitely for these individual, this is what's going to be given to them. I saw that bukem and eautiful article, perhaps your Lord will forgive your sins law. Definitely your Lord would forgive your sins for those individuals who under journey to me Allah subhanaw taala that's what the masses of these people that's what the masses of people feed *

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Sham, Bella Sham is a blessing land is a blessing land for Muslims blessing down for the prophet or Bill Philistine at the moment is nothing but Jana, it's paradise. When you see a six seven year old girl who's reading the Quran, she read the Quran she competes Mahatma every six days she reads the Quran. Every six days. She reads it, look at it, read the Quran, read the full Quran, the person interviewing us so why do you do this? She says because I find peace and contentment when I read the Quran. She's seven, eight years old. She's not even at puberty, she's gonna find contentment. When I see the Ayat of Allah, I reflect upon them and see what Allah is telling me. I was telling me this,

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this is going to happen. And Allah is also telling me there's going to be victory, there's going to be success. Allah is telling me that and he's in the salad bar. What the fuck could have an hour to ponder and to reflect what you ponder and reflect upon an eight year old child, she's gonna reflect upon the creation of Allah Subhana Allah, I spent an hour thinking about that, about the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala and we're grown men, grown individuals. How much do we think about Allah Subhana Allah? How much do we ponder about Allah Subhana Allah, how much do we praise Allah Subhana Allah, that's what we began with, no matter how much we praise Allah subhana we can't praise Him.

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Subhanallah but he wants to hear and Hamed he wants to hear praise. He wants to hear the prayers of His servant, praising him. Subhanallah Anna, he wants to hear people saying La ilaha illa Anta Subhanak in Bali bead he was here that call. He would say the call of His servants. What?

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delivered the believers.

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So don't think your dollars are wasted. Don't think of praise or wasted. Just that people may March and the 10s of 1000s We should march to the prayer much to praise Allah subhanaw taala. Much to hear that mean that I mean of the dua of the Imams. We're making this to average people, because this is an army that's ringing around our shoe rack man that's bringing around the throne of Orion man. It's all blue diddly being delivered to him in a wisdom that belongs to him that he holds it back

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For reason, that made me want to have more people imploring and calling upon him Allah subhanahu wa Tirana. And as we find that when Allah mentioned a fella yet the Barudan Quran, Allah colluvial, Accra, Lua or prior to Allah mentioned to Nyssa the first Amana mentioned Allah yet, Quran well Academy in India, Leila what you do 50 Different cathedra AlFalah yet Brunel Quran why don't they ponder over the Quran? If the Quran is from other than Allah, you'll find many discrepancies. Many mistakes. Let's read the Quran begins by saying I mean that he can keep tabula rasa Buffy

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this book that contains no doubt no book on the faces begins with that. Only the Quran it's an ishara challenge to own the world there's no doubt inside the Quran. Then Allah says that the only people who are going to have the recognition who done little Moroccan guidance for the pious people who try to traverse the path of piety will unlock the Quran. They will unlock the Quran their heart will unlock and deciphering understanding the Quran and those who have doubts in Allah mentions right in the beginning of the Quran was known as oh well he had different Kuranda first I had a challenge to all of humanity. When quantum theory mana Xander Abdeen effect to be Seward a mystery

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what Rucha document doolally in quantum solder came for in them to value well and to follow for takuna Atletico Kudo nurse will read them carefully in the first challenge is that the Quran you have any doubt about that which we sent down upon a servant, bring one sort of light onto it. And then Allah says for a while and if

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you cannot do it, and you're never ever going to be able to do it. 14 145 years have gone by now we're covering one half, one letter, one word like the Quran, that's the challenge we deliver to humanity. This is the Quran speaking to humanity. This is a doubt with a role that we should be doing is that humanity delivering the message of the Quran. That a second time Allah mentioned AlFalah yet to doubleroom and Quran and colluvial UK follow her inside Surah Mohammed contains many symbols and parables as well inside there.

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Don't you reflect over the Quran? An Alumina oxide or is there a change? shackles tied up upon your heart?

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That the Quran is not entering into your heart into your mind is not penetrating your heart and your mind is not changing you is not changing your life is not changing your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala there is something definitely wrong with you.

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Because the Quran is removed by the Quran then the SUTA najem ever been handled Hadith Italia Boone the whole Quran shut down in such stir except for one man at some ournament definitely that mentioned that's the power of the Quran. A move to hold your Quraysh a moved Abu Sofia and move these people who was staunch enemies to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam but uh you do Quran in Allah who the Halawa. The Quran has a sweetness. He has the embodiment of power and strength. When a person has the Quran the speech of Allah subhanaw taala so some people will find that their hearts have become harsh, like a rock. That's amongst one of the first similes or parables inside sootel

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Bacara that we find sort of buckets of these 286 verses Psalm 78 are direct parables and speaks about and so many is mentioned dark Elune yah Clune yet karoun ORAL Al Bab all is pondering and reflecting at alpha. Karuna is day in South Sudan Bacara. So it's not just about rules and regulations. It's about pondering and reflecting. On amongst his first examples are sort of Buckler Allah mentions thammakaset global common body Delica here collegiality, our shared do Casa

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Allah says that your hearts become hard. And deadened,

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become totally closed sealed. They become harsher than a rock.

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That's what Allah says your heart becomes harder than a rock. And then the strange thing is that Allah begins to speak about this parable is massive about what a rock is. Because some of us may think that the rock is the most hardest substance.

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And I mentioned about the rock Elementary in the middle hagiography lemma yet a fragile mineral and her but you know from among some rocks, you find water gushes out from it and water flowed from it or gushes from it. why in a minute Allama Chicago and from some of you find when you break them, you hate them they split and water also cashes out from Yahoo

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but also comes out for them. Then Allah mentioned in the minute lemma Yeah, bitumen has Shatila rocks fear Allah.

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Meaning don't let your heart become so hard harder than a rock. Because a rock still says Allah that Allah mentioned the Quran that all these things, all is an animal of

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In the face of the earth, all them they praise Allah but you don't understand how they praise Allah Subhana Allah so when the heart becomes dead and when Allah be golfing in our matter I'm alone is something for us to be worried about. And stones put together they make a mountain

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that's why you find out the report you wrote the lines of poetry speak about what what taco consciousness is. And yet he came through as a middle man roofie don't get don't despise anything. And he smooth action. Men Asahi any any smooth action that you do, do not despise that. That duck Khurana soggy rotten. Final G Bella Amina al Hassan don't do despite any small action, because it did. Mountains are made from small rock small pebbles, that together they become a mountain. That's why every single sin

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a sin has a detrimental effect upon the heart of the individual, the mind of the individual. Allah Allah mentions that the impact in the Quran the Quran are

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too harsh on Moto sub the admin has Shatila what telecoil am Thurlow not reboil in nursing, yet for karoun. If we send the endo Soudal, Hashem, the 59th Chapter of Quran, we send down this Quran and a mountain it will turn it into powder into dust. If this Quran came down on a mountain, turn it into dust, dust the breath will be given the power of the speech of Allah Subhana Allah. These are parables that we lay lay out for you that you may begin to reflect doesn't really matter fussy dimensioned don't let your heart become harder than a mountain. And that's what Allah mentioned. sutil Hadid, the 57 chapter the Quran and Hadith being the iron. That's why it's very strange Allah

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praises certain eyes and certain students certain location, if upon that person reflects upon that. Allah says Allah

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at a time come for the believing individuals, that the hearts become subservient.

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And instead of devotion, and for sure, delay Subhana Allah and that of the truth of the Quran, which has been sent down upon them. What are your Cuca Latina O'Toole Kitab me in Kabul for Paula, Amma do focus at coloboma cathedral minimum first record. Don't become that the people of the book, rhetoric, academia, theology, dogma speech. After some time what happened? Cassatt Kulu boom, the hearts become hard become deadened.

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Islam is spirituality. It's not academia, that I know this. And I know that that's not what Islam is, as we began with its spirituality. If your heart begins to become deadened, it doesn't become revitalized, awaken, with the Quran with the speech of Allah Subhana Allah Allah doesn't drive you know, people say oh, why are people being emotional about the Quran? That's what the Quran is. It is emotional. It begins with emotions, Abu Bakr Siddiq, is there any question about his about him being a man, he would weep so much on the Quran. The prophet is on Command O to him. And another company one occasion commanded Abu Bakr Maru Abu Bakar, for you suddenly bidness he said command to lead the

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people in prayer. Because a person who leads the people in a prayer, he's the leader of the people, that's the leader of the people, people who sit with people, or people of the Quran, who advise them according to the Quran, don't advise them according to the dunya don't advise them there are 30,000 More people die, then we'll try to intervene people who cannot intervene and say look what the Quran says.

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Whoever kills one person fucka anima Katana, NASA Jamia, whoever killed one person has killed the whole of humanity. Wherever saves one man as a save the whole of humanity. We don't wait for 30,000 people to die. And then say to begin maybe we should try to do this. Or maybe we should send and send aid or maybe we should speak this or maybe students Quran gives us courage. Quran gives us strength gives us Iman doesn't weaken us away. But because of our bond with the Quran. Our relationship with with the strength of the Quran is weaken. Then a hadith image and now the Quran Yafo ACWA. This Quran will raise people How did it raise people just by people reciting the Quran?

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That's one element is when you begin to follow the double rule of Quran ponder reflect of the Quran. Wa t you implement the Quran successful come once again to this Muslim Ummah, they arise once again, should not delay.

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This is Sunnah of Allah upon this I've read through the nations who hold fast to the Quran. And the Hadith that we find this Quran is hamdulillah is a rope of Allah. One end is with Allah subhana Dannah. The other end is with mankind. I'll have these solutia for now, sort of Dean Alberni. Whoever holds false to this rope holdfast will be dealt out the crookedness

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We'll find the straight path. That's how simple is there's no hidden message that I need to do X, Y and Zed to find success. It's ABC begins with the Quran that success. Those are the people of the Quran, though the people of success, who are false foster the Quran, where the conviction or belief of Allah subhanaw taala, who don't let their hearts become deadened.

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And that's why the prophets and he mentioned that the most important element of the human being spirituality is the heart. And I ended up with Jessa de mudra. In the bodies, a heart is a piece of flesh, a Molson that is pure and wholesome and complete, the whole of your body will be complete. If that becomes corrupt, everything else becomes corrupt about you. Allah he'll al called, indeed that is the heart and he pointed to his chest, that work upon your heart, rectify your heart, the spiritual embodiment within ourselves. All is a segment of all is it just an external gob. All of this is just a display of Islam at the moment. Don't be deluded. For people who dress like Muslims

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who look like Muslims. That's just one small percentage of Islam. Not to say we shouldn't do it. It's one small percentage Don't be diluted by the image. It's the inner core element, the inner core element within the personality within the individual, that a person is always striving against that inside themselves, is always fighting himself resonating with themselves to purify the heart. So Allah mentioned that that will pure of the success of the heart. The person who finds success, the purity of the heart, that is going to be successful the individual in the man at Allah be called being Salim, who comes with a pure heart in front of Allah Subhana Allah, Tala Rhonda.

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Can we xe board, Allah Mensa, shortall MacDuffie Fein and Mustafa v means the people who cheat way lil Muto 15. Got this what we've done inside our lives, we become Muslims inside the Masjid. We all good Muslims, we go out the masjid which he we lie we squander we do haram things. I'm not in the masjid no more. That's not what Islam is. Islam isn't that and the layman Allah Malikai Sonica you Sir, give to God but but I'm so good to God what belongs to Caesar to Caesar. We tried to be Musa wherever we are. To begin with Speaker Wei Lu lil Moto 15. The cheap people that cheated people in a weighing of this scale towards people. And that's why inside the surah Allah mentioned cannibal

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Rhonda Anna Karoubi makan we oxy bone. Indeed Iran, a rust, a steel, iron has come upon their heart because of what purpose because of the sins that they commit. Every sin that we commit is a black.on Our heart. Every single commit is a Our heart if you repent, it's wiped away. If we don't it remains another sin. Another dot another sin another dot tolerable Rhonda

00:33:02 --> 00:33:39

New York seaboard person misses one Joomla second Joomla third Joomla Allah save that person's heart. It's not something trivial. We're not doing a formality. We're not doing a good thing that we're coming to Joomla you're not doing us a service. You're doing a machine a service. You're not doing anyone a service. You're doing your own sofa service. You're doing your own sofa service that I'm coming in and has granted me the ability to come to the mission. I'm not praying in a derelict Road in Gaza at the moment I'm not praying in 144 Odd Masada been destroyed I'm praying in a comfortable environment. Why am I dragging my feet to come to the machine? Why am I finding it

00:33:39 --> 00:34:17

difficult to come for Fudger Why am I find it difficult for Isha? Why am I coming to complaining about the Imam is meeting along praise Allah to try not to tell you the long term is a long prayer long ruku long to dude that's the essence of Torah you can come and control the email and say make it easy in Sinatra Asia make it easy in Phrygian I have worked I've demands of need. You have no right to say to the Imam Hurry up inshallah to throw me I've worked the following day. You follow the Imam you follow on you pray with the Imam as long as he stands. A person who begins to Sinatra with the Imam conclude to the Imam is forgiven by ALLAH SubhanA data from the beginning to the end

00:34:17 --> 00:34:31

has prayed the all night. These are the virtues of standing behind the Imam. These are virtues listening to the Quran or revitalizing our Eman and a commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala that's Allah mentioned that piece Alladhina m and

00:34:33 --> 00:35:00

n are busy related my job. The only time you find peace inside your life won't be the pound and the dollars and the world around you. Whatever you possess, it will never be that there's always going to be cavity in emptiness that many of the Muslim youth are running towards the riches of the world. The price commodities of the word being a celebrity being known being a YouTuber, having wealth having property having this having way

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

men having caused having this image

00:35:03 --> 00:35:18

on our stove people, it's vanity. It's empty. It's lost. Just small seconds of these people, when they hear the call of the prayer, when they enter into the masjid, they said, it all sinks away.

00:35:19 --> 00:36:02

Oh my life I searched for peace, all my life. All my life has searched for peace and only found it in one place and my heart found in one place and be the related my job. Only found that peace inside Mahatma remember Allah subhanaw taala that's where the greatest decree of Allah is the Quran. That's the greatest decree of Allah Subhan Allah is the words of Allah Subhana Allah when a person hears those words, reflects upon those words the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala now Lomita for karoun nanometre the karoun. Warmer Yeah, in the early moon, as I read through the Quran, why don't they ponder the reflect you know, those individual have an intellect, we will try to be smart,

00:36:02 --> 00:36:24

intelligent individuals. Another began when not to belittle anyone that sound was a journey, maybe in a journey of Quran service to begin the journey to begin the journey. So because maybe can't even read the Quran, there's nothing to be ashamed about that. There's many great ruler Mao fuqaha, who at the end of their life, they memorize the Quran. With the end of their life, they reverted back to Allah and I'm yet in Latin.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:43

They say that Imam Al Fouda is when the most profound scholars of spirituality, he was a highway robber. He was a thief. And we went to rob a house and you heard someone reading the Quran this is being read from Surah Hadid we mentioned and I'm yawning and Latina Daksha

00:36:46 --> 00:36:49

has all the time comes the believer the heart become fearful and

00:36:50 --> 00:37:19

begin to remember loss Hunter that's what he said. That's it. That's enough of my life. That's him well enough of my life of being a robot and a thief. And doing his side when I've just read the Quran should be that's what a douche should be to the people. We shouldn't be pushing people away there's a month of Ramadan that month for blessings that month of Allah subhanaw taala that my way Allah somebody's I mentioned the first day the first day of Ramadan. All the doors are proud I swung open food to

00:37:21 --> 00:38:06

be secret in mobile, food the head they just swung open, pushed open, all open doors a paradise to the god number sealed. The seal. Only a wretched a really bad wicked individual as to break through those doors bust through those doors can we have so much haram to go into Jahannam and Allah citizen the Hadith every single night, every single night I free i neck for the punishment of the Hellfire every single night. We Allah I don't make us an individual or to call me whose necks are delivered from the fire and saved for the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah I've mentioned several Quran in this introduction to parables is that the Quran Allah supplement you want to conserve

00:38:06 --> 00:38:43

gnarliness If you heard that Quran, even quality muscle fiber, extra nasty indica flora in the Sephora and he explained so many examples that is Khurana laid out for people, for them to reflect and to ponder except for those individuals who begin to become ungrateful and reject the signs of Allah Subhana Allah in other places I mentioned the concept of Nephi either Qurani nurserymen Cooley method or canon in Santa Clara che in Jeddah many examples with a div inside the Quran. And he set aside points as sort of Cafe ative chapter with many parables are placed there. But most people are always arguing always in a state of arguing with the words of Allah's Pantanal arguing trying to

00:38:43 --> 00:39:05

find some excuse inside their life is one interpretation that can be given. We have no excuses to try to read the Quran, ponder over the Quran reflect over the Quran and to exert ourselves to do whatever we can in his best month of Ramadan. Allah mentioned throws these parables we'll drop that in as if you have the Quran even call the method and if we throw all forms of parables are given inside this Quran raka drop

00:39:06 --> 00:39:21

Qurani me has requirement called the method the Allahu karoun We give all his parables inside the corner you may begin to ponder and to reflect that Allah mentioned prior to this mentioned so often mentioned Quran and Arabic and right or the

00:39:22 --> 00:39:26

Quran has no crookedness. It's a straight book and easy book,

00:39:27 --> 00:40:00

that you may follow this book that you become pious individuals. While you're agreeable Lord, I'm fairly nasty, let alone get the karoun and Allah is that these paragraphs that you may begin to think and to reflect. Allah mentioned Quranic Ayyadurai, Boulogne, I'm Thurn does Allah gives these parables inside the Quran? Allah meant to your nurse who do river mustard on first Tammy ruler who inside SOTL Hodge, as a coder to whole of mankind. This is parable I'm going to give the parable of the fly that cannot benefit and individuals we're going to come to the end later and then I mentioned the beginning so to Bukhara. Allah is not shy to give these parables

00:40:00 --> 00:40:34

Inside the Quran to give an example of a mosquito and whatever is beyond that, or less than that, that is pirate but it really must speak about our day inside the Quran for us to begin to reflect and to begin to ponder inside our lives and try to understand the message of Allah subhanaw taala and the conclusion that we find read about them Third, the parables of the Quran given by the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, whereby gave these parables a look at a German tell me the Sunnah mom telling me that we find there's a whole chapter in the book called Kitab and Thanh, just giving different parables that the prophet Elijah we spoke about Eman como Jaya collects all the uncertain,

00:40:35 --> 00:40:39

the 40 Plus companions and the current collection is that I'm thankful Quran Kareem

00:40:41 --> 00:41:28

the prophet is are mentioned about what is the parable of the Quran? muscle movement Allah the Quran Quran well Yama, loopy, the parable of the person who recites the Quran and acts upon the Quran and acts upon the Quran. Can Raja is that a citrus citrus fruit, an orange, a lemon, a good fruit a citrus food. You find her by him. We'll talk more about him. A citrus fruit and oranges smells good. And it tastes sweet and good as well. That's parable number one person who reads the Quran and implements the Quran as the believing individual that a pirate is doing the individual. Then a step down the prophet as I mentioned, well muscle movement and lead the layup crowd Quran. The Parable of

00:41:28 --> 00:42:05

the believer who doesn't read the Quran doesn't have so much time to read the Quran to study the Quran, but has moments inside it tries their best that the person reads the Quran and he stutters started in reading the Quran follow agilon will have two rewards when the person is stuttering, reading the Quran, and if la meme isn't 10 rewards, and if is a reward, Lam is a reward 10 reward memes are 30% or 30 reward had eaten such in the shownotes on them I'm Ted worthy is given to individual test encouragement that a professor is giving to us not saying it's for certain type of people. So the person who doesn't recite the Quran doesn't have that much time. GameSalad timer is

00:42:05 --> 00:42:56

like a date, a date. It has no real it has no smell. But what does it have Tom who play him he has a sweet taste because a person who tries their best with the Quran to implement the Quran inside their life, there's goodness inside the individual. That's what the Quran is. i The person has a higher level or a second level than that profit and as I mentioned, we're methanol munaf ik Allah the Quran Quran, the hypocrite who reads the Quran? The hypocrite who reads and doesn't implement the Quran can Metheny Rihanna? Is that a basil? This basil, this herb, it has a good sweet smelling fragrance. How the world moolah fake who looks good, apparently is good. Who doesn't read the Quran, but

00:42:56 --> 00:43:40

doesn't implement the Quran. But when you engage with a person, we'll talk more. But his taste is bitter. His actions are bitter, his life he's bitter, his practice is bitter. Then the fourth type of individual that munafo doesn't read the Quran, it becomes called humbler, a colicin like a cactus that grows inside the desert. It has a foul stench and as a foul taste. So we will begin to decipher where we are in the spectrum regarding our relationship with a book of Allah subhanaw taala you call him when he saw hibel Quran, a Quran taki will be sent to the person of Quran read and ascend is not just something random is not just about person who's memorized the Quran or some of us that we think

00:43:40 --> 00:43:47

saw Hebrew Quran person who's who's dedicated to the Quran, we say to the individual read and ascend

00:43:49 --> 00:43:51

it Graca Contura dunya

00:43:53 --> 00:44:12

dunya recite what a thrill Khurana tequila recite the Quran that you used to recite in this dunya and indeed wherever you stop reciting will be your place inside paradise. Wherever you stop reciting will be your place inside paradise. So those who memorize the Quran, they can be stopped reciting at the end of the Quran.

00:44:13 --> 00:44:52

That's the end journey for those individuals in the low end of the lair. Helene, Allah has certain individuals so the individual close to him in a nurse call ya rasool Allah, man whom they said yeah Allah Yeah, Messenger of Allah, Who are these people who are close to Allah? Who are these people? Who might who Quran? Allah ha So to the people of Allah. There are people of Allah, people of the Quran, don't undermine your Imams. Don't under email, undermine the people who memorize the Quran, don't belittle them. Don't look down upon them. Don't think they're trivial people is such an ultimate blessing for a person to have the chest the chest contains the speech of Allah subhanaw

00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

taala. There's some narration that mentioned that body that contains the verses of Allah subhanaw taala does memorize the Quran, that body will not enter in

00:45:00 --> 00:45:24

To define to the Hellfire that Quran will preserve them. And likewise in the Hadith we find this Quran your CM and the Quran intercedes for a person intercedes for us. The first thing he deceives during the daytime yet through Shaohua, to what to Amma who will love that to leaves his desires his temptations, his food, and his drink, leaves him during the daytime. So fasting will come and intercede.

00:45:25 --> 00:46:08

And the Quran will intercede because at nighttime he will read in the Quran Fajr you read in the Quran, you listen to controlling the Quran will come and intercede for the person that he gave forsake his nights and devotion and commitment towards his book. So now I'm going to come and intercede for this individual in the huddle Quran yah de la Jaquan will you be sure to leave me Nina Medina Yama, Luna, Saudi hottie anonim Algerian Kabira in other Quran Yeah, de Lottie here Aqua. This Quran guide you dealt with you strong which is firm why we are strong and firm anymore. We don't need did a talks roundtable talks 1445 1445 years have gone by there is the blueprint in the

00:46:08 --> 00:46:49

huddle Quran yet de Linetti here Aqua mu. This Quran guide you that with you strong, which is powerful, and it guides towards that. So we're not pondering over the Quran, the speech of Allah subhanaw taala and as we mentioned, Quran raises people and defames people. And finally, another famous Hadith has mentioned that in a bus in a race that a person came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he said I saw a dream. And that dream I saw a cloud and from that crowd, I saw butter and honey was flowing from the cloud, and it was a rope. And on the rope I saw you saw you got a suit Allah sunless and I saw you use ascending again to the top and beyond your first person game, a

00:46:49 --> 00:47:03

second puzzle game, a third puzzle game where the fourth person from a rock broke that it was connected again and again. And we Bakr Siddiq is sitting there, he said, Yeah, Rasulullah give me the right Give me the the permission to to to talk about his dream.

00:47:04 --> 00:47:10

To explain this dream to interpretate his dream. He says As for the cloud, the cloud is the cloud of Islam.

00:47:11 --> 00:47:14

The honey and the butter does dropping is the Quran.

00:47:15 --> 00:47:54

The sweetness of the Quran, hadith is such a Buhari. And those people who ever take more of the honey, more of the butter that more purified more good people that they become and take him from the sweetness of the Quran. And our rope is the journey of Islam. And that's the professor who's the leading us and whoever follows the Quran follows his teachings follows the Quran is coming behind him is helping them ascend up to Paradise, and a person falls short and a professor drags that person held lifts that person up. So this is the Quran, the sweetness of the Quran, may Allah can replace the sweetness of Quran upon not just the tip of our tongues, inside our mind inside our

00:47:54 --> 00:48:16

hearts inside our soul. Make it resonate we do not solve that we find his peace is contentment, this Halawa sweetness we had the Quran being recited or the Quran being played, it gives us peace and comfort within ourselves. Find those moments, find inside Sinatra, we find it inside the prayer finally sitting home in Halawa just reading the Quran and pondering. May Allah Allah make us amongst those individuals

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