Mohammad Elshinawy – The Seeds of Healthy Shame

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of cultivating a habit of being mindful of one's actions and avoiding shaming in publicity. They stress the need to practice these principles and strengthen one's image to avoid becoming a shameless person. The speakers also touch on the cycle of shaming and surrounding oneself with people of higher bodies, the importance of aligning with Allah's qualities to earn his love, and the potential for pride and malice towards Islam. They also mention the importance of not showing one's appearance when facing one's target and finding people who are healthy and fit in with Islam.
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Well Praise and Glory be to Allah Who we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness

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and His protection from the evil suggestions and whispers within ourselves and from the consequences that could arise from our evil deeds.

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For whomever Allah azza wa jal guides, none can lead us astray and whomever Allah leaves a strain on can guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our love and obedience in the absolute sense combined, but Allah and Allah, Allah and without any partners, the true supreme King, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and everything in them, and everything between them, and everything we know and everything we don't. And we testified the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy or Salam, that he was in truth without doubt, His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger,

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who was sent as a mercy to the world and a protector of guidance, and with timeless wisdom until the end of time. After reminding myself I knew the Taqwa of Allah, and welcome my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal, a few hotspots ago, my brothers and sisters we spoke about higher for several Fridays, actually, that healthy shame that Allah created within us embedded naturally within us to guard our souls. That aversion that discomfort, that triggering effect, that alarm system, if you will, that protects us from being violated from being conscientious moral upright beings, that protects us from the slippery slope into places that are dark and dooming.

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And after speaking about that, and it's being a quality of every prophet of Allah azza wa jal, they live these qualities best. I want to just give it one more stop one more what about the blessing seeds that are redeemed taught us and gave us on how to replant how to cultivate higher, because we said even though it's naturally there and embedded, and even though our Dean tells you protect it and grow it, our dean also recognized that it could be uprooted altogether. But it's never a lost cause. You can replan tire, you can regrow I hate re cultivated. How do you do that? We said first and foremost by even before feeling it, practice it. The way the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam

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would when something would be offensive or obscene or inappropriate, he wouldn't be able to hide it from his face.

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He would turn away if he could sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam that that flinch factor that looking away factor that disapproving glance or that statement, excuse me, I can't approve of this. You repeating that will not only make it easier for you to do it each and every time it will make it the new normal for you. You will start liking decency liking modesty, and you will start actually hating the things you have time and time again resist it. It will build in your desire to live by higher

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and it will also protect you from Allah ever exposing you for your sins. That you are not open with it. You are not comfortable with it, you are not repeating it, you are not bragging of it. All of that happens. Why? Because you open the door of absorbing it of being overly exposed to it of, you know, silently approving of it as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Kulu Murthy more alpha, il Mujahideen all my own is subject to being pardoned, except those who are public with their sins who are open about their sins. They're very candid.

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And he said, part of being Mujahid open about your sins is for you to do something at night. And then you wake up in the morning after Allah has concealed you and you tear down Allah's curtains you speak of what you did. So make sure it's not just you objecting to what others are doing. You are objecting to yourself, I will not speak about this. I will not be happy or accepting or proud or shameless about what I did.

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He said he spent the night there. How do you continue to say he's spent the night being concealed by his Lord, and in the morning, he tears down Allah's concealment of him. And so those without higher

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despite the vastness of Allah's mercy, they will still continue until it gets to a point where Allah will no longer shy away from exposing you and no longer shy away from punishing you. And one of the greatest ways a person is punished, as the seller used to say is by pulling the hat first and letting you think you're fine as you get worse and worse. Pulling that rule

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reluctancy from you. So practicing higher and making sure you stay uncomfortable and stay objective even within yourself is the first part of cultivating it.

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The second part of this is to surround yourself with people that have high yet because it's a learned trait also it's contagious. In a good way. Mujahidin the Jabra the students Abdulla hidden our best Radi Allahu Anhu Uma, he has a very, you know, beautiful statement about this. He used to say about good company, low NL Muslimah LEM USIP, mean fe, VI, euro and HYAH who mean who tam na Hoon mousy, like

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if there was no blessing that a Muslim gets out of being with fellow Muslims, being with fellow Muslims being with his brothers being with her sisters, then the fact that they're too shy to disobey Allah in their company. That's enough of a blessing. Because you know, when you're with your fellow Muslim, we mean a Muslim that is upright and Muslim that has their own hijab. Naturally, when someone is shy and has this HYAH this healthy shame, you have hide that from their higher, it's natural. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in one Hadith, well I should do mighty higher and Earth man, the one the person in my own man who had the most intense

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higher was commanded and affirmed on the Allah one and then the other Hadith he used to say, I let us tell you and I mean, Raju in the state he mean who will melodica Will you not show some shyness in front of the one who the angels are shy in front of why the angels and chive in front of Earth men in particular, because our men had so much higher, it is natural. It's a beautiful cycle. So you put yourself in the middle of the cycle. But the more you do the opposite, the more you surround yourself with the shameless, the more it erodes your sense of shame. And don't just think surrounds them like on your right and on your left in physical presence. The more you put yourself in front of

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a screen that has people on it, that use obscene language and have these obscene scenes. The people that are as they call them, YouTube junkies, may Allah never make us of them. The people that are on Netflix all the time, they won't even realize what has become normal so fast, because they're surrounding themselves with people that so long as I'm not as bad as them I'm alright, you start moving the goalposts I'm not that bad. I see it I may even laugh, but I don't approve.

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Had you truly not approved, you would have got up and left you would have turned off the screen, you would have shut that down. But your presence there is your approval, your tacit silent approval, and it works in you in very negative ways. This is the second the first of them is to practice hire, even if you don't sense it. The second of them is to surround yourself with people of higher hat company that has healthy shame. That's the second seed you want to plant. The third seed you want to plant is to strengthen your certainty in Allah's knowledge and Allah's gaze, his watchfulness, the watchfulness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his perfect knowledge of you is what helps keep you at

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attention about what is and isn't appropriate. They one time asked and has an adversary Rahima hola Bhima you Stan or I love the buzzer. How aware does someone find help in lowering their gaze? They keep sneaking a look here and sneaking a look there and sneaking a look here. How do I get myself to find the strength to just stop this habit? He said to them beer ale mica and another Allah He Lekha aduc by your certainty that Allah has sharper glances at you than you have at whatever you're looking at. He sees you closer than you see those objects you keep peeking at

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that certainty of Allah's knowledge. He knows what I'm doing exactly. That comes from frequent visiting of the Quran. He knows the secrets that no one knows even the secrets I don't even know about myself he knows them.

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When I know acabo la Allah says We created the human being when Allah mama to us which will be enough so we know what his soul whisperer suggests to him when a handle of trouble you lay him inhabited, worried we're closer to him than his jugular vein. Yeah ILM with zero alpha. I'll even be that is pseudo. He knows the secret of what's more hidden. He knows what the what is tucked inside the hearts the hidden crevices of our souls. He hears it. He understands the language of our hearts that we sometimes are confused about. Why do I think this way Why do I feel this way? He is not confused about you.

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Abdullah have not best Radi Allahu Anhu Amma may Allah be pleased with him. He said when you commit a sin

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I know that what follows what comes after the sin could be far worse than it.

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So he said, for example,

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your lack of shame from the angels on your right and on your left as you're committing the sin, the sinless angel that has higher you having no regard for them, not quickly compensating to this one road now I have to get this one too right and you will not having any shame from the angels on your right and your left is actually worse, he said,

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than the sin you committed. He said and then you

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laughing so quickly, so soon after your sin

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without having any care or reassurance about what Allah will do to you because of that sin is worse than the actual sin.

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He said in your state of sadness, you Allah's knowledge, you're a state of sadness at that moment when you missed out on committing the sin. You saw it as a lost opportunity. I wish I could have done it. It slipped past me. Your sadness at the moment you lost the opportunity to sin, he said is worse than the sin.

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He said and your fear your heart trembling when the curtain moved on your door. As you were behind closed doors, committing that sin, and your heart never moved in that moment shuddered out of the fear of Allah is worse than the sin

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because he's the one that knows the ins and outs of this what you're not regarding. He's the one that will personally ask you about this, but you're not caring.

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As Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah one time he heard a balcony or recite a few couplets of poetry about this moment when that conversation has to be had on the day of judgment. He heard him saying, either map Allah Lyra be msta the Tasini on that moment when my Lord says to me, didn't you have any shame to define me? What to feed them but I mean healthy Well, we'll see and teeny and you hide that sin from everyone and with the sin you come and challenge me. Amen. Muhammad heard this anyone up to say to repeat that, and he began to repeat it to him and Muhammad until Imam Muhammad stood up and entered his home, repeating it and weeping and crying either. Nakada li Robbie, when my Lord says to

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me, haven't you had any shame yet as you define me, and you hide it from everyone and you bring it right to me?

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May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us of those that regrow are higher and exhibited in public and in private? Hola. Hola. Amina. Hola. Hola. That will start from Ali Malik.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena be about that shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa Hola, Sharika who are shadow Ana, Mohammed and Abdullah who whenever you who are solo.

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So practicing higher and surrounding yourself with people who are healthy in their higher

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and reinstating your certainty about Allah's gaze and Allah's knowledge, as we go about our days in public and in private. The fourth and final one, know that

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Hyack offers you the love of Allah himself. subhanho wa taala. You see all human beings, we have this, this desire, seeking to connect with Allah, and this yearning to know that he's pleased with us. And that's what Islam came to do. Islam came to offer you a way to have this meaningful, fulfilling relationship with Allah and to get all of that.

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And of the ways to do that is to reflect as light as we said last week. In the claim, Rahim Allah Allah says, To the degree that you align with Allah's qualities, in a way that a human can write, Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, by the way, laser chemically, he che were who are semi or Basilea, there is nothing like Allah, and he hears all and he knows all. And he sees all he hears all they see. So we hear and we see there's nothing like Allah, the way he hears and sees. Likewise, with all of the beautiful qualities, you are to try to align with as many of them as you can, that will lead you to Allah and earn you the love of Allah and bring you closest to the Mercy of Allah

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more than anyone else. So Allah is merciful, for example, he loves to see mercy, RIGHT. Jimmy, don't you hippo Jamal, he's beautiful. He loves beauty. He loves to see beauty from you. Joe, why don't you hibel gelada he is generous and loves to see generosity. He is on him. He is the most knowledgeable he loves to see people become knowledgeable. He is Al Kuwait.

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And the most strong, the mighty, and he loves the strong believer more than the weak believer. And likewise Allah is how ye, Allah has hired himself. And he loves the people of hire. He loves the people that have healthy shame,

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have the most beautiful qualities. It is not fully fathomable, he can't fully understand it with your intelligence, but just you hear it with your heart, that he has a shame that is part of his kindness and his new build nobility and his generosity and shame that causes him to forgive you and to give you over and over again and to love you. You don't want Hadith. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said Allah has too much HYAH to punish a man who grew old in Islam who grew white hairs as a Muslim. That's from his kindness and nobility and generosity. In other Hadith, he says, Allah is heavy you and Kadeem, Allah has this sense of shame

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and a sense of generosity to the point that when someone lifts their hands to Allah, He doesn't send them back empty, disappointed.

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In a third Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in Allah, hi Yun said, Dear, Allah is has this shame, quality of shame, and is concealing, you hate booed hire our sitter. And he loves the qualities of hire and concealment. So when one of you babes, let them cover their body when they be meaning not publicly. They said, even if we're alone, he said, even when you're alone, cover your body. Unless you're with your spouse, that was the only exception he made, and for wisdom, because the visual could add to the physical experience of them that he loves to see sits in from you. He loves to see concealment from you. He loves to see hide from you, and He will love you for it. And

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in fact, to bring it back to what we began with, if this is how great Allah is that when you have higher when you sin, he has higher from you as if he's the one that committed the crime. Right? You know, like when a noble person this is somewhat like explainable on the human level. You know, when you really love someone or you really value someone, you see them doing something wrong, you just you turn your face as if, even if they're betraying you, you just wish they weren't in that situation because they're important to you. So the people that sin and we're all sinners, but have had with their sin before and after their sin, they're reluctant and they're regretful and so on and

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so forth. Allah loves to conceal them loves to turn away and not expose them, loves to forgive them. In a beautiful story I'll share with you very quickly. When Musa alayhis salam brought out all of benefits that are in it is said that they were asking Allah altogether to save them from dying of drought. They were so thirsty. And Allah finally revealed to him the reason why I have not yet responded to your DUA, is because among you as a man who continues to defy me in private, shamelessly, he leaves you I'll bring the rain he asked to step out. So Musa alayhis salam makes the announcements and nobody wants to leave. And then finally the rain comes. And he asks that Allah why

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did this happen? Allah tells him because this person had this higher awakened inside them right and they repented. He said, Oh, Allah showing me this righteous servant, one guy because of this one, man, we all got rain, show me him. And Allah then expressed his own higher. He said, Oh Musa, I didn't show him to you when he was singing. I'm going to show him to you after he repented. I'm going to expose him after he made amends with me.

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And so to have the higher of Allah reflected on the human level in you, is the way you become the cherished servant of Allah. May Allah open for us in new pathways to become his cherished servants, teach us that which will benefit us and benefit us that which He has taught us

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