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Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of sharing guidance and avoiding just getting out of the Quran is discussed in Islam, including the implementation of the Prophet sallua and the use of the word "waste" in the Bible. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the use of the Quran as a means of teaching and apologizing for misunderstandings of the word "soothsayer" in the Bible, and the implementation of the Prophet sallua and the use of the word "waste" in the Bible. The speaker also discusses the historical context of the Prophet sallua and the use of the word "waste" in the Bible, as well as experiences of being locked out of their own classrooms and losing their job due to the pandemic.
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I Zoa gel,

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while fully aware and admitting our inability to praise him as he deserves.

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And after testifying to the Oneness of Allah subhana, who want to Allah, the mighty and majestic, the glorified and exalted the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and their maintainer and their provider and their ultimate master, and everything in them and everything between them and everything we know and everything we don't, he is the he is the ROB of it all. subhanho wa taala. And after testifying to the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger, and after reminding myself I knew with the Taqwa of Allah to live a life of consciousness of Allah and dutifulness to Allah, and consistent love and

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submission to our Lord and Maker and master subhanho wa taala.

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In our last jamaa together.

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Two weeks ago, we said that when the light of guidance enters into the heart of a believer,

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it radiates outward as well. Meaning of the signs of strong faith and true guidance is your desire and your passion to share the guidance of Islam,

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to loop into the guidance of Allah azza wa jal as many people as you can, as the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did and exhibited for us, the light of Islam shone brightest in them. And that is why it shone brightest to the world from them.

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Some people came to me after the hotbar and said, We need an itemized list or practical steps, walk us through how we move from having a desire to share our guidance, a desire to share our Islam, and actually doing it the right way.

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And my first advice would be without the steps on how to conduct a two hour conversation. The proper way is and starts with for me getting out of the Quran Zwei.

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The Quran has a unique power on its own in any language, by the way to penetrate the hearts in a way that nothing else does.

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About 15 years ago, I used to be the administrator for a data organization called the message International, and they had a domain called free And whoever wanted to order Quran, they would sign on Philip submit the form and we would ship to them 5200 grams a day we would wind up heading to the post office and shipping out to people.

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And I used to always ask those of them that said, I'm about to become Muslim, or I just became Muslim, or I'm exploring the possibility of becoming Muslim. What made you get to that point in your journey, the journey of your guidance, the story of your hedaya and I was always very surprised to hear how much the Quran had an impact on them.

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And I used to wonder how can the Haoran in this translation? I mean, that seems to me very stiff, to be honest, very inaccessible language many times how can it do all of this work?

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But this is the number one reason why people become Muslim.

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This is a statistical fact that we will come back to in sha Allah. But I am no longer surprised and I no longer make that mistake. I say here's the book of Allah. Here's the Quran read it, and I let the Quran work its wonders with people.

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You know, think about this idea, which I've only had a newfound appreciation for after this experience in Surah At tilbyr And sort of the Toba has a particular hostile context. It is at the culmination of the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when Qureshi was given their absolute last stance after last chance after they breached the agreement, and we're at war with the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam, after 20 years of patience with them, this was the final straw.

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And in the middle of that war, and these ideas that come down upon this war, their last chance to repent, Allah says about them, what in a huddle, Minella machinery kinesthesia raka Jr, who had yes Markella Mala Thumma blive Houma mana Valley cabbie unknown como la la moon.

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And when one of these pagans keep in mind these are pagans that are at war with you currently actively combating you.

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Not you know, they're opposing beliefs. They're at war with you. If one of them says, grant me some space, some say

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If the sum asylum so that I may hear they have already heard, so that I may listen now in a calm atmosphere, the words of God, then do so allow them to hear this grant them safety to listen, because these are people that don't know. They don't know that their hearts have died, they don't know their fitrah has been corrupted. As we say nowadays, they don't know what they don't know, they weren't really listening before. And amazingly even these people who are the staunchest most militant enemies, so many of them turn the leaf

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and you know, you can add to this the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the ELPAC Allahu ala Raju Lanie. You have put Hulu or Hulu Humala har Thamud Hulan. in Jannah, Allah smiles at the condition of two men, one of them kills another and they both enter paradise. And then he explained how he salatu salam, and that explanation proves that they both get into the same level of paradise actually, he says one of them kills another and grants him martyrdom and then accepts Islam right accepts the Quran later on, and then is killed as a martyr and so they both wind up in the same place.

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This was the power of hearing the Quran that I want everyone to recognize here. It is really amazing what the Quran can do. And to share with you a bit more of this on what exactly about the Quran, many of them said to me and said to others, when I read the Quran, I felt a very clear sense of the Quran reading my mind the Quran was speaking directly to me in a way that I just couldn't wrap my head around. And you know, many of you know the story of Umar Radi Allahu Allah and he became Muslim. He was sat there listening to the Quran after all of his, you know, stubbornness. And he said, These are the words of a poet, while the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reciting

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Surah Al Hakka. And Allah had it written that the next is as these thoughts were passing his mind where one man who will be totally shared kalila met me noon. These are not the words of a poet. how little you believe like you really just don't want to believe you know, perfectly. You are masters of poetry. This is not the statement of a poet. You just don't want to believe. He said. So I quickly said to myself, it's so true. It must be a soothsayer, like a fortune teller, someone who listens to the evil spirits, the devils and the very next day at work will be called all of your quarterly Kahin. Nor is this the statement of a soothsayer. kalila mata karoun How little memory you

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have how little you want to remember, you don't remember the other ayat of the Quran you just heard that condemned the devils and commanded to seek refuge with Allah from the devils. How could this be the works of the devils? How small is your short term memory? kalila Mata Vic karoun. And so Rama said to himself, like what is this what's going on here? And the Prophet SAW Selim continued not knowing Omar was listening 10 Zero Mirabal Alameen. This is something that could have only descended from the Lord and Master of the worlds, the Lord of the universe. subhanho wa taala, the humans and the jinn.

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I have a good friend of mine who works as a librarian for NYU, who said the reason I became Muslim is because I open to the Quran, and I read Allah subhanho wa Taala saying, We're either Miss Sal insane of Guru, the anally Jambi when the human being is suffering from some illness, he whispers to God calls upon God while he's on his side. Well, he's not even able to sit up straight. And then after things get better, you get healthy again. Markel, lemmya de Runa Illa. Do remember, he just goes on with life as if he doesn't even know our name. He said, this was the story of my life. I said, the Quran is telling me about me. This is too odd too weird, to unexplainable.

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And one of my teachers shared that a person he knew in Australia said the reason I became Muslim was because I was coming to look for God, I was on my journey to find my Creator. And I read every single religion and every single book that I couldn't get my hands on, or some literature about. And then when I got to the Quran, I'm reading and in the beginning, I felt like I was just getting impatient. So I closed the Quran, the his translation, and I said, God, listen. This is your last chance. Without the adequate of a believer. He was not a Muslim yet. This is your last chance now or never show me a sign or else I'm done looking for you.

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He said, Then I sat there, and nothing happened. No sign was given to me. And then I sat there for a little longer and I realized I'm just being silly. Like, what am I expecting to see something written in the clouds? So I said, let me just resume my read.

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and I opened the Quran and my eyes landed on in a few healthy summer it will already work delightful lady when the hairy law is in God Al Bab in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of what night and day are enough signs for people that are thinking Allatheena of Corona karuna, Allah Akiyama, la kurodo, Allah, you know, be him, those that are mindful of God while they're standing, sitting in on their sides, saying or banana halacha bathla. O our Lord, You didn't make all this pointlessly without purpose. So behind a glorified, you are Filipina, either not. So protect us from the torment of the Fire. He said, Then I realized that God has just been given me so

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many signs, I'm just not paying attention. And the signs he has given me were better signs than something written in the clouds. Because if it was written in the clouds, it would have been written in a language that only some of us could understand. Whereas it being the Sun and the Moon and the Earth and the clouds. This is a language everyone can understand.

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This is how these people were moved by the Quran.

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There is a famous brother involved in Dawa in London currently, he has content online otherwise, his name is Hamza Myatt.

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He was a rebel without a cause he was a criminal, he was a criminal. He was caught there for theft and had to leave town go to another city and so on and so forth. And when he tried to start a new leaf, he wound up getting stuck with a bunch of Muslims who are telling him you are so disrespectful, you are so careless, you are so brazen. Don't you think God is going to ask you? He said what God he said the God who created the God who is going to call you back the God who is going to put you in the fire. If you don't straighten up, he said, so what I get put in the fire for a little bit, and then you go numb after a few seconds, no one actually feels this stuff. Ask around

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people that have gone through fires. So the sister said to him, No, the Quran says every time their skins are burned, we replaced them with new skins to taste the punishment.

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He said and I found myself frozen. Who speaks like this. And this was the beginning of his journey to become Muslim later that I and I find that personally so interesting, because many times people

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downplay or criticize the toughness, the fear factor of the Quran, but Allah Who created us knows what will affect us subhanho wa Taala this Quran is always talking about torment and torture. And this is not true. It's not always talking about that. But the amount of it that is there is a mercy from Allah to save humanity. And before I sit down, I have a very good friend from Union City, New Jersey

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who says I was given a copy of the Quran in English once again, in high school. And it was just too raw for me. He said, You are going to live and then you are going to die and then you are going to be pulled out from your grave you will stand in front of Allah alone. He said the amount of accountability it placed on the human being to do things right do right by his life was too daunting to grave for me. And so I couldn't deny anything in the Quran. But I wasn't ready to hear it. I had just gotten into college, he said it first semester in college, I put it on my shelf and said this stuff is too scary. If it's true, it might be true. I'll check back later. I want to just go on with

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life and career and party and he was of the party orientation very much. So he said, and then

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911 happened.

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And we all ran out of our classrooms and stood by the water union cities right across from Manhattan. And we saw the buildings fall in front of us. And all of that death resurface in our life, how unpredictable life is. And so I remembered running from the truth I couldn't deny in the Quran. And then I found my roommate and Indian brother next to me saying I'm going inside. He said, Where are you going? He said, I'm gonna go pray. He said, Pray. What are you? He said I'm Muslim. He had never prayed before the Muslim. He said I'm coming with you. And he went with him and took his shahada, and accepted with the Quran opened that window the Quran opened in his heart and in his

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mind, so let the Quran do its work is my first advice to my brothers and sisters that wish to share this gift of Islam with people a cola COLA that was stuck for Allah Altima Lee welcome.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena be about that shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa Tada hola Cherie Keller who are shadowing.

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Mohammed Abdullah, who whenever you who are solo

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but it is not just the Quran reading the mind of its reader, if we can put it that way that brought them to the Quran. There are many different fronts at which the Quran works on the hearts of people and effectively guides people to the truth. That is why Allah asila Jin said in the Quran, FLIR Tada balloon Al Quran, Allah Kulu vena cava, Aloha, don't they think deeply about this Quran? Or are their locks, not a lock locks on their hearts? You see different locks have different keys. And the Quran has all of the keys. You know,

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there was a young girl who later on her life had become Muslim because they were giving out free copies of the Quran here in the States.

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And everyone likes free stuff. So she picked up the book, threw it in her backpack and kept going home. She got home that day and said she her parents were not home she was locked out. So she sat on her stoop to open up her book bag to do her homework. She remembered she had taken this book she paid no mind to. She said and I opened the Koran and right there on the first page, I read Valley, Kalki Taboola, re Buffy.

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This is a book in which there is no doubt. She said, I remember saying to myself, what kind of author lights like this, like this is really arrogant. Like to say it in the end, by the way, this book was perfect. It's something but to say it's from the beginning as if to challenge the reader, I dare you to find a mistake. This is something else and intrigued her and it clung with her until later on, she was able to find good sources about Islam, and she had become a Muslim.

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And you know, others become Muslim because of the message of the Quran itself, the teachings, the peace, the Quran brings Muslims. One of these brothers and I know my time is running out that we shipped the Quran to had said to me

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that I want you to ship a box of Quran, it's to my girlfriend's in California to set to give it to all of my neighbors. Because I am currently not in the United States. I'm part of the US armed forces stationed in Afghanistan. And I just became Muslim.

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And I asked him, why'd you become Muslim? He said, because there's this guy from Afghanistan, who whether he likes it or not, of course, he has to work for us a tour guide, he knows the terrain, a translator, a local.

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And I used to always be amazed that his character, his manners, his Sakeena his tranquility. And I would always tell him, like why are you like this? He said, If I cannot change it, then it's not my responsibility. He used to tell me this is what the Quran teaches us. Everything is in Allah's hands. Ultimately, he said I would see the way he made sujood. And otherwise, this is the message of the Quran now, right? He said it just, I had to become a Muslim. I had to find out about this faith and ultimately become a Muslim. And then you know that there's a whole new set of people, another set of people that become Muslim simply by hearing the words of Allah. And this is the thing this is

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a message for Muslims and non Muslims, that this Quran you may not notice what power it has on you. You can't explain it. But how how did the enemies of the Prophet SAW Selim become Muslims? How did the world get transformed by this book? How do people who don't understand it gets so moved and have an entire life transformation based on it? This is the word of Allah azza wa jal. And so use that

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principle. Keep it in mind when you share this Quran with people whether a copy or bringing them to our open house to hear the Quran, or dedicating your life and the life of your children to study you may not realize just how much power it has, but have no doubt in your mind that it does.

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As one of the early Muslims and with that I close, he said, anything in your life, if you don't take care of it, it falls apart, right? But the Quran if you don't take care of it, meaning in your life now you will fall apart you may not realize you're slipping you may not realize you're falling apart, because the power of the Quran cannot be substituted, cannot be replaced. May Allah azza wa jal fill our life with the Quran and make us dedicated servants of his book, enlightened by its message and invigorated by its power. And may Allah azza wa jal allow us to hear it from the lips of His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Jannah and hear it from Allah azza wa jal himself

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subhanho wa Taala Allahumma Falana Ohana are live NEMA and founder and fatten Abbey my alum tena Jana Jaime and Quran allimand I mean who mean who major healing with a kid and I mean who man who Sina was looking at Tila who Anna lady wiped off on the heart, Allah how much Al Quran Robbia Colombina also dorina which Allah Azza Nina where the herba Hamina Hamina thriller homonyms Lemina and Muslim ads when what many no one want me nuts Allah here in Homer Hamilton, what are Salallahu Salam wa barakaatuh b&m hamadryad early here

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was IVIG mine

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