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This is the fourth Khutbah in a series on the goals of the Shariah delivered at Ridge Road, Musalla, Durban, South Africa.

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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Hungary alameen wa salatu salam ala nabina Karim Allah Allah He was heavy in. We begin by creating Allah strober hana What are Allah and asking Allah to send these Peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all those who follow his way with righteousness until the end of time.

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So today inshallah we'll be continuing our series on the goals of the Sharia. And a brief recap for those who must make past few discussions.

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We spoke and this is actually the foot lecture we are given on this topic, on some of the reasons why Allah sent down a Sharia for us to follow. Unless you have a handle a dialer, if he wanted to, he could have left us to do whatever we want. If he wanted to, he could have sent down just general guidelines, you know, something like just don't steal, and don't convert Xena. Instead, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed a complete and perfect Sharia, a complete and perfect way of life. And what has happened over the years is many of us, we have not been educated enough to understand the Sharia, and therefore we don't appreciate the Sharia. And so when people don't appreciate something,

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they don't follow it or they don't follow it properly. So a brief recap of what we covered in the previous three discussions. The first discussion which we had many months ago, we spoke about the concept that the entire Sharia revolves around the removal of harm, that Allah subhanaw taala standards, a Sharia to protect us from harm. So whatever Allah has made Haram, he has made it haram because it is harmful to us or to society. This is why something is haram. Why did Allah prohibit alcohol? It is harmful to you and to society? Why the Allah prohibit drugs, it is harmful to you and to society. Why did he prohibit schilke worshipping someone besides Allah, because it is harmful to

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your soul and to your afterlife, right homies of spiritual harm and physical harm, not just physical harm. So that was the first topic that we discussed. Then. Last month, we discussed the topic of the general goal of the Sharia, which was again, inclusive of that topic that the great scholar even assured the great Maliki scholar of Tunisia, he stated that the entire Sharia revolves around two things, benefiting humanity and protecting humanity from harm. This is the Sharia, benefiting humanity and protecting humanity from harm to the harm part we spoke about already. How does the Sharia benefit us? It gives us inner peace. It gives us the ability, it gives us a purpose in life,

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it gives us the tools to live a good life. It gives us a way to paradise. It benefits us in this world and the next, then in the previous discussion that we had two weeks ago, we went into more details, right? So when you go more detail into this topic of the goals of the Sharia, you learn that the Sharia revolves around protecting five things, right? The Sharia revolves around protecting five things. Imam ghazali spoke about this. A sharp he spoke about this even assured many great scholars spoke about these things. And they said the entire Sharia revolves around the protection of religion, human life, intellect, family and wealth. Every law of the Sharia fits into one of these

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five categories. It's either there to protect your mind, your life, your wealth, your family or your mind. Right and undermine you can include mental health as well. So in the previous discussion, we spoke about how the Sharia protects family. It prohibits Zina because Zina destroys families, it promotes marriage it promotes the having of children, it gives the rights to wives rights to husband rights to parents rights to children, it creates a environment where families can flourish and grow and be strong and it creates more hubbub between family members and we discussed all of this you know previous discussion. So today inshallah, we are going to continue with these five things that

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the Sharia was sent to protect, and a reminder of why we are having this discussion. We are having this discussion so we can appreciate Olazabal, we are having this discussion so that we can really marvel at the laws that Allah has sent you. We can see what a miracle the Sharia actually is. And so when we practice Islam, we practice it from a place of appreciation. We know why we are doing what we are doing. We not just praying Salah as a ritual, we are praying it towards a purpose. We aren't just fasting as a ritual, we are passing towards a purpose. We're not just staying away from alcohol because that's what our family that's we're staying away from alcohol because we understand the

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purpose behind it. So the goal of these discussions is that we can appreciate the law and practice it accordingly. So today we want to discuss what's considered the greatest of the things that Islam came to protect. And that is Islam itself. Islam came to protect the fate and this is of two levels.

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Islam came to protect, or rather the Sharia came to protect Islam as the religion from becoming extinct, or from being changed. And he came to protect the faith in our hearts. It came to protect us from going astray and of course dating. Right. So, today's discussion, inshallah, I'm going to break it down into three parts. Number one, what is meant by protection of fate? Number two, how does the Sharia protect our fate? And number three, what can you do on a practical level, to protect your fate, the fate of your family and the fate of society at large. Now, in this day and age, why is this important? It is important because for the first time in Islamic history, we are witnessing

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mass apostasy in many parts of the Muslim world, or adding the numbers, you know, all my friends who visit from the USA, they always complain of the same problem. You see, for every one Muslim who converts to Islam, a Muslim thing is becoming an atheist. It's equal in numbers, the amount of people becoming Muslim, is equal to the number of people leaving Islam. And I believe one of the reasons this is happening is because we are not putting into place those things that preserve our faith, we are putting ourselves in situations that completely rip feet out of our hearts out of the hearts of our children. And then we wonder why they end up leaving Islam Case in point of a parent

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raises their child without teaching them anything about Islam, then sends them to a non Muslim school, and then other sends them to a non Muslim University, and then sends them to work for non Muslims and never once gives them even a basic madrasa education.

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What chance does the child have of preserving the schema?

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Think about it. If your child knows nothing about Allah as Dean, you expect him to stay on the straight path, you expect them to, to be able to protect themselves from the fitness out there. The preservation of feet is very important. It is a topic that is crucial to our times. And because we don't understand this being a part of the Sharia, we end up not practicing the parts of the Sharia that preserve our faith. So again, point number one, what is meant by preservation of faith as the goal of the Sharia, to things. Allah has revealed certain laws and certain processes and structures that prevent Islam from going extinct, that prevent Islam from being changed and becoming something

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else. We know the previous prophets messages have been altered or lost altogether. There are many prophets who we don't know their messages. Allah Subhana Allah said, sent over 100,000 prophets to this earth, we only know 25 by name. And from those 25 only ones message has remained intact. The others have been changed over time, that Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his message is the last message to mankind. If it is lost, if it is changed, then there is no hope for guidance for humanity. So Allah has revealed his Sharia in such a way that it protects itself from being changed or going extinct, how to many different processes amongst them, amongst the more controversial ones.

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But if you understand the goal of the Sharia, it's not controversial, is the concept of jihad. Jihad exists to protect Islam from going extinct. If the Prophet slicin did not fight in the Battle of butter, what would have happened? If they did not fight the Romans, the Persians of their time, what would have happened, Islam would have been obliterated, you have been wiped out. Right? Jihad was revealed to protect Islam from extinction from being wiped out by its enemies equal to that in lands like this, where there are no jihad, we we live in peace, there is another structure or two structures in place to protect the religion as a whole. Number one is our number two is Islamic

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education. These two things play roles together, to protect Islam, to stop it from being wiped out. So in a country or in a city or in a village where there is no Islamic education where there is no doubt what happens, people start leaving Islam, people start converting to Christianity, or atheism or things like that. The existence of Dawa in the society protects our image, even if other people don't convert, it protects our image, there is a statement, either you preached a message or a message would be preached to you. And so what happens when we are not teaching people about Islam, they are calling us towards their way of life. Islamic education is just as important. When there is

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no Islamic education in a family or society, people will go off the straight path. And this is why parents as much as we want our children to be successful in dunya. It is equally important. But for the afterlife, it's even more important that we also educate them indeed. We have a problem in this community. I've noticed this change in many, many families. We send our children to madrasa for what grade 1234 maybe five. But for high school, how many people's in the high school children to madressa how many people make sure that high school children are learning about Islam? Very few, very few. In fact, most madrasahs don't even have a high school.

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department because turns on sending the children and you know something. High School is the time when your children need Islamic education and the strong connection with an Islamic teacher the most. That's really needed the most. And that to me not giving it to them, and we wonder why they're going astray. So this education is there to protect the Islam of people and our society as a whole. So, we said that the way Islam was revealed to protect itself from going extinct is by having certain structures in place, right amongst these structures is Jihad from amongst these structures is Dawa, for mumsie structures is Islamic education. So the existence of Islamic schools and

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madrassas, the existence of Allah and Islamic books. These are things that Allah has sent to protect this religion from extinction in every generation, or lessons Allah in every generation, Allah inspires them to write books, some of these books are still follow the 1000 years later, and they serve for protecting the religion. So this is a very important part of the religion.

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The other way in which Islam serves to protect our faith is on individual levels. And the scholars are fixated on that all the aspects of fic, which are purely a badass acts of worship, they all work towards this one goal, protecting your demand. Let me explain this a bit. Thick Islamic law and civil technical. Islamic law is divided into two parts, right? It's called Eva dot m.

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e bar that means something that's purely an act of worship, like praying, Salah, reciting Quran, fasting, these are acts of worship in of themselves. The other type of Islamic law is called muamalat, which can be translated into worldly deeds, by this is the face of business, marriage, divorce, a family rights, all of this is called more Amara, why? Because these are the fix that affects not something that's an act of worship in of itself, but how we live in this world, by how we interact with other human beings. So when it comes to the laws of Islam, very few laws are pure about that. Very few few laws are just acts of worship in of themselves. You pray five times a day,

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you fast the month of Ramadan, you go for Hajj, you recite Quran, you make recur, it's very few, maybe 10 or 20 laws. The majority of laws are what our interactions with other people muamalat, right? Business laws,

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Family Law, laws in terms of good character and how we interact with people in general, the prohibition of backbiting, slander, all of this is more, a lot, all of these laws of Islam in how we deal with people. So the scholars are fixated on those laws of Islam, that apply primarily to acts of worship. Allah created these acts of worship to protect our demand, and all the other laws work towards the other goals. What do you mean? The business laws prediction of wealth, the family laws, prediction of family, right the word meetings work towards the word records, the worship of Allah works towards preservation of faith. What does this mean to us? This means when you practice Islam,

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by this means when you do the acts of worship Allah has prescribed you are protecting yourself from losing a man. This is the primary goal of the acts of worship. When you pray five times a day you are protecting yourself from losing your mind. When you recite Quran on a daily basis, you are protecting yourself from losing a man when you go for Hajj or overall you are protecting yourself from losing a man understand Oh brothers and sisters in Islam that Eman is something that fluctuates and this is mentioned throughout the Quran and Hadees right Eman RE DO again young man goes up and down everybody's experiences Am I right? everyone's experience Did you have those days where you

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feel you want to be a perfect Muslim where you can accomplish anything where you waking up with 100 and you praying all your sooner Salah you never come with a single bad deed. And then you get those days where you like can barely pray a single allow you like your mind is it's hit rock bottom. Why? This is the natural fluctuation of life. demand goes up and down. Now if you are not doing the things to protect your demand, what will happen? It just keeps going down and down and down and down. And for what? There's nothing left. And that's how apostasy happens. That's how people leave their religion. It doesn't happen overnight. It starts off a person stops praying Salah. Now if

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you're not praying five times a day, the primary means of protecting your Eman is out of the way it's gone. It's not there. So now what happens to every Salau you miss, your image goes down. You must fudge it, your image goes down. You must know how your mind goes down and maybe goes down down by 0.1% but also

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For two or three years, how much percentage is that? Right? It reaches a point where you get down to like maybe 5% a month. And you'll notice this normally people who come to you and they say they have doubts about Islam, that they're beginning to feel Islam is not the true religion. Notice majority of the time they do not pray five times a day, they cannot recite Quran on a daily basis, right, the things that Allah created to protect your Eman they are not doing so as a result the demand is going down. So Allah created these acts of worship, their primary purpose, they protect our demand. If you do these acts of worship, your demand will not be in jeopardy. So for example, someone who works

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towards praying five times a day when his Eman is high, he's praying 200 he's playing the sooner Salah he's praying extra when his demand is low, he's praying the five for

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somebody who doesn't do that when you demand is high you string the fight but when you demand is low, you don't go in for Juma which are the two is more likely to be protected from losing the game or the one who's who's who's holding himself to a higher level. Right you allow me these things to protect our demand from going up and we see this in the Quran and Hadith. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said alpha manana will be no masala Forman tarraco hufa kotkapura The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated the difference between us and the disbelievers is Salah. True. However, whoever abandoned Salah is different translations. Yeah, but with this topic, whoever

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abandoned Salah will leave the fate covered by some of the some of the Messiah who actually believe if you don't pray five times a day, you're not a Muslim, based on this disease. But the 100 interpretation is that if you don't pray five times a day you are a major sinner and in danger of losing Allah that fits in with what you're saying, You're right. If you're not praying five times a day, you are in danger of losing your image, you are on this part to another part to Mr. Why Because Allah created us to worship you. If you are not doing the basic worship five times a day, then you're not fulfilling the purpose of life and you may lose your guidance altogether. So Salah is

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there to protect our email

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as is reciting Quran every day. Another thing that Allah created to protect our Eman is Hajj and Umrah. And so a lot of people actually recognize this or realized because I know some of my friends when they Eman is weak, they immediately book a flight and go to Morocco. Because just sitting in the hot room increases your email just being near the grades of Rasulullah saw some and the Sahaba and visiting that area and visiting those places. It reminds you of why Islam is true. And why is the true religion and it wipes up all your doubts. And this is why Islam, it encourages multiple cameras. Some of us have the idea that Islam does not encourage multiple cameras. The Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam said from one camera to the next is forgiveness for whatever is in between. Why would he say this if he didn't want us to go for a run multiple times? Every time you go for O'Meara if you went for Obama in 2012. And then you go again in 2018. And it's accepted by Allah whatever minus and you committed from 2012 to 2018 are wiped out. This is a strong incentive. Why allow a nice profit loss and want us to go to that land as many times as possible because that land protects our EMR. When you visit that land, your demand increases, your demand gets stronger.

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So to recap what you mentioned thus far, and we said that Islam was sent to serve specific goals. Every law Allah revealed serves a specific goal. Allah did not reveal random laws and again, this is something some Muslims think some Muslims think our just meetings haram for nothing, right? Or we just praying for nothing and just something Allah makes us to know everything has a goal. Allah is Al Hakim, he is most wise. So his law is the most wise of laws, he will not reveal something which does not have wisdom in it. If Allah is telling you to wake up before sunrise and pray to rockets, there is wisdom in that eye there is wisdom in whether you understand it or not. There is wisdom in

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that if Allah is telling you to fast the month of Ramadan, there is wisdom in that if Allah is telling you not to drink alcohol, not to get involved in girlfriend, boyfriend relationship and this sort of thing. There is wisdom in that whether you understand it or not. We believe Allah is most wise and that he has revealed his rosewood wisdom. About 10% of the law. We don't know there was the only Allah knows it. For example, why is Madrid three rockets and so forth? Only Allah knows, but there must be a reason behind it. Right? Why must we wash our hands, our elbows are not our shoulders. Only Allah knows. But there must be a wisdom behind it. This is what we believe. We don't

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see there is no wisdom. We say only Allah knows the wisdom. But for 90% of the laws, it's clear to us

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What the wisdom is and how many times Allah mentioned it directly. So Allah revealed these laws to teach us right from wrong and to the end to end for us to practice it in a way that makes life easy for us and protects us from harm. And how does it make life easy for us by making sure the five fundamental fundamentals of life are taken care of? What are the five fundamentals of life according to Islam, your Eman number one, your life number two, your intellect number three, your money number four, and your family number five, Muslims believe are the Muslim scholars believe if you have these five things, you will have a good life. If you have a man, you are alive and healthy, you have

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money, you have family, you have a strong mind, you will have a good life. And so the entire Sharia revolves around protecting these five things. Right? Last time we spoke about how it protects family. Today we speaking about how it protects your mind. Right? A lot didn't just say be Muslim, Allah told us be Muslim and pray five times a day, why that five times a day will keep you Muslim. It's easy to say you believe but to stay a believer for the rest of your life, you have to do certain things that keep the man in your heart that stop it from decreasing to a level where it's gone altogether. So if there's just one thing you take away from today's lecture, is if you're not

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praying five times a day, stop praying five times a day. Seriously, if you don't have anything I say from this point forward or anything i said before this, just take this one message home, the five daily Salah Bonjour Zohar, after Maghrib Isha, even if you start with just the father, even if you don't pray, the sooner we turn in the beginning, even if you start to just affirm, start, do this, pray five times a day, it's the single most important thing that will save you in this world and after praying five times a day to Allah.

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So we said Islam was in to protect our fate. And we said this is of two types, to protect the religion as a whole. And to protect us on the individual level, protecting the religion as a whole Alhamdulillah in this community, we have perhaps done a good job of it compared to other non Muslim countries. I've got friends living in many other non Muslim countries. And they tell me, for example, in some of the countries, there is no madrasas. There's no Islamic schools, there's no law in some, some places, there's no law at all. And so the person giving the lecture doesn't know Islam. And he's teaching people and he doesn't know what he's teaching the people. And there's no

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place to go and learn the basics of Islam. And so what happens in such a community, people leave Islam, because they don't have the foundations and the fundamentals to grow their fate upon. So one of the things I want you to take from this is to appreciate the concept, the concept of Allah and Islamic education and Islamic books, appreciate the fact that this concept exists, and that we exist very strongly in our community. I know a lot of people like to complain, our llama not so good. And the books we have an anomaly or poorly translated, and I'm a wrestler, not doing a good job. Whatever the case, it's doing a better job than many other countries. And these look at the code.

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And if you feel the alarm are not strong enough, send your most intelligent son to become a you know, it's our problem. And we'll be straightforward about this problem. We want our most intelligent children to become doctors and the guy who's doing badly in school, we want to dump him in the in the in the dark when we see Mickey molana. And they be completely malanez are not intelligent. It's appearance fault if you're doing that, right in other communities. And I've seen this in many other communities. I've seen this in Arab communities, I've seen this in Turkish communities, they send the most intelligent child to become a chef, to become a student of Islam. So

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you and then you look at the older man, you wonder how can he speak so eloquently? how can how is the knowledge so deep, is because the parents believed that my intelligence son should be a servant of the state? Right? We need to change our concept of what Allah is. Allah is not something you dump your son in, if he's not doing well in school, Allah either inherited of the profits, so choose the best of people to inherit from the prophets. Choose people who are worthy of it. I mean, look at Imam Abu hanifa. He was a businessman, but he was one of the most intelligent businessmen of his time. So one of the Obama went to his shop and told him to his face, a man of your intellect should

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not be wasting his time only doing business you must study Islam. And he's already a grown man. He's already working in his business. But in those days, they recognize intelligent people should be Allah. And so he left his business you got somebody else to run it for him. You hired a manager to run the business for him, and he went off to study Islam for 14 years. And today 1000 years later, 90% of the people in this room follow him. Why? Because one of his teachers

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had the foresight to see that an intelligent man should not be involved only in business, you should be a businessman. And

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so if you want, you know, if you want to complain, but have this problem we complain with Mr. Like, there's no law like that. No, don't complain, make a difference. Make a difference. If you know someone's intelligent encouraged him to study Islam, and what we will see the next generation of Allah will be amazing. Not good. Amazing. Why? Because we've lost our priorities in this area. We really don't take it seriously. Many parents don't even cross their mind. At least one of my kids should study Islam.

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It doesn't crush them. I know, they want all their children to be involved on the internet. And you don't have to only study Islam. 100 rely on other communities, as I mentioned, the example of Abu hanifa, Allah ma a businessman, a llama doctors or Lama, you know, university professors. For them, I have the study Islam and something else, right? Did they do well, in Deen and dunya, we need to start producing Allah of that caliber in our community as well. We really need to do that. If you know someone is that intelligent, encourage them to become a doctor. And guess what will happen with that individual, he will have the best fit of medicine in the community, he'll be able to explain

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the physical medicine better than anybody else, because he studied medicine and he studied so we can put it together. Right? If you know someone who's good at business, and extremely intelligent and loves the dean, send them to study Islam, they will become the best at the physical business, because they understand business and they understand. So we as a community must change when it comes to our approach to Islamic Studies. We spend too much time complaining, we spend too much time putting down the efforts that are already there. We spend too much time to feeling like this is something low class or something that's not good enough for us or where our committee we see Allah

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letting us down. I've heard people say this, no, you need to

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hide by not producing good LMR. It's a whole community's fault by the law committee does have. The problem is when they are gay, we don't appreciate that. We look for the ones that have mistakes, and we only pick on them and the ones doing good work. We act like they don't exist. So change your whole approach as a community, and you will see Islam thriving in your area.

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So just to conclude what we mentioned today, we said that Islam came, and with a Lord that was revealed in such a way that it protects Islam from going extinct. It protects Islam from going extinct by having certain structures in place, the concept of jihad, the concept of Dawa of Allah ma of Islamic schools of madrasahs all of this protects Islam from being lost in a community. And then Islam was also came with laws that protect a man in our hearts. It protects us from losing Mr. From apostates from becoming atheists. What are these laws that acts of worship? pray five times a day your Eman will remain intact. recite Quran every day. And by the way, reciting Quran every day is

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not compulsory. But everybody I know who does it, the man is consistently at a higher level.

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So even if it's for five or 10 minutes a day, make it a habit to recycle on every day. Make this a habit when you recycle. You receive an immediate increase in demand immediate no matter how low you are feeling in demand. As soon as you start reciting the word of Allah, you feel it increasing. So make this a daily habit at least for five or 10 minutes a day recycle. Number three, when it comes to the acts of worship you need to do in order to preserve your demand. If you can afford it, go for Hajj, go for visit the lands of Makkah and Medina, that land and the blessedness of that land and the places that are there. And the people you meet over there, you know it will help you increase.

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It will really increase your Eman when you are sitting in front of the Kaaba. You can't have doubts about Islam. You can't you just immediately feel the presence of Allah angels. And you feel that that's the reality of Islam when you're in that place. Another thing we can do to increase our demand and to make sure demand does not drop to that level we lose it is continuously continuously for the rest of your life studying Islam. Again, going back to what I mentioned earlier, many of us make the mistake. We go to madrasah grade one, grade two, grade three, grade four, grade five we tell our Korean schools get into hardcopy madressa presents a show. And then for the rest of our

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lives. We never learned anything new about Islam. Big, big tragedy. This is a major tragedy. Studying Islam should begin when you are five or six or seven years old, and it should remain until you die. Even if you are 95 years old, you should still be leading an Islamic book every day. It doesn't matter till the day you die. Never stop studying Islam. Don't ever think I know Islam. I don't need to learn anymore. I never stopped studying Islam and you

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If you are a parent, make sure you are teaching your children Islam. Make sure you have family Holocaust. Make sure that your children are learning something new about Islam everyday. Don't neglect the Islamic education. I know. Nowadays, we know what High School and the higher grades or primary school homework is so much, and assignments are so much that, you know, we push the Islamic Studies aside, that's a big mistake. Find a way to balance it out. Your children need Islamic knowledge. You need Islamic knowledge. Your children need Islamic knowledge and you need Islamic knowledge. Make sure for the rest of your life you are studying how well you could attend the

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Holocaust. If you know of an album in your community who you respect and who teaches well study with him once a week. If you don't have that YouTube is there, Watch the YouTube videos, right? If you don't want that, read a book. There are millions of options for studying Islam, that nobody has the excuse of ignorance today, really set for yourself a curriculum, ask yourself, what do I need to know about Islam? which areas and my weekends? For example, recently, someone came to me about this topic. And he told me I want to start reading more books about Islam. So I asked him Okay, step number one, which area are you weak in, in Islamic studies? This is a grown man, a married man with

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children. And he thought about it. And he told me Islamic history. So I showed him I said this is the biography of Abu Bakar Omar Guzman Ali, read them all one at a time in order. And he started reading it. So everyday he reads the biographies of the Rashi Do you think this will help to preserve his image or not? It will, the more you study the lies of Abu Bakr and Omar and a smile on him,

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the more your mind increases. So if you are not in the habit of studying Islam every day, make it a habit. If your children are not studying Islam everyday, make it a habit, the study of Islam must remain in the lives of every Muslim until we leave this world. So to conclude, I said, there are a few things you can do to protect your email and the man of your families. What are these things pray five times a day that's most important. If you're not praying five times a day, the other things don't matter. Right, that is the single most important pray five times a day is the second pillar of Islam. It is the difference between Eman and Cofer. It is the first thing we are asked about on the

00:32:19--> 00:32:59

Day of Judgment, it is what Allah created us for to worship Him. So pray five times a day. Number two, recycle on everyday. Number three, if you can afford it, go for hygiene, right. And number four, make sure that you are learning something new about Islam every day of your life, whether it's through a YouTube video or attending a halaqa, or whether it's sitting with a chef one on one, or whether it's through an online course, or whether it's through reading a book, whatever it is, just make sure that for the rest of your life, you are always increasing your knowledge of Islam, this will preserve your faith, this will help you to be stronger, and it will help you to reach higher

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levels of faith and end up on a different point. The Shadow came primarily to protect our image. But there's a higher goal as well. What's the higher goal, the higher goal is not to protect our mind is to reach a high level of demand. Such a high level of demand doesn't need protection anymore. Right meaning what the average Muslim, the average Muslim, you know, the level of demand, where if they stopped doing the basic acts of worship, if they get into the wrong environment, the wrong company, the demand can drop. We want to reach a level of, of a man called son what his Son Son translates into English as perfection. That's the meaning of the word is excellent perfection. In and the

00:33:41--> 00:34:23

prophets lie some described it as to worship Allah as if you can see him. And even though you can't see him, you know that he sees you meaning what yaqeen conviction, right to reach a level where your in mind is so strong, nothing could ever make you doubt Islam. That should be our higher goal. Lower goal. If you're not praying five times a day, start with that start praying five times a day so that you can at least protect your faith. But long term work towards reaching a level of faith, where you worship, worshiping Allah, knowing that he is seeing you with this yaqeen that Allah exists, Islam is real. And all of this is real and without any doubt in your heart work towards having that level

00:34:24--> 00:34:46

of Eman and asking Allah to protect our Eman to make us from those who understand the religion who practice the religion to protect the minds of our children, our youth, our teenagers in this community to protect them from the fitness of our time the fitting of atheism or feminism of liberalism. And to keep the idea hearts firm upon Islam. waffling The one on the left Robin alaminos Salama