Haifaa Younis – Why the Disparity when Allah Elevated the status of Women?

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the disparity between the status of men and women in Islam, citing the example of the woman being considered equal. They question why men and women are elevated at a higher level, and the speaker suggests that men and women are not equal in reward and behavior. The speaker warns against leaving this gap open and reminds the audience to learn to separate.
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We talked about status of women in Islam, how Allah subhanaw taala elevated the woman as equal, this is a very important question. Why there are there have been such disparity between the status of men and woman in history. And even today

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who said, so?

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Always ask this question. Karim Napanee Adam. Number one, Allah elevated the status of a human being. That's why I get so offended. I have a cat. When somebody looked at me and says, are the mother of the cat? I was like, oh, to be?

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No, I really mean because that's very common culture. And I was like, no Columna of any human being are elevated. You're a human being you're elevated. You're honored. That's number one. The status of men and women it depends what are you looking culture? That's not Dean, learn to separate? There is things that men does. woman doesn't do? Indeed, yes. hekman there is wisdom. There's needs another whole program about that. But as Allah elevated your status as a mother, I say this all the time. Does the man feel superior inferior? Because you're a mother?

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Why do we feel inferior? If we don't do things? The man does. Did you get my point? Don't let this go into you. You have been elevated status by Allah's pantalla number one as a human being number two as a woman a mother or not a mother but in general in his own way. Subhanallah and we are equal in the reward and what we are going to be asked about

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