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The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, including comments from various speakers, including Lavina de La houska and N VP. They also discuss the importance of avoiding sllers and being careful when standing on a surface. In a separate segment, Omar Z talks about his past actions and how he talks about the people in his position. The importance of knowing which level one is one and how one can change one's opinion is emphasized, along with the use of shaytan to indicate which level one is one and how one can change one's opinion. Personal experiences with Allah's actions and emotions are also discussed, along with helping others during difficult times.

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In 111 trial and it was it was surreal to hear a subgroup analysis be done and God I'm told the unforeseen I will say yeah Dr. Molina million dollar fund I'm looking it up on my English but I had the ELA where shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah for them would actually get up or shut down no Muhammad Abdul whenever you are solo yeah you will Lavina kappa la Hakka to party whether the alternate Allah to Mr. Moon young NASA for a backhoe lady Falcone Nuptse Wakita for fella coming huzzah Jehovah Femina America like McAfee around one he says

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water for water lady Tessa Aluna video a lot hand in Namaha Gary Cooper Teva Lavina de la Hulu Holden studied the use of local Carmela from work with Nikita Nova for my nuclear law so the whole purpose as opposed to Halima.

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After praising Allah azza wa jal, and seeking His guidance, and seeking of him to send his finest Peace and blessings upon his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We here at every Joomla has our prophets of Allah, who are they gonna send them talk to us to echo and remind each other the command of tuffeau to be conscious of Allah as we translate or dutiful to Allah fearful of Allah is certainly a part of that as well.

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And we read all throughout the Quran, that

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stuff what is the all or none, it is the most determining factor in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah Allah. Allah Allah does not play favoritism and Allah azza wa jal does not need our lives of dedication. It is about the tougher above and before anything else, Allah tells us to kind of go with the idea that when it comes to forgiveness, it is the those who fear Allah will get for it will see it will not open language Romania Jaffe level ever has in support of Allah. This is the one who is evil deeds get burned away by that tough work. And his good deeds are made manifest Allah as though that tells us it never ends. But Allah Allah only accepts from the moods of pain. That

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doesn't mean you have to be righteous to be accepted in your deeds. It means in the deeds that you're doing, like your repentance, for example, it needs to be conscious of Allah for it to be accepted. And Allah told us at the end of the day at the conclusion that everyone that countless billions that will come on the Day of Judgment they run now we will bring them force them to be present. How Elijah had never around the Hellfire with the upon their knees,

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I horrific image. And then a few hours later, it says what do managing the vena cava and then we will pull from them or select the rescue those that have had support, they can rise they can be dismissed only them. And then we know as we all know that the month of Ramadan came to put us on an accelerated path, to rehabilitate our Topo to give us a chance

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to finally develop that software if you haven't been doing it or to improve it if it's been deteriorating throughout the year. So have we or have we not? Perhaps that is of the worthy suffix to to reflect on with my brothers and my sisters today? In this final gem of Ramadan, what is the top of Allah and what it looked like?

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You know, there's been so many different reports from the Sahaba at European level and we used to say the Taqwa of Allah is four days these are interpretations by example. It's not an all inclusive definition. He says a poker manager needed to be fearful of the Most Great well I'm not going to concede and to act upon what he sent down what love is funny and to be content with that which is little your you have tunnel vision and this is part of it with other money to be satisfied. That was a little What do you do the OMA Rahim and always set to depart always ready to be called out to leave this world and go and answer for your tequila

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Abdullah who was one who, similarly he mentioned three things he said the tough one my mom and your thought after that you also prefer to be consistently obeyed and not disobeyed or not selectively obey.

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To be consistently obeyed and not disobey where and you'll get off and I intend to constantly be in mind and not neglected or forgotten.

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And he said when you shut up and look for and to constantly feel grateful to him and never deny His blessings and unworthy Allah, Allah wants out of this humility, the fact that Omar asks Will they want this tough work speaks so much to the fact that we should constantly be considering the metrics. Do I have the Do I not checking for you? He said obey you what is tough what he said or Omar Hala Korea on Tasha, okay. Have you ever taken a 40 pack or walking on the road in their stores? K plus one. Okay to pass

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Now what do you do when that's your situation?

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Shannon mero he said it he said I roll up my sleeves are also could mean also my clothes. I keep my clothes close to my body, loose baggy clothing if you get caught, I pull my clothes together what I said and I try my best to be careful, I'm vigilant.

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He said to him that the tech for that is what Jeff was all about to walk this world vigilant to not be cut by the horns because you will not bleed your deen will bleed basically, if you get caught up in this world too much and you're not fixated enough caught up enough into and on Allah azza wa jal himself just kind of about the Quran also tells us that tough work comes in various levels. It's not like you have it or you don't have the topo of Allah Subhana Allah Donna.

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So for example, Allah Azza Baraka Medina says this was added and Ron was said to Enoch Phillips raised to the forgiveness of your Lord and His Jana, or the Mujahideen is the end of the I have prepared for the people of Mozart pain, and then he describes them

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of the description in this passage. It is very interesting. Allah says, well, Lavina is alpha alpha Rakesh are people when they commit a great activities Z. And what I want to put the whole more on themselves, perhaps is going to refer to major and minor sins. As some scholars have said that Catahoula they have enough topquality that they rebound. Yola comes to mind. So the people of Taqwa could be evil and commit major sins Absolutely. But Allah comes to mind they return.

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This is a level of tequila, but there are other levels of tequila

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that are higher, that you are far less likely to fall into major sins. And when you do fall into major sins, you will make up for it in a way that made you better than you would have ever been had you not made this in. This isn't suited scholars point out and Allah azza wa jal says in the Levina check out the people that have suffered either ms seven thought you Philomena shape on internet cover. They are people that when they thought if I leave that word, untranslated for a second from Shavon comes their way to America. So this is not someone who commits a battleship huge enormity and I'm not gonna love it remember Allah is someone who Shavon comes at them with a thought it was about

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it but it was something discrete you know, it fell off it just happened to pass and it just fluid and just it's not a huge Umbra the ACT everyone is kind of moving everyone happens almost involuntarily. Also a thought if kappa alpha alpha is inserted Allah Allah says a five by eight is basically an attack that happens at night. So but if you remember pick the people in the garden something came across over their garden or whom that moon discreetly while they were sleeping unless it so they were attacked while asleep. And so the thought if in this area, but the people have tough off. These are people that were totally blindsided, like they took their precautions and they just

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so happened to get caught off guard that will happen. Even the greatest people of Taqwa will not be able to pinpoint every last weakness of this every last blind spot of this, this is just normal. But the point is it's a small blind sided stripe from Shavon happens quickly and they wake up right away.

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Right away. And what's beautiful also when you reflect on those two is that any lacquer off in any Enron it says they commit a lewd act. These people have suffered as we'll call it level one. They remember Allah. This age Shavon catches them off guard with a quick shock if you will blindsides them, tears that come they remember and it doesn't say Allah. It says if Allah is so present, that the word remember is enough they remember everything, Allah and the hereafter and death and the grave and the rights and responsibilities. They remember.

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It doesn't need to be spelled out that Allah came to mind.

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Whereas the first group you can commit an enormity and you remember that it's wrong for many different reasons. If you're at that level, you may regret but not for Allah just ruin the reputation. That's what this person remembers when you can get straight back with the program. That's another level of tequila. Check with yourself very infrequently the fall into especially the major cities. There's an even higher level of stuff look,

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where Shavon doesn't even blindside you Shavon actually runs from you.

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Inside the only with us some of the scenarios this is like a fatty that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he he left Africa whoa how wasted you are on the promo You're remarkable. Man I left the I guess to say vinyl the Fechin in what sound like a friend Jen Shavon does not find you on a road except that the about phases or takes a different road other than your road.

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And so this is the level that not just in Ramallah shaytaan comes back to some people not all people, to the degree of your tequila is the degree of the access that Shavon has on you. So

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Some people have such a level that Shavon himself flees from them. May Allah allow us to find these ranks that help us better measure accurately our progress in this one love mummy

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Henry Daniel Assad was salam ala Milena Allah, you know, having a lot of very good information available whenever you bought or sold.

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I wish to just conclude with two important metrics also for our taco, the first of them How do you know which one of these levels you belong to? This is theory but how do I know if it applies to me or not? Well, the easy answer is asked Shavon. In one sense, Shavon will not come at someone who's at level three, and tell them commit Zina this believe in Allah zoologia. So I find this more tactful than that, so far has better strategy than that trick on studies you and sees where you're at and suggests what's possible. That resume as Allah says, We send the shotgun upon certain people imperfect justice, to push them slowly, gradually off the edge. That's what Stefan does.

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And so if you're shy, God is telling you miss prayer. That means that your level you're at, you're at the level where you can actually miss prayer, because if it wasn't likely for you to do it, you wouldn't have suggested it.

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If he tells you miss, pray in the masjid, and that's your level.

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If he tells you, whatever it may be, ask yourself where what is shaytan suggesting to me, that will tell you a lot about your level of trouble. The second thing is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he instructed us to have stuff what

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he gave us two very important components to ensure we have and we continue to have he said it's something that hi to my content, the stuff of Allah, wherever and whenever you are, then these are the two components. He said what attributes they say I can have set the tempo and follow up quickly and evil deed with a good one right after it, it will erase you see your Topo doesn't just go away after Ramadan Shan found doesn't just come back after him above it is your decrease good deeds, that less than our taqwa and opened the doors for football. And so whenever you fall into an evil deed, replacing with a good deed, it will erase it will compensate for it. It'll catch up your fortress

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walls. And the more you do good deeds, the more tough will you have and that is why you have the heightened beautiful state did you even feel an experience in the month of Ramadan is not out of thin air. It's not just the baraka of the month. It is the worship that you do that makes you listen in this month. And so extend as much as you can after the month. What I say that as well. The last thing he said well Holly to NASA before you can hustle and deal with people in the best man with the best character

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and that is how not to build your tough luck with that is how to measure your example. One of the greatest ways to measure your tougher is to measure how you deal with Allah's creation. Are you logged down by Allah's creation? Are you do do you see beyond them that this is Allah's creation, and so I must deal with them the way Allah wants, not the way I am.

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And in particular check Allah's creation that you're not afraid of that you meaning you don't feel retaliation from.

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The poor person is going to come humiliate you for not spending money. That's one of the signs that people have stuck once they spend on the board. Your children are not people that can fight back with you toe to toe punch for punch. Check how just in theory you are between your children of the greatest signs having good character with a must creation. I remember I was reviewing last week the

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the concept of Maha Sabha and recommitting ourselves and checking using the right metrics to see where we are with Allah azza wa jal not close with this. I'm gonna knock that Isaiah is talking a whole lot. His wife, she said reported so many things about him, and how concerned he always was about his dealings with people. She said, so many reports, but the one of them she said that he cried so much that I said to myself, that he was in the night he was crying in a corner in his home, that in the morning, the people will not have that money. He's gonna die tonight from all this crime. He's not going to make it through the night. And I said she used to say about him. I used to

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never believe that someone could cry in their sleep until I married or heard about devices. Like if you pray and he would cry and fall asleep and wake up and continue crying from how difficult he was on himself. Upon doing Khalifa He even offered to divorce. He said, Listen, I'm not going to be able to balance between the rights of Allah's creation, personally, domestically and outside. You want to go you can go on

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If you're not going to be able to handle it, and she insisted to be with him, he said, Give me all of your vote because this is old, your parents took it and it wasn't necessarily fair taxes. And so we need to put it back into the Western treasury. It was extremely difficult. But he was tougher on himself than on her. She says, I thought he was gonna die at night. And I said, What are you doing for yourself? Why?

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He said, Oh, Fatima, Prophet, Malik was her name. I took command and Miss Allah without wanting to.

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And I didn't want to be in charge. He says, and then I talked to myself about all the poor people that have nothing and the orphans that no one even acknowledges and the widow women whose husbands have died, and the husbands that are captives or the men that are captive away at war, he said, and the elderly man who has lots of children and very little wealth, and he says, and I realized that Allah will ask me about every one of them. That is stuff that Allah will ask him whatever you want, they cannot come after. But Allah Allah, Allah will ask me about every single one of them. He said, When I first may do nothing, hundreds of Imam are the heroes in them. And I fear that my opponent,

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like their advocate, their lawyer, against me will be the promise often, because he's the one that told us showed us what chocolate looks like to take care of the poor, the needy, the hungry, the oppressed. He said, My opponent will be the Prophet SAW Salem for Fashi to end with Alicia jet during the Fossati. For him to Neff seat advocate. He said that I feared that I would have no argument that could ever stand in front of the province or some other side of the courtroom in front of Allah, what could I say that whatever out do what he says? He says, so I felt bad for myself. And so this is why I cry. And so this is of the good metrics for Taqwa how you deal with people that are

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in a place of vulnerability

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at your hands, whether in an argument whether in a family, in a community, whatever it may be, in some of the greatest ways. So may Allah make us of those who don't let our walls and our fortresses fall apart, continuing to patch them after Ramadan. Help us assess our temple correctly for the most important day for the last day. And may Allah Azza didn't help us be there for his creation as best we can Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah manana said look at who the WhatsApp our Africa Lilina

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Allahu Akbar in let us look at who they were to Power Africa fildena Allah mayor of Ghana condoms Rafi has been shot, took them in reverse the Saudi took never

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took them again. Allah Muhammad Nephi excellent lawyering were too many her Activa Allahumma fillings Sunita on the CMS Allah muslim whistling you notice the man's Allah Muhammad Salla Allahu Matsunaga hola como como Tana, Allah Allah to purposely ever know pm and I will put Adam will certainly love it, you know? Yeah then Janelle Unicron Yeah, that's probably one in I'm sorry. No, you don't want someone not having trouble with me from Lindsay had to hear Kareem Salah who was a walk on me and I'm gonna water it or something.