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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the return of Islam to the United States and the return of sex and gender, as well as the potential for "has been" to be considered "has been" to be considered "has been" to be considered "has been". The segment also touches on the physical pleasure of entering and out of gender, the use of animal models to showcase religion, and the importance of meeting men's and women's needs to create beauty. The segment ends with a suggestion to improve one's knowledge and productivity by working with family members.
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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah mean well Happy Birthday Mata teen. Wala aduana in Bali mean what a shadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah wa Lena will actually will shadow Mohammed and happy to have her solo alayhi salatu Mata Mata slim Welcome brothers, brothers and sisters in Islam to our series on the hereafter.

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Last time by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala we had taken the description of Hellfire, and that is the tremendous punishment Allah subhanho wa Taala has decreed for an eternity for the disbeliever and of course the sinners amongst the believers as well. today but by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala we'll talk about another of an amazing things that were another of the final dwelling that a believer will have inshallah and that is of course, Jenna be in Allah will talk about how Allah subhanho wa Taala wishes to reward his his, his slave and we'll talk about gender in its amazing magnificence. inshallah. Now when I tell you about gender, there's not that many descriptions which

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which can really cause your heart to really ponder and really fall in love with with agenda except for a few. And I would like if you if you're able to enjoy life, it's available in English and I think it is to actually look at the description agenda of Muhammad Allah and if you know Arabic as well you can read read in Arabic It is one of the most amazing and most beautiful descriptions of gender that I have you ever come across. And if you have a look at Mullah, he feels his new Nia which is the a 1000 lines of poetry about gender, about 1000 lines of poetry about the belief of a believer. He has about about about 70 to 100 lines of poetry about describing gender and how

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beautiful gender truly is, and will lie when you read it. Your heart is truly full of love and amazement at the beauty of Allah subhanho wa Taala is creation that is in general. It will pay more to him Allah says Subhana manohara Satya de hujan metal Ferdowsi and the takamoto banyana Glory be to Allah subhanho wa Taala he who who made agenda with his with his two hands and when he was completing it for lama waiata who either currently Bina Fatah Baraka Rahman, Adama, Bonnie, and and his hands truly perfected its creation, so Glory be to allow the best of the best of the builders and best of the creators landmark adorable Eva de la sakala to kill me for the kalama bibiani and

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when Allah subhanho wa Taala finished the the creation agenda he told Jenna to speak and in authentic hadith and Muslim development Rasulullah saw some said the agenda spoke back to Allah, Allah and said,

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God Allah, Allah Abdullah, the woman, Verily, Allah how, how successful is the slave who is a believer? How successful is he? A mother the hautala homeless and how much beauty and grace you put inside me for that for that believer? a fee her lady will love verily inside, Jenna is by Allah. Marla I know that which no eyes have ever seen. Wallace amicalola Samia Beluga nanny, never have the ears ever heard. One Hot Rod Colby Bashar never has the heart of ability of a human being or a gene ever been able to comprehend the beauty of gender or be able to even imagine gender to add Allahu Sultani Glory be to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the perfect creator, the one who has all authority, my

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brothers, sisters, Islam, if you remember the believers are standing just outside the gates of gender. Once once they are standing up to the gates of gender, the angels will put them into 120 rows of them 80 rows will be the people of the soul of Islam and and there will be the first 80 rows and then will come the next 40 rows and they will be the people of the other generations of the other omens of the past will also be entered into generally the law. Now whilst they're waiting, of course they can smell the smell agenda. And as a result, the heart is beating and the heart is pumping and they're waiting

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impatiently for agenda at that point Allah subhanho wa Taala will change the creation and as the authentic hadith mentioned that they will be the height of 60 meters 60 feet in height and they will be seven feet in width. And at that point Allah subhana wa tada and this is the size of Adam Allah Soto slum at that point Allah subhana wa Taala will also change their creation. So if they're, if they're dark skinned, they'll become white skinned because Allah subhanho wa Taala wants everyone to enter in a bright shining light. So because of the light that will come out of the body, it

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Everyone will look white and their faces will look white. And so, everyone will it will enter gender into a in a, in a white appearance. This is not to say that there is anything against black No, of course.

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You know black people as well as white people have all ability to enter gender. But however their periods would be white because of the tremendous light that will be shining forth from their bodies, and as a result that will give them a white appearance. And also the solar system had said that the ages will be 33 years old, also the men therefore be 33 and the women will also be 33 years old. And of course the men will also not go in without will go into gender without a beard. So they will be 33 years old, in the age of, of being a Shabaab in the age of being a youth and, and the women as well. And the men will not have a beard, this is the beard that we are being stereotyped for, that

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we are being harmed for that we are being called a terrorist for this is the bit that Allah subhanho wa Taala will no longer require to test us through and at that point, therefore we will not even have the beard at that point, our eyes will have deep cold and our eyes will be bright and bright and beautiful. And our appearance will be the beauty of use of Allah salatu salam who as I had mentioned that when Allah subhanho wa Taala created beauty he he divided beauty in half and he gave half of beauty to use wireless Auto Salon and the other half to the rest of creation at that point brothers and sisters Islam you are waiting Imagine you're waiting outside gentle waiting for the

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first entrance of gender at that point you look at the gates and Mashallah agenda has eight gates and and the and the gates are so wide there are 70 years in distance of travel between one side of the gate to the other side of the gate and between two gates of general there is 40 years travel and as Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had said Jan agenda has eight gates and and truly out of the gates there will be angels that will be appearing outside the gates and calling people by the name of Abdullah Mohammed or Ayesha ozanam Come come come to this gate come to this case. So people will be called by which of the gates they actually excelled in that type of worship. And of course, some of

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the people will be called for more than one and others will be called from all of the all of the eight gates May Allah subhanho wa Taala make me and you from those people who are called from the eight gates by his great mercy and great Rama be in the lab. How can we be from the people who are called from the from the gates well Rasulullah saw some said that if you do Voodoo properly and then thereafter after you've finished you will do properly thereafter you say I shadow La ilaha illallah wa shadow under Muhammad Rasul Allah, if you say there is I testified that there is no God but Allah, and that there is no no prophet but that my Prophet Mohammed says Allah is the Messenger of

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Allah. At that point or sort of lossless Allah had said that indeed the eight gates of Genoa will be open to you, if you were to say that so May Allah subhanaw taala make us from those people and so I encourage you to say that eyeshadow La ilaha illallah wa Chateau under Muhammad Rasul Allah after every will do of course after you have perfected you will do I make sure you have correctly perfected you will do all sorts of solar system had said about women that that that that whichever women soldier comes to her whichever woman prays or five daily prayers will somewhat shout to her and she follows her her month of Ramadan. We're happy that for her and she protects her chastity and

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a private parts from anybody and protects her and covers itself with proper hijab. Well appa Xhosa and she is obedient and listens to her husband, de la yarmulke much will be told to her on the day of judgment or the fully agenda time in a very *ty enter Jenna from whichever door you want May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those will so whilst you're standing there rather than sitting Islam you just decide whichever gate you want to go to. And at that point what before you go in, the angels are already coming through flying around and they put heavy brocade of silk and clothing and beautiful ornaments and and beautiful and amazing clothing on your body. Mashallah, how beautifully

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fragrant, how beautiful you look already how big you are, why have you made made so big, so that you can enjoy more so that your surface areas more so that you actually feel more feel more physical pleasure, and you feel more pleasure in your soul because they the pleasure in general and the and the and the and the punishment in in jahannam by the consensus of this other scholars will be the complete pleasure or the complete

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despair and pain felt by both the body as well as the soul in the law inshallah Allah. Now imagine the first day first moment as you enter into gender and you look up and you see rows of angels on the right, and you see rows of angels on the road on the left. Perhaps you remember when you when you're going past Ay, ay, ay ay ay ay st perhaps when they were huge trees, all overcrowding over you and and they had you know, the sun was shining in the middle of it and they had trees all overpowering over you how beautiful amazing was that experience? And this is exactly the amazing experience that the person will have when he's walking into intergender and he says rolls or Angel

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saying Salaam and Salama psvt ups v2 and Allah subhanaw taala also giving you a celeb and Allah also give me as Buttercup on you

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At that point as soon as you're entering you've got the most beautiful smile on your face. And with light all on your, on your on your body, there suddenly comes to you these little servants and these little servants are carrying these these trays on their on their hands. And these are little servants like nine year olds and 10 year old girls and boys, and they're carrying these plates. What have they got on the plates? They've got little little pieces of food on trays for you to just quickly have to have a bite to eat. Are you hungry? You're not hungry, you only eating it out of pleasure. Are you thirsty? You're not thirsty anymore because you've just drank from alcohol. You've

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just drank from the Pontifical Council on the on the just outside the outside and so you're not thirsty anymore but you're drinking out of pleasure. And so the goblets you see the Mashallah they're so beautiful. They're like gold and silver and and embedded with jewels. And inside it is either kung fu or there is the sneem or there is an economic boom all the most beautiful things that Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept for the believer. At that point, you will be given a riding beast and you will be told to ascend and go to gender by your recitation of the Quran. So you will be asked to recite the Quran and the more you know Quran, the more deeper and the more beautiful part

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of gender you go to. And the more you recycle at the higher levels of Genovese another being that you will be gone that you will go to inshallah to Allah, my brothers, sisters, Islam when you're flying on your, on your riding beast, and you're writing reasons like the buraq. As I mentioned, they're like the like the horse that have wings that like the horse that took Rasulullah Sallam from Jerusalem from Mecca to Jerusalem in the night of Israel mirage. This is the writing reason Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you you will be riding on the beach and you'll be flying over when you're flying over. You are going through all these houses whose houses are these these are all your

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houses. What are they they're made of gold or silver. The bricks are either gold or the bricks, or of silver as Allah subhanho wa Taala says we'll even have Mr. camara be Janata. For he who fears the status of his Lord for you stay in fears Allah subhanho wa Taala is too generous meaning agenda from gold and agenda from silver meaning a part of your agenda will be made of gold and and and and and your houses will be made of gold and the other part will be made of silver beautiful silver. Now we're not talking about gold and silver of our time and our place here. But it is a golden silver of the hereafter and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows how beautiful that would be. And when you see the

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soil on the ground you will see the soil is not the normal soil when your cloak is dragging on the underground. You will see that it is it is it has a smell of mud and it has the the signs of saffron and also when you look at the pebbles you'll see the pebbles are not normal pebbles, but they are rubies and gems and emeralds. How beautiful How beautiful are they and and Subhanallah them you will look at on as you're flying over in your writing. You will see the rivers of gender and how beautiful you see them all coming through from the middle part of Jenna from from where Allah subhanho wa Taala above witches Allah subhanho wa Taala is thrown at all of these rivers are rivers

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of honey of these rivers and rivers of milk of them are rivers of wine or the rivers of water and the most beautiful tasting and wine that never goes bad and milk that never goes bad and they always retain their beautiful taste. And also you will find my brother's assistance lab that you that there are beautiful trees and the trees have are laden with fruit. And if ever you want to eat the fruit, then that hadrosaurs dimensions that the tree will actually bend its its branches and bring the bring the fruit in front of your mouth and you'll be able to bite into it at some Hanalei. Imagine that how beautiful is that it will actually bend and it will come and you'll be able to bite into

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it. Also from the food that you will get to eat on that day, rather than scissors Islam is that if you look at a bird and you want to feel like eating as soon as you see the bird, it will come barbecued in front of you. It will become barbecued in front of you imagine that. This is also something a little solar system I mentioned. barbecued in front of you as soon as you even desire it. How beautiful is his agenda and how amazing is a blessing. The blessing of Jana Subhana Subhana Haleakala team, also when you see the trees of gentlemen, you will find the trees of Jenna it's it's buck is is made of gold and his trunk is made of gold and its leaves are golden golden are made of

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emeralds and jewels and, and rubies. Also there you will find a huge tree over there a huge tree which is a distance of 500 years travel as our solar system had described. And the leaves of the tree are used to actually make the clothes of the people agenda. How beautiful is this tree for whom is this tree? This tree is for those people who are strangers in this life who are the strangers those who held on to Islam, even though despite the difficulty held on to the Senado sources to them despite the difficulty held on to their Deen even though the parents might have been given them difficulty held on to Islam even though the media is attacking Islam or people are saying things

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about Islam they've held on and they're confident that this is the right religion and they have never wavered in their faith. And in spite of all the difficulty they said we're a Muslim man. And we are we are believers unless Allah This is the toolbar that is for them that said a lot of them had said and authentic it a toolbar lavora ba, ba ba ba, ba, ba ba about verily the two bytes for the horrible and he said that three times. Of course as well. When you're when you're flying over us, you will find that there is a wind blowing and because the wind blowing the leaves of the tree

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Are wavering and there is a small humming sound coming and this is the beautiful humming sound of Jenna. As far as as I mentioned that the beautiful humming sounds because the wind flowing and the leaves leaves moving in the wind and because of that a beautiful humming sound and the wind will always bring with it and beautiful rewards and gentle and generous blessings as Allah Allah mentions and also beautiful mosque and perfume will also come. Also my brothers and sisters Islam when you're flying over agenda, you will suddenly see the light

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lightning in the sky and you will ask the angels who are your companions in that day? You will ask them this is of course the first day remember that you see lightning in the sky. So what is this lightning from? Whoa, what is the lightning? Oh, look at that lightning what's happened to it? And you ask the angels my friend what what's going on? And at that point, the angels perhaps as you breathe you might be speaking to perhaps myka in perhaps dystrophy, perhaps the angel of death. Perhaps the two angels who tested you these might be your friends who you never know. And they will tell you my friend these are these are your wives in general who are smiling because they know that

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you have just entered and they're waiting for you they're impatiently waiting for you and because of the light on their faces. When they smile it causes lightning the sky. Amazing. This is an authentic hadith Muslim Mohammed. Amazing, amazing this is the lightning that we will see in sha Allah in the sky. My brothers and sisters Islam when we

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when we go into gender, Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless us by getting us married to the beautiful believers, beautiful virgins that he has created for every every believer on that day and Allah subhanho wa Taala have made this a beautiful vergence from a essence of saffron so we are created from clay and look Mashallah people who are made from clay can also be beautiful. But imagine if someone has made from saffron, how beautiful the essence how beautiful the character How beautiful, the whole nature and the physical being would be. So the beautiful women of Paradise are made from saffron and also they are pure and chaste. So they have never, no one has ever touched them. lamium

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like a muscle and nothing has touched them. I mean in Sinhala, Jan, no ins no mankind origin has ever touched them. Also, as Allah, Allah describes them they have large eyes, and they're all beautiful kahal in the eyes, and they're and they're voluptuous. And they are maidens in 33 out of 33 years old, and also as soon as Allah subhanho wa Taala says that if you were to look at them, you will you will think that they are mokona you think that they are concealed pearls, because of the beauty imagine concealed pearls. Covered in all all silk and beauty How beautiful is there is there is there a site all sorts of sources somehow had also described that their beauty is so beautiful,

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that you can see the the they're there.

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You can see the essence of their of their inside of their body from the from their skin because the skin is so beautiful. You can see the nerves in their skin because of the beauty of the of the skin. And and also the solar system had also said that they would sing for their husbands and the singing of their singing their voice is more beautiful than any voice of any angel or any prophet except for the voice of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is more beautiful than all of that also every man will be given the energy of 100 men to actually enjoy their wives. And why not because there isn't a sleeping gender, not by the complete consensus of the scholars there is no sleeping gender, why

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would they be sleep anymore sleepless for people who are tired, but these people will never be tied they always have the energy of 100 men and so there is absolutely no sleeping gender. also one of the most beautiful things my brothers sisters love, especially for my brothers brothers and sisters who do not have have children or their children may have passed away or they or they have attained old age and now they still can't have children but they would like to have children Subhan Allah Rasool Allah says Allah mentioned authentic hadith and Muslim development that you will be able to have children in gender. And and and he also mentioned that indeed in gender, you will have a

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children and the labor will only take one one hour labor will only take one hour and you can have a child in whichever age you want. Do you want a child at the age of one? Do you want a child at age of two? Do you want child at the age of six you can have as many children as you want. So Hannah Haleakala Allah subhanho, wa Taala, makers, from those from those people in sha Allah tala, my brothers and sisters, Islam, if this is the reward, and this is the beauty of of the system, the whole aim that I just described to you, the beauty of the women, the wives of the believing men in general, and this is the beauty that I've described to you and these are the women who have never

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struggled in the closet, Allah never had to wear their, their hijab in public so that they were never abused. By the by the by by by people, they will never call down they will never name called and they are never in difficulty never have to struggle for their Deen. If these this is the beauty of such people. Imagine the beauty of our sisters, our beloved sisters who actually spend their you know, they are wearing the hijab despite the difficulties, those who are holding on to the religion despite the difficulties, those who who pray in this life and those of us and those who protect their private parts and those who obey their husbands. Imagine how beautiful they would be at this

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For this reason, while also the loss of a loved one.

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Sallam said that indeed indeed the believing women will be from the say that total a non gender in gender verily the believing women in this life, they will be the leaders of the other queens of the hotel in in in paradise. So imagine that the whole aim then they are mere servants compared to the beauty of this of this woman and this is the, the the the wife of the believer, the wife that he had in this life, this is the wife how she will be in Sharla and of course in general my brothers and sisters in Islam, you will eat and be merry, you can you can sleep with your wives, you can you will lie with them on on heavy brocade of silk and and beautiful beautiful beds made of gold and silver

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as rasulillah some had said and you'll you will spend your time whatever doing whatever you want to spend your time with your wives Go ahead. You want to go spend your time meeting some of the scholars Islam you have made you feel like meeting Do you feel like meeting even taymiyah? Do you feel like meeting Rasulullah sallallahu Do you feel like meeting Amaro de la No. Who do you feel like meeting today you can do whatever you want and this is only the first day in general Subhanallah How beautiful is that? Well law he also was awesome had said the last person who enters gender will be given what is in this earth and 10 times like it and according to one generation what

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is on this earth and 100 times like it and also another authentic hadith in most interior MIDI. As soon as their Meteor solar system had said last person who enters into gender he will wait and he will see in front of him his dominion and it is it is the distance of 2000 years travel 2000 years travel will lie you could spend an eternity and he probably would not be able to find every single part that he wants to go to. And if he goes somewhere else that Allah will increase it in beauty next time he goes there and on every Friday, there will be an hour where every believer will be able to meet Allah subhana wa Taala on every Friday, there is an appointment with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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where every believer will be able to have an hour with Allah subhanho wa Taala speaking between him and Allah subhanho wa Taala and of course the most beautiful reward, the most beautiful reward on that day is not going to be the whole aim and and not going to be the food or the or the endless blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala but blessing upon upon blessing as Allah says in the Quran, Allah dynamis eat and for and with us is more reward. What is he talking about? It is the ability to see Allah subhanho wa Taala and as as as as the Allah mentioned, that will lie when he when when this man when the believer gets to see Allah subhanho wa Taala and Jenna will lie he will forget

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every other thing. He will forget all other difficulties, he will forget all other blessings, everything will be insignificant and nothing will be as significant as looking at the beautiful face of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah subhanho wa Taala get get, give us the agenda the ability to look at Allah subhana wa Taala will allow him my brothers and sisters Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well immediately had affiliate Amala Milan and for an example of this, then let the ones who have to work work. So let us work with brother and sisters Islam, I hope you have you will be taking this series of talks on the hereafter not so that we can just energize ourselves with the knowledge

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of knowing about what's happening about the Day of Judgment, etc etc. Rather, you will take this knowledge as a way of coming closer to Allah subhana wa Taala my brothers and sisters in Islam, I urge you to aim for full dose as Rasulullah sallallahu had said either ultimune lagenda is Allah Allah for those for Allah hausa to her Verily, if you were to ask Allah for anything and ask Allah subhana wa Taala for for those for that is the highest agenda and the most middle part agenda. My brothers and sisters Islam I urge you to be the best that you can. The best of the one of you are the ones who teach the Quran so therefore spend your money in teaching the Quran, teach your

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children the Quran, the best of your the ones who are best, you're wise. So rectify relationship with the families and go back home and be kind to your wife so that you may be from the righteous ones and midwives. Also by sisters, please be kind to your husbands be the princess that you expect your husband to also be the prince that you expect your husband to be as well. Also my brothers and sisters Islam remember hadrosaurs, Islam, when he said the best of you are the ones who are the most beneficial to mankind. So my advice to you is to try to be the most knowledgeable that you can be also tried to be the most merciful that you can be work with your hands for the cause of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala gain as much knowledge as you can I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us of those people who are truly on the right path. I hope that you have benefited from this series of talks, and I thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for this opportunity, and I hope to see you again in the near future inshallah talking about another another series for our benefit until then was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh