Feiz Mohammad – Tafseer At Takathur 05

Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing the concept of death and how it is not something that is commonly understood. They discuss various examples such as a woman who died in a river, a man who died in a river, and a woman who died in a river. They also mention the concept of a god who has no control over death and the importance of understanding the concept of death.
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Until when is man gonna pull that money up? A lot there is no answer this question I love to Allah has answered this question to all of us.

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Kumar takato had tesoro to Makati

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there's the answer.

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Zoo mccobb it until you visit the graves and the visit means he does

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this until you die. In other words, your whole life has been wasted in the same Khorasan endeavor piling up until the day has come where you must die and there is no escape. You can not pull up normal. You can not pull up number one life they this person the wise person will pile up in this life Yes, but pile up what

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in the height of a moody field era attack was

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the best revision of the Hereafter is what?

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righteousness piety

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defty creatures, the indisputable fact no one has ever ever doubted this. And we know that human beings rarely agree on anything

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but the whole humanity

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have never ever disagreed on their mortality.

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Everyone whether they said so or not.

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Acknowledge the great verse of Allah to Allah. Luna I've seen that a cartoon every soul show taste death. We're in to a phone that was eurocom Yamazaki m from n Zhu Zi Heron in Rio de la Gen.

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One malha to dunya

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every soul Jota stiff and only on a day of resurrection. Che we paid your wages and fault for hey, here's removed just a little bit

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removed from homophobia were all the healing gender and entered admitted into paradise for cut fares and he is indeed the successful one. One way to limit

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and the love of disclosure is nothing but an enjoyment of deception deceiving

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is the life of this world.

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Friends, family, relatives power money per stage scren huge buildings. progress of science development, technology advancement. All of this not in any way available. But die in person

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would not avail the dying person.

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when death comes there is no absolutely no runaway

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ain't cool at all. Your direct Come on mode. What else quantum fee boo Jean Lucia, wherever you might be almost sighs this will overtake you. Even if you were in fortresses, buildings built strong and high in the height.

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But the believing person when death comes to him.

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If he's a Muslim, he's got a math problem. He's got no problem. He's not scared of this. I believe I'm not scared to die. Why? Why not? samoto 912 Muslim on Danone in history of Islam so if all Muslim Wikus good at this

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is tonight, Evans now it was tomorrow.

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If you are a Muslim, you are not scared of this.

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A Muslim never ever fees death.

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But this Muslim must be a Muslim, in faith, in behavior, in secret and public

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with others and to his own self at ease and hardship.

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He must be a Muslim.

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Every day, every week, every month, every every year of his whole life. First when the angel comes to you.

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You will be in a state of bliss and the light better than any Bissell the light that this whole world and or containers can ever ever offer to you.

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It will place you in a nice perfume silk material and then pay you up to the heavens and

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Now when I the story and the angels say what do you just beautiful smell this beautiful So who is it

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and the angel carrying into source at sunset the son of so and so naming him but the most beautiful names and they'll keep asking questions until the angels of mercy say leave him alone yeah just come on the suffering on the world Let him relax.

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This is the believing person

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Hot Tamale macabre aunty visit the graves until you die can so Fatah, Allah moon, tell so for the honeymoon, and then you will come to know come to know what

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the Pauline of all the things until you die, then you will come to know come to now what?

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How that grave is nice looking ugly looking. It's got a nice blanket in it. Come to know what there's that part of the world that will come to know that evil of that material that diverting from the power of Allah, the evil end of it

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and they will realize this dependence this dependence era that they were in throughout the whole life of them piling up worldly things. And again Allah say the same wording the same note the same firm and terrorizing rhythm to McCullough so Fatah lemon, and again indeed you shall know

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Calello tada Mona Hillman Yaki and If only you knew the knowledge of the If you only knew of shore knowledge,

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the end result of Pauline up all the materials you would never ever occupied yourself with it.

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I thought I wouldn't judge him you will see the blazing fire from Allah tala one in antiochene. And then again, you shall see the blazing fire through mulatos lunigiana at 99. And you will be asked on that day, the day after Allah subhanho wa Taala revives you and you come out of your graves

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