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AI: Summary © The importance of planning for busy busy time and avoiding bad habits hold one back. The need to protect oneself from harmful things like drugs and alcohol is emphasized. The importance of protecting oneself from evil and not being too afraid of it is also emphasized. The need to be powerful and not allow anyone to sue one is also emphasized. The segment ends with a series of messages about subscribing to a newsletter and a team for helping people choose from charities or causes.
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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Ramadan 1444 has commenced, mashallah 2023 And most of us in the world, have just completed salata, tarawih some parts are still going to be doing tarawih inshallah

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I'm in muckety, Muck aroma, And subhanAllah because I'm not feeling well at all. And because I have a bit of a fever and the flu, I'd like to dedicate a few moments to those who might be sharing my condition, Mashallah.

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This is a means of expiation of sins, elevation of status, you have to be patience, you have to keep going, you have to take a rest you have to have lots of fluids, you have an option too fast, not too fast. But I think I will probably fast because Allah Almighty says from uncanny Murray Been a while suffering fight the two men, the Yemen or

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whoever is fast, whoever is unwell or on a journey can make up on other days.

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That having been said, because I'm in a blessed place, and I don't think it's that serious Inshallah, I'm thinking I will still continue with the fast by the will of Allah subhanho wa taala. But it's not easy to be congested, to have a fever, to be to have a flu. And to be excited about Ramadan, to be worried at the same time that you may not be able to achieve what you've set out to achieve. And all of that together with planning, planning, what are we planning? So every one of us should be planning,

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extra acts of worship, primarily a few things. Number one is the night prayer. Very important, preferably congregational, and the night prayer and honest tarawih.

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And we should be fulfilling that with a lot of excitement. Let's not be lazy. Let's not cut corners, let's not rush and make haste in our recitations.

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Let's read the Quran in a melodious way.

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And inshallah we hope to earn the pleasure of Allah. Remember, it's an act of worship, acts of worship are not to be rushed. I have said a few times that try not to use the word Salah and quickly in the same sentence, let me quickly fulfill my salah. The word quickly is slightly insulting. When you think about it, you should say Let me fulfill my salah, you might want to make a little bit of haste, perhaps you might not want to waste time but to say, let me just quickly make my terracotta to photocard word quickly is not respectful when it comes to prayer, which is connection with Allah. But still, when it comes to tarawih we do have permissibility to recite the Quran a little bit

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quicker than what we would on condition that the rules of recitation are not compromised. So I'm excited about the stairway we've just completed taraweeh here in Makoto Kurama. With Sharia, Sarah Doceri and chef of drama studies, they lead the first day and mashallah beautiful verses of the Quran Surah Al Baqarah.

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Tomorrow we will hear more of the same Surah but nonetheless, together with that we should also be reciting the Quran either looking in off by heart depending on how much you know and already promising that inshallah we are going to do a half Mahatma means we're going to complete the recitation of the Quran we will try and finish it in Ramadan once or twice so how many ever times

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it's not a condition that you should finish the Quran in Ramadan, you might have started next, the previous Ramadan. And you might be continuing this Ramadan for as long as there is consistency. Allah loves those deeds that are done consistently even if they are less.

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Similarly go easy on yourself, don't over exert yourself in a way that you end up sick and ill and then you can't do anything.

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But we want to recite the Quran we want to fulfill the light prayer. And then we want to make sure that we fulfill the five daily prayers on time. We will fulfill the five daily prayers on time. That's very very important. So I think this first boost that I have although the energy with which I usually speak, you can see is lacking but all in a good cause Inshallah, we hope to be back with a bang by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala in a few days. But nonetheless,

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together with that we must also remember the night is not just for eating. Yes, eating is an act of worship when it's done at the right time. But remember the amount of food you eat

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Need to go easy on yourself. Because if you eat too much in the month of Ramadan, it's not healthy, and it's a waste. Similarly, in these beautiful days, the plan that we have is that

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we will perhaps, you know, do as much acts of worship, visit our parents, talk to them if we live with them, serve them.

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Try and solve problems that we've had try and mend relations we reach out to the poor, we work on our character and conduct we improve our there's so much that's what Ramadan is all about. So we've practiced self discipline and self discipline and restraint. And we have

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mashallah come a long way. So many Ramadan's have gone by, also, their bad habits that I have, and bad habits that you all have.

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That you know, I would know mine, you would know yours. Working. This is Ramadan, it's the month of eradication, bad habits, you know what your bad habit is, you know, what it is work on it. If Ramadan is not going to soften you what is going to soften you, whatever that bad habit is, it could be an addiction to something.

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It could be just wasting time, it could be not looking after your body, it could be allowing yourself to

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procrastinate, it could be a lot of bad habits that could be there. It could be even worse than that. It could be addictions, to porn and a few other things. It could even be far worse than that to could be adultery, or alcohol or gambling or something of that nature. Ramadan is here to tell you give it up.

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Give it up my brothers and sisters, here's the month we've just started it. This possibly could be my last month, your last month, we might not even make it out of this month. Look at what's happening around us take a look at people who've lost their lives and livelihoods. Take a look at the people who struggle through earthquakes and floods and so much more. Take a look at the wars and the unnecessary wars that are taking place across the globe.

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Take a look at so many who are struggling because of adverse weather, whatever else it may be people who are in abject poverty across the globe, famine, take a look at inflation devaluation and so much that's happening in the currency markets and people have suffered. Now, are we going to wait for something before we actually change ourselves or we're going to change?

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I know that yes, people might say when I'm young, and you know, so my brothers, my sisters, come on. It's enough. I had a chat with someone yesterday who was telling me I don't know if you understand me, but I feel like I need to just, you know, just be myself and just let go or something you know, for a while just and I said you know, you don't know how long you have to live. Imagine you die while you've just let go as you say not a good thing. So inshallah we can work on that we can be disciplined by the will of Allah subhanho wa taala. In this post, I want to speak about

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the verses that were read. Tonight, some beautiful verses of the Quran. And Allah Almighty makes mention of

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the issue of magic in Surah, Al Baqarah, and Prophet Solomon and that would also known as King Solomon and David.

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Allah speaks about them at the beginning of the Quran in surah Al Baqarah.

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And Allah talks about the kingdom they had and how ALLAH blessed them with so much. And then law speaks about magic and the magicians and what they do. And he speaks about how it is prohibited to participate in magic, be it

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directly or indirectly, you're asked someone to do something to cast a spell on someone that itself is covered, which means you've exited the fold of Islam. And if you've done it yourself and it's sheer ship, meaning its association of partnership with online that's even worse. So be careful there there is a lot happening. You need to protect yourself from it. And don't ever be tempted to do something. Someone might tell you I can do this and I can do that. If it's superstitious items, leave it turn to Allah. Be powerful. Your prayer will protect you seek Allah's protection to protect yourself from everything you read, it could see three times the last resort as of the Quran thrice

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each, and then the following do as thrice each as well.

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That all right, we'll be Kelly Mattila here, Marty venturi Mahalik Bismillah. He lives in deniable room as making sure you and Phil will be well off is somebody who was semi early

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In a nutshell, you're asking for the protection of Allah from Shaytaan the occurs from all harmful things. And so we repeat this a few times, morning and evening. And if you can, after every final prayer, and inshallah you will be totally protected, no one will be able to harm you, you're very strong and you will be able to ward off all the evil that comes by the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala you'll be able to protect yourself and inshallah would it have so I thought I'd touch on that because it is on the increase, it is happening, Jin kind is real.

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And unfortunately, they have been tampering with mankind mankind

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also tampers with Gene kind, and tries to get help from gene can remember, shape man and the devil is very weak, very weak. But when you show weakness, it strengthens shape, or shape and pretends like he's got strength, but he's weak in the key the shape and Canada if the plot of the devil is even weak, as the Quran says. So remember, you can overcome the devil you can overcome shape and you can overcome whatever is happening.

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And like I said, it's very dangerous to engage in something to cast spells, to be which someone to do something to go to people who are going to cast a spell on someone else is loss of faith. You've just exited the fold of Islam, if that has happened, and they won't be able to really achieve anything, anything, you would actually be achieving destruction. And that's not an achievement, actually. But that is a loss the same time.

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It's also wrong to accuse people you don't know of magic. And having done it. Sometimes people visit even a chef and they say, something's wrong with me. And the person might end up saying, well, someone's done something on you.

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If they take a name of a person, be careful, very careful, because unless you have proper evidence to prove that someone's done something, you're not allowed to accuse anyone very dangerous. It is very bad. To accuse people of doing witchcraft when they are innocent. That is a huge issue. It's happening within extended families. And it's happening all over. reason I say this is every extended family has some issue or the other. For someone to come up and just say you know what, it's someone in your family did something to you automatically creates doubt of a specific person having done something, because you know, that you don't always get along? Well, there is always some form of a

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rift in an extended family.

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And a lot of the times that person is innocent. Sometimes it's just

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the way destiny is taking you. You might be facing a spate of what you would call bad luck. But it's part of what Allah has chosen for your path. So take it easy. Take it in your stripe, fulfill your do app, continue to read what Allah has asked you to read. Matthew rhetorically Bukhara, that's the surah where shaytan cannot overcome that particular Surah it will be fought and it will shaytan will actually

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leave even the house that sort of Baqarah is read in. So read Surah Al Baqarah in your houses, for indeed it tackles the devil. My brothers and sisters, as much as I want to continue. Like I said earlier, I'm not feeling too well in sha Allah should be okay by moral perhaps this bush was supposed to have come an hour or two earlier, but I was unable to do it. And then Hamdulillah I just put the courage and told myself well, I have to start and we have to get something done because even though it's not going to be too long, perhaps I can speak with a slightly lower tone. And that's what I've done.

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So, once again from Makoto Kurama we've had a lovely evening we started our tarawih there are millions of people here. It's always amazing to listen to the tarawih to stand and to enjoy it. Remember if you are unwell or on a journey, you do have a discount. And if you have a discount, then thank Allah and make use of it and smile because Allah loves it when you use the discounts that he has placed for you remember that in the law hipbone totaro Casa Allah loves it when will you know when you make use of the Rojas you know the ease that he has created? And the permissions and the discounts as I called them earlier, loves it and therefore

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to develop yourselves by the will of Allah we will be talking throughout the month of Ramadan. I do have a series that I have

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already started.

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I pray that you benefit from it. We also have an encouragement to give in donate through LaunchCode we have team menc The idea is to subscribe and to be able to choose from whichever charities or causes you'd like to give and automated to give every day or at intervals you wish or a few times a day different amounts because every day has a blessedness and every moment of Ramadan has its uniqueness. You never know which is the moment of acceptance and so you ask Allah for acceptance. So if you haven't yet joined the launch code.com/team Make

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a team then inshallah you can do so now. We've just started Ramadan and we hope we can spend it beautifully. I'll meet you again inshallah tomorrow, but until then salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Ibaka