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AI: Summary © The importance of Islam's guidance and guidance in retaining games and outcomes is discussed, with emphasis on the tree of faith, which is rooted in the heart and deep in the ground. The guidance is designed to keep fruit production and keep it in proper temperature and pressure for optimal fruit production. The importance of faith in achieving good deeds and staying true to one's values is emphasized, along with the need for a culture of good deeds to keep people safe and grow their influence. The importance of not acknowledging the negative impact of negative experiences on one's behavior and behavior is also emphasized. The need for a message to inform people about upcoming events and to stop illegal settlements in Africa is emphasized, along with the importance of providing a proper standing in front of Islam's presence and not being in trouble.
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In that Henry LeBreton sign over here on the left side I mean surely unforeseen I will see it I'm Nina

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mais de la junta Allah Fernando de la la forma Euclid Salah ahead yella or shadow Allah. Allahu Akbar who lash Eddie Gallagher. schrijven Mohammed and available wherever you also.

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We begin the name of Allah Almighty God,

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the Most Merciful, the grantor of mercy, all praise and glory belongs to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Certainly Allah is deserving of the best of thanks and the beautiful, most beautiful praises and we thank him and we praise Him. And we rushed to him seeking His forgiveness and His protection and his guidance

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and the exit he provides from the evil whispers within us and the evil consequences of our misdeeds for whoever Allah azza wa jal guides, no one can lead astray and remember Allah, in his infinite various and perfect wisdom leaves the Sri Lankan guide. And we testify that no one in our worship hours devotion,

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our focus our love, our obedience in the absolute sense, but Allah subhanho wa Taala they glorified and exalted alone for any partners and that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was the best administration and the seal of his revelation and His mercy to the world by the guidance he brought, the warnings he carried and the glad tidings he delivered. We ask Allah to send his finest Peace and blessings upon his messenger Muhammad, and to send for us an inspiration to follow his path until the day we are surrounded with him. I think he's salatu salam alaikum, Miami, and here we are at the last day of Ramadan.

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Yesterday we welcomed it and now we bid it farewell. And we asked a lot of those yet to make us of those that even if it's in these last hours, if we did not do our due diligence, showing gratitude to Allah in welcoming His honored guests, that we do an even better job at bidding its farewell. For this is what matters most in MLR matter with our team, that actions are ultimately judged considered by Allah in light of what they are sealed upon. So may Allah give our Ramadan a blessing, seal and give our lives unless it see him?

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And give our questioning in front of Allah the best of endings and best of outcomes Allah who married

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and so what's your plan for after Ramadan? How would you plan on retaining those games, keeping a bit of that purity, not getting smudged again with the mud that Allah washed off of you with another Ramadan, the forgiveness that in sha Allah He has granted be confident in that the guidance and the perspective that he has opened up in your heart to see things the way he wants us to see them, or the way that you've never seen them before.

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Allah azza wa jal strikes so many examples in the Quran, to help us better understand because with examples, things become clearer.

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And so one of these examples is the example of the tree of faith that Allah azza wa jal mentions when he says

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and I'm Tara case a lot of Allahu Metha sheduled but you can imagine a year by 10k per year but in our slow Hatha bitonal follow happy summer to Kula cool cooler Hain in the near of Bihar,

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Allah strikes and example for you he presents it as similar to a comparison for you to be able to draw a parallel understand how things work. The example of a good beautiful word and so many of the early Muslims they knew it was understood without even being explicitly stated. This word is when your heart says that either hate Allah when your tongue says that you that hate love Allah, it's the word of faith. It's your commitment to Allah that statement. Allah strikes an example for that beautiful word of faith cachette out in a year ear but it's like a beautiful pure blessing tree. US who has its roots are deeply trenched in the ground. It's anchored

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with firmness, give cannot be uprooted. It's true. Its roots are deep in the ground, well thought through half his sermon, and it reaches amazing heights this tree, it goes above and beyond this world, it reaches into the sky into the heavens. Then he says, not just that do cola Cola, meaning it yields its fruits, it renders its fruits all the time. The veneer of Bihar by permission from its load. And so this is the tree of faith. It is deeply rooted in the ground. And it extends so far in every direction, and it renders fewer fruits, not seasonally. And likewise is the believer, when the tree of fate is implanted in their heart, and its roots are solid and firm. It renders fruits all

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year round. That doesn't mean that you may not have a high season in your fruit production in Ramadan, that's expected normal. Don't get depressed after Ramadan if all cannot be retained. But to understand the fluctuation of faith, Allah is making things easy for you telling you listen, if it's deeply rooted, it will keep growing. And there will always be fruits, even if they listen. And so it will not be a seasonal tree. And that's what we're looking for. We're looking for Africa, Ramadan, to retain our faith, even if we're not going to keep the caliber of Ramadan, to not go back to where we were before Ramadan, to continue tasting the sweetness of these roots to continue providing these

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roots to our scale of good deeds continue serving our destiny.

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And so Ramadan is the high season but this tree has no offseason. This is the first thing we need to understand. The second thing is Allah wants you to think about this parable. Like what? Look how similar you are to a tree, can this tree survive, render any fruit at all, if it is not taken care of? Doesn't a tree require a fertile land, a fertile soil.

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Not something that's dry, arid, not something that's without nutrients, not something that's Rocky and the roots can't move easily get deeper and deeper inside. So a tree requires firm roots of fertile soil for its roots to extend and to suck up what it needs to produce. But if there is fertile land if the Earth is good, but the climate is not. So you have awesome topsoil, you have excellent land under you. But the problem is that it's just it's been a long winter. It's been too long without the proper atmosphere, can the trees survive, it cannot survive.

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And what if there is fertile soil, and there is the right climate around you the temperatures bounce, right? But there's no sunlight. There are no arrays of bytes, so that the tree can produce as it produces, go through that process. Likewise, your faith requires these factors as well. The same way to treat the fruits will not be readily available unless these things are regularly available that helped me that are conducive to its growth conducive to the trees health. Likewise, your tree of Eman it needs something to dig deep into something to anchor it something to feed that faith and soak up faith. And that is Salah, among many other things, but what's better than Salah

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and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us is the PMO will learn to be upright. You want the tree not to fall over, he's telling you be straight. And you will not be able to meaning you will not be able to at all times in all places you're not going to be able to be an angel. Why level and in a hierarchy Malik Musala but know that the best of your deeds is prayer. That is the strongest factor to keep you upright to to keep you straight on this path you started walking on towards Allah, I saw a gem and then the right atmosphere of the greatest reasons why we are told to keep good company in Islam is because goodness is contagious. And so you need to make

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salah, but how much better is your Salah when you're not squeezing it in a cubicle somewhere all day every day without exception. But when you come and you pray with your brothers, you're not just rushing through the salah. You may even look at them and say look at how focused he is. And look how hard he's trying look how consistent he is every single night. And so that is the climates. Even if it's not the perfect climate. It's a very useful climate. Because we are social creatures we identify with those around us.

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And then if you have a fertile soil, your surrounding climate is nice. You cannot survive without reason light

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To long under the clouds will destroy almost any tree.

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And so you constantly need to revisit regrip reassert your grip on the rope that Allah sent that he called the light. It's not just sunlight, there's the light of guidance that Allah sent down in his book. When nori Leveon Zelina. He calls it, follow this light that we sent down for you. It needs come your tree needs constant visit. So here are buzzwords to reset its mindset to reset its hearts and even its insight. You need to pull out of all the things that people are telling you or people are doing and seeing with their actions, if you will. And you need to go back to hearing the voice of the messengers of Allah Allah, you'll send them through the storm through the Rockies through the

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And so anchoring yourself in Salah after this month of Ramadan, and solidify your relationship with unbelievers and hearing

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the voice of the messenger Alehissalaam to set out a statement for him hear a whisper from him there, a hadith and a reminder each night. These three things together can put you in good standing for survival.

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Regardless of anything else, hold on to the story.

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And I want to ask you another question. Can these three ever come together in a better place than the message

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where you will be anchored in your prayer praying a more meaningful prayer where you will see believers that you don't have to know them personally, you don't even have to like them. But there are qualities in them that you need to draw from them.

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And where are you going to hear the words of Allah and His messenger then his house which he deemed to be a lighthouse for the world that's filled with darkness. And so let that be wherever your Masjid is, wherever is closest to you. Let that be your Ramadan resolution right now.

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I haven't been praying Russia in the masjid. I'll add one thing I'll pray Russia in the masjid. I haven't prayed Veg, I'm going to add veggie to the masjid. I'm going to go to my children. And I'm going to tell them I messed up.

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And I've been taking you to so many places consistently. And I want you to forgive me. And I want you to help me make up for what I did. And you bring them to Allah's house. Regardless of what the house is, regardless of what's wrong with that house, that's a very minimum.

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This is the first message.

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The second message is what is more

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A child that is afraid of the dark, or an adult that is afraid of the light.

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This is a wise statement that a person should really linger on. Children are afraid of the dark because they don't know what's in the dark. They don't know maybe there's a boogie monster, maybe there's something to be afraid of. But isn't it worse that someone knows what's going on and chooses not to recognize it.

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And so with your children,

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you see all of the system, all of the symptoms flaring for a certain diagnosis, and you choose not to notice. And I'm going to be frank here for the next 15 minutes of the hotspot,

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you'll see that your children are far less connected with understanding of God's words than you. And it's increasing with every day. Even if you don't understand Arabic, you understand what are the concepts that are leaking from our families one generation at a time?

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Don't you see that your children have values that you didn't, that you had values they don't have today.

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And it's not seemingly getting any better.

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We don't need the Pew Research forums to tell us and they as they established that second generation Muslims in America 23% of them refused to identify as Muslims.

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Which means that 77% of them are Muslim, Allahu Allah, how, even if Muslim by name 23% are just God, I refuse to be called Muslim.

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We don't need statistics to say these things. I don't need to tell you that us as Imams, we have children coming to us and saying to us, I wish I was Christian. Why? You haven't even studied the world religions because of all the decorations of Christmas. And may Allah bless the brother that came to me he may not know what he did. He came and said here are $2,000 I want you to buy gifts for all the kids and for eight and they will be distributed to the child.

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But you don't need statistics. You don't need to hear that as much as I hear to know these things. 77% may be Muslim, nominally by name and if push comes to shove when there are Muslims being smeared everywhere and everyone

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Once in a while a Muslim gets hurt somewhere. Why should I hold on to a name if it's just the name?

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This is a reality we're living in today. And do you know why that is? It's because we have refused to acknowledge that we did not place for them. We did not place for them, and environment, a climate for their tree to thrive.

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We did not place for them a place where the tree of faith can survive.

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And that's my message to this community here. We are beyond the leads in putting together a masjid a message like death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam not only holding 1000 people, not the message that is sent in the ground and punk fibers on top messages that served every need a message that was a sanctuary, a manager AMOLED for the believers and their feet.

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Almost everywhere I go, it has not clicked yet. We're ignoring that this is our greatest emergency.

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We resigned to the fact so many times it What can I do? I cannot change the world I cannot take on the world.

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Do not overlook what you can do. Because of the things that you cannot currently do.

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Had there are non Muslims that this has clicked for. Had that been the mentality of Rachel Corrie, for example, who's a non Muslim

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who went all the way to HERSA to try to stop the illegal settlements there and she's not Muslim, and she was killed doing that by a bulldozer. She did not say oh, it's none of my business. I'll just stay in my Midwest home in America. What can I do I cannot take on the world. Had that been the mentality of Abu Dhabi Manas Lemaitre, he know Allah who I mentioned last Ramadan, there would not be 11 million more Muslims in Africa, in the lifetime of one man at this man's hands, there would not be 9500 more wells, there would not be 5700 messaggi there would not be 204 Islamic centers, there will not be 15,000 Orphans being taken care of, because one man who didn't have money to

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donate to all of this, but he did not overlook the things he could do. He would travel from place to place and stay away from his family for 10 months a year. And they would come to him sometimes in the difficult jungles of Africa, leaving the luxuries of their lives in Kuwait and this man is a physician

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until he caused the change to happen.

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If this was the mentality of our prophets, Allah Allah Allah you it was seldom when he was walking to bed, and the Sahaba relieved him of the of the task relieved to have the responsibility. They said, You keep riding, we'll walk instead of alternating.

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He said to them,

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let's do my be applied machine mini what I actually mean, I am not less in need of the reward that you I need this. And you are not more capable of looking than me, I have to carry my share as well, whatever that share may be. We cannot just resign and say it's just the tidal waves are too high, there's nothing we can do. There is much we can do. Far beyond donating. We can even get other people to donate, we can vote, we can volunteer, we can make this message. Let's start here not to build the messages. But to build a movement. I told you at the beginning of Ramadan, that we're going to have to put together the funds to remodel this place quickly.

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But this is our opportunity. I want you to think about the people that could be brought back to life before this Ramadan and they hear this holds up. Well what kind of panic mode sense of urgency would they be in because they feel like they have one more opportunity, it is not going to be them. So let it be you.

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We need MSG. We need a message like the message of the prophets of Allah audio send them a message where the light of Islam shines a message where the equality of Islam is realized between Arabs and non Arabs between everybody messages where people feel that I don't have our you feel I don't have to give up my rationale, my science my facts that I learned to follow my religion, a masjid where people can feel belonging to this home. Wallah. And this is a great great great, great room. And this is not the most difficult time of the ummah. But we will either step up to the plate, or else Allah will liberate this woman from us and He will bring about new people that are more deserving of

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his pleasure than us.

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We need the masjid Allah is not needed. Islam was not needed. Islam is invincible Islam never sat in any land except that it rolls like the sun somewhere else.

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So Allah azza wa jal he says he was above the immediate task at hand because the whole thing was running out of time. Her added to the hour that it will feel called visa vie the law

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I mean come on the other hand, there are here you are being called to spend in the way of Allah and spending is not just money, though if you have money don't look at why didn't this guy spend Why did it that guy Allah gave you the ability to spend the guidance to be interested in spending the opposite. I know Allah one brother, people don't spend the look at him in New York. If he would have given 20 I would have given 20 And I know from this man personally, this physician that right before Ramadan, he was whacked with a penalty of $180,000. And so look at this guy, you deprive yourself comparing it to that guy. And he didn't know that Allah gave him much more than he gave that guy.

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Allah says I'm inviting you to spend it from whatever I've given you your time your wealth, sacrifice in the path of Allah. He says in some of you hold back and whomever holds back for him if

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you're withholding from yourself. What Allahu Allah ni un soon for Cara and Allah is free of me. And you are the ones that are dependent on this. Allah does not meet the message. And then he says at the end of the area, something that fills the whole meme with hope. But it's very scary for our generation. We're into well lo your step Dave Coleman via consumer raccoon welfare, Allah has no needs, the need is yours for him and his pleasure. He says an if you turn away, he will replace you with another people and they will not be like you. May Allah azza wa jal not replace us with a generation more deserving of him. May Allah make our children better than us. Make that because of

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us, not at the expense of us Allah. A whole lot of stuff.

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Milena, V. Shadow Allah ilaha illAllah.

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Muhammad and Avi do whatever you want.

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A person may wonder,

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is this the most relevant topic for the last couple and Ramadan?

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And I believe it certainly is. Because if we're not going to break out of our shells,

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before the simulation mode is over before Shavon comes back, then when exactly if we're not going to place a balance with ourselves with Allah for ourselves and our children, then we can be susceptible from every direction. Once the enemies come back after Ramadan.

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I have two fears for this community. The first of them is that this message it takes too long to develop structurally, that a measly 200 $250,000 is not collected fast enough. And so we get susceptible to human nature, we lose when we lose confidence, we wonder if it's ever going to be fruitful or not. And it slows down.

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Or it happens and just it's too late.

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One man invited me to his Masjid in Virginia. And he came to my hotel room before the football. And he said I came to this country 30 years ago. And I came from the airport to the gas station. And I made enough money to like work my own gas stations. And I built my own masjid for $4 million.

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And my children have left Islam.

00:23:24--> 00:23:25

I think I'm too late.

00:23:27--> 00:23:32

May Allah never allow us and you to stand that step. To be in that situation.

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I spoke to some time and time again. You will be convinced for a few minutes to get sucked back into the tornadoes outside.

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And now he's insisting on changing his name. Because Muhammad is the name of my enemy, he says

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at least a level set up.

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That's my first view. My second fear for this community. And this is a result of the first is that this becomes MSG that becomes an impressive building for bragging rights. And we don't remove everything. Monetary, social, personal, emotional, to make sure this message serves us on our journey to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So I close this whole call reminding you that Allah has spent on you so you may spend very sick and if you spend for his sake, he will spend on you more. And it's always the same people who donate because no one ever loses their money from donate. And I want to remind you to snap that stop there because your prophets of Allah Allah yourself said Ishmael to jump.

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And I want to remind you that tomorrow morning they will be on this, and it could be the last list in Ramadan, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about when he said

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madmen Yom Yellowman your spirit of photography shows in Rolla Genova TV, Mala Can you and at the end yeah you have a nice Hello mo in our become for enamel.

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upper lower Kapha higher on the market for our Allah.

00:25:04--> 00:25:08

And this hadith is because even if you weren't going to get your money back

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even if you weren't, even if Allah had not promised that He promised that the promise will be kept. But even if he didn't promise that he said every single morning when the sun rises, Allah sends on his two sides rising with it, two angels calling out to humanity.

00:25:27--> 00:25:35

You cannot hear them with your ears but you hear them with your heart because their prophets of Allah Allah he'll send them never spoke anything with truth.

00:25:36--> 00:25:50

They call out and they say all humankind hurry up and rush to your Lord. For what is little meaning don't get caught up. Whatever is little and enough is so much better than what is plenty and distracting.

00:25:52--> 00:26:39

He says and then the sun does not set on that day, except that there's a list made a list of very special douar by the angels, where they where they say for those on that list, Allah whom it wouldn't feel bad color for a model out of the womb see can tell them Oh Allah, give those who spend spend your money, spend of your time spend that patient spend of your rest spend of your comfort, give those who spend more. And oh Allah give destruction give ruin to those who withhold and those who would hold withhold from themselves. And the prophets Allah Allahu wa sallam he said to us, when he was asked what is the best charity to give? He said and assault that one does. When Shaheed

00:26:39--> 00:27:04

giving charity while you're still healthy while you're still holding on to the main money sentimental Alina reduction factor. While you are still hopeful to become rich, still fearful to become poor. Everyone's worried about the rainy day they need to save money for the rainy day that is the day to day of judgment catches you by surprise that the Angel of Death says that's it. No more days no more Ramadan's, no more Salah no more such that.

00:27:06--> 00:27:39

He says before while you're still fearing poverty, he says well that to me and don't put it off had that either available on hold until your soul is at your throat choking you. You say this is for so and so. And this is for so and so everyone wants to be cheering cheering them on death but everyone wants to be charitable and they get sick. Everyone wants to be charitable in the hospital. Because things get very real. In those moments. He says the best charity is the charity of the one who does it before that far more rewarding in the sight of Allah.

00:27:41--> 00:28:25

There are a bunch of envelopes that our youth have prepared holding for you have to decide that there are five envelopes for $10,000 and there are 10 envelopes for $5,000.10 envelopes for $2,500.20 envelopes for $1,000 If we collect those, we will be almost finished with the plans that we will explain to you today I thought wait for the message it to rush this so that we can get to the services we can get past the building get past the structure. May Allah azza wa jal make us and you worthy to serve his cause worthy of His pleasure Allahu Mami, may Allah forgive us for what he knows about us and to free our next Ramadan from the fire. May Allah never subjected us our children

00:28:25--> 00:29:01

to the doubts and the desires that derail us from walking towards him safely. We Allah grant us a proper standing in front of him where our faces our writing, and our scales are made heavy and our books are received with their right hands. May Allah rescue this OMA through us and make our contribution is a movement to be replicated in other places and other messaging May Allah use us for His deen and not to replace us protect us and to not leave us without his guardianship. May Allah still did not leave us to ourselves with a blink of an eye not deprive us from the month of Ramadan and it's very seats not deprive us from the month of Ramadan is the joy to run there on the Day of

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Judgment Allahumma Amin Allah from us we lend our hand me that lady can answer kingdom if we let them know about a sadhana one as an element added an element into it we even Allah Akbar Mina Ramadan we're at work to plan out Ramadan and our weapon I did was to muddy the witch I'm gonna feed him and I love the booty in our food Allah Who made that kind of food to people for that for Ana. Allah who wants to resign or essentially mean was abandoned and 15 months Edna Caravela which unholy sons and the white cheek look to Glenn if he had he said I told her to learn and good to her ever that was all Allah wa salam, ala Muhammad, Allah and he was