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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history of Islam, including the use of photo to show people and the lack of knowledge among people. The importance of patience and understanding before committing to anything is emphasized. The transcript also touches on various topics, including the use of words like "has" and "hasn't" to describe actions, the historical context of the segment's discussion, and the historical context of the segment's discussion.
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you Filipina and on top Allah Allah who told me said either your local government and the local or may utilize su level prefer the first of those in our Lima. Oh, praise the Lord. We'd all love to thank him and receive his help and his guidance, His pleasure is forgiveness. And we ask Allah to protect us from the evil whispers within us and the evil consequences of our misdeeds for whomever Allah guides them to lead astray and remember a lot leaves who are guidance, none can provide guidance to that person. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our absolute love and absolute obedience but Allah Subhana Allah Allah the glorified the exalted,

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the majestic and the I alone without any partners, the true supreme king of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a true false prophet and served as a messenger.

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To begin,

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we should all know as Muslims that the stories of the Quran

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are indispensable.

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We cannot fend without them in our lives.

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And the stories of the Quran are not for God, just like any other stories, especially when we speak about the stories of the people before us. It's not just like a history book where you have

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this person lived in this age and marry that person and ruled this province and died in that year and accomplished X, Y, and Z. It's a completely different presentation of the stories, because these stories were presented.

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Because they will continue resurfacing in human beings. So they will present it in a way that is suitable for us to notice them every time they arise throughout human history until the end of time.

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And if you pay attention, you'll notice that the stories that are repeated most often in the Quran.

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Even if it's from different angles, these are the stories that are repeated most often among human beings.

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So the Paradis stories are not about others, they're about us. They're telling us about us. So we better understand ourselves. And on this journey of life on this path, we look at the potholes that others may have fallen into, and we don't fall into them ourselves. And we look at the lanes that have accelerated people forward and we take those lanes.

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And so one of those stories, one of those many stories that is particularly gripping is the story of Musa Alexandra further.

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And this In essence, this is the story of knowledge, or call it the story of science if you want to call the story of intellectuality. Because what this story basically boils down to is the fact that Allah gives people knowledge,

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but he's the one that owns it. That all knowledge in reality belongs to Allah and whatever He grants people a very of understanding of comprehension of intelligence, all that He grants people is number one, tiny and number two, it's temporary. Whereas all of the knowledge belongs to him and all of it returns back to him. In terms of tiny Allah azza wa jal, it says 182 minute me luck Aleta, we know that you have not been given so it's not even yours, you've been given an hour and you haven't been given a knowledge except for itself. So whatever we may know, even collect all together at it up. What we don't know is so many times more than when we actually don't.

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Also is very temporary. Because there are signs that have existed in the past that don't exist today. And there are sciences that exists today that may not exist for much longer. And you will know things today that you will forget tomorrow. And some of the things that you've known throughout your life one day you will not close on any longer, sometimes down to your own name. Well, I mean, come on y'all do it out of the normal indicate that I even say that I

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Among those who are those who live the full length, they returned to that decrepit, weak old age where after having known things they know nothing.

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As opposed to a lot So Jen, whose knowledge is not like that, it is not taught, tidy, is completed perfect, and it is not temporary, but he has always had it. It was never preceded by ignorance and will always have it it's not preceded or followed up by forgetfulness that's called Allah, Allah azza wa jal has always known and will always know and what is happening right now at this moment inside your head. And what happened inside someone's head 50,000 years ago of a passing thought, are known exactly the same clarity by Allah so it's no difference.

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And so the story and who sadly said no father comes to reinstate that concept for us because Mousavi said and this is how the story begins, was approached by a man that said to him Oh, Musa

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Mariana, we're headed out, who is the most knowledgeable person on earth. And Musa alayhis salam had very good reason to assume he was the most valuable person on earth. And he very, very well may have been the most knowledgeable person on earth, but he did not know for certain that he was the most knowledgeable person on earth. And so he had no right to say me.

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But he said, I am

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the observer who is left me alone during the day. And so Allah representative of God reproached him, I sat down for an hour referring knowledge back to him. That's the story. That's what it's all going to be about. And hold him there is a righteous servant of Mine, whose name is Fidel. And according to the majority, and it appears pretty apparent, pretty clear that this is the stronger you will have that was a prophet of God, who received his own separate revelations from God. And so he says, one of my slaves knows things you don't know. He said, Oh, no, where can I find him? He said, basically, you have to go to the end of the earth, to the place where the two seas meet, measure

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barley, barley, and there you will find it. And so Musa alayhis salam takes a servant USIA and they traveled to exhaustion until finally they land at the place where they find the limit

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and then it tells the story oh that and who moves to America and to unlimited in our lives Alicia Musa Elisa describe to your students

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can I follow you so that you may teach me just a bit of what you've been taught? It's not yours either Allah gave it to you as in when you need that what you've been taught of good things of righteousness I'm not here to argue I'm not here to test you. I want to learn what will send me in the right direction. God in the calendar stuff the Elias Allah, He said to me, you will not be able to pay the patients with me. You can handle being in my company.

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God as much as you do, okay, God loves to do that I'm tickled to be holed up and how can you possibly be patient when something that you're not acquainted with? You don't have the inside scoop about what's about to happen about the reasons I do certain things so how are you going to put up with something you don't understand?

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extremely humble

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all as as you do need insha Allah who saw the on whether I see the town he said to the child while the patient you're gonna find me to be a patient student, I'll behave and I will not disobey single command the viewers

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interact any further this Eleni i chi in had the detail of traveling with a car. He said, Fine. If you want to follow me, Do not ask me about anything.

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Stay out of it. Mind your own business regarding what I'm doing. Don't get in the way of my business. He says to don't ask about anything. And he goes further. He says at that oh, up until I initiate some mention about it. Like don't even speak don't comment. Don't Ask Don't even prominence. Nothing until I know when we start talking. When I know it's time for you to know, I'll tell you, I get to decide.

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And so most rallies

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he accepts. Of course, there's there's a beautiful lesson here that knowledge requires patience and patience requires knowledge. You can't put up with the decisions of Allah unless you have knowledge about who Allah is how you're going to trust him. You're not going to put up with grain fetching as a chef unless you have knowledge about the reward the physical inertia, that's what the problem is also, whenever I move their feet and I tell people that what they'll have What if

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They knew what was in them, then they would come to them even if they had to grow. Knowledge is the prerequisite. You need to be able to be patient Musa they said I'm not gonna have the knowledge, and it's gonna hurt so much. And he's not allowed to interfere.

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And so they go on their journey they get to the shore

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and Musar is standing on the shore. And he says, Why are you following me?

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You are Musa, or seem to tell Rob, you spoke to Allah subhana wa Tada. And there's no doubt by the way that Musa alayhis salam is superior to a conflict because even if it is a prophet, he's not one of the five graders.

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And then so Musa Alistar knows why he's following Him because Allah told him he knows something you don't know. So Father had specific knowledge that Musa Allison didn't have? Not necessarily he had an overall more knowledge than most.

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So that's difficult. Someone knows less than me. But he knows something. I don't know. I have to go and become a student.

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Because ultimately, there's no

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no, it's all in the universe. Right? Allah's creation is not

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and so Musang salatu salam, he is told while further Why are you following me when I am the person when you are the person that received the Torah

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and when this took place?

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Allah call them says to him listen almost.

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So musalla he

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is told while further at this point

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in the alignment,

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what I have done the left hand side, I am upon certain knowledge, I have insight about certain things from Allah from Allah's knowledge that it's unbefitting of you to know, Allah did not permit for you to know you couldn't possibly know it will enter I mean, you know.

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And you are a concert in knowledge from above that I don't know. And I cannot know.

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He says when they're in me when we're in a feature we're in we're in camellia Who the hell have you been embodied in

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both my knowledge and your knowledge combined, compared to the knowledge of God is like nothing but what that bird just took with its beak out of the ocean meaning

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from the

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rocky bear facin facility that the Florida then they move, they move forward, and they get on a ship by the shore they get on the ship. And once they ascend to right this ship, and the father starts dismantling the ship, he's taking it apart, he's ripping holes in the deck or, or below. Call.

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Imran he said, What are you doing? You're destroying the ship so that everybody on the drowns when these people are going to draw rather than die?

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In academica, stop try yourself.

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He said Didn't I say you will not be able to be patient with me

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to actually the Navy by the sea to one I totally mean Emery you sir. He said Don't hold me

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accountable for the things that I did out of forgetfulness like I forgot, I forgot I made my promises I forgot. And don't make my task hard for me. I came to you from the end of the earth to learn I have to learn please just take it let it slide, I forgot.

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And so they continue on their journey from Baja had that event the Year Award element. And they continue on their journey and they find a bunch of boys playing and they encounter one of those boys and the thunder jillson

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of how they removed the head of a child in decapitates.

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All the attempts and upsets that he has unveiled at UFC legit the CHE and Joker.

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He said You dare kill an innocent soul without it having killed another soul. It's not like it's equal retribution, legal retribution or false retaliation for him committing murder. So he ended the death penalty. You killed an innocent soul not in exchange for assault if killed. You have certainly come up with something very evil called

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inaccurate the study is wrong. He said Didn't I tell you? You know the first time he said Didn't I say you won't be able to be patient. It's almost like you're saying it to himself. I said I told you so.

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But he didn't say didn't I?

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I tell you the first time he said then and I say you wouldn't be patient this time he opted an option said Did I say to you I didn't give these instructions anybody but you did it I say to you you will not be able to be patient with me or incited to Karachi in Baghdad philosophically

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he says to him if I ever asked you what anything again

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don't let me be in your company kick me out send me away you have received enough excuse for me

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you've given me more than one chance from

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Are you ready for whomever alleges that he has

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you read while you're on top of

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and so they continue moving forward

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until they passed by a town and they asked for its from its people to give them food were a journey were exhausting lots of food can we please have some food forever and you'll leave for whomever they refuse to host

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and then they find a wall meaning a wall to one of the houses on the verge of collapsing

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for our carnival and so he redirected if you fix the wall you repair it

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and so Musa incidences leadership that the Agile if you wanted you could have taken money for this like they refuse to even feed us we're gonna do maintenance are free. They didn't even give us food when we needed it. You did you did something you don't need to do. Why didn't you take money for this? We're hungry. We're perhaps we're broke. We're stuck. I had I felt awful Beanie Baby. He said this is the parting of ways between me and you. That said, I told you I'm speaking about something until I initiate. This is a separation between me and you said when a beautiful habitat we demand and the stuff that it is. I will now inform you of the interpretation of the events you couldn't

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bear to see. You couldn't be patient with he said to him as for the first incident, I miss Safina to for Canada the Messiah he in a hurry. So our to our iba, what can our medical yet for the good lesufi in the hospital. As for this

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she ship it belongs to poor people that work that see people that are just you know getting their means together to go fish or do something small at sea. I wanted to defect I wanted to make it flawed, because behind them was a king, meaning a vicious king, a pirate that takes every single ship by force, he adds it to his naval, his naval fleets. Meaning I want it to make it non attractive. So you think this is worthless. I can't use this ship. I can't fight with it. I can't add it. It'll slow me that I don't want it.

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And so most salaries that I could not catch from this was what?

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That it was not a matter of good and evil. Everybody knows that ruining someone's property is bad.

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But true knowledge, true wisdom. True scholarship comes in being able to differentiate not good from evil, but the lesser of the two evils. And the greater the two goods. I don't know unless you understand the larger the context good enough, which moves Allison had it, he would not have known how to handle this he would not understand how to make the proper decision about it. You know why this is extremely useful, by the way even for us. Because

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we now have this for example, people say we don't need religion to tell us right from wrong. We all know don't kill, don't steal, don't oppress otherwise, fine. Don't kill you all agree on the right to life, then why are the moral debates raging on why do people debate about abortion? Because the mother has a right to a right to life. And then a baby has a right to life. And so how do I manage both of these at the same time?

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Only when you have the inside scoop and we know for example through a revelation that add 120 days for sure this baby's a human being not a piece of flesh anymore. can I figure out okay, don't abort the pregnancy no matter what, after 120 days except to save the mother's life. And before 120 days, depending on how harmful this could be to the mother. Fine, okay, then give precedence here and abort the baby for the sake of the mother. Otherwise they're too equal. How do you compare these things like the inside scoop?

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By the way, this can be applied not just in science, but just in abortion even with our children, right? Yes, I know what my son or my daughter did is wrong. But this reaction that I'm going to employ this mode of, of conduct whatever

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Am I going to do? Is he going to make the matter worse? Or is it going to make the matter better? So they said, I didn't really I can tell you I'm going to share with everything that I did many animals. Were talking about short, right? The person of knowledge, is able to discern to figure out the lesser of two evils. And the greater of the two goods. That's what he was showing Musa alayhis salam you don't get it. You think I was doing something bad?

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I was ruining the ship until the pirates are gone. And then I'm just gonna fix the ship and everything's gonna be fine.

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He said to him,

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What am I gonna do for Canada had a lot of meaning. So of course Sheena your hippo, Houma de Leon and local from

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our bootcamp

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and so this young boy that I killed, you may think this is clearly wrong. But his parents were righteous, and he was going to make their lives miserable out of his oppression after his disbelief. And so your Lord wanted to replace them and did I'm gonna hire Amin Musa Katha with a child that was pure, more righteous, what occur Allah and closer better with his relatives.

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And so many times don't think that this is a human being murdered because a human being murdering, you have to stop anyone who murders nobody was allowed to kill a child. Right? Under no circumstances. Even authorities can nobody can do this. But realize that Musashi set out here was sent by Allah to see something. So don't think that a human is killing here. If you want to understand this concept. Imagine that a tree basically killed this kid. something outside of everybody's own freewill. This is how you understand it. Why? Because basically, what's what this question is answering here is when people always ask, Why does God let children die? That's

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basically what it's answered.

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He's telling him you don't know what will come if this child lives, you don't know. If this child lives number one is going to make his parents life miserable. Number two, he would have been a disbeliever because when he dies Now, number one, he gets to be with his parents in paradise, they get to have him in genuine and number two, they're going to be replaced a reward from Allah, the first of their awards for their patients, a child that's even better than he would have been.

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You know, there's a similar story that bento saw in the married outside of the Quran and the Sunnah just didn't never historical reports that Musa Ali's said at one time there is something similar. He said, Oh Allah, show me your justice. I want to understand your justice better. And so he said to him go around the mountain by the lake and don't interfere. And so when Mussolini Saran onto the lake, he found a soldier came to drink and dropped his money. And then after a short while later, a young boy came to drink. People are frequenting the water supply. He found this money, he was so happy with the fortune he just uncovered, and he ran away with it. And then later on in the day, an

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elderly man comes to drink from this river and the soldier comes back and says, Where's my money? Said I haven't seen your money. I'm blind. What can I possibly locate without eyes? The man loses his temper and kills this old man and rides away. And so Musa alayhis salam which nothing happened. So he's saying how do I like, decipher this is Oh Allah, I asked you to show me your justice. But I don't understand why.

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A young boy takes some hard earned money. This is the guy salary that he didn't work for. He just took it. And this guy lost his money. That's his right. And this elderly man who's innocent that killed for a crime he didn't commit.

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And so it was revealed to him Oh Musa, what you could not understand

00:23:44--> 00:23:48

is that this soldier had wrongfully killed is still voice far.

00:23:50--> 00:23:54

And that this old man had once killed the soldier's father.

00:23:55--> 00:23:57

And today the debts are being repaid.

00:23:59--> 00:24:17

How can an onlooker I just see evil in the world? How can God let evil exist? That's a problem with your limited perspective. Humble yourself. How can you possibly understand that 1,000,001 variables and how things would have worked out and how they you think they should be run

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and the third one to close the football.

00:24:22--> 00:24:22

He says to him what

00:24:24--> 00:24:35

jeido asked for the wall that I built back up for Kennedy would have made me a teammate and if in Medina t, what can I tell who can zoom in for Canada abou marsali

00:24:36--> 00:24:54

for our own book, any mbalula should definitely definitely check and Zuma Robertson the problem that was directed this bit belongs to who's living here too young orphan boys. Beneath it was a treasure that was the stash where the parents put the money

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

and the parents were righteous and so Allah one

00:25:00--> 00:25:40

Didn't I protect their money so all falls apart again discover the money. Allah wanted that treasure to be preserved until they reach an age where they get protected. They reach an age where they can handle their own finances. And so Allah did this because their parents were righteous, out of a mercy from your Lord. You know many times people they go into haram means to take care of the backup plan for their kids when they die. And Allah is showing the signs here that I will make sure they're taken care of after you're gone, so long as you're righteous and so Musa Ali's have put it see that isn't why aren't you getting paid for your service? They didn't feed us why should we build there?

00:25:40--> 00:25:43

Whoa, no, you don't understand this was a debt.

00:25:44--> 00:25:55

Their rights was the debts that Allah accepted Allah doesn't owe anyone anything except to take on and repay it to their kids. That's what you couldn't understand. The only heard stuff about all the millions.

00:26:07--> 00:26:11

And hundreds, the horse largest via Rob actually don't learn a lot more.

00:26:14--> 00:26:15

Wherever you go.

00:26:17--> 00:26:32

And further ends the story by saying one FYI, to an emery valley that we do matter. That's the essence of it. And none of this I did on my own accord. This was all revelation from Allah. And this is what you could not envision.

00:26:34--> 00:27:21

And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Rahim, Allah Musella Canada sobre la Casa La Elena will never add another ally Sarah, may Allah have mercy on Musa even a little more patient, we would have seen so many more of these events will have other early setup before I close this Autobot What's the biggest take home lesson here? The revelation of Allah. Sometimes, because of our short sightedness may appear like it's clearly wrong. There's something very wrong with this role. Why does it exist? And so it requires patience at first, to be able to take in and accept whatever Allah determines whatever Allah azza wa jal review reveals to us. You don't let some example we give to the youth

00:27:21--> 00:27:31

that are always asking about it. You may hear that the prophets of Allah Allah yo Salim said that the sun when it sets, it sets under the Throne of Allah and whether you have a problem with Teddy

00:27:32--> 00:28:10

and they think oh, man, it's just Rationally speaking no hold on, you need to restrain your rationale. Say the problem could be in my records whose rationale is gonna judge revelation? Is it mine or is it your and we all have different degrees of rationale different degrees of cultural conditioning, different degrees of intelligence, mine or yours 2017 or 1215 Once a year, which rationale which mode of thinking right? This is why you have to restrain it, know your limits. The reason why you think that there's something wrong with this hadith is because you think this hadith means the earth is flat. And the Muslims from the timeless habit ever believed the Earth was flat.

00:28:11--> 00:28:32

And so they never had a problem with this hadith. They knew this as well the earth was round. And so they said the Hadith goes under the sun and he submits to the rule of Allah it does about tells you they knew that it didn't mean it literally. When for example, our deen you read this some distinctions in gender between men and women now redeem some of them from my culture thinks rationale mean that's not fair.

00:28:33--> 00:29:04

Someone that is far more educated, not even Muslims will say, Well, that is extremely fair, because the greatest form of injustice is to obligate a woman with things that perhaps a man is more capable of doing, and obligating a man with something that he was doing, because only a woman can do. And so those rationales are going to be and the last thing and with that I close, and this is the most beautiful part of the story. For me one of the reasons why I chose this lecture, Allah's Elgin allowed these three, not more.

00:29:05--> 00:29:12

Though the problems all said and wished for more these three incidents, you know why? It was the most humbling part of the story.

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Because Musa alayhis salam should have been able to catch them. But Allah knew he would not be able to catch them. And that is why he did that. That's why we chose them. Because the point was to humble yourself, sometimes the truth is right under your nose, it's so obvious, but you're the one that can see it, because knowledge belongs to Allah. He gives you what's appropriate about these three.

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As long as scholars men share, and it's been the first time I left two nights ago, the first story was what, how are you going to do something so wrong?

00:29:49--> 00:29:51

It's going to cause everyone to drown.

00:29:52--> 00:29:56

Oh Musa, you were put in a basket and you didn't drag?

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

Didn t and then in the second

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The incident this is so wrong what you did to kill that person so clear that it's wrong. Almost everybody thought it was crystal clear that you were wrong for killing that man in Egypt. And that wasn't the case either.

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And then in the third story, why did you help those two boys for nothing? When you we need it so bad when Musa Ali's arrived and at the end he helped those two girls irrelevant, though he needed it so bad.

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How could you just striking image Allah was showing us to kind of look at that knowledge belongs to Him. And so when knowledge comes from Him, you respect that sacred truth when revelation comes from Allah in the National Center for Energy and Zillah fosmid you hook me up we have sent this Quran down upon you gradually be patient with the decisions of your Lord you hold on you're gonna win in the end even if it's against public opinion. We have laws though that teach us to do that which will benefit us and benefit us with that which has taught us and open our minds and our hearts to this book and refine our thinking and our behavior if it was booked a lot. I mean, alumni living

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on Long Island image are hidden agenda by Christina of loneliness LTVs American listeners if that's

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what you'd have had, you know, as a Muslim, I didn't imagine that Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah Hola, Vienna and they do a prophet Muhammad. He was sending me and I say that