Yasir Qadhi – The Parables of The Quran #03 – Surah Baqarah 19 – The Hypocrites & Rain-Thunder

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The history of the century before Islam is discussed, including the first book and second book. The speakers discuss different categories ofapprovedapprovedapproved positioning, including the blind and dumb, evil, and evil. They stress the importance of accepting Islam as a means to protect oneself and avoid harm, and briefly touch on the negative consequences of caffeine and the use of caffeine in pneumonia. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a v turn and a parable about a future era.
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Lao salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a woman while I'm about yesterday we did the first power bonus which is Baccarat which talks about the hypocrites and the fire that they asked to be lit. In the very next verse, Allah subhana wa tada moves on similar the hypocrisy but now we talk about water. So from fire to water, the two parables back to back verse number 17 is about fire. And then verse number 19 is about water. Oh Casa ubin mina sama. So it's the same group of people. That's the hypocrites. However, this category of hypocrites is not the same as the previous one. The previous one someone Bookman omean, these are deaf, dumb and blind. These are the actual the real,

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the leaders of the hypocrites, like Abdullah bin Obi eveness hurdle, they recognize the truth and they permanently turn away never to come back to Islam. There was another category of hypocrites as well. And they were those as Allah says Moodle, Urbina, Urbina, Zadek La Ilaha, Illa Allah, they were those who are in the middle. They were those who sometimes they were sympathetic to Islam, and sometimes they'll go back into Kufa at times, a times they were closer and the times they would leave and Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran that there aren't we're not fooling around Medina you don't know them. Allah subhana wa tada knows them. So there's a second category of hypocrites,

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these hypocrites, they are not as evil as the first category because there's sometimes there's good in them, and yet still, they have not fully embraced Islam. So this is a second example. Oh casaya mina sama. Give also the example of the hypocrites as a group of people who are lost in the desert and now water comes skies rain down, sleep is heavy rain. Oh casaya mina summer, heavy rain comes from the heavens. Now the heavy rains here is the symbol of Islam. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the example of what Allah azza wa jal has sent me with is like that of rain that comes down on groups of people asked for the believers, their soil is fertile, they absorb the rain asked

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for the rejecters of Allah, there are solid soil and the water comes and it is not beneficial to them. So the same here is Islam from the heavens. Allah has sent down Islam to them. Now, if they were righteous people, then we welcome rain. Rain is always good for the people of the desert. Rain is always beneficial, but because they don't have a man because their hearts are not the soil that will absorb the water. They look at the bad and the negative, and they reject the good. And so when this rain comes FEA Voodoo Motrin, waratah don't want bark, they don't worry about the water. They're not interested in the benefit. Rather, there are Voodoo mats over their souls, their

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desires, their gopher, the evils that Ludo mattarella references that is what overcomes them, and the ride which is thunder and the thunder here is the symbolism of those verses in the Koran that threatens the hypocrites threatens the kofod that is Thunder to them. And the lightning or the clear evidence is that the Quran is from Allah subhana wa tada and so the hypocrites see the Quran and they listen to the revelation from Allah and rather than benefit from the rain, they are terrified the Hebrew Martin want to know about he he saw the Adani him, they take their fingers and they put it into their ears Hazara remote out of a fear that the Quran or accepting Islam might destroy them.

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If they accept Islam, they have to give up their lifestyle, it is as if it is death to them. And so they put their fingers in their ears. And this is the reality of hypocrisy that they cannot change the rain coming down. They cannot stop the beauty of the Quran. So what do they do? They stop the beauty from reaching them. They put fingers into their own ears, they cannot stop the benefit of mankind, but they think it's an illusion. They think that if they put their fingers in their ears that they might be able to quote unquote protect themselves from this man that is coming down and Allah says will love him or hate him Bill caffine and that's not going to protect you. Allah subhana

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wa tada has indeed surrounded those who reject Islam and Allah says caffeine even though the verses about will not 15 because will not feel clean are the worst type of caffeine in pneumonia for cleaner for dark and especially men and now the hypocrites are going to be in the lowest category of the fire of *. So Allah subhana wa tada calls such people who want to reject the truth as scaffold Allah whom we're here to unveil caffine and if you don't want to be guided then you are a carfit. Allah is not going to guide

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If you don't want guidance you accardo Barco yafo busara home the lightning is about to be dazzled them. It's about to blind them. The reality of Islam is so clear they see it they know it is true. They see the reality of this emang it is crystal clear but because they are refusing to accept it rather than be amazed they think they're going to be blinded your cards will Bosco saara home Kula Allah Allah home by show fee, every time the light comes, they might walk a few steps. And this is the reality of this category of hypocrites. Sometimes when they're with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they might do some good deeds, sometimes at times of reserve, they might pretend

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to be Muslim or they might be with the community but then when either of them I lay him camo once they leave the company of the processes and once they go home or once that the mate for example the Battle of water is one they think things went bad so when the situation gets bad, then they leave Islam they leave a man and so when when it becomes dark, then they become stagnant. They don't go anywhere. So your candle Baku your home, where the light thing is about to be dazzle them and then for either of them either him palmu walo sha Allah who does the hobby summary who applauded him this category is not like the first one someone bookworm Yun Allah saying if I wanted to, I could treat

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you the same way as them. If I wanted to. I could take away your hearing and you're seeing what OSHA but Allah did not do it to them. Why? Because some groups amongst them eventually accepted Islam and others did not. And this is a reality that we know from the Medina phase. So Allah says, If I wanted to, then I could take away your Sumerian website of him in the La hyla coalition Kadir Indeed, Allah azza wa jal is capable of all things. So in this metaphor, we have the symbolism of Islam, like a fertile rain. And we have the reality of gopher and the fact they don't appreciate the rain. And in fact, the thunder and lightning which might come with any, any cloud, some of them also, by the way,

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that the believers are not lost in the desert, they're in the home or the fortress of a man. So even if there is lightning and thunder, it doesn't bother them the way that it bothers the hypocrites who are lost in the desert. So the hypocrites are unprotected, and the rain is of no benefit to them, and the thunder and lightning irritates them, even though that's not the purpose of that rain. And so there are not benefiting neither from the rain nor from the benefits of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they attempt to protect themselves by putting their fingers in their ears, it's not going to protect them because they have chosen the path of misguidance and Allah azza wa jal if he wanted to,

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he could punish them even more severely, but because some groups amongst them eventually embraced Islam, he gave this category who was going back and forth a bit more of a leeway than the first one. The final point that we can benefit from like I said, that insha Allah to Allah We ask Allah is refuge from major nifa we have to be worried about minor nifa we have to be worried about minor signs of hypocrisy. And from this we derive that to know the truth and to intentionally not follow it to put your fingers metaphorically in your in your ears. I don't want to listen to the truth or I don't want to follow the truth. This is a very dangerous reality. We should never reject the truth.

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We should never have a sense of arrogance in this regard and always submit to Allah subhana wa tada even if we cannot follow 100% in our actions, our hearts must always submit to Allah and never reject so that we are never under the threat what OSHA Allah who led the hub assembly and well beside him and inshallah will continue with the next parable tomorrow.

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We're gonna start

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over in V turning to G v shave evolution. Journey era v was to be

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had by the Obama team why Gina Annie

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