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Jumuah Khutbah 08.07.2020

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In Alhamdulillah, Allah Muhammad ohana Stein over here on a scale of 102 related I mean Julian fusina Jose Melina Maya de la junta Allah Allah Medina one minute little fella de la hora de la ilaha illa la hula sharika washer Donna Mohammed Abu Abu hora sudo yeah you hola Dena mundo de por la foto de la la Mota Nila Juan Tomasi moon yeah you Hannah suta hora de como la de la comida Sima ada wirkkala caminhada salmon humare Jatin casiotone Juanita, de la luz de ser Luna be halal or haram in Allah Cana la como la Kiba. Yeah, you have Latina Amano De La Hoya kulu colon sadita you sweat la kumada con well he like Uber con woman up a la la la Sula, who for the first differs of

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hills and alima

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old praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our love and obedience in the absolute sense but Allah and Allah alone, without any partners, the true supreme King Subhana Allah to Allah, and we are witnesses the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was His Prophet and his servants and His Messenger and the best of his creation and the seal of His revelation and the most beloved of the slaves of Allah to Allah, O servants of Allah who have believed in Allah keep hold to the temple of Allah as best as you can, for as long as you possibly

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can throw out your days and your nights, until our days and our nights in this world have concluded and we collect the award of taqwa, which is the company of Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the true life, the life to come

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to begin after welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah zoa gel,

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not just with the tragic events this week in Beirut, but just week in and week out. And the fact that bad news sells and information technology has accelerated the circulation of news. More and more people are becoming very, very frustrated by the amount of chaos, the amount of evil

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that they feel is ever increasing in the world, to the point that many of them cannot even get themselves to notice that there's any good left in the world. There's any order left in the world, there's any hope left in the world.

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And they work thinking, why is the world all messed up? Why is there so much chaos.

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And interestingly, this sentiment has been growing, even before mass media, even before social media.

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You know, atheists who disbelieve in God all together, especially in the Western world, the most common reason for many leading atheists, they call it their main and sole reason for not believing in God is the fact that there's evil in the world.

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And in a recent study, they asked swaths of Americans from all different backgrounds, if you could ask God, one question, and you knew that you would get an answer? What would that question be? And the number one question was, Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?

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It has obstructed their ability to see the world through any other lens, this dominant sentiment

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that the world is just so messed up? Why did God if there is a God, let it happen this way?

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First and foremost, we need to say is the world entirely messed up? Is it all messed up?

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I mean, if there was, no God, then it would be expected First of all, for the world to be messed up. But what do we see the world as? In reality, if we were to sit there and analyze carefully, objectively think for ourselves? What is more common for a person to go through health in their life, or to go through sickness? The vast majority of humanity today and forever have been healthier for longer than they've been sick?

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How many moments do Europe arteries flow freely compared to the moment that they clog? Right? What is the percentage of fully functional human beings compared to the human beings that are impaired in one way or another?

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Even if you look at vacation, what is the percentage of nations that thrive and enjoy peace and enjoy prosperity versus for example, a meteorite strike that ends them all or a volcanic eruption that by the way resets and restores the ecosystem for the greater good anyway. And so if you are to think fairly, and honestly, there is far more good in the world, then there is evil,

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first and foremost.

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And that's how

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Just two very important things. One of them, we just said that there must be a god. You know, Interestingly though, the hope is not usually the best place for this. They call this in physics. The second rule of thermodynamics, the rule of entropy. Basically, scientists say that when there is a system, any system, and the parts inside this system, this isolated system are just interacting randomly, there's a random system, which is what atheists claim the world is the product of just a random explosion, right? physics wise, any random system will continue falling into greater and greater chaos, irreversible, you can't stop it.

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So the fact that our world does not fall apart, it is still fully functional, hugely functional, life is sustainable in this universe, means what? What's happening is not random. There is someone outside the system that is all powerful, that is all wise that with great wisdom manages our system. So kind of what the Allah that is of the greatest proof that there must be a creator. So kinda what Allah a wise agent, just look all around you. What keeps it this way?

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That's the first benefit you get from realizing that there is more good than evil, good is the norm. The first thing you get from that is the question why is there more good? How could there be more good, just randomly like this? Why don't things spiral out of control the way they would if nothing was controlling them, the way physics proves time and time again, when they're left to themselves.

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The second benefit you get from realizing that there is a greater good than there is evil in the world, is the fact that you understanding good as the norm as the prevalent norm.

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Once you've decided this is the majority of matters, it is good, it is stable, it is productive, it is life sustaining, then you move on and say okay, now how am I supposed to understand the exception? How can these fewer things are not going very well. Unless you understand what is the norm, you cannot begin to grasp the exception. And I'll give you a very simplistic example, if you were to enter some high tech palace, some high tech mention

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of one of the wealthiest people on earth.

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And you saw in there luxuries you could not understand.

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Right? couches that mechanically move in a certain way. And screens and hologram that do certain things you've never seen before. Every single room of the 1000s of rooms in this mansion are impressive to you. You can't even understand the systems that are involved here. You become certain one room after another that the engineers that the technologists that the people behind this palace are people that are truly sophisticated people truly why

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and so then when you find a room that looks like it's in ruin

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you say wait a minute, there's something off here. You don't say that the engineer is a is a lunatic the engineer is uneducated. What do you say? There's something I'm missing here because look at the whole room. Look at the whole house look at the whole mansion. There must be a wisdom considering all of the wisdom involved everywhere else there must be a wisdom to the exception

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maybe he ran out of money and the engineer didn't do this room he quit his job maybe he wanted to remember that as a child he wasn't this rich and he wanted a little room that look like his old village right Medina San may be made but it definitely not the fact that there is no sophistication here. Likewise, we see the world and are reflecting on a lot creation we're commanded to do that. So we understand a lot must be wise to kinda hola to Allah.

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And so if there's an exception to the prevalent good, there must be a wisdom behind it.

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Because Allah for sure is behind this all.

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Why do you think we have to read surah to calf

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every single Friday or at least we're encouraged to do so as Muslims. Because the stories we find among the reason the stories we find in silicon calf,

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are the stories that are repeated throughout human history. And so we take from them what we need to engage life.

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The same way life and the events of life repeat themselves. Thus we are to repeat sort of like these so that we never lose sight of the proper frame of reference, the proper perspective. And one of the four major stories in Suzuka is the story of musala in Santa Monica musala salaam kept objecting to what he saw were evil, and realized later, there was a bigger factor at play here. There was a bigger wisdom behind me here. Why are you ruining the ship? It's actually

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for the greater good of the owners of the ship, that it doesn't get abducted by those who are looking for good ship. So temp a temporary harm is sustainable for the greater good.

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Why did you allow killed that young boy

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now that the greater good isn't actively killing an innocent child but because there was a command from God for a child to die, there was greater good in that child, not growing up to disbelieve in Allah. And there was greater good for his parents. through that pain, they were able to retain their relationship with Allah. So Allah is diligent gave us examples here, so that we can use from what we know that which would give us confidence to rest assured about the 1000 other incidents of apparent evil that we don't know. This is not to say evil doesn't exist. One of the wisdoms that we will perhaps if Allah allows next week discuss some of the wisdoms Allah gave us to help us navigate

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life's difficulties, life's chaos. The wisdoms for evil existing we are told the primary wisdoms, but we need to realize that the resigning to Allah is wisdom when we see evil to see it that it's relative to see it that it's for the greater good, that there's no such thing as pure, only reckless, only destructive, unwise, pointless, evil does not exist in our last universe.

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How to convince yourself of that is a huge project. It's a big deal. Allah gave us helpers to do that. But at the end of the day, it's part of the test of our faith.

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To realize that I just, I just can't tell. Because if Allah is testing us in this life, what test is there? When you already given the answers the explanations to the exam questions, there have to be things that are unclear or off, how's it a test?

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as one of the scholars said, it is a huge task to fight off straight on, it's a lifelong task, and to accept to be the end on the carpet. Have you ever imagine an ant walking on a carpet a carpet that's designed very nice, like many of your rugs.

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If an ant is on the carpet, it sees chaos. It sees a blue strength going this way and a gold strength going that way. It has no idea what's going on. It's just walking because it's so close. It's so involved in the mess. So this jungle of colors looks like chaos.

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But if at the end, we're able to step up and step back, it will see a masterpiece, it will see a work of art.

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So to except for yourself that you compare to God are less than an end compared to a carpet maker. That's the real test here.

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A lot of diligence, said suparna. Who was the Allah Amina nassima Yabba Lucha Allah how

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among humanity are those who worship God on edge meaning conditionally, if good happens to them, they are reassured by that. And if evil happens to them, they turn their back. In Colaba, Alhaji hasura dunia will appear he turns away, he objects to God. That is the reality people are not actually able to produce an intellectual argument to say evil equal, God doesn't exist. Those have nothing to do with each other.

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Evil could exist alongside God because God is why.

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And that's the end of this, but to accept that God is wiser than you. And to not feel that you have the right to have the explanation to everything that is part of the test. Aren't we put in this world to be tested and monomial solly had to believe and work the test is not just a test of your behavior. The test is also a test of what your faith

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and then Allah tells us apana who Allah in the Quran, that the angels who are the most intellectual creatures

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felt and accepted and found it satisfying when they asked about evil for Allah to tell them

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I know and you don't, that's enough of an answer. But to have the humility to do that, that is the accomplishment.

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Or the color of Booker in my life at any job I don't fill out with color bouquet. In America teenager I don't fill out the halifa remember when your Lord said to the angels I'm placing a successor on the earth they will reproduce and have successive generations you said they said you're going to place in there now you see we have someone who's going to corrupt the earth make it chaotic, where we could demand and spill blood when national necessity will be handy going oh god This will let we praise Your glory and we celebrate your praises Allah insha Allah May Allah tala mon he said I know what you don't know.

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For that to be enough of an answer

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is only for the believer.

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Laws those are the grants. I'll send you faith and belief that is true. A lot of them I mean,

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Shangri La Ilaha salatu salam Ala Moana and Avi about Chateau La ilaha illAllah bajo la sharika Donna Mohammedan Aveda who whenever you who are solo

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if Allah though shall permit for us the length of life we will in sharp law speak about the five main reasons a law tells us about in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam of why evil may exist Why would we perceive as evil what what frustrates and bothers us in our in our lifespans

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would exist. But what you need to remember as we close the multiple now

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that your job your fight, is the fight to retain recognition that Allah is the most twice, so kinda died. And that him being the most why mean that he would never allow something to exist in his creation, without there being a wisdom behind it to kind of hold on.

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And that also means

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that he created you to examine you. And so he cannot tell you this specific wisdom and answer for you all the questions on wisdom while the examination is still taking place.

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And then to know that Allah gave you enough pointers, enough, broad strokes, on the main reason, the main wisdom for why these exists, because he is the most wise and he knows you need that. He knows you need that help. He knows out of his mercy also, that you need to be given something to keep you patient and to satisfy your curiosity on one level, and to remind you that you are not a god. And so you only see the pixel you can't see the picture and that you by your nature will always have blind spots. And so you are given closure in that. May Allah grant us knowledge that will benefit us and grant us vision and insight to see through the trials of this world. May Allah though agenda Have

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mercy on all those who have been killed this week in Beirut and elsewhere. May Allah azza wa jal be with all of those who are struggling due to COVID or otherwise. May Allah have mercy on our dead man I love to Baraka with Allah Allah forgive our parents. May Allah though did elevate them because of us. May Allah azza wa jal guide for us our children from every illness, be it physical or mental or spiritual. Allahumma amin,

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Aloma foolin, our homina Jellybean Phaeton, Mr. Amin, how often Allah homogeny benefits and Mr. Varma Birmingham upon aloha majan eBenefits Anima varam in Hama, boppin Allah manana silicosis, Kotaku, Alec Washington avani Vic la manana odo becoming an enemy lianza were called in LA when FC Natasha de la in LA Easter jab Allah, Allah ma Hamilton Hamilton muslimeen Allahu Akbar on Allah.

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Allah Allah, if he could live Elijah muslimeen Allah Hamas phenol Shima Ivana was zucchini Juan de hierro Raja Deen of Allah La Silla water cannon Vienna Mohammed Darla early he was finally a drain