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The speakers discuss the importance of understanding oneself in order to achieve success in life, and the use of words like intelligence and self awareness to describe new abilities and qualities. They also touch on the concept of intelligence and how it can benefit people, including the loss of religion, science, and the use of intelligence as a excuse for wrong behavior. The segment also touches on the concept of rationalism and how it is not something that is just a factor, and the use of intelligence as a excuse for wrong behavior and how it can benefit people.

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Abdullah him ennovata Kurama hola was among the uniquely remarkable personalities in Islamic history produced by the Islamic message. And in sha Allah azza wa jal, we will be permitted at a later time perhaps to dedicate a whole bow to an overview of his life.

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And some of what can be drawn of it, and drawn from it of motivations and wisdoms in sha Allah but this man was, was a scholar and entrepreneur, a warrior. He was so close to the Quran, and then sunnah, in terms of study of it, and in terms of living by it, that it could be seen from a mile away, he reflected a certain sacredness that only comes with the Islamic lifestyle.

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So much so that people would say that the only gatherings that were more crowded on Earth than the gatherings of the best in Khalifa this whole plan of his time alone

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was the gathering of Allahumma botica, Hema, hola

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his words war

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erupting with wisdom and impact as well, there were certain blessing to His words and that it was something special about it. He would erupt when he spoke with such wisdom that was if thought about correctly, a profound understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah.

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And there is a particular incident, perhaps we will have to dedicate a few hours to it. But let's begin on the journey here and now between a man by the name of Al Habibollah GitLab and Abdullah Abdullah Baraka, Rahim Allah, He says, I asked Abdullah Abdullah Barak, Rahim, Allah Allah,

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Maha Yo Ma, or of the El Insan, what is the greatest gift a human being is given.

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And so he said, a lot easier to alkyl.

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And we will translate the visa to alcohol as innate deep intelligence, even though

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this entire hardware is going to have to revolve around separating between what the reason to alcohol actually means, as opposed to what comes to mind when we say the word intelligence in the English language. But first I want you to notice, it is obvious and expected Abdullah and Mobarak Rahim Allah would not say the greatest thing a person can have in life is good health or a lot of money or something like that. But at the same time, you would think that he would mention something Islam related like he would mention, you know, to be given faith in your heart or to be given guidance on the path or to be given you know, endurance in your religious commitment, something

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Dean, but he didn't write he mentioned intelligence, or did he he actually was referring to something that is the bedrock of our deen and that is the point of today's message. The Arkell having the ability to properly reason is the bedrock upon which our faith is built. It is the you know, the inner workings and the roots upon which your Islam can be built. You see because Arkel

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is a far more complete form of intelligence when we say intelligence in English, what comes to mind your IQ, your intelligence quota, how many like facts you memorize how many books you've read, how you know, well schooled or versed you are in philosophy, or how quickly you can process you know, mathematical equations or this is what comes to mind with intelligence. But the word the article, when you scan like an inductive scan, you read through the Quran and Sunnah he understood it meant something bigger than that, something more fundamental than even that. And this is a comprehensive intelligence, a fundamental intelligence that includes most importantly, knowledge about yourself.

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You know, nowadays, we call it self awareness, and also to have what they call nowadays in certain spaces, emotional intelligence, to understand why I feel this way and why others feel this way. The word awful and it's synonyms. I'll use that loosely. The concept of intelligence in the Quran and Sunnah is mentioned nearly 900 times that starts giving you a hint why he mentioned this as the greatest gift nearly 900 times the concept of Ockel

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is mentioned in the Quran alone actually.

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it is always intending the same thing

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and intelligence that prevents a person from Miss

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conduct from behaving the wrong way from taking the wrong path that can damage them and place them in a place that is blameworthy.

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And that is why it is actually called the after, you know, after which we translate as intelligence comes from a pawn or a call is a rope. A rope holds back the animals from running wild. You know, in the Gulf states, they wear those ropes on their heads on top of the head gear or the shawl. It's called the ICANN record because it originally comes from ropes they used to just sit there to hold their head keep gear from flying away. It's a rope that helps things from running wild and the damage the damage that will cause likewise in the Quran, for example, I want to just define this consistent, central meaning Allah azza wa jal says, In Nafisa, Ali Kala, yeah Tinley, only new ha.

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In these are signs for people of new hair. New hair is translated as intelligence. New hair comes from the word nigger, which means to forbid, like neon and Munkar means to forbid evil, because the central most important function of your intelligence is to stop you from destroying yourself, prevent you from misconduct, and that is why elsewhere in the Quran here's the third and final example, when Allah azza wa jal spoke of the parish nations and solfeggio, who destroyed themselves by taking the wrong path and behaving the wrong way with his prophets. He said healthy Valley kappa salmon levy hedges?

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Are these not enough oaths I just swore by all these nations I destroyed for the rebelliousness are all these oats I just swore not enough for a person that has hedging. Hedging means intelligence. But hedging means hindrance for people that have enough intelligence to hinder them from destroying themselves.

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And so that is what blood and water Rahimullah was drawing our attention to that there are people have intelligence per se, their intelligence is so wide right IQ and mastery expertise, right? But it's not very deep. It's not very impactful, it does not venture beyond or serve anything but the function of this passing world.

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There are people that under utilize their intelligence, if we can say it that way. Aren't there people with very high IQs people that are astrophysicist or microbiologist or astronauts or whatever you want a mathematician or a highest caliber philosopher that does not know how to manage his life. This is not to know why he's here, where he came from, where he is going, how to find inner peace. There is tons of that. These are people that under utilize their intelligence they employed it in shallow end towards shallow ends. And these are the people that Allah Azza den said about them Allah you can kill an army by whom Allah Allah aka humans, Rafi Loon, these are people that are more like

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cattle. They're not thinking deeply. They just follow the herds. They just find the trend find the flock and they flow with it. Even if that flock may be considered, you know, intelligencia academic, you know, intellectual spheres, whatever, it's still another flock. They are like the flock. Rather they are more stray than the flock of cattle. Why? He said Hola, Aki homography loon because they are heedless, they have the ability to think deeper than that. They have the ability to employ their intelligence in better ways than that, but they refuse not to, they refuse you sue and they choose to be heedless, that is one of the categories of intelligence that is not considered alkyl as per

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the Quran, not intelligence that Abdullah and Mobarak Rahim Allah wants you to give value to a whole lot of stuff Allah Allah Emily welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Allah Allah Allah via via the shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula sharika lahu eyeshadow Anna Mohammed Abu who whenever you who are pseudo

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Abdullah having Mubarak Rahim Allah could have also meant by the greatest thing a person can be given his love ISA to African, the deep, innate intelligence valuable intelligence is Do not be of the people who not only we covered, they don't benefit from their intelligence because they are heedless, but people who use their intelligence as an excuse to rebel against Allah subhanho wa Taala that is not an intelligent person. You know, nowadays we have many categories of such people, these people who think that human intelligence is the ultimate reference point and exists

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ample of that category are those who say there has to be scientific data.

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For every single thing, a scientific data to explain all things, including god, this is arrogance, right? Allah azza wa jal told us, all of the empirical data, we will ever gather all of the scientific observations we will ever make all of this research that our senses can be able to gather,

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this will always be less than the things we will not be able to gather, when I ot to Minella, and Milla kalila. And all of the knowledge that you've all been given, is still nothing but a little, the things we will never know will always be more than the things we come to know. All of the collected data in all the human beings on all of the search engines will always be inferior,

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will always be a fraction of a fraction.

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You know, it is it is unfortunate people that they don't see the huge blind spot of I can see the molecules and I can see the the, the galaxies and I but I can't see beyond it. So they're fascinated by seeing all of this through science, fascinated with their ability, and blinded by that from their inability, from what they actually cannot see what they are actually, are these people actually more intelligent than the illiterate Bedouin man who was asked for proof of God. And he said, the tracks on the ground mean that a camel was here, right? And droppings on the ground means that a caravan pass through here, waist on the ground number two, on the ground stool means there was animals here.

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So these huge constellations of stars in the sky, and this expansive Earth with its land, and its mountains and valleys, that doesn't tell me that God's work is here, that God's imprint on the universe is so evident. This is a more intelligent person by the Quranic, by the god defined meaning of act of intelligence, you know, very quickly as my time is running out. Another example of this, not those who are, you know, duped by the current prestige of science, but also rationale. Some people

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try to over utilize their mind their intelligence, should I say in the wrong ways, and so they are deprived of becoming people of alkyl. They say there has to be a rational explanation for everything. Sure. But who said you have to understand it, we are not saying that Allah is irrational, or there is something against rationale against reason against logic about God, but we're saying who said, you are in any place to use this tiny mind of yours to evaluate God, God is not subject to a rational investigation. And I want to share with you a story that really brings this home, one of the most famous rationalists in Western history and Western literature is a man by

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the name of Rene Descartes. He was a French rationalist. And he said, I can't trust anything, I need to be smart about this. I need to use my intelligence and question everything, right? The only thing I know for sure is that I can think so I have to use my thinking,

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to evaluate everything. And so he became the skeptic that doubts all things. And then he himself had a had a crisis. He said, Wait a minute. The only thing I know is that I think, but how do I actually know that I'm thinking?

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You see the circle, he got pulled into that rabbit hole that he went down? He said, How do I know I am not just a part of some shaytans imagination? How like, how do I know I exist?

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Maybe this is a dream. Maybe this is a video game. Right? There were no video games in his time. But this is the meaning. And then he said, he said I had to accept in the end, that God is not a deceiver. Meaning I have to remove God from the investigation. Because if you don't remove God from the Even if God is under investigation, then we can't figure anything else out. He said, I had to trust that God is not going to trick me. God gave me a mind. You see, my mind is not going to explain God, God is the explanation for me to have a mind, right.

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It's a very simple concept, but it took him a lifetime to figure it out. That God gave me the ability to think and therefore I should think, but I'm not going to think about God because he's the one that to begin with, who explains my ability to think, you know, in simplest terms, you know, this whole long philosophical argument may be a little dense for a hotspot, but in Islamic history, years before centuries, before they got

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there was a great scholar coming through the streets.

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And people were crowding around him and an old simple woman. She She said, what's going on? So this is a Razzie. Rahima. Hola, vaca. Dino Rossi, great scholar of Islam.

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And she said, so who's that?

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So you don't know what Razzie is. This man has compiled 1000 proofs 1000 arguments for Allah's existence.

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She said 1000 arguments for Allah's existence, then he must have 1000 doubts that Allah exists. You know, because Allah says in the Quran Allah Allah He Sheikh is there any doubt? Like Allah is not routable he's not questionable. He is the most certain knowledge that we are born with him, certainty of him built inside of us.

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This is not to say that Razia Rahim Allah ever had doubts or with the villa, but he was putting together these arguments for those who insist on rational proofs, right? But this woman did not need all of this. This woman has greater than intelligence than Descartes doesn't she? She didn't have to become a world class philosopher to understand this. She had deep intelligence. And that is why he said, Abdullah Hassan Mubarak bringing it full circle, a lot easier to Akon, innate intelligence, something built inside of you. That is the greatest thing Allah can give you. So you don't ignore your mind from using it in the best way or overuse it in ways that will take you down a dark hole

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that you may never come out of.

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A pool of Holyhead stuff for Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Philomena when we met when we need I mean at Allah here even homework Hamilton words Allahumma Felina has an analogy dinner or copper and our antenna or colada liqueur indena

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