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Salam aleikum, everyone Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah hora de was savage marine. I pray your well and it is Sunday, Sunday is the day

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learning a few new applications to get closer to Allah subhana wa with Allah with and reap the great benefits from child law. But first a verse first verse of the night. Regarding guardian angels, many people may or may not know this. Muslims believe in guardian angels. We don't believe they are the the souls of the righteous that are returned to this world to protect their loved ones or relatives we believe that guardian angels are the angels of Allah that were created the first time around created from light and sent by Allah Subhana Allah tada to protect those who desires wishes to protect their mentioned us with a rod Allah subhanho wa Taala says lebu moeraki back to me mania de

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la mina Kulfi you have savona whom in Emory law that

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the human being man has been given by God more often a bet those that come to him around the clock in succession. They take shifts in Dania de human Kulfi in front of him and behind him like there's their bodyguards, entourage

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in front of him and behind him yeah for Luna who, guarding him safe guarding him. I mean m&d law from the affairs of Allah, meaning as if not best, or the law on whom I said, whatever a law had written, for you to be protected from,

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they will get between it and you it will never touch you by virtue or through these angels that Allah subhanho wa Taala created to guard you.

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And there are many ways to invite these angels into our life in many different ways. So for example, I had to the kursi reciting it could see when we lay down to sleep, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whomever recites it could see as they lay down to sleep, I gotta see is 255 from social worker, the greatest sort of the Quran, whomever recites it when they go to their beds, Fela is Lu la kameena, la he half 11 had to swear they will never cease to be in a guardian from a law a guardian angel from Allah standing over you until the morning while I have trouble cache Vaughn, and no shaytaan will ever come near you.

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And so the concept of there being guardian angels in front of you and behind you,

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speaks to the fact that Allah wishes for you to be protected. And it speaks to the fact that danger can come from any direction. The fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam taught you to invite these angels into your presence to guard you when you're sleeping reminds us of the fact that there are so many points of vulnerability for the human being. So we should take these our rod seriously. In fact, though I have today is a dog we should sit make every morning and evening the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about it, which is to say Bismillah he levy nazmi he she only fill out the wala Fie summer he will who has sent me over there on him. And I'll translate that

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in a minute. But he said that no harm will come to you.

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If you are of those that recite this.

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In fact, I remember the photo below him a whole line a beautiful story about him. He said he was traveling once on a journey. And he found himself awakening to this thing of, of a scorpion. He was stung by a scorpion and he

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tried to remedy himself and then he tried to retrace his steps on how this could happen. And as he

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reflected, he realized that he was distracted the previous evening from making this thick that He always makes, which offers him that the guard that safeguard against poisonous creatures and against being struck

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from a home a point of vulnerability. And so that is Bismillah he levy which means In the name of Allah, meaning in the name of Allah, I am seeking protection In the name of Allah.

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Allah de la jolla de Roma asked me he she the one who does not allow for harm to coexist alongside his name, Phil out of the wall every summer on earth or in disguise, wahoo a semi or alim and he is the hero of all the knower of all.

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And so say this three times in the morning three times in the evening

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and say it with the President's mind. That's why I try to I guess splits up the door so that you hear it in English so you know each part of it what it means. bismil

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He loves he loves your dorm room Matt asked me he she filled out the while fists he will who was semi Oregon him In the name of Allah meaning I am seeking protection In the name of Allah Allah Avi the one liable rule who does not harm or allow for harm mass me he shade anything allow anything to harm alongside his name mass me he shade fill out all deep in the earth well if it's summer knowing the skies well who was semi early and so there are certainly guardian angels the Quran makes it explicitly clear but places it in our hands to on some level or to a certain extent, how many of them we are supplied with how many we are afforded. So teach these cards to your children and make

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yourself a student

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of these invocations yourself before anyone else may Allah protect us from the evils that we see. And we don't see whether they be poisonous creatures, whether they be viruses, whether they be the shell clean, a lot of them. I mean, it's like a local and everybody said, I'm on eco