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Khutbah 1.19.2018

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-- The upcoming weekend includes a dance batch and a performance by the God of War. The importance of remembering "careful" and "helpful" to the believer's credit is emphasized. The speakers discuss the concept of "empowerment" and how it can lead to satisfaction and happiness. The segment provides tips for developing these qualities and being ready for disappointment. The speakers emphasize the importance of being financially independent and not feeling the need to be discourage or discourage others.

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In a country dancehall and Madonna stereo

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fusina sejati Amaya de la la fille mo de La MaMa you blame for that heard the other word Chateau la isla de la vaca hula de cada

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una de

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la Hakata party one Nakamoto 911 two Muslim moon. Yeah you have NASA for Bakula Viva la comida sumati de Vaca permit has jaha humeri geralyn Kathy on manisa de la levy Tessa Luna we do not have in Nevada Karina la cumbre FIBA Yeah, you have Latina de la la boo overland sadita, to splendor, Kumara mela from where

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we may use our solar

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cells and our Lima.

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All praise and glory be to a love We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we turn to Allah seeking His protection from the evil whispers within us and the evil consequences of our misdeeds of our evil actions. Remember, Allah guides lunken, Lita Street and whomever Allah leaves without guidance when can guide them and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship of Allah alone, finding partners, the true supreme King, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth in truth indeed, His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger Oh people have emailed oh you have believed to have that's up to Avila

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keep conscious of a lucky beautiful to him in the matter to the extent that he deserves to Panama to Allah with every ounce you can muster of your energy and your strength and your obedience and your love and do not die Do not leave this world except in a state of complete and total surrender to a lot a state of Islam.

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To begin after welcoming once again our brothers and sisters to the house of Allah Zilla Jen and thanking him for the name of Islam and the name of the man in the name of brotherhood and the name of Juma and the near mark is Mr. nerim of being in his house being permitted to visit his house for another day. And for another week, we conclude in sha Allah this Friday this Juma with the fifth statement of job rerelease. the advice of Jabra is that I pray we will all memorize by now. And memorizing it is just the beginning carving it in our conscience in sha Allah.

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That you are in salatu salam sent to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Yeah, Mohamed

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defamed me live whatever length you like, but know that you will die you search in effect. Why did men cheat the fame

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and love whoever you like but know that you will be separated from them?

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What are the machine zUv and do whatever you like know that you will be repaid with it and repaid for it while I'm in the shadow of a movement

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daily and know that the honor of the believer is in his standing at night in his private conversations in his very special connection with Allah in the privacy of the sincerity of the night. And this is the fifth and final statement he set out in the setup. Why is Zeus diviner warning nurse aware is warning us that his reserve the reserve the believer is still not is his lack of needing his independence of the people.

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And there is of the movement, the empowerment, the dignity, the self respect, the perceived respect of the believer lies in him not needing the people not being dependent on others. The word reserved by the way

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some people can shop with the province on centimeter difference shot off of the believer

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is standing at night is honored. Whereas his razor and we're going to translate this as empowerment and there's a reason for this is in his independence of the people shut off refers to a location

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either on earth right Ashleigh Bennett, that means he came out and he was able to identify

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See the location in Arabic. And so shout out means your location in the ladder, your status, whereas there is, comes from a new door, as a foreigner would you do when something has raised originally in Arabic, it means it's hard to find it's rare.

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And so people's dignity or on people are exceptionally dignified, exceptionally strong, they use the word there is disease with them, because it's very rare that you'll get over on them, meaning they're so strong, they're so impressive. They're so big, whatever it is, you cannot dominate them, you cannot find leverage on them. And that's why we translate as empowerment, you having an edge is having an edge, an edge of influence, an edge of strength, an edge of, of respect, your influence your distinction in terms of the balances of power, if you will, on Earth, that is that

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comes in at the core of it is being liberated from people not needing of people not dependent on anyone or any of the people.

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And we set that up, alarm kept giving the province also limit advice where every sentence was built on the sentence before it. So there's a there's a beauty and the logic and the necessity to understand the sequence. He said to me first in the sequence in the order, your honor is in engaging with a lot at night.

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And your power is in you being able to let go for people not dependent on the people. The connection here is obvious, because whoever connects with Allah subhanho wa Taala believes that feels that closeness to a large, again, that space between him and unloved gets smaller. The more he transcends the more he climbs away from being connected. When they fall, he falls when they become poor, he becomes poor, when they become weak, he becomes weak, he becomes independent of the people. And so the more a person connects with Allah, the more they can do without the people. There's an obvious connection there that we must understand. And that's why the

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love of the beautiful derives that he used to make supplication to us to make that were recorded a documents biography, he used to say a lover who met Kevin sonita when she Arnie Sue Judy, the lady for Sony who animus Ella Tw, says, Oh love the same way you shield that you protected my face from being humiliated, making sujood being lowered to anybody but you you honored me by only making salute to Allah by making use of them. He said and also protect my face now. from having to stand in front of people and ask of them be dependent on others. Because asking others is a source of humiliation. That's why the prophet SAW Selim was the early so how do we manifest and others he

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raised them on this concept of being independent, he said to ignore

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what he does.

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When you ask you asked about law, and when you do pay, you depend on law. Can you imagine how a woman wants you to be he wants to empower you by telling you do not ask any body but to me.

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I don't want you to really eat yourself by asking others,

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to connect with me learn how to knock on the doors of the heavens, and that will suffice you all of your needs.

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That is where I want you. Because I know that if you ask the people, they'll get upset at you. And they'll humiliate you, and they'll disappoint you. And so if you don't ask me Look at the difference when you ask the people they get upset at you. And when you don't ask a law surgeon he gets upset.

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Imagine someone who telling you don't every time you need a penny every time you need a smile every time come to me. I'll give you your opinion. I'll teach you how to smile again. Oh, this whole disperse the sadness. I'll admit that happiness. I'll give you everything. Just keep coming to me. Don't go to anywhere else is going to disappoint you.

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alphanumerical Good luck, Milan. He says that the prophets have a lot more I need to sell him after we already gave him a I pledged allegiance to him in the terms of Islam. He says

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he came to us again and said give me one and we said we did already he said it again. Will you give me I said we already did to Will you give me he wants to get them to say yes. So he'll ask them for more conditions. These conditions are not going to be for his sake

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nor a benefit that are not

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No strings attached. I love wants to give you more, you just promise to commit to the exchange to the interaction. So they said what what is the they tell us? Yes, we will give you but they realize there's something more than he wanted to say. So they said, Yes, we will leave you by, he said and tabula will be here to worship of law. And don't ask anyone but him not associate anyone but him. And then he said later on when that is unnecessary, and that you don't ask anybody for anything.

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He says we were seven or eight or nine people in that gathering for the other 82 and not for men who lanica. Yes, who sold to me, I had him, fella, yes. And then And then

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he said, after that point, one of them will be one of these people that were in the gathering, I remember seeing that they will drop the lid off of their hoods, you drop your pen from a table, you drop your keys from Okay, they will drop the whip from him while he's writing. And then he would not ask anyone to hand it to him. They wouldn't ask anyone to do that for them. Why? Because they pledged and promised the province or settler, they will not ask of the people. Does that mean you never ever, ever asked for the people? No. But he was teaching them all in Soho salon. And they understood this very well.

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That get into the habit of anything you can do for yourself, do it for yourself. Don't seek help from above, seek strength from above and do it yourself. And if you absolutely cannot do it for yourself, then ask yourself a question. Can I do without it? Can I do without it? Will it survive if I don't ask them to give me seconds of that drink or pass me or do me that favor or can I do without it if they can do without if they ignore it? That's it.

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And if they cannot do without it, then they would seek out the person that is most likely not going to hold it against them that they asked them.

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And so that this will limit the times they asked for people it would radically reduce these times.

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And the importance of that is clear. Because the more you ask the people it will either cost them their time, or their peace of mind or their money, you will be asking them to give up something of their world of their life of their union for years. That's what you're asking for. And that's why you probably saw send them some narration said was head FEMA fy 18 s we'll get back in us, let's go what's in the people's hands, then they will love you. Otherwise, if you ask them, the people, one of two things is going to happen.

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That a lie still agendas and uploads for you. He wishes for you to be above either number one, they'll give you what you asked for. But they look at you negatively in the process.

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The best example of this, your own model.

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If you ask your mother, for a certain dish that you like, she'll be happy. Most likely, she'll be happy. He wants to eat this dish that he hasn't had in a long time.

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But if you tell her

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and I want you to do this on the side, and here's here's someone, and here's $100. So you can go buy the ingredients. And I want this kind of drink with it. And don't make it too hot. Because last time it was a little bit extra dry. And you start listing your requests your own mother will start getting frustrated with won't cheat. So this is going to apply to the person that is your moment that no one can offer you what they want for you willingly graciously of their lives for your life of their happiness and comfort for your ideas and comfort, then what about anyone else whatsoever. So that's the first scenario they'll actually give you. But it won't be for free. You will lose a

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few rates in their heart, you lose leverage in respect in their heart because of how much you're dependent on them and asking of them.

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The second case scenario is you will ask them

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and they'll disappoint

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or you'll depend on them. It's not always a verbal asking is still that means for you to not look for them to offer you what you need to validate your needs to supply your needs. And we give a few examples of this that are very important. The first of them is when you depend on someone else for your religious commitment for your event.

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Most people on the planet are like this, by the way. You don't even like social scientists when they explain why do people believe in something whether it's a religion or philosophy or something. They say this faith is belief that they have in anything happens for one of three reasons

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There is what they call fate by association, it's very important for you to understand this fate by association, their fate is a result of a dependence on who they associate with. So most people have the religion of their parents because they associated with their parents, okay? Just this is their, their environment. The second level of fee is when you become independent of your surroundings. This is by now the faith by conviction persuasion, you have a read, this is where you want to be. But even then, there's still going to be a struggle in your feet. Because if you're convinced with something, but it's just too hard, you're gonna unconvince yourself, you're still a little bit

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dependent on the people around you. And so they said, the third level, the strongest form of feet, in anything, just so you understand your religion, the religion of your children not being dependent on anything, and other people, is when you climb past that you become independent, or even your mind, and you become not fully independent. You become a person of faith by experience, I felt it, I've seen it myself.

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And if we have this, our children may not have this, they are dependent on their surroundings, or they're convinced on some level, but when push comes to shove, the conviction is going to fall because they didn't taste faith, faith, by your experiences. They like the most out of all these convince, and all of the world says, No, we're stuck. Those that are convinced like you are stuck, they say we're gonna be caught in that episode acun, Mussolini said and at that point says in America, he said, me, my Lord is with me. I'm not dependent on you guys staying around and believing what I believe in. Whether you live or you die, you believe you're not dependent on anyone.

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And so whoever's Emad fee is dependent on another person's faith, whether it be your sheriff, your scholar, your parents, what if they fall off? What if they go from 50? What if they die away.

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And so this is one of the ways that your empowerment to raise as innocent comes from not needing that.

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Another important way that you need to break away from the people for you to have this strength is to not depend on people's money. This is huge in Islam.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when two men came to him and asked him for something.

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He looked them up and down.

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Because the narratives is for our energy, so that we were very fixed guys, we were tough men. So they don't look like the typical person who can't earn a living. And then he said to them,

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in shape to man, to Kuma, if you wish you saved you deserve, I'll take your word for it. And you are originally to take a person's word for it, even if you're not sure that they need it. So long as you're not sure that they're scamming, you can give them from years ago, and then you find out later you don't need to repay years ago, you just take at face value.

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The default is that a Muslim is honest, he said if you desire to take some money, I'll give it to you. While actually But no, when I have a fee

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to Kuma when I have a fee had the money when we looked at it, but know that no one deserves this money.

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If they are rich, if they have an own money, meaning plenty means they're financially independent, or they have the strength to earn their own money.

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This level does not want to be dependent on anybody financially either. This is also true for nations for doing.

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If the Muslim woman is not financially independent, right, they will continue to not have power, because they're dependent on someone else to feed them and give them drink and give them inventions and give them technology and give them attitudes. Islam uprooted that and said you need to become financially independent, that's part of your power. And the third and last one before I sit, to be dependent on people's pleasure of you

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now is to not feel the need that I have to be people people need to be pleased with me. Because first of all, that's impossible. The people will never always be pleased with you read the Quran and see the prophets of God they didn't earn this, how will you earn this? There are some people

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that no matter what you do, they only focus on the negative issue. They will only see that that's actually because of the negative symptoms they projected on other people. You know one brother he said to me and I will never use the example unless I was absolutely sure he was joking.

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He said to me, when I asked him

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to bear witness to a divorce agreement, he said, you know, ever since you've been in the community, good things have happened. But the divorce rate is up. He was joking, because there was one divorce. And I laughed with him. But there are people actually like, that will say nothing good has happened, except this one bad has happened.

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And there are some people, no matter how genuine you will be, they will always assume evil of you. Because that's the lens, they look at the world. That's the lens, they look at the world. And so Islam says they're not the ones that validate you. They're not the ones that dictate to you. This, by the way, gives you strength of what consistency, you're not waiting for their appreciation, either. It also gives you independence, you know, he did have at least

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a beautiful example of this. And there's so many moments of time, and that's everything with the rulers was in the van de la

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when the the French envoy of Syria came to him and threatened him, and said to you're going to stop teaching these poisonous ideas to the young young guys of Islamic reform and bring the slam back. He says you're either shut down your machine.

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So he said to me, You can't shut down right now.

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He said, of course, I said, he said, No, you can't. If you shut down my machine, I'll still share these ideas. And every wedding I'm invited to, and I've got a pocket. And I'll share it with whoever sitting next to me on the train. And whoever rides with me on the bus and whoever invites me to preach it as on their relatives. And if you stick me in prison, I'm going to share it with the inmates. And if you kill me, you're going to provoke the masses even more against you.

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He couldn't do much. He was not dependent on his pleasure. By the way, the masses, also the masses, he did not gain his empowerment with the masses until it started, I knew he wasn't trying to please them. Because trying to please the rulers and trying to please the crowds is the same exact thing. It's just as disgraceful. But when you can have a student that is needing someone to be pleased with me, that is where it comes from. That is where empowerment comes from. That's where no flip flopping happens anymore. That's where you have the strength to the act of love, where you don't need people. And people start leading you, you become out of leverage in this world.

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And that's the believers retreat.

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Amaz praise the earliest believers, by their protectiveness, how secretive they were when they had needs about their needs you acceptable ingenico elenia. And it's

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the one who doesn't know any better considers them needless, I don't need anything from anyone. Because of how dignified they were. That was the protectiveness. They were dignified. And so I love praise the believers like this. And we need to develop in ourselves and in our children that type of that type of independence. You can do this with your children, by not asking them to get you a cup of water by not asking anyone to do anything for you at home, as the promise also, whenever he could. He would fix his shoes by himself and stitches close by himself. And he was like that Alex auto setup, you can say that I want to teach my children to serve their parents, Okay, tell them to

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serve the other parent, not this parent. That's the easy way to do it.

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And here's another tip to develop this inside of us.

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We said do things yourself. If you cannot do I really need it. If I really needed it fine. Then I'll ask someone who will likely not look at me in a negative light because of it. Another thing you can do

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is to train yourself to be ready for disappointment. To be ready for disappointment. Tell yourself the next time someone fails me. Someone fails me they break a promise to me they betray my expectations. Don't be disappointed at people as much anymore. say well.

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It's not that you failed me. I expected too much of you.

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I expected too much of you. And one of the easy ways to get yourself to do this is to remind yourself that you do the same exact thing so many times with other people. And if you don't have selected memory, you will realize this you don't

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One brother really disappointed me for a while until I realized I was being double standard. See, I do the same exact thing. Since I moved into this community, he's called me three times. And I shared this story with some before. He has called me three times at each of his divorces. I never heard from him again, I hardly ever saw him again. And so every time he would call me and be extremely upset,

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I'd rather he called me the second divorce or his third say, that means in order to divorce her a second time, that means you got back together. So how can you only sharing the bad news with me, I'm sitting here thinking you're going through such a struggle, and you guys have resolved and moved on to the you got to another conflict in the voice that you only rushed to me during the problems.

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And so I almost wanted to block his number. I almost wanted to remove him from my life. Until I said, You know, I pray Allah forgives me for keeping him in my life. Because I do the same thing with Allah. Don't we all want to get a little closer only when we have problems, and we move away when we don't have problems? So why do we have expectations of people that we don't even hold ourselves to.

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And so this will teach you to settle even with your family, by the way, you did being so dependent on an expectation about your family is so weakening of you, and of your family, my kid has to be a doctor, my kid has to be an engineer, my wife cannot be this way, my husband just sets a little bit. And you know how you do that, and I'm done with this now is to rewind to the beginning of the heavy.

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It began by the discussion on that. And how simplicity was asked how do I get myself to be good with my family?

00:26:50--> 00:26:52

color the reading, you can feed him

00:26:54--> 00:27:38

by knowing that you're you remaining among them, it's going to be for a very small period of time, that it is just settled. Because your problem is that you're dependent on seeing your child's fit your mold to be an extension of life and your wife as well and your husband, by realizing you're not going to be here very long, you become content independent of them. And so your prosperity is not dependent on your expectations of your family anymore. You're not in need any of this a mother once you like that, because at the end of the day, they will not be able to offer you much when the disconnect happens. So empower yourself now. Stop trying to impress stop trying to be demanding,

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know that they cannot offer you much when you get into your career. So empower yourself by connecting with Allah

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and living with the people graciously

00:27:50--> 00:27:51

allowed us to live our Hana

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above the makina we can have

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a love of Makino be highlighted on her own.

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dunia has

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a lot of Muslims in our new cinema Nina Nina

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Nina 100