Mohammad Elshinawy – Echoes from Surat al-A’raaf

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding harms and avoiding DSR (the boundaries of love). They also touch on the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people's behavior and the importance of science and the teacher's actions in shaping people's minds. The segment ends with a recap of upcoming events and potential negative consequences of people not following the rules. They also discuss the religious community's history of criticized actions and the potential negative consequences of people not following the rules.
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Medina, Allahu Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah,

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Ma how to party when

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we begin the Navy for law, praise and glory belongs to Allah Almighty God thank you men who seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure in his forgiveness.

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And we seek protection with a lovely whispers within ourselves and the awful consequences of our misdeeds from from a guy who is a great gift that no one can take away, none can misguide them. And remember our loved leaves without guidance, there is nothing that can guide them and remember our loved guide, no one can lead astray and we testify that he is the one and only soprano what are the true supreme King, the only one who created us by himself, and is deserving of our dedication, our devotion, our worship, by themselves, kind of glorified and exalted.

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Just as we testified, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam final prophet, the best of his creation, and the seal of His revelation and the most beloved of the slaves of Allah to Allah, all believers will you have relieved, remain conscious of your Lord of love the most high in the manner that he deserves and do not die, except in a state of complete and total loving and willing to surrender to a law a state of Israel

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as has become customary for us, we are continuing in our journey, discovering the end on you. And in the previous photo, we discuss suitable and, and we said,

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the sixth chapter in the order of the four and and suitable are off the seventh chapter, or the to link the solos the two lengthy chapters in the poor, and that will reveal very early were revealed in Mecca before the prophets on the love Island or send them moved on to the city of Medina. And so that we said that just the theme of the sutra was to solidify your conviction, to make concrete your certainty so that you would be enabled through that to see and to live this meaning that my prayer and my sacrifice my living and my dying, all of that is from love, alone without partners, Lord of the worlds, so kind of what and now considered an hour off,

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literally means the heights and the reason for that will come in a moment. But sort of law is essential.

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For every person that seeks or tries to be religious, seeks or tries to be more committed, than he currently is to Allah subhanho wa Taala sort of the law revolves around perhaps above anything else, the theme of the reality of surrender, what it means to surrender to a law Scylla, Jen, once and for all, once and for all, to surrender without hesitation to decide. Sure, it's gradual, and it's a journey, a life journey, right, this path, the straight path of Islam, but it requires from you first as a matter of principle to decide, and see if I am someone who surrenders to Allah, every ounce of me belongs to Allah, I will not hesitate in that out of rebellion as a matter of principle,

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even if I make some bull as a matter of practice, due to my weakness sort of alarm off, announces that from the onset from the beginning, and if last name slot keytab would have buco Mohamed that we sent down to you, and the never really fella yet.

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To minoo so there should be no hard feelings, no discomfort in your chest. From it whatsoever. No house, no hesitation, no footstep now no half stepping, no foot dragging. The next verse goes on to say it Who remembers

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You just follow along.

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You have no say with your master, your king, your loving God, you have no say with him, because that's what it means accepting him as a master in principle. You just follow what has come down from your Lord, what has condemned to you from your Lord and do not follow anything else. Besides that this is the central theme.

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A lot off and that's why you move on into subtle art. If you see for example, the very first story discuss is the story of humanity.

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Anton is commanded to prostrate. And then he says, No, I'm not going to prostrate. So I was asked him, ma'am, and I can attest to the amount to, why is it that you don't prostrate when I'm the one who commanded you? Am I not to match? Are you asleep? And he basically said, Why would I? He's made for money I made from fire he's made out of sand and water and dirt. Basically shavon said, What? I don't think that's a very good idea.

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I understand do command, but I don't think I'm not very convinced, why do I need to do that.

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And this violates the principle of surrender. Now this violates the principle of enslavement to Allah subhanho wa Taala because he expects of you to enslave yourself to Him totally and entirely including your mind. This whole concept of I'll do this when I'm convinced but I don't really think that this is very wide, or I don't think that should be done. Do not send forth between the hands of Allah and His Messenger You have no right to say your see your freedoms and with the boundaries of a loved beginning. That's the term that's the condition and that's why I was so gently said later on out of his consideration for humanity and then being thinking creatures in our heart Rama Rob bfl.

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Asia mahalo, minha Mamata later on in that same suit.

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after giving them some injunctions, my lord has only forbidden, he only says stop and go not for the sake of exercising his mastery not need to feel his powers pattern with Allah.

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He says, tell them my lord only forbids that which is wrong, that which is indecent, the apparent of it and the hidden. So just understand that you may consider this harmless you may consider this rationally speaking, not the best decision, that's a flaw in your rationale. I don't do it except that it is the wisest thing where that wisdom is apparent, or that wisdom is needed. That was the first story to build off, that it moves on now, to a fast forward to another story, the story after which the surah was named.

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And are those that are in the heights or the heights, a station that people will be in on the Day of Judgment. See, there will be people on the day of judgment that are in Paradise, experiencing every form of delight, emotional delight to offset this, when I sat when I left, he saluted him in Libya, we pulled out every rancor every ill feeling every content from their chess brothers in paradise. And by the way, there's a paradise in this dunya when you have that transparency, that beauty between you and your brothers, you enjoy that emotional delight. Also there is the physical delights in Paradise, also of fruits and spouses and the lights. And there is the spiritual delight of

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connecting with your lower than seeing his face and knowing that he's pleased with you. And then it describes the people of the fire, that they are stuffed into the fire that they refuse to believe, despite all the evidence being to the contrary, refuse to believe it existed. And then the people of the fire are addressed by the people of Paradise, and they are said it is said to them, and

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then our call for help project to Nevada.

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We have found that our Lord promises to be true. Have you found that your Lord promise to be true? Those are two people on the Day of Judgment. But the people in the heights are a third category where they never wear hijab wasn't between the people of Paradise and the people of hellfire. There is a partition, they're locked away from each other, even if some conversations even if some scene can take place. They are for the most part cut off from each other. Now why are off duty gentlemen? Yeah, the food equivalent, you see, man, and then in the heights, they say on a bridge or on a wall or on a mountain there in the heights are a people that know all by their marks. They recognize the

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people of the fire, and they recognize the people of paradise. They see them both, and they recognize them both, and they hear them conversating and they know who they are because they had their relationship with both of them. You see these people in the heights are people that hesitated.

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They had ill feeling this comfort, they did not decide where which of the two groups they belong. And so these were the people that were totally corrupt. They had some good in them, but they refuse throughout their life to make a final decision back and forth.

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The people have in our office, we have to be very careful about this. The people of our of our people that swayed with every wing when they were with the good people, they were good. And when they went in with the other crowd, they went the other crowd, and they refuse to take ownership of their own things. And so they lived their life in this contradiction. They wanted to party, but wish they could be a good person every time they're at the party. And then they come be righteous, but they say no, I can't stay like this for long, I still have to go back after the message or after the jumar after Ramadan. And so they had this tug of war inside of them. And so there are many opinions

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to ward off the people that are off are but basically, the majority of the scholars see these are a people who found their good deeds and their evil deeds to be exactly the same on the day of

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their good deeds were not enough to get them into paragraphs to deliver them to jail.

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And their evil deeds were not quite enough to drive them into the fire.

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And so they sit in the middle of losses as the ad continue winner double ups have been Jen nuts and Salah

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won't be up tomorrow. And they call out to the people of paradise. They say Peace be upon you how lucky you are how secure you are here there.

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But they did not enter. They will not allow to enter it will be up tomorrow. While they were tormented by a longing to enter upon them so much like greed or a yearning inside. They wish they could they long to enter gender. They stared at the tube and they stared wishing for how long? For some people like these people, perhaps the day of judgment will be as Allah said in sort of a marriage 50,000 years waiting, wishing insecured not knowing Am I going to be with these people? Or am I going to be with those people?

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Because they had their relationship with both. They had similarities to both. You can imagine knowing when you have an exam the next morning that the person cannot sleep because he doesn't know what's going to be the outcome of the exam. You know, you have a court date in the morning for a marital issue or immigration or even a summons a violation that you were you don't struggle with you sit there uneasy because you have to wait 12 hours to your court date. Can you imagine a people sitting there staring at the people they know their friends, their relatives, their family members, perhaps in the helpline, and their friends, their family members, their tweets in general, and

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seeing them go back and forth. And they have no idea at the end of the story. So which of the two they're going to be headed

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olara surgeon says we've sold

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two cars have enough. And then when their sights are driven to the people of the fire, meaning they look out of the corner of their eye or they're made forced to look at the people of the fire, they say albenza led to john

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Oh our Lord, do not place us with the wrong gun. People don't let us be with them. We know we know we were with them for quite a long time. And don't let us be with these people. Let us be with those people. And so these were

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those that didn't make the decision, those that just stuck in the middle and gambled with their soul when I have to do that. So Allah soloff says john wholeheartedly to surrender, don't gamble with your soul. Don't play that game.

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And then sort of our off then mentioned another school. And you know, the stories of the poor and a person wonders why they repeat so much? And the answer is they don't repeat.

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Rather, they are told from different angles each time so that it would serve the purpose of the theme of that song.

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And so there's a story of Adam Adams. And it's sold a particular way in the suit up to serve the same theme, the same concept

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of the stories that are told that are off are those that were satisfied with knowledge and didn't act fast.

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What's your ID number and then the ad they know who it is, is plugged in. It's mentioned within a particular way here. He says to kind of go without and recite to them and we'll come and tell them about the one who we gave our ad yet to the ayat are the signs of Allah and His verses are of the signs.

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We gave him our

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At francisella Amina, and so he broke away from them to advance shape on and so shavon chased him down and followed up, he gained on to him Academy nawawi. And it became one of those deliberately DVDs. There is much to be said about this man of it is his name. His name is not mentioned because it doesn't matter. This story is recurrence, those that carry libraries on their backs, those that have knowledge and don't act shape on who knew more than anybody, but that didn't save. So the name is left out. So we consider Is this my story? Will I be of those in this category? The scholars mentioned this could be a name a man named Rob. And it is possible that each of those in this

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category is just an example doesn't mean it's stuck and locked on him if Allah wanted that, so he could have just said his name. He left it undefined. So you would consider you would place yourself in the hot seat. This is a person who a lot testifies to his knowledge, the one we gave our verses.

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But see, the problem is he broke away from them.

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He treated them like a luxury.

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You see your religion your surrender means knowledge and actions. He half step he accepted the knowledge and broke away from the actions.

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funds, money. And the word Salah for the Arabic language literally means to peel right? It means to skin away, you know. And it in that is an amazing meaning look at how eloquent puts it the knowledge I send you that supposed to be like your skin, that's your flesh and your bones, it's supposed to consume you it's supposed to flow through your veins, this person insisted on ripping apart away from him that should have been inseparable.

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And also the word instead of have to peel away or to skin away refers to something happening very slowly. You know that the sheep need to self skin, the sheep those that know this good brother from the community just taught me this last year.

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You have to do it very carefully. And very slowly. It's a gradual process that you fall off and you find yourself stuck between two worlds, the world of truth and false the world of righteousness, you could fall off and not realize that the lesson it happens so slow that self that peeling off as a large surgeon says Well, I have to learn to lay less left for me to know how and assign for them is how we created the night and we peel out of it the day is that what happens there's the night and slowly the day creeps on. Or the night or the day comes into being the light increases gradually. Likewise, a person can get skinned from the knowledge little by little

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a person should worry shavon doesn't just come to somebody that's praying and fasting and doing his left and speaking the truth telling go commit adultery. That is a very slow process. So a person could fall off internally before it happens externally. So he needs to be careful about this. And so unless we gave him our science francisella for a minute, so he peeled away from it. It's a lovely thing first kind of

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fat bound shape on then shape shavon ran after him, you see shavon was the secondary culprits before and here are of particular saying you need to decide your feet. It is your choice. You need to decide where you stand when he peeled away from the versus when he pulled them out of his life. When he gave up little by little he left the door open for children to come in. So he cannot come later and blame anyone you can't even blame the shape on on the day of judgments. Look at how the forum could see he peeled away social unfollowed him because he already moved away a little bit. But can I mean I'm all mean? And so he became of all we know who the following are. I Lavalle is the one that

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knows the truth knowledge, but he cannot get himself to act on it anymore. He's stuck in the middle.

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That's why I'm also kind of praising our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Mel

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your companion in fundaments of Allah was not mistaken. He didn't accidentally leave the truth, right in any matter.

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One hour, or we call it the same word, nor did he deliberately Leave it. Meaning he wasn't ignorant, nor was he deviant on purpose neither of those. So the Shakedown, follow this guy to the law.

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And he became of the VA when the one who knew what was right but didn't follow it. He couldn't follow it anymore. He this armed himself from being able to do that, the versus continue what I was shooting that we have and had we wanted, we would have raised him with this book with our signs with our verses. Well, actually no. But he his fault, he chose to stick to the earth. He chose to prefer the world. He wanted the immediate

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as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, I love raises people with this book. In above alpha, we had an E tab the up one.

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Indeed a lot of reasons with this book people well the alpha read and he disgraces others by this book, if you take it as a luxury if you take this book as a tag along you quote it when it serves your interests and you ignore it when it demands of you right certain rights you have towards it, right so as a love rights towards yourself rights to its humanity, whoever treats the poor and like that before and you put it in front of you, you give it your undivided attention, and it will lead you to gentlemen. And if you place it behind you These are the words of Mr. Trudeau the love line, and if you place it behind, who will push you into the fire, it will drive you into the fire if the

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brand becomes a luxury becomes a tag along becomes one of your supporters, instead of you being its supporters.

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If we wished you would have raised this man with it, well, I can never work out what he insisted on sticking to the earth.

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Fair method, okay method in calendar of the

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worst examples a person can find in the poor

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of the streets for a human being. We honor the human being but when he turns away from this book, he becomes like a dog of losses in

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whether you chase him away, he pants and whether you leave him the pants, in other words, the person that turns away from our signs, he's hopeless, he's panting in his every circumstance. He thinks by ignoring the duties of the dean, life is going to be nice life is going to be easy and no more responsive, he will never be easy without Allah subhana wa he will never be happy he will never be secure without a love without staying close to the signs without staying close to this book. And if he stays close, he will be on cruise control. It will be that is when life will be good. That's why we are off of the ways that the story of Musa that is so recurrent in the Quran is told Allah says

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that the Sorcerer's, they throw down their their ropes, and the people get scared. They assume it's real magic or they assume that it's something that can truly harm them. And Allah tells musante to them, throw your stuff down. And so he throws his stack down becomes an actual snake.

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And he eats up all of their optical illusions, all the toys they threw on the ground, the wiggling ropes, if you will.

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Allah subhana wa autolysis At that moment, the Sorcerer's because this is their tree, this is their expertise, they knew this was not a trick. This was not gonna have to go optical illusion. This was an actual snake. But what wouldn't be so hard to say God, this is the first one Allah says and so the Sorcerer's were thrown down in frustration. It doesn't say they frustrate

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a person frustrates but they were thrown in doesn't even mention who through them is mentioned in the passing right? memory module. You don't know who did it. What is it that made them frustrate

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the sign of Abbas Panama, they saw that a piece of wood and inanimate object away from the stick, become an actual living snake that moves. But hold on. We see this every day.

00:24:04 --> 00:24:12

Don't we see? A drop of * in clots of blood? that in reality, right?

00:24:13 --> 00:24:18

Even if not in the biological sense, it is dead. It doesn't have knowledge, it doesn't have willpower.

00:24:20 --> 00:24:59

And then it becomes a living human being it becomes a baby that's alive. It comes to life even though it was dead. Why don't we feel thrown into situ? And I don't just mean the servitude of thanking a loved one there's a newborn, the suju the reality is this attitude of the heart and your body is supposed to make sense to to remind your heart to make sujood mean to prostrate me to feel broken to feel humble. Why don't we feel that because we've become desensitized versus we've become disconnected from nurses. We've become numb they were thrown into. They couldn't help but frustrated when they were close to the sign of love. Likewise

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You when you come close to a Messiah, he signs of them on his versus his book, you will feel compelled, compelled to fall into you with your heart before your forehead.

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The final unique story that we wish to share

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from suit law

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is the story of

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those who violated on Saturday.

00:25:51 --> 00:25:52

dialysis, so the law

00:25:53 --> 00:25:56

was ended mandatory Atilla T can cannot help.

00:25:59 --> 00:26:06

And ask them about that town that they know about from Middle East somebody who used to be on the show.

00:26:07 --> 00:26:16

They were a people a village, a town a community that lived on the shores, when they violated concepts. Are they why

00:26:19 --> 00:27:09

17 shamrock? Well, my dad is we do that as a team to do the mechanics of all these people were commanded not to fish on Saturday. But it was only Saturday that the fish would show themselves on the surface, sticking their tails, their fins outs. And whenever they would go any other day, when they wouldn't head out on a Saturday, the fish would never come. Of course, the fish don't know the days of the week of losses Connecticut that we do, we tested them with this, we limited, we limited the doors of * out of the doors of Halloween on them. And they were almost forced to be patient with this. almost forced to not eat because of their violations. And so they violated that one as

00:27:09 --> 00:27:13

well. But in the end of law, so that says about the equal

00:27:14 --> 00:27:18

to minimum limit of how many levels of legal

00:27:21 --> 00:27:38

group from them said, why is it that you are advising people, you see, so they split up people are fishing on Saturday, they would basically loophole around and they would put the net on Friday and learn on Sunday, as if they're going to trick the Lord of the world, the creator of their minds.

00:27:39 --> 00:27:51

So people came and objective and a group says Why do you even advise the people that are was bound to destroy? This was the third rule stuck in the middle again.

00:27:52 --> 00:28:10

The people who didn't do their job have objected to evil. But they didn't want anyone else to do the job because it made them look bad. They try to appease themselves for their laziness by objective non those who actually were doing the work. And how many armchair critics do we have now at least?

00:28:12 --> 00:28:19

They're doing this wrong, and that will probably do that. I don't have the time. I don't have the knowledge.

00:28:20 --> 00:28:34

And so they objected Why are you advising of people that are much bound to destroyed. And so the people that were upholding the duty of commanding the good forbidding the evil advocating what's right and objecting to what's wrong.

00:28:35 --> 00:29:00

They said, not enough people we saved in order to be excused absolved in front of your Lord, what a taboo, we do it for two reasons. So that a lot would excuse us, maybe in the studio. At times, the punishment takes everybody and they get resurrected upon their intention that it exists, but at times it does protecting the dunya just as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:29:02 --> 00:29:44

objected and the companions objected to the shift in Mecca. And because of that small group, the punishment did not come down upon the law. So you will be absolved in the studio perhaps, and definitely you will be absorbed in the The first reason you object to Rome when you see what I love him yet to own. And perhaps they may become conscious, perhaps one day they will come to their senses. And this is why whenever you see something wrong, and you see a chance, not to be imprudent, not to strain relationships all the time, but you see a chance to teach what's right to discourage What's wrong, do it. It may not work the first time it may work down the line. You know, when when

00:29:44 --> 00:29:59

the entire Muslim world their ideas were hijacked, and their beliefs were buried? 60 years ago, there were still people that kept saying no, his job is from the deed. Nobody's a sign of morality. No, it's not backwards in this

00:30:00 --> 00:30:12

down the line, these women said, Okay, okay, okay, when we get married, they some of them, most of them actually put on the agenda and they got married, and now all their children were each other now, this is a reality.

00:30:14 --> 00:30:36

You know me as being a brother was speaking about this series of photos the other day. And we were thinking about what is the percentage of people that's actually going to snap into the brand after these after tomorrow. And there is a looming negative atmosphere that perhaps not too many, perhaps one day, they will, I am sure we will have one thing they will, if it's not up to us,

00:30:37 --> 00:30:39

was quite trying to get this.

00:30:42 --> 00:30:48

Perhaps they will come to their senses, the next versus what for them

00:30:49 --> 00:30:54

to be one of the violators forgot, meaning they kept pushing away, meaning they ignored.

00:30:55 --> 00:31:02

Simply forgetting is not a sin, when they ignored what they were reminded of, and Jane and Edina, and

00:31:04 --> 00:31:18

we've removed to save the people that used to forbid the evil, while phenylalanine avala will be added in the ECD mckenny of support. And we took the wrong doors with a horrible wretched punishment because of their rebellion.

00:31:20 --> 00:31:34

Where's the third group that didn't say anything? They didn't speak. And so what didn't speak about them. Some say they were destroyed, but those that will destroy, some say they were saved because at least that's hard. Even if they didn't speak up, they hated the evil.

00:31:38 --> 00:31:47

This is the story of the people on Saturday, he would break down crying. And he would say come right here and there's an extra camera, you know,

00:31:48 --> 00:31:57

how many times we saw things and we stayed silent. How many times we saw things that we stayed silent, and used to say all the time I'm waiting

00:31:59 --> 00:32:01

for our dinner

00:32:03 --> 00:32:07

I passed by versus the book about why wish all the people knew about the world I know.

00:32:08 --> 00:32:56

And so so the law does that as well. It says part of you jumping in totally is not just you committing on your own, you need to do that. But you also need to be carrying that righteousness to others of law. So justice in and levena You must see it as well welcome solid in agilon, mostly, indeed those who caused others to hold on to the book, or they held on to the book title all of it, the duties they have towards themselves and everything. And they establish the prayer also, we will not allow their efforts. the efforts of the reformer, not just the righteous in it himself, the reformers to go to waste. Their righteousness in and of themselves does not go to waste. They are

00:32:56 --> 00:33:14

not just washed away in the story. If they are reformers, and they are not righteous unless they do whatever they can of reform. So take these acts home, read them to your children reminisce on the rest of the soul, build an atmosphere for yourself to do that. And this was one minute left.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:55

You see also that we are trying our best or I hope it is close to our best. There are many many new things developing here. You see around the world giving the youth a place May Allah reward them for what they've done in the message and continue to do their renovations domestic downstairs as well. The bathroom for the mystery downstairs as well. The renovation the child will try to have a complete by the conference that is coming at the end of the month with free admission and free dinner. Also our running expenses, let us keep the momentum going. Let us continue to help be have a scratch in the in the mountain of false. Let us continue to be influential we are part of the

00:33:55 --> 00:33:58

resurgence of r&d, the rediscovery of planning the sooner

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he was worthy for that level

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of benefit.

00:34:15 --> 00:34:16

What I've

00:34:24 --> 00:34:26

seen now we've seen

00:34:28 --> 00:34:29

the seller,

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semi they've been upset I want

00:34:41 --> 00:34:41

to be now

00:34:48 --> 00:34:51

what level send them a lot of random


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