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The history of Islam is discussed, including the first surah in the title of the Quran and its extension, the obligation to the people, the dangerous disease of dams mutating, and the importance of knowing the hypocphoria of the disease. The importance of the "verbal" language in the Prophet's teachings is emphasized, and the importance of avoiding false promises and dealing with people who say they are going to do something, but do not admit it. The difficulty of settling for truthful practices and the importance of knowing one's own values is also discussed.

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started over here want to start with well we learned God and then surely unforeseen I was a young man in May mid level to Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah

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Allah Allah water cooler Sherry Cara Porsche watches when available whenever you also

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we're definitely gonna have Lenny Tessa I don't know we do not have in Navarre. How can they come? Rahila Yeah, you had Lavina moolah, our boo Boland said either useless.

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Well fiddling with the notebook, manual curricula are more suitable for budget versus those and Halima. We begin the name of Allah All Praise and glory belongs to Allah, we thank him and we seek His help, and his guidance and his passion and his forgiveness. And we turn to Him, begging him for protection from ourselves from the evil whispers within ourselves, and the awful consequences of our evil actions. Whomever Allah guides, no one can lead us astray. And whoever leaves the stray, none can guide and we testify that none is worthy of our worship, our devotion, our lives and all they contain but Allah Subhana Allah died alone without any partners, that the Prophet Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed certainly his prophet and his servant and His messenger.

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Oh, people of Eman or you haven't believed half the time for Allah remain mindful of Allah at all places and old times as best you can. And do not leave this life. Do not allow this exam to end except while you are consistently riding upon that state, that state of God consciousness and state of avoidance by his guidance Allah may Allah make us other than Allah Allah I mean.

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We jump right into sort of the Tober, the ninth surah in the ordering of the Quran that we have today. And so the Toba is, as many say, or consider an extension of the previous surah. That's why we jumped right into it's an extension of source oil and fat. It's more or less the same theme, with a very obvious difference. So the Langfang spoke about the very first event with the province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam this mini state had to confront unexpectedly, an army at the Battle of bid and sooner the Toba takes place. At one of the very last battles at the prophets of Allah, Allah hills in the middle Sahaba ever participated in the Battle of taboo.

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And Sue the Taliban is the only surah in the Quran. That does not begin with Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the grantor of mercy. Our God is one of mercy and His mercy prevails over his anger. And 113 sorrows of the Quran begin with a separate area, a separate verse reservoir, we must recite that what sort of the Toba doesn't it's the only exception. Why? of the reasons the scholar said is because it's an extension of the surah before it so it's almost like hey, wait, don't stop here. Keep going. The second explanation they gave is because the contents of of Surah Tober required the sternest language to people would steer away from the qualities of

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people it's about to describe. It's trying to show you there's no more time left, you almost almost are going to disqualify yourself from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal because the sort of beginnings outright the very first word bara to mean Allah freedom is being declared by Allah meaning from every obligation he has to the people, right because there's a contract between you and Allah Azza did we spoke about it many times the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was writing unto God didn't each other from the Allah and this is humility.

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Can you imagine the most powerful man in the world at the time in Arabia at the time? He's writing and someone's writing right behind him, he turns into a moron. What is the right of Allah Khan sleeves? And he said that though he is quite he is the most knowledgeable of the home of halal and haram matzah Allah and His Messenger Noveske. He said that they worship Him alone, without wavering without associating any partners Omar is the you know, the right of the slaves upon Allah.

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The obligation Allah has towards his slaves. Of course, Allah doesn't owe anyone any an obligation he placed on himself towards us. That is from his generosity. Subhanallah he said again, Allah and His Messenger know best so he knew but why would you answer when the teacher is there? I used to love that was set up. He said Allah's obligation is right upon is the right of the slaves upon love, meaning the duty the obligation of Allah upon his leaves, is that enough punish them if they do so they worship Him alone without any partners. This surah says Allah is free of all obligations towards the masjid again, towards those that associate partners with him. This is the second reason

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why he doesn't begin with Elba. The third reason is, this is a matter that is unclear to us. We are to believe in it the way it came down. And this would in that case be of the proofs that the Quran has been preserved. That even to that detail, the Sahaba relayed to us the Quran exactly as they heard it from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, which is exactly as he heard it from Julian Ali salaam, the angel who which is exactly how he heard heard it uttered by the Lord of mind SubhanaHu Thai.

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And so so the tilde begins and it is one of the very last sore chapters of the Quran that was revealed to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. And the details we already mentioned some of the diseases that are about to happen to the OMA right loving dunya remember the Battle of better and unfairly they were arguing about the spoils, which later got more complicated in the Battle of course, and they actually this will be after the spoils. It is speaking about what happens when that disease of dunya mutates into in the hearts.

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It speaks out in great great detail about the the most fatal disease and the one of the prophets of Allah, Allah, Allah and it exposes it. See this surah has nearly 20 names that it was described by among the early Muslims of its name is that Toba as you know the repentance and we'll speak about why at more length than any other name, but of its names he's in Kashi fo be uncovered in uncovers things that people are starting to become completely blind to, of its names and machine vision. And he literally means the remedy that which like gathers the disease in one place where you can spot it easy, right? It just scattered questions I should write puts it in one corner and you spot it

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easily. of its name is alpha, only half of the names of this surah is that far behind the exposer that which exposes something for what it is it calls it out and exposes it because it's about to expose the most dangerous disease in the body of the ummah. And that is the disease of the flower. That is the disease of hypocrisy.

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It discusses the moon FFPE, the hypocrites and it discusses their qualities, and it discusses what they look like it discusses how they act, it discusses the very words that they say to such detail. We know we discuss them on FFP not with

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a very general discussion. There is minor hypocrites that are back and forth. And they're the major hypocrites that are outright disbelievers inside of them they know that they're disbelievers, but they claim to be Muslim, right? This surah does so in a way that is unmatched in the Quran. Great, great detail that you have to be able to pinpoint this disease you must some of the early Muslims when they heard this surah they said Cathy Tober and tough Bahal mon fu Tina vs Maggie like I told her was so specific on the hypocrites in this surah that it almost revealed their names like and they are so and so the son of so and so so and so the son of so and so so um so the son of so and so

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meaning you can you were able to tell them to recognize the hypocrites by the very words that they said. So since they told us about that one we know who you are now.

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That guy saying that type of statement this person making that transition we know who this is, they were able to recognize them by their words. You know why? Because the moon fly. It's hard to recognize the moon Africa hypocrite by definition, he's unpredictable. He he strategic he's tactful. He tries very hard to hide his true colors. And so Allah azza wa jal gave us the perfect man to be able to diagnose to say this person

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It has hypocrisy inside of them. This person is acting the act of the hypocrites. You know, the word Neff up in Arabic, NASA is a tunnel, right? So the moon if it was called the moon effort because he goes down from one hole and come up, you don't know which hole is gonna come out of he comes out with so many different faces. He's a liar in the in the most specialized sense of the word.

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And yet despite this whole long discussion, like I said, we're doing a bird's eye view of the sooner before we get to any of the AI. Even though it goes to such great lengths. The most primary name of the surah is what Babel tells you the tone, right? The repentance, meaning even if you had regressed to this level, even if you be whoever you may be, even if you may be a factor that was destructive to the Muslims around you and not just yourself. If you would just please stop them. Come right back, the door of Toba is still open. And it's not even open a crack, it is open for a year to ever find. If they are to repent, this is better for them. So the harsh language is there almost exposes

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them by name. But it says but if you repent, listen, it's not a joke. There's no more time left, the Prophet SAW said that his mind is almost over. Meaning if nothing has worked until now, most likely nothing else is going to work. You gain more and more knowledge about Islam. You've heard hope. But for how many years now you've seen miracles for how many times you see the proofs, you're still not changing. Listen, this is not a joke. But But though the solar came down with that tough language, and even that it even says necessarily see, the solar came down. And when I saw with the soul, right?

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Despite it beginning with Baraka, Allah is innocent of all those that associate partners with him, it says, but so long as there's a breath left in you, the door of television is

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so long, because you're still breathing. So long as the sun has risen from the West, your tilbyr can be accepted. But now come back after we've done that, that's the gist of the surah.

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Understand the importance of why the detail is there. So the Toba when it speaks about the different types of hypocrites in great detail, like I said, this is for us to benefit from this is for us to understand people's nature. It's not necessarily by the way to condemn everybody as hypocrites because again the surah above all it's called the tob right that because you know hypocrisy to us just an accusation hypocrites. That's it. That's all we use it for. It's an insulting expression that exists in the Quran and is condemned in the Quran. So we give ourselves this judgmental authority as if we are God will react to be loved. And we say this person is this person is what the

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is speaking about indefinitely.

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But of what Susan Taylor does, it says yeah, you do need to know the hypocrites you do need to you have to know what you have to do, by the way, cuz I just can't judge anybody know the Quran gave you a rubric system to judge it gave you a measuring stick, because just because you have mercy for people. And just because you are supposed to wish that these men fit in these hypocrites in the room do repent, and the head of them the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam begged her not to forgive. Right away, we said, oh, that should be our personality towards them as well. But that does not mean we opened the door, we allow them to implode the Ummah from within right to sabotage the Ummah from

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within, when someone has a physical disease, we do feel bad for them, but you don't feel bad for them to the extent to just release them in public population if they're contagious, right? I feel so bad for I'm not gonna put him in the ICU, I'm not going to quarantine him from the rest of the world, right? I'm not going to point out to people, Hey, hurts his feelings or doesn't put the mask on before you enter the roof. Right? There's something you need to be worried about here. And so it gives that perfect balance, but also it helps people. So the silver helps people understand that things are not black and white. You know, people, when you understand people's natures, you have to

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understand there's like, hundreds of shades of grey between black and between white. It's not like there's good people and bad people in the world. We need to understand that in the fall at varying levels, you have to deal with them on various ways. There are different types, you need to remedy them superstition, you need to like get it out of their system in different ways. And unless you understand I know that tilbyr is a bit advanced in its subject, but this is the last thing to come down on the Prophet SAW Selim and his own money to understand how to deal with the world where he's gone. And that's why it gives it that right. So the understanding people's various types, you'll

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find it where when you're reading, you'll keep seeing women, women, women, women who have them are those that say this right? Well, I mean, who man you were doing. A bit of them are those

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that annoying the prophet that that bothered the prophet that insulted the Prophet. Why are coluna who do and they say he's an open year in His Prophet managers, he believes everything. He's gullible. He's naive, right? When he says women who only Apollo eventually will activity, and among them are those that say, Listen, just, I can't handle this is too much for me permitted me to stay behind me from the battle and don't put my religion to Pfitzner don't threaten my religious commitment. Well, I mean, the woman I had Allah and of them are those that keep promising that they are going promising us luck, we're going to be different, just one more chance, just let us go. So

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there are various different types of available points out for us so that we can deal with them differently. But despite it giving so much distinction, differentiation detail, notice something else is of the dove. And this is critical, because this wouldn't have been hard for Allah to do there is not a single name, like instead of used to see and so the tilbyr. Like we know exactly who the is talking about the Sahaba knew exactly who said that statement. Right? But they didn't, why you might as well just mention his name. Everyone knows what you're talking about. Why does it mention the names?

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So you don't get caught up in the names? Can you imagine the names would have been there so that you would have thought you wouldn't be able to speak about 1400 years later, and this whole, you would say, Oh, this is this guy who was on Ashraf hamdulillah he's done, he's dead, he knows what's going on. And human nature we have this issue, we get caught up with the personalities, the individuals, not the qualities and Allah azza wa jal is teaching us that the flaw in this person is what I'm going to mention, because that flaw could get inherited in the next guy, you know, we just like to talk you heard about so and so said, Oh, man, this guy, this guy dies, right? Hit The Floor exert

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itself the disease itself still exists in the woman and it would cause the OMA to crumble on a certain level. And so don't get caught up in the he said she said they said this about Islam and he said this about that person, leave all that alone, right worry about these qualities. And before we leave the quality of the FMP and I spent 20 minutes of the football on it already. To realize why it's so hard even when you check yourself.

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See them when FNPT when these ads came down, many of them were going to drop dead.

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Because they did not know they were gonna have to be some of them did not know.

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Perhaps the easiest way to understand it is like this.

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Your email is my hand. This is the top complete EMA This is the mandatory you have to have and this is the minimal fee the Muslim must have to remain Muslim. Okay, minimal EMA.

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Then there's this belief, someone who just left Islam or someone who's nearly a Muslim right there.

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And it gets uglier and uglier and uglier and uglier here

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when he pushes for disbelief, and persecute others upon the disbelief alongside both of these, it's a little bit among the believers and a little bit among the disbelievers hypocrisy.

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So the weaker your faith is, the greater your hypocrisy is. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are qualities that are qualities, whoever has them is, is has has a quality of hypocrisy. And whomever has them all that he is a pure hypocrite meaning in his behavior, either had that Academy, when he speaks he lies

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where either I had a word of love, and when he promises like the rest of them are those that promise and promise. And when he promises he breaks it, what it has to mean have fun. And when he is trusted, he betrays his trusts were either false or my federal. And when he disputes is obscene, he doesn't hold anything back, because he has nothing holding him back. He has no human right. And so these a person can have all four of these qualities, there'll be a Muslim, that means His email is really weak. Hypocrisy has really ravaged his heart. But none of these four are covered in Islam. He's not outside of the fold of Islam. And likewise, someone could have already left Islam, but they

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have this yearning to go back in. They wish they may not even know. And then it gets worse where you plug it in hypocrisy and you know you're a disbeliever and your whole energy is focused on just hiding that

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you're not man enough, you're not strong enough to go out and say I am a disbeliever for whatever reason.

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And so this is the reason why that detail is there because it fluctuates in and outside of Islam. It is the end of your Islam the beginning of your disbelief and hypocrisy exists in mold within your Islam. It's called minor hypocrisy when

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In COVID, it's called major hypocrisy where you have to be loved.

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And so, part of the way to determine that for yourself so the Delta helps a lot helps diagnose and the treatments. Because you remember to that file Allah azza wa jal kept calling our attention the beginning and the end of the surah. He said the term and we do not have the believers in reality. So there are believers who are not pure believers, not the reality, those that are tainted with hypocrisy. Now, that's where the complementation between the Taliban and the fun that we spoke about in the beginning, he gave us a sign as to how to know who are

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the true believers and who are the believers that have the Bhakra see inside of them or the disbelievers that are just strictly in progress.

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To understand these if you need to know the Battle of the Dubuque is the battle of taboo was known as

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that's what Russa Jason Russa the Battle of extreme hardship. These are people that travel for an entire month in the summer, on foot to meet an army that was 10 times their size.

00:21:12--> 00:21:49

In harvest season, when they wait the entire half of year and a half of the year just to make money in that season. Everything had to be put aside and they have to go through all this and it was extremely difficult. So much so that the battle was called the difficult the Battle of difficulty, the Battle of hardship, then Allah as it says in that scene, here is the sign as to where you stand. You can notice your degree of Eman, your degree of righteousness versus your degree of hypocrisy, you the weakness of your faith or its absence, through the things that makes you laugh.

00:21:50--> 00:21:52

And the things that make you cry.

00:21:54--> 00:22:17

Ask yourself what makes me laugh. What makes me cry. That's sort of the double suggests. And the suggestion is standing until this day, you see Allah azza wa jal says, and these two of the most beautiful and the sooner that you can't read through the sooner after the football without stopping and just thinking about, he says what I did Lavina either a toe character, political acumen

00:22:19--> 00:22:35

Taiwan, what are you going to feel Domina Dominique has an allergy to millions of people. And there is no blame for Constellation. There is no blame on those people that came to you, oh, Mohammed, so you can carry them carry them with carry them off into battle.

00:22:36--> 00:23:03

And you said to them, I have no mouth for you to ride. They were poor people. They couldn't afford a horse or a camel or a donkey to catch up with the army. So he said to them, Sal, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, I don't have anything left. I don't have any more rights for you. Tell one of these people, these poor people turned away, while their eyes were overflowing with tears, that they did not find that they could not find that which they could spend.

00:23:05--> 00:23:46

Like, crying, why are you crying? You're supposed to be happy. Like you're not going out to walk for an entire month on foot. You're not going out in the heat of the summer. You're even going to get the edge because you had a good intention. You're not even a hypocrite you really wanted to. But they cry. Why do they cry? They cry because they were truthful. They really wanted to please Allah. They wish they could show they wish they wouldn't have to miss out on opportunity, a new opportunity to sacrifice so Allah subhanho wa Taala where did they get to soft hearts? They got those soft hearts if you can't cry, let's take a minute to speak about how they got those soft hearts from

00:23:46--> 00:24:27

previous acts of sacrifice. Like do you think you will try you will try to please Allah and sacrifice to please Allah and he's not going to gift you to give. He's not going to give you that tip. That conviction about him about paradise about faith. He's not going to give you that tenderness apart. That's where they got it from. My own legend, the two of them have an end game and they arrived in a mountainous area of the Allah Allah. Boldness that is the same one that's it at the end of his life. Salallahu Alaihe Salam wa I want to give her some advice on the Lord Salam, and our eyes overflowed with tears and our heart trembling, these two men from the 70s and we showed up

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we arrived to visit a mountainous area and he was of those that this verse came down about those that walked away crying and they couldn't go off into the bathroom. Where did you get that softness apart? Well just read whoever bought them he said he was the number one and bothered this area was from me sofa and a sofa with a poor companions that left everything to catch up with the Prophet of Allah and Medina, with the Prophet Muhammad salallahu Salam in Medina. They didn't have money they didn't have they couldn't buy real estate. They couldn't even afford food.

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They will just live in the back of the masjid one day someone will bring some milk and they drink it and be thankful another day no one will bring anything and they will just tumble them roll literally roll on the ground from hunger from anguish till they rolled themselves to sleep once just picture that, I mean, when we come to make a decaf and Ramadan, my brothers and sisters, you pick the masjid with the best tendencies, right? The best facility that has a nice shower and have the best IV bar and you bring your iPad with you to this carpeted place and you sit in the back of the message that you enjoy. And once the 10 days are over, you cannot wait to get back home. Okay, got to actually

00:25:41--> 00:25:58

wake up this is believing that most people do not mean don't wait too long to read and listen is to pray to eat and go home. They may even that small exception they go home and I think you're trying hard. These people were like on Saturday in the UN permanently hungry nothing.

00:25:59--> 00:26:30

And so when they did that, this is why they were truthful. And so Allah increase them in Eman. Allah increase them in attendance of the heart. This is why and they're they're crying Why that they can walk over and it's not even like a battle repress buttons and shoot guns like soldiers face to face. The sword goes up and glimmers in the sun that comes down with somebody's arm, somebody's neck, they're crying and they couldn't take part in this. They couldn't show Allah that they were his. They were dispensable for his cause. Subhanallah that's one type of person.

00:26:31--> 00:26:32

What makes you cry?

00:26:33--> 00:27:14

What do you cry? Do you cry from missing out on opportunities to obey Allah? There are some people like there's some people that if you miss his family, he's distraught. And if he misses autophagy it's over. His day is ruined. He says he can't think of anything else the entire day. There are some people that day in and day out not just because of people are gonna say but because he's gonna die soon he still hasn't convinced her he cries that his daughters I found that the jab yet they cry because they have not been able to show Allah that I have everything I own. I sent it your way that stuff make you cry? Does it does it set anywhere to beast are you on route to weeping one day? Then

00:27:14--> 00:27:29

there's another example completely and so the dope not what you cry about what you laugh about. Allah azza wa jal says ferry Mukalla funa be mercadien Kala for soothing them, they will rejoice these people that were kept behind

00:27:30--> 00:27:35

behind the messages often they were happy to give him a bunch of they were happy to find whatever it was they did.

00:27:37--> 00:28:13

And it was for the homeless own good that they stayed behind, by the way. Well amaro Phila to give a whole commencement number says hypocrites, don't even worry about them. Keep an eye out. Don't be a trickster, but don't be tricked by others. But if they amass half the Ummah, it's not about numbers, the woman's not about numbers, if they would have went out with you, they would have weakened you anyway. They will say, Oh, man, look at the numbers. Look at this, look at that they would have it's contagious. This doubt in their hearts. So these people were happy that they were able to stay behind. We'll call them and then they encourage other people to do it. They said, Don't go out in

00:28:13--> 00:28:14

the heat.

00:28:15--> 00:28:29

We're gonna do that and feel free to help. Instead to them do not go out and Muslims in the Hebrew summertime. Allah azza wa jal says one word will never hit that machine to help the fire of Eleazar did

00:28:30--> 00:28:58

you think that's an excuse? Because some people like it, they say, some of them said it badly. I recited the I permits me don't put me through fitna. You know what they said, this verse referring to some of them would have been sent a messenger of Allah, we can't go west, we can't go towards a sham. Because over there is better on us. And better us will have the prettiest women all of Arabia. And we fear we fear that if we go that way, we're not going to be able to resist. We're going to commit to the

00:28:59--> 00:29:00

LF in

00:29:01--> 00:29:19

the circle Allah say, like, just cut it, cut it out. You already you've already feel like you're saying you're afraid that you're gonna go to fitna, you have already gotten there are people like this? They use the Dean saying, I'm such a righteous God and free to look at the girls. Are you out there look for girls, you're out in a battle.

00:29:20--> 00:29:39

And so they use the D and convinced themselves with a weak argument. Use the dean to disobey the dean to disobey Allah legislating the dean. And so a person and they were happy about this, that they got away with it. What is it that makes you happy?

00:29:40--> 00:29:59

You know, even nowadays, in our time to completely change gears. We are happy to find the stimulating movie. Right? Or reverse it. We can cry from a movie and we don't cry from the news anymore. Right? You know, that's a disease. I'm sorry. It's a disease.

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

Is because that's supposed to make you cry, and that's supposed to be explained.

00:30:07--> 00:30:35

But some people have a disease that causes their senses to get flipped. You know, when you cut yourself supposed to hurt, you know some people when they have a disease on their skin, nothing will please them until they keep scratching until they bleed then they get happy. This is a disorder, likewise is hypocrisy. It's a disorder that reverses their system of pleasure and pain of happiness and sadness. You cry for the very opposite and you are pleased with the very opposite

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of all the other stuff

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was set up to be about the Shadow of War. Why Why should we get our wishes on the Mohammed inhabitable whenever you also

00:31:11--> 00:31:16

have the important things to notice. And so the doba that not everyone who messed up

00:31:17--> 00:31:23

and stayed behind, even though they could march out with the Prophet SAW Salem was the hypocrites.

00:31:24--> 00:32:09

They there are people that slip and Sula, Toba also, again opens our eyes in this reality. They committed they committed an act of hypocrisy if you were when they were not us. Why? Because they didn't live in the tunnel. They weren't scheming. They were truthful. Allah azza wa jal says Wildfell efforting Lavina Khalifa and those three people that stayed behind the story of the three that Allah finally redeemed in the end, until the earth was too suffocating for them. Why? Because the Messenger of Allah saw Selim saw they were truthful, and he asked Allah azza wa jal to forgive them. And Allah commanded the believers to not speak to them. Even their wives couldn't speak to

00:32:09--> 00:32:13

them anymore for an entire 50 days and 50 nights

00:32:15--> 00:32:25

to show them and they put up with all this destroyed them inside it was so painful, you tell them what's wrong with you people don't you know, I love Allah, this listen to those that Allah and His Messenger numbers.

00:32:26--> 00:33:06

But he still kept it hurt to him. He couldn't just lie. One of them was Captain, the man in the Caribbean and it was the most eloquent person of his time. He was a he was an amazing poet. He could have said much better than all these other guys set of excuses, but he refused to see an excuse. He was truthful. And so Allah so don't accept it. They're telling you reveal their television, so the telephone, and he's just because you make a mistake, a big mistake. So long as you are truthful, you're a believer, and a truthful person can't sit in the city, he has to admitted at least to Allah, he has to repent from it, he has to do whatever it takes to make up for it. And Allah says it

00:33:06--> 00:33:30

does Allah who saw the fear Allah and be with these truthful people, they were truthful. So the domain says that the last two if you want to mention quickly, the first of them a lot of Oracle data speaks and he says, Lacan tab, rather than a V when the Nina Allah has accepted the tilbyr of the Prophet, and those that believe.

00:33:32--> 00:34:09

And in the beginning of the surah, he says about the mushy Qin, not even hypocrites out right divine confrontation of warring idol worshipers. For interval accom solido, Atos again, phase one. If they repent and the established prayer they pay this again, they're your brothers like anybody else. The door have always open for everybody from the Prophet because we all make mistakes, right? So mostly I've accepted his Taliban, that of the believers, and even these disbelievers who took up arms against the Muslims to always open for them as well, for everybody

00:34:11--> 00:34:21

and me are members of the debases and number one who were compelled to delve into and evaluate. Well, who said the odd one number was welcome.

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

Whenever there's a question number and you need to answer Allah saying Don't you know now that Allah he you know, Allah, who you have to bet Allah accepts would be correct linguistically, but Allah and Allah who are indeed Allah, He is the only one. Only him would accept the Toba from his slaves under any circumstances only where who sort of God and He accepts charities he accept something he doesn't need. If I gave you a currency you could not use you throw it in my face. He accepts the charities and indeed he is the one that is telling well

00:35:00--> 00:35:17

constantly doing that constantly forever merciful? Tapana Medina? Don't you know that Allah is the one? He's telling you here? Now you have to answer. I know he's the one. So why haven't you repented? Why haven't you changed it? What haven't you work to recalibrate what makes you cry? What makes you laugh?

00:35:19--> 00:35:38

It's a moment of reality. In that 30 days of going up mountains and down valleys, and the heat and the thirst, some of them will now choose, you know what Allah called that in Surah Al and then he called it a moment, and Lavina terbaru, Goofy, sad universe.

00:35:40--> 00:36:18

Those that follow the Prophet in the moment in the hour of difficulty, this is the battle of difficulty, but Allah calls it a moment. It wasn't a moment. But the difficulty is a moment. What's most difficult is that moment of truth to you, for you to make that decision, that I belong to Allah, I am convinced that my life is better with Allah, I am convinced that there is nothing here for me except that it's from Allah and nothing there for me Allah, I have earned the pleasure of Allah, that difficult moment to decide. That's it, it's over. This is where my life is headed.

00:36:19--> 00:36:23

Allah is everything else after that. Everything else is just do.

00:36:25--> 00:36:39

Continuously when I've never gotten a love letter in the first is nobody says nothing will harm us. But Allah has written for us. Once you get past that moment, you feel unbreakable, you become invincible, to everything that dunya can stumble you up.

00:36:40--> 00:37:12

And so may Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that make this difficult decision to pull our lives together once and for all. Not have stepped in our committees to purify our hearts from every disease make us of those that are pleasing whatever pleases hit and bothered by whatever annoys Hades paddock Madonna, may Allah azza wa jal forgive us and accept our tilbyr May Allah Subhana Allah teach us from his book make us of those that answered his questions correctly, not allowed to fall on deaf ears, Allah Almighty, Allah from the I mean, love them and I mean,

00:37:14--> 00:37:40

Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has an emoji or hold on I know I'm done with that again, the thing that I do when I call that the law, Silva and one of our fittings has been on the schema it's been in you know, I have been working with them while I was alone with Lena Lena to allow her to run either in the tool bar on the right end of

00:37:42--> 00:37:42

this as opposed

00:37:44--> 00:37:53

to any particular property like our orthopedic hospital that is a full open bar data data and we'll have dinner with encouragment in

00:37:54--> 00:37:55

our own medical

00:37:56--> 00:38:09

and to let them understand how you can use the needle Virginie when it comes to tune a lot more suddenly residual learning kinda happened you gotta be you gotta also look at 100 While learning yourself very well African the Hawaiian on the continent.