Ammar Alshukry – Allahs Beautiful Names #06 Whatever You Ask, Allah Will Gift You

Ammar Alshukry
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Have the perpetual giver of gifts. Our prostrations, our ability to raise our hands and supplication even are mentioning his names here are all gifts from him that can never be repaid. Remember the best gift that someone ever gave you? How did you feel about that person? Now know that Allah Subhana Allah one of His Names is the gift giver, learning the names of Allah inspires Love of Allah subhana data undoubtedly, and how can they not? When the names he chooses for himself are so beautiful and generous? Notice how ALLAH SubhanA data doesn't call himself the Punisher, or the angry he calls himself names like on my mind, the merciful and then we'll have the gift giver. So

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how did us come to see Allah as being a restrictive or vindictive God

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that only comes as a result of us not knowing who Allah subhanaw taala is in the first place by never understanding who Allah subhana dat is by reading the Quran and understanding how he presents himself but pay attention to the names of Allah subhanho data that he calls himself with, and you'll find your love for him increasing it Wahab is the giver of gifts, and it takes on the grammatical form that's called for ad. So quick Arabic grammar here anytime you have a three letter root with a shudder on the middle letter, so that stress Fila indicates repetition. So Kassala means to break. Kiss Sarah means to break repeatedly. So when Allah calls himself al Wahhab, with that stress in the

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middle, it indicates that Allah is the continuous giver of gifts, or reserve is the continuous provider. Alcohol is the continuous overpower. So these names that have that stress in the middle indicate perpetuity, that Allah subhanaw taala is always doing these things. And then we'll have comes from HIPAA, which means gift. And we all know somebody named HIPAA. A gift, by definition is something that you don't earn. It's something that's given without payment. And so there's a difference between this and Heba. This is something that you might have to work for Allah subhanaw taala says, who already gyla A lot of the Loulan feng shui man, I keep you our Kulu Mira stay in

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Surah tell Merc Allah says he's the one who made the earth subservient for you. So go out in its pathways walk in his pathways and eat from his provision. And so the act of eating from the disk of ALLAH SubhanA data is tied to the action of walking, you go out to eat from ALLAH SubhanA data. So this, but a hippo comes to you without any work. And part of the function of a buck is to shock your system into gratitude, it is to shock your system into shocker. So when you get your paycheck, at the end of a period of work, or you receive compensation for something that you've done, you don't necessarily feel incredible gratitude, because in your mind, I earned this, I worked for this. But

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when you get a check out of the blue, or you get a bonus that you were not expecting, you might walk out of that meeting with your manager and make sujood of Shaco right then and there because it's not something that you were expecting and it's not something that's tied to any work that you do. It shocks your system into shocker, it shocks your system into gratitude. Now, there are two things in the Quran that ALLAH SubhanA data constantly would call a Shiva and that is spouses and specially children. Allah Subhana Allah says have been learned I mean, as well as you know the reality now Kawata iron ore our Lord grant us the gifts of spouses and children, that will be a comfort to our

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eyes and make us examples from the righteous are Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, Allah he will he will our to Allah belongs to dominions of the heavens and the earth. Yahoo Maya he creates what he wishes Yeah, he bought me a shirt we nothing well yeah, he bought me a shirt with the core that Allah subhanaw taala gifts whomever he wishes, female children, and he gifts whomever he wishes, males, and Zakariya in that beautiful opening scene of sort of medium where he's weary and old. And he has not yet been blessed with a child. He says, My Lord, my bones have become frail, and my hair has ignited in white, and I never lose when I make God to you. And I fear the successors after me

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and my wife has become barren for her believe in the Duke of India. So grab me the gift of a child. So how our spouses and children gifts, you may have a person who actually does much more than somebody else in the pursuit of a spouse. They propose to many families, they go and visit many, they're on all of the apps, they do everything that they need to do and more. And yet they're still not successful in finding the right person to marry. And then you might have another person who isn't even looking for marriage, and their first proposal that shows up at their door and has to show up at their door because they wouldn't have gotten anywhere looking for it. And mashallah they

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get married and they're happily married and all of that type of stuff. They did a lot less work than the first person, but that don't feel because they get from ALLAH SubhanA thought he might have a couple that have been married for many years. And they've been trying to have children for many years, and they're not gifted that child and you have another couple who within the first year of their marriage, they have a child, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gives people

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Gift of children and ALLAH SubhanA data gives people the gift of spouses and the greatest gift of them all Iman and the mercy of Allah subhana data. Allah subhana data gifted us guidance. It is not something that we earn through our intellect, or our families or our character, what I'm benna Allah Kulu been our bodies have eaten our herbal anomala dhankar Rama, our Lord do not deviate our hearts after you have guided us what have been Lennar and grant us the gift of your mercy. Indeed you are the Wahab you are the Bestower, you are the giver of perpetual gifts. So ALLAH SubhanA data gives us but I want you to understand this. And I want you to write this down. Allah gives us because of who

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he is, not because of who we are. There are some people who they are too ashamed to give they self sabotage themselves, because of what they think of their sins. Their sins have become so great that they feel like they are not worthy of asking Allah. But Allah doesn't give us because we're worthy. Allah gives us because of who he is, not because of who we are. Did you write it down? I hope you wrote it down by now. Because I want you to share this with other people. This is the month of Ramadan, this is the month of giving. This is the month of asking, this is the month of begging, this is the month of imploring, don't you dare allow for this month to pass without you having asked

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the loss of Hana data, because of what you fear of your own sense. You know that person who has that type of mentality it's as if they think Allah Subhana Allah only gives to those who deserve it. And the reality is Allah subhanho data is the benevolent he responds even to the to the disbeliever. In fact, he even granted a bliss, his request of respite until the day of judgment, and that's that's a lack of knowledge because it's as if they're saying that there is a station of purity or righteousness or Dukkha that they can reach that makes them deserving of Allah subhanaw taala his bounty in reality, there's no one who deserves what Allah subhanaw taala grants them Allah says

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whatever you ask you the Allahu pneus be Makkah Cebu matter Kyla Barham Indaba. Allah says if Allah were to impose blame on the people for what they earned, he wouldn't even leave upon the earth, any creatures, it would be a scorched earth, but Allah gives us because of who he is not because of who we are. And that's partly why I love the drought of today man, it said I'm sort of thought so much. You know, he makes a mistake that Allah Subhana Allah mentions but he doesn't let that mistake sabotage him at all he says, are a bit fiddly. We're heavily milk Elia. Delia had him in the in the country. Wahab He says, My Lord, forgive me, and grant me a gift. Have Billy, grant me the gift of a

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dominion that no one will ever have after me, you are the Bestower people that feel like they shouldn't make drought because of their sins and mistakes. And here we find soon a man is saying My Lord, forgive me and grab me back in the same breath. And grant me a kingdom the life that wish no one will ever have after me Indeed you are with him store. He asked Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness. And that's where a lot of people would stop but far from being too shy to ask for anything else. He proceeds to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for a kingdom the likes that no one else will ever have in the same breath. And was he rebuked for that? No, you got it right away, wins

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under his command, the jinn to Allah subhanaw taala says for Sahara and Idaho, we made the wind immediately given to him until Allah subhana Dias has had the Alpha winner.

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Allah says this is our gift. So grant or withhold without account, you are not dealing with anybody comparable to ALLAH SubhanA data. His forgiveness is beyond imagination. His Generosity is unrestricted. The more you ask of him, the more you police him, and if you were to ask him for every little thing, until your heart and imagination are exhausted, you wouldn't have taken from his kingdom anything. But don't you ever stop asking him? So how do we interact with this name of Allah? Firstly, asking Allah Subhana Allah for his bestows using the name I do I have, especially guidance, specially spouses, specially children. Number two is giving gifts being a gift giver yourself, the

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prophets Allah Allah Allah has said and said give gifts and you will love one another.

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Number three reflect on the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given you and your level of appreciation and thankfulness for those blessings. You know, a talent is called a mo Heba it's, it's a gift. And you recognize that everything that Allah Subhana Allah has given you people have a share a right in it. So the poor have a right regarding your wealth, the ignorance have a right regarding your knowledge, the weak have a right regarding your strength, the Enable have a right regarding your ability.

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There are so many blessings that we are immersed in, that we never think about and to appreciate these blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given you. And then if you think about the dreams, talent, respect, relationships, all of these things, we would find that ALLAH SubhanA data has immersed us in incredible gifts. So I leave you with this final request this final action item. What is a dog that you can make in your life using the name and we'll hop and if you'd like to share it? With everybody in the comments. Maybe we can inspire

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each other too

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