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AI: Summary © The importance of balance and pace in Islam is discussed, as it can lead to failure and negligence. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to identify their imbalances and make adjustments to their behavior. The speakers also discuss the importance of not feeling like one is inadequate and not doing enough, as it is a way of looking at things. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a program called Hopeful Life. forgiveness and forgiveness for others is also emphasized.
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In this blessed month,

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and reminding myself and you with the Taqwa of Allah to be conscious of him, and dutiful to him, and consistent in your love and submission to Him subhanho wa taala. My brothers and sisters, from the beauty and the naturalness of the message of Islam, how perfectly fit it is, for the nature for human nature, the nature of human beings, is the fact that it cautions us against all forms of excess, all forms of extreme behaviors or extreme feelings even it warns us against every imbalance. Because if you are imbalanced, you will not be able to continue on the the journey. Islam is a process becoming Muslim as an event. But getting to the top of this mountain is a lifelong process.

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And so balance and pace are important, or else you will topple over. And this is in every respect, physical performance, you know, the state of your heart. When someone is too fearful, for example, that extreme fear will get them to quit, say there's no point I'm not going to make it anyway, I'm done. And when someone is too hopeful, they will also quit they will become heedless and negligent say no big deal. I've done enough. And that's all.

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And what's interesting as it nucleon Rahim Allah mentioned and he left to learn about a book he wrote about the different, you know, the diverse traps of Shangela. And he says shaytaan is so sinister in his methods that he, he takes in the sense of every person like he like you think of an animal that takes in your scent, when he's trying to track you down and trying to hunt you. He says he inspects the person very carefully to see which of the two imbalances is easier for him to work on. So if like your personality type is that you're just a relaxed person, he wants to push you off that side of the cliff, relax, more relaxed, more relaxed, more, it's the closer cliff, basically,

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until you become heedless and negligent. And if you're the on the other side, you're this you know, high performance personality, he was going to try to push you off that cliff work harder, work harder, work harder, till you quit, you burn out, right. And so he doesn't care which of the two cliffs he pushes you off of the end result is the same, which is you not continuing on this path. Last night, I spoke a little bit about it being concerning if a person feels so comfortable that they think Ramadan is over on the 27th tonight, for example, right?

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I want to speak about the opposite end of this. Sometimes a person can feel just too disappointed in themselves. And so they throw in the towel before Ramadan is over. This is another extreme another imbalance that you want to remedy. It is a careful and intricate balance. It is such a delicate one, you know, and that is why we're always telling people self regulate, be introspective check inside yourself. That's why we speak about it so much. Because we cannot do it for anyone, we can only identify the markers on the highway for people. But this is a very personal journey. And it's a very lonely journey at the end of which is Allah's company, right? And so we want to identify this, one

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of the imbalances many people have at the end of Ramadan is this feeling of being inadequate, not having met my goals, not having done what I thought I would do expect that I would do. And as a result of that, people throw in the towel early, and they lose out on the most valuable moments of Ramadan, its final moments and its final hours.

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And I want to tell you, this is just the wrong way to look at it. Right. I had a sister email me not from this community a few days ago,

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saying I feel like there's no point you know, she's reading about you know, people that reading the Quran 60 times in Ramadan or 40 times in Ramadan. Are you reading with the Sahaba or the champion, and apparently she was she was following some of the recordings of our discussion, trying to flesh out that wound of hypocrisy and you know, sanitize it and clean it up. And she felt like there's no point I'm going to the fire. These were her words, I can't escape hypocrisy. My whole life has been a waste and I'm just done.

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This is not the right way to look at things. And this is not the prophetic or the Quranic way to look at things. This is a very dangerous way to look at things. And the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu knew better. They knew that so long as they had something to give an attempt to make than Allah would appreciate it of them. You know, my sister shared with me, my sibling sister, a reminder from one of her mentors in this Ramadan that I think can be so inspiring and hit the spot for almost everyone has this feeling of not having done enough not being good enough looms in these final moments of Ramadan. And that was the example of the great Sahabi I'm gonna demo the hola Juan

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I'm gonna go Jim who was one of the last people he was late to the game as they say, he was the last of the unsolved if you will to become Muslim his kids became Muslim before him and

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and then he did not attend the Battle of better. And then the Battle of this coming and he wants to go like I wouldn't eat them catch up on last time like everyone has dusted me including my old children, the people that came from Mecca already 13 years Headstart, like how do I. And so he was determined, determined to make the best of the limitations he had.

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And what he had another limitation, the fact that a battle is about to start a military campaign, and he only has one of one functional leg, only one of his two legs was fit for such a task. And so his sons tried to stop him even from going out. And they said you are among those Allah excuse. You don't have to do this. This doesn't apply to you. Allah said in the Quran de salud Mahajan, one Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah Marilla. Raj, there is no blame on someone who is blind or someone who has a limp, right? And someone who is sick. He said, I don't care about our objective agenda. I'm gonna limp my way into paradise. I'm not looking for, you know, any sort of concessions. And

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then he imagined just the scene of him limping his way to the Prophet SAW Salem, right, anxious, complaining about his kids. My kids are wronging me how are they wronging you, they want to hold me back. They want to keep me home and they get to go to the Battle of war. And so the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam confirm that they are right in the fact that anti men of Allahu Allah, you are among those Allah excused from these sorts of activities. And then he turned to the kids and he said to them, that Oh, who fell I love Maha Yasuko who shahada let him go. He doesn't have to, but if you let them go, perhaps Allah azza wa jal will grant him the highest stations Perhaps Allah will

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grant him shahada to be a martyr in the path of Allah Tabata, Kala Tala. And he was in fact, after the Battle of LaHood cleared and the dust settled, he was among those legends, he was among those heroes, alongside Saudi Arabia longtime hubs and Abdulmutallab alongside you, they be alongside Musab Nomade, alongside Humboldt and beyond and alongside all of these greats.

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He was among those that were killed in the Battle of Allah. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the Sahaba, that these are people that I have seen their ranks in Jannah and I have seen honorable gemo this man walking, not limping, walking with on two feet, so he had both of them fully healthy wherever he wanted in Jannah. And then he recited to them the verse in Surah Al Ahzab, minelute, Minetti jalaun Sada, former I had Allah Holly, among the believers are true men, right? Who

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were truthful in what they promised to Allah, and they fulfilled their duties. This man was so truthful that he fulfilled more of more than his duties, and he didn't feel like I'm too inadequate. I can't compete because I have a limp. And that concept is so very inspiring. Because we all have a limp. Every single one of us have their limp. Some of us can't stay awake and taraweeh we will fall over because of how early we start our workday. So we couldn't keep up with tarawih. That was our limp. Other of us were parents, our parents of young children and otherwise in wish we could be in the masjid. And if we were in the masjid, we would be motivated to do 234 times as much because

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everyone else is doing it. But they were withheld. They were locked away from the competitive spirit of community. That was their limp. Other people many of us this Ramadan went through the virus or who got sick in one way or another. Do you think Allah subhanho wa Taala will not make it up for you when he's the one that puts you in that situation? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in every circumstance, either marry Allah lab, the lab joseffer kuchibhotla, whom can I lose? So he had makishima If the servant of God become sick, or has to go on some journey, all of his good good deeds that he ordinarily does that he intends to do that he does, will be written for him as if he

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never traveled as if he never became sick.

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And some of us deal with even sicknesses that are maybe not what first comes to mind. Some people have a melt mental illness, some people feel so paralyzed by some sadness, they're going through a depression they're going through or otherwise.

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And just all of us in general, even if we are worse, we're healthy and present in the masjid and perform still you you still had a higher bar for yourself. But you couldn't find someone to carry you there. Right. You were limping. They didn't the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam say that at the end of time, there will be believers that get their order 50 times they companion they

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they'll get 50 times the reward. They said yeah Rasulullah 50 times better than one of them. He said no 50 times the reward of one of you.

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Why is that? There is another narration to this hadith not as authentic, but it just explains the logic. He says Leanna come to you do and I'll play it out when we're home ly edgy do an adult lady I wanna they you find people to motivate you the support system, they don't find people to support them. They don't find as much camaraderie, they don't find as much motivation by seeing other believers around, it's more difficult.

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And so that is our limp. Our limp could be the, the absence of a Sahabi and our masjid, to put us to shame and make us do double what we are ordinarily do or triple. And so do not quit in these moments of Ramadan. Because you feel you're inadequate, or you feel like you have a limp. Tell yourself, I'm going to be a limping hero, like I'm looking to demo, a truthful servant of Allah, like, I'm looking to jump out of the Allahu Taala and hope. You know, one of my teachers, he was writing a book on the names of Allah. And this is a very sensitive topic to speak about Allah who without knowledge is very sensitive for the pious they understand. And so he felt like he shouldn't be writing this book,

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but he needs to write the book, because the language for a modern audience, even though in Arabic needs to be tweaked a little bit to be more relatable. So he apologized. I never forgot it. He apologized in the intro of the book. And he said

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I see it'll help ferry cabin nobly. There are Rajee like I can't believe I'm writing on the subject that only the greatest of this OMA there to write about. So he said, here I go, proceeding behind the caravan of the truly great with my limp. He says this is why it reminded me of it with I'm limping behind the caravan. That's ahead of us. mu m Milan via Rama Jacobi he ow Raji I'm hopeful in something that my limp should not make me expect like someone with my makeup intellectual spiritual will fit right I don't expect to get for like i i want to i wish i could get 5000 miles but my limp says I'll get five miles right hopeful in something other than what my limp

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should cause me to expect. Then he explains why he says fella in the heck to be him bad Emma Saba coup for chem lab be summer fineness, even Faraji. If I'm able to catch up with them, after they've dusted me, then how many times meaning you can't count how many times the Lord of the Skies performs miracles, it'll be a miracle, but I believe in miracles right? How many times the Lord of the Skies brings about relief in miraculous ways? Well invalid to be half real out of the moon Katya, firmer Allah Rajan feedback, I mean, how Raji and if I wind up stranded in the middle of the desert, nowhere to go, then there is no blame on me, because I'm a man with a limp. And so just accepting

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that and being hopeful of Allah and continuing to proceed on the journey continuing to chase the caravan. Because believing that Allah azza wa jal will appreciate it and make it worth your while is of the most important motivating factors in these final moments of Ramadan. AFOLU Kali has stuff for Allah Allah Allah Emily welcome.

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah wa Tada hola Sharika who are shadow Anna, Mohammed and Abu who want to be who also? May Allah azza wa jal help us see ourselves worthy of seeking His pleasure. Many times you think because you see yourself a certain way that Allah sees you that way and it's not true. Allah has set us all up to perform these heroics has set us all up that we can get to the highest levels of Jannah even with our limp,

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Allah cannot can Allah not put you in the highest rank of Jannah even without you performing the deeds of the people that went to Jannah before you he certainly can subhanho wa Taala you know, I will end this hope but with just one passage in the Quran that really should heal every person that has any sort of self doubt about this subject. Allah Tabata, Kota Allah says in the beginning of suitable golf, it was awful it is the one who forgives like no one else for gifts. This is this title of the surah to begin with, Allah says

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a Lavina yummy Donal Arusha women how Allah who you said behind that behind your behavior you may know and

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listen to the verse carefully and let it heal you really, those who carry the throne of God

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and those around it are always night and day celebrating the praises of their Lord and believing in Him while your selfie rune Ali Lavina and Manu and they're constantly seeking forgiveness for every believer, those great angels who made them seek forgiveness for you Allah, as we said in the first hole. But what are they saying? Or Ben was saying articleare che in Rama Tanwar Ilma Oh our Lord, no one is wider than you. You are wider than everything in your mercy and in your knowledge. Yeah, Allah you know, they can't do any better. Yeah, Allah you know, they have a limp, right? Yeah, Allah you know, their weaknesses. Yeah, Allah, you know, the absence of their support systems. This is

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the, the secret in them imploring Allah with those two names of his those two qualities of his, Oh Allah, no one is wider than you and mercy and in knowledge, you know, you know better than them

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what their condition is, who made the angel say that the God who wants to forgive you, the God who wants to take all these factors into consideration, the God who wants to raise you subhanho wa taala, the dua of the angels continues, federal fiddly, Latina, terrible, whatever also be like our team I've ever been to him. So forgive those who repented and tried to follow your path and follow this path and protect them from the torment of the Fire or burn out at the hill whom Jannetty I didn't let you at home, oh Allah and admit them into the eternal gardens that you promised them while on salah, humming you him well as well as you him with reality him then them and everyone who

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was righteous of their forefathers and their children and their spouses.

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In the cantle Aziz Hakim you are the mighty you can do it all you are and Hakeem you are the most wise wealthy he must say yet and shield them from the consequences of all their mistakes. Women Turkish say, the OMA even *a Rahim and whomever you protect from the consequences of their mistakes of their sins, you have certainly given them mercy, the greatest mercy were that Nika Hohenfels, who love him. And that is the most great attainment that is the greatest success. Allah has set every single one of you up for the greatest success, even positioned angels to implore Him in these intimate words, so don't doubt yourself and push down to the wire you can still be the

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Ignatov in charity, you can still be the Earth man who recites the Quran and one Raka and if your limp stops you, you can still have their word for it as if you did because ALLAH knows and that is enough for a believer.

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Robin I will say at the color che and rahmatan Wildman from Philly Lavina Tebow whatever else I really like him either Well, Jehane Allahu mattina fusina Taqwa Saki Hanza how humans occur until you have Allah article carbon our acaba Abba you know Mahatma now? Oh Allah free our next and the next of our parents and our children, our loved ones from the fire. Oh Allah you know better and you are more merciful than anyone and everything combined. You are the mighty and the wise, nothing is difficult for you, and no sin ever harms you. So do for us what is not difficult for you and forgive us and provide for us that forgiveness that will fix our every moment in this world and the next

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Allahumma Alameen wa sallahu wa sallahu wa barakaatuh b&m $100 early he was so happy a drain