Mohamad Baajour – What will benefit my parents after DEATH

Mohamad Baajour
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ceremony Curatola here to get

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Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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forgive the short hot Euro Subhan Allah. Allah bless or shiksa Jed de la increasing, Allah protect him. I mean your blood, I mean

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yeah late and he had them to the hayati.

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Subhan Allah, Allah azza wa jal is telling us that there will come a day that some people will say I wish

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I wish I've done more

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yeah eat any. Anytime you see the word yeah late honey in the Quran. That means whatever you're asking after it's not going to happen anymore. It's too late.

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So here Allah subhanaw taala is telling us yeah late and he got them to rehired. I wish I pray to more Rica. I wish I give a little bit more. I wish I did this. I wish I went to Amara I wish I performed my Hajj I wish not just to Allah bring me back Subhana Allah and you know, this is the whole purpose of the Salado Gemma in when the man is reciting loud is to you know take these out and ponder upon them. May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply.

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Today I want to talk to you about something extremely important

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our parents

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our parents are very dear to us.

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being dutiful and being

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respectful and obedient to the parents is one of the best forms of a bad it's an act of worship, you're actually performing a bad when you are obeying your parents

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and just like any other a Buddha,

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there might be some kind of hardship performing it especially when they become older.

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Because many people complain oh my gosh I cannot take it anymore. This is too much.

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No, no no have you be very careful.

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Rasul Allah Islam in one Hadith he said

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the middle door of Jannah, the middle door of Jannah, this cold Babil well it

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the door of the well it of the Father, or automat said door of the parents.

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So when you are

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treating your parents keep that hadith in mind.

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And I told this before to my brothers.

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I have my mother's name on my contacts as Babel, Jana

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when she rings, it comes out devil Jana. How can I close Babel Jana? How can I not answer Belgian Allah I stopped the Halacha live. She called me once difference of time. I stopped the Haleakala Whitlam. Sorry, Babel, Janice calling, you have to answer.

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So this is

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Allah gave them that honor. Allah gave them that honor. So if your parents are still alive, make sure any form anything you could do to please them. Don't do it rushed to do it.

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raised to do it, because there will come a day that you wish you wish she would be back or he would be back. So you can Baba What do you want? Just tell me just order me. Command me.

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Allah He. So take advantage before that is gone.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with the Sahaba

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a man walked in. And he said,

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Yeah rasool Allah

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at Nokia. Min billary. About a year she on

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about ruhuna Minda de mo T Hema called Anna I'm a Salah to La Hema while it's still Pharaoh Lahoma we're ephah on Bo Hu D Hema minbar Dima ot Hema we're a Cramo Saudi at Hema was sila to run a Leti Allah to Sol Il be Hema

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Khalifa Tirmidhi and then walked into a Salah Salem and said yeah rasool Allah. Is there anything left to do to honor my parents after they pass?

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asked and that is my topic today because many of the brothers here and sisters their parent passed away. Is that anything I can do? jasola Is anybody better than to ask this question? Can I do anything now that they have passed? And by the way, the better listen carefully the statement the bitter after death is more sincere than the better when they are alive

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when they are alive and you do and you honor them and respect them you might get some you know smile in return a hug from your mother three you're getting something in return or he might show be showing off Allah Who annum but when they are gone nobody's seeing it you are this is so sincere. This is true better

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what is it left jasola I can do for my parents he said a Salah to Allah you Hema do a solid here means da

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any kind of da ya allah elevate the status in Jana? Yeah Allah gather them with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ya Allah any kind of Daya Allah make the grave a garden from the gardens of Jana ya Allah save them from the punishment of the grave.

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Why I did not mention forgive them because the suicide seldom gave that as a special by itself.

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Well it still follow Lahoma so that is general then this was specifically said is still far because it's the farthest part of that said Do I in general and specifically Allahu Mugford Allahumma Allah Who not hum whom specifically make a lot of stuff out for them. And other Hadith in Muslim the person asked ya Allah why am I being elevated in my status and Jana said district fiery ethnic ethnical check your son on Earth is making stuffer for you, Allahu Akbar any what kind of person or how stingy is a person who does not give it a dua Christopher to his mother to his mother or to his father? Well, it's still far Allahumma

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what effect on Bo hoody Hema and daddy Moti Hema to fulfill their promises after they have passed your father before he passed or your mother let's say your father he promised somebody Allah hey I'm gonna hire you in my in my company I'm gonna buy your car I'm gonna build you a house to fulfill that to fulfill that that is one of the forms of barrel that are source SLM told us to fulfill the promise whatever promise your father or your mother made to anyone fulfilling it is a form of a bada.

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a crumb

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honoring their best friends or their very close friends.

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Even normal Radi Allahu and Houma Abdullah,

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he was riding on his donkey with his helper

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and an Arabi a bit when tasked by.

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So, Abdullah came down from the donkey,

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gave the donkey to the Arabi and gave him his turban.

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So the harden the people that were with Ebola, they said, This isn't Robbie, he's just a bird when he can be satisfied with anything. Even if you give him a bite of food, he'll be very happy. You give him the turban and you give him the donkey.

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He said Samir to rasool Allah, Allah, how do they Hadith word like, you know, they come to them like they can't wait to apply them. I heard Rasulullah Salallahu Salam in min a barrel barrel. a barrel. Albert, the best forms of barrel is to honor the friends of your parents after they die.

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And listen to this. And this man's father. Father, not him, was very close to our mother.

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And even maybe your mother does not even know this kid. This young man. His father

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was very close to my father.

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And imagine now, you see somebody you get out of your car. Here's my car. Here's the keys.

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Yeah, who does that? Yeah, one. This is this is what's his ride, right? He gave him his car.

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He gave him his car.

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back because his father is close to almost father, and they both passed.

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Allahu Akbar and the last one

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what have you say the last one

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was Scylla tell RAM and let Illa to sell Illa behemoth and upholding the kinship.

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That is only these people are only related to you because of your parents Jonnie

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or connecting with your uncle, your father's brother, your father's sister, your holler, your holler, the mother's sister.

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Allah or Salah Salem gave her a special category, he said, Ilhan Beeman Zilla till ohm, Allahu Akbar, the holler is on the same level as the mother. So the Han is still alive.

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The dam, the auntie the uncle, they're bitter. And in the back of my mind, I am remembering this hadith. I am being kind to you, because you are my uncle, because you're my auntie. And at the same time, I want to perform better to my parents.

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So these are five things that are soulless, SLM, told us, and there are four of them. Except one, maybe fulfilling the promise, you don't you don't need any money. You don't need any wealthier one. Nothing to steal for making a phone call to your uncle checking up on them, sending them a gift aid, checking on his friend, this your father when he was alive, this guy was his best friend used to like them a lot Subhanallah calling them and checking up on them that is a form of a bad and of course yeah, when the soda caught

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any form of sadaqa this is this is Wallahi this is an opportunity. This is an amazing opportunity.

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If my if any if anybody who's whose father or mother passed away, and he comes out from the grave and he said please my son,

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I want to $100

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I want to save me, Allah He you will give your your your soul you will give everything to them. They why don't I spend $100 a month to sponsor an orphan on behalf of my father? Why don't I the best form of sadaqa what is the best form of sadaqa?

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What water right? As well as the hadith is not even matter clear. The best form of sadaqa is water for him. Now especially in Ramadan, many of the organizations are offering to dig it well somewhere

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to people that are in need. We have so much water here Subhan Allah to the level that we forgot the value of water. So there are so many people that are not lucky enough to get pure clean water. So if I provide a well $500 or 1000, or whatever it cost for my mother says for my father Subhanallah This is a great opportunity that for such as I said, it actually gets to them.

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It gets to them. So this is unbelievable. This is why Allah this is amazing. I still can do something to my mother and to my father after they depart and it will benefit them. Allahu Akbar, after all they went through to raise me where I am right now, who made you where you are right now, after the enactment of Allah azza wa jal, it's your parents, it's your parents who raised you and fed you and put you through school and made you who you are right now. So this is the least I can do for them, hedged on their behalf. If you have already performed your hedge, you can perform hedged on their behalf. And if they have, you know, made that promise too fast, and they did not fulfill

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that promise, you can fast on their behalf, only on that if there was another of fasting or any kind of another insha Allah to Allah, you could also do that, please Jaquan do not take this just another talk. These are things that we really can can do something about we can go into action, and do something for our parents hoping that Allah will accept and the second hope is that our kids will do the same to us. So everywhere you look at it, it's a win win win win situation. If I'm doing this because what goes around comes around after especially like my brothers in their 60s and 70s after because their parents passed long time ago. Sometimes we forget don't forget the IP

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from the bird is not to forget finally

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Subhanallah brother a couple of years ago I missed him in Azure and haven't seen him for a while and this is a story had two lessons not to have

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evil thoughts about your brother always have has not done

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so brother won't have you been you know, we haven't seen you in future. Many people say oh this guy fellas, you know, it was just a phase and No, no

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I always have maybe this maybe this maybe this always gives you a brother many excuses.

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So what's going on brother? He said Allah Hey, Chef, my father had an accident.

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And every morning

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I wake up because he's he cannot move as easy as he used to. Every day I wake up at the pleasure, I take him and a performer do for him.

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And because I cannot leave him alone, we pray together in the house, in Jamar Subhan, Allah Subhan Allah, so any form of better that he could do to the parents, please rush and do it. And if they're still alive, yeah, and he take advantage of every single moment to please them one day, from your father or your mother could make your life or break your life. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who are pleasing to Allah and pleasing to their parents. Yeah, Allah is asking this blessed day to make all our penance please do this. And yeah, Allah we inform you yada but it mean that we are pleased with our children. Yeah, Allah we are pleased with our children. So yeah, Allah

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We beg you to be pleased with our children. Yeah, Allah be pleased with our offsprings. Ya Allah keep all our offsprings steadfast on your dean Salalah

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