Jewish Scholar TESTS Prophet Muhammad AFTER THAT HE ACCEPTS ISLAM

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It was by a learned scholar of that time, Zaid ibn Sana, and I said, Look, this man, he had put the dots together. And he was expecting a messenger like they were to come. And he came. And he was looking at his life and everything fit except one thing that he had read in the Torah talking about ill health, what is ill health, forbearance that somebody harm you.

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And he is deserving your punishment. And you're able to punish, you're aware of their harm, and you do not need them, and you refrain from punishing them. And rather you treat them kindly. The forbearance that this messenger would have. So he wanted to test the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I was able to verify, accept this one, that when you increase dealing with him in an ignorant way, his forbearance increases. So I'm telling my kids is

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that we're extracting guidance, we have a blueprint for how we need to live our lives, that's a blessing.

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And he had found that the Muslims were in desperation, so I decided to test him in this area. So he went to the mosque one day, when an incident happened in front of him that some Muslims needed desperately, some financial help, and they needed some money. So he put up he said, Look, I'm gonna give

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you a loan for one year. I will lend you the money for one year. Of course, no, use it. Okay. He came back after three months, grabbed the Messenger of Allah by His neck

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and started to insult him. Can you imagine someone put their hands on you? Go back home, but I was born here you by BB BB. What do we do? What are you about to do? Standing in front of the machines with guns? What are you gonna snap? Unfortunately, you have some Muslims getting out of line getting get oh, that doesn't help the Dawa. Look at the forbearance of the messenger. sallallahu alayhi wa salam, amazing, the guy who got his hands on him. Omar wrote the Aloha. He's got he's like, let me get him.

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So he insults him. You guys. You don't pay your dad's he's doing he's setting it up. Look. He promised a year came back two or three months. He wants to test him. So the Prophet says him says go pay him and give him some more because you frighten him. You should. You should advise him in a nice way. Oh, man. So first

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scaring him, give him more. Make a long story short, he ends up paying it back. The man says Do you know who I am? I asked him why? He said no. Why don't you snap like you're acting.

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In this way to the Messenger of Allah, I was testing him. They were just one thing I had connected the dots. And I saw that indeed, this was the messenger. But there was one thing holding me back. It was this thing that

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I needed to test his forbearance and forbearance means when you're in a position that someone's oppressing you, someone's bringing harm upon you, and you're able to punish them back. Like the Prophet saw some you could have just said Go get them right now is finished, done.

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But he didn't. This is a learned man of that Jewish scholar. This is an wasn't a layman. And he accepted Islam. Take that to the streets.

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We have to be forbearing

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to a whole nother level, because there's a lot of heat coming out people. They don't understand the beauty of Islam, the message of Islam, and they've fallen victim to the Islamophobia machine. So forbearance. Remember this patience, just as brother Eddie was saying a moment ago, that we live in a time where you know, people, they don't understand our religion. They don't know what Islam is. You have people sitting on Fox News, commentating on telling us who Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was when they've never read a Muslim biography of his, you know, they've only read critique of him. They've only read the story of him that actually was written by people who never liked him in

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the first place. Why don't you read a critique of his from a Muslim? Why don't you read his life from a Muslims perspective? You want to know what the Prophet Muhammad was? Come and talk to me? Let me tell you who he was actually scrapped the talk. Let me show you who he was. You know, he was a person that smile. He was a lovable person. His family loved him to bits his children love them to bits. For those of you who think that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was an abusive man. I swear by God, you can never provide me with a single case, a single scenario in his entire life where he ever raised his head on any of his family members even once. Is that true or false? Is that

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an exaggeration? Not only

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admission. This is an academic claim, by the way, I instruct at a seminary, I'm an instructor at a seminary. I teach on an academic level, this is actually a factual claim. This is not true. It's not possible. All these claims that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was out there to murder everyone that wasn't a Muslim, absolutely false. Think about this, he lived in a city called Medina. Before he arrives, they're all non Muslim. When he comes there, a fraction of society accepts Islam, and the other fraction remains as non Muslim until he passes away. And even after that, so I asked you a question. If Muslims were supposed to annihilate everyone on the face of this earth who

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weren't Muslims, there was only one of two possibilities that would remain in his city, either everyone would be Muslim and forced into Islam, or they would be non Muslim, and all the Muslims would have been killed. Symbol. Yes, no. Simple logic, right.

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